Friday, December 30, 2022

The New Year’s Ball

Running through a field of drunks, drug addicts, and dead people, I now found myself trying to catch my breath on an abandoned bus. “What a crazy year,” I say to myself sweating getting chased by the devil. Trying to recoup, I end up running into a crowd of masked people and in the distance it looks like a bunch of construction workers in a food-line. I felt so alone until I started floating. Somehow my book-bag got caught on the New Year’s ball and they unknowingly raised me to the sky. Shaking, I look down. I’m stuck here until they drop the ball New Year’s Eve. What a way to end another crazy year. Throughout all of history, I’ll be known as the man running from the devil only to be rescued and noticed trying to escape a ball being dropped to bring in the New Year. I count my losses, at least I made it out alive. I start counting down to stay ahead of the eight ball. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2022


 I saw my brothers fighting and killing over it.

As a tormented depressed king I felt it seeping into my thoughts. 

“Greed cannot free our people,” I screamed, lonely and lost, searching for love.

I, like them, needed love.

Broken hearted and watching everything I loved ripped away by the woes of the world I decided to give it all away.

I gave them love for free and if they did not take it then they too would learn.

Money has its limits, currency does too, but love is spiritual it last for all eternity.

Let love guide you into the new year.


Sunday, December 25, 2022


I had the greatest job in the world.

I could show off and I was making real money.

I accumulated real assets.

I left everyone and everything around me behind as my career took off.

I no longer needed God, friends or family.

My head became so big and everyone knew who I was.

I was the envy of the town, talk of the neighborhood and I was looked up to by my peers. 

Everyone literally waited patiently for me to fall off of my pedestal; many of them would give everything to see me hit rock bottom.

I no longer sat at the same table as them or ate the same food they ate, I was considered an upperclass snobby fake rich kid who left his people for money, fame, and fortune.

Counting my next paycheck to pay my bills, I got the call.

I watched the market crash and my boss kindly gave me the boot. I was fired. I could no longer afford my fame and fortune and the life I’d gotten used too was no more.

Considering suicide I finally understood the concept of believing in a God. It’s just sad that I didn’t yield before I went speeding on my oneway street, but just like everyone I had to learn. With or without me, the world moved on. Standing in a food line with my family, my number was called to be drafted. This was the life we all fought to avoid yet it got all of our attention.

Losing everything changed me. I now loved my country. Rock bottom made me more successful internally because in the end I learned my lesson. I learned to be humble and say thank you, but most of all I learned that hitting a brick wall is a better test of faith than being handed an elite position at the top of the food chain.

Getting fired somehow made me stronger. It helped me become a better person.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Holy Blood

Abraham and Isaac.

Joseph the dreamer.

Kings and queens.

Dynasties and Monarchs.

Angels and Demons.

Osiris and Seth.

Zeus and Buddha.

Prophets and Saints.

Love and Hate.

Islam and Christianity.

Jews and Gentiles.

Have a good holiday season everyone.

God loves you all.

Holy Blood wash away my wrong, ease my pain and for all of eternity because of your mercy, I can get up and try again.

May peace follow you into the new year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Christmas Combat

Alex and our elf combat team had been called in to clean out a sinner’s camp. There was a high level of fornication going on in Young City. This was a high level sting around Christmas. Drugs, infidelity, abortion, drunks, and uncleanliness. Every level of sloth and sexual malfeasance. The hardest part about this operation is that the enemy was heavily armed so we packed for Christmas Combat with some of us preparing to not make it out alive. I called my team Santa and his Elves. We entered to kill every form of evil and demonic presence that we could find. I smelled this kind of evil before when I had to battle with a porn addiction at an early age so I was hungry for retribution. I also felt eager to eliminate the drugs from watching my whole family fall to their knees from addiction. Somebody had to clean up this mess. Seeing my drunk mother made me even more vengeful to burn down the illegal alcohol cells. As soon as we went in there was gun fire. Bang! I shot an armed prostitute firing from the stair case. No turning back now, it was on; she fell to the ground while my team confiscated her weapon. Shots then came from the 12 o’clock direction. I noticed a girl who I liked growing up in one of the rooms strung out with a needle in her arm. This was a high level bust. Sinners and demons in every corner of the house. Kicking down a door we noticed naked women fleeing the scene, Bang! My elf Johnny caught a drug lord firing at him while using one of them as a shield. My thirst for a pure holiday grew more intense when I noticed my cousin being consumed by every level of uncleanliness that you could think of. Black lips and slobber falling from his face he was no more. Once a warrior for God and now a drug junky. I counted my loses and kept fighting until we got to the top level. On level nine I couldn’t help but seek God’s forgiveness in my life as I noticed a dear friend off in the corner trying to burn bags of drug evidence. Bang! He shot at me so I aimed for the kill. At the top level it was like roaches scattering. I saw everyday people, many of whom I would have never thought would be in a place like this. That’s when I heard machine gun fire. It had to be an AR-15. We’d reached the source. The kingpin. Bullets were fired in every direction and one of my top elves had been hit. This was Christmas combat. The killing rage was real and we were fighting for goodness sake. Shortly after the raging drug lord had taken out as many of my elves as he could I heard one shot from a distance, then soon after the sound of the firing AR-15 went quiet. My sniper Ralph took out the KingPin. We made it out alive, I thanked God for another day and took a shower to wash myself clean of all of the filth that we’d just terminated. I began to look at my own sins and fell to sleep by the Christmas tree listening to God’s word. I needed it. I’d lost so many people in the battle, I needed to be rejuvenated. 

Merry Christmas, when I awoke the next morning, I lit a candle for all of the peopled that I’d lost in the battle.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

The Poor Servant

 I stepped into the classroom with one gift and that was to learn. Over the course of five years my brain had become numb with knowledge. I’d learned about everything. My favorite book in class was a fiction novel called: “The Poor Servant.”

The book was serious, it spoke on things that were dear to my heart like religion. The main character would place himself in situations that the average person could not get out of. My favorite chapter had a lot to do with Christmas. The character Henry Steele purposely accumulated debt to see who would actually help him out when he needed it the most. This character idea was awesome. There were times in the story where thugs had beaten him and people kicked him off of public property because he had nothing left. The most amazing part about the story is how he played the poor role for so long but really had over one billion dollars hiding under ground. The story then went to another level when Henry decided to turn the tables after finding out the true nature of people. He served while poor and took a beating on purpose only to find out that the people who helped him were the people he least expected. The story ends with Henry finding out that without a belief in something greater that life is meaningless. He finds his greater belief learning how to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. The most fundamental principle learned from the book had a lot to do with thinking. Here was a man, Henry Steele, who took a beating for about half of his life to make himself stronger. He watched as people wasted everything and lived it up only to have to answer to him in the end. The most amazing part about the story is that after everything is used up, he ends up rebuilding the town with the money he collected and stored underground at his mother’s old property that she left him when she died.

 This holiday I pray that we all take the time to believe in something greater. Something divine, something that turns poor servants into unlikely heroes. 

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas 

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Triumph & Victory

Down, confused and frustrated with my loses this holiday season I heard a voice. Deep in the pit it whispered in my ear. 

“God has already come down so that you can be born again. Why are you beating yourself up, just give it all to God, you’re good, now get up, clean yourself off and try again. 

With God there’s triumph.

With God there’s victory.”

The voice explained.

Win-win with God.

Triumph & Victory

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas 

Give it all to God and try again, it’s all good.

With God you can’t lose.

The fundamentals of triumph and victory come with a belief in something bigger than life.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Castle on the Hill

Red and green was his colors.

He was a psychologist.

Tired of his profession he locked himself in his castle on the hill.

After two weeks, all of his friends and family came searching for him.

They knocked and called but got no answer.

Sitting in his dark drafty room this was his way of getting everyone’s attention.

The people needed him.

“I won’t move until I hear from this so called God,” he whispered to himself.

Realizing that he too had lost his mind he began to scream rambunctiously.

How long would he sit in isolation?

“Where is this God that all of my patients have been ranting about? Where are you?” he screamed, only to get no reply. 

Dr. Kinds stayed hidden in his castle til Christmas then finally came out.

In the dead of winter with a Santa hat on, he got in his car and drove to his practice as though it were a normal day.

Pulling up to a now inactive doctor’s office he began decorating for Christmas.

Word had spread pretty fast that he had returned from his solitude.

The truth was pretty clear that the town was lost without him.

There he sat watching everyone coming to greet him and catch-up.

“We’re glad to see you return. Why did you just disappear like that and ignore us all?” One of his friends asked.

He said nothing and just hugged her.

Realizing that he now had a packed building full of activity he began to play Christmas music. 

“Sir, are you okay?” Another friend asked.

He said nothing and turned up the music.

Standing at the top of the stairway with a bell in his hand, he began to dance and ring the bell.

Seeing that the building was spacious enough to dance everyone else began to dance as well.

Once the Christmas party died down Dr. Kinds finally said something.

He had everyone’s full attention.

“I sat in my castle for an entire twelve months until Christmas because I’m addicted to the joy that the holiday brings. I truly understand why they call it the most wonderful time of the year.”

After the party he left and returned to his castle on the hill only to remain hidden until the following Christmas.

Everyone got the message.

The End.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

My Man Cave

This is my home, this is where I go to escape the woes of reality.

This is where I go to regroup, meditate and read.

The first thing I do when I enter is empty out my pockets and prepare for the next day.

This is the place, my very own kingdom. What goes on in this cave is between me and my creator.

I’m thankful for my cave because only I know where it is. If the world comes looking for me good luck finding it.

My Man Cave

Friday, November 18, 2022

The Thankful Kicker

The team had literally fought to get into the playoffs. They fought tooth and nail to overcome an 0 and 7 start. They made the wildcard slot and managed to keep the score 14 to 14 until the final thirty seconds, in which they had the ball. They were on the opposing teams 40 yard line. It was now up to the kicker. The pressure was on, this was a love or hate situation. If he hit this field goal his team moved on and he would be a fan favorite for the rest of his life. If he missed it, the other team would be sending him a thank you letter. The stadium was so quiet that you could hear a pen drop. The snap was up. The kick was out. So far everything looked good, it had the distance, it went straight through the uprights. Success.

The Thankful Kicker.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Veterans Day

Realizing the kitchen was open for veterans in a ravaged neighborhood, my comrades and I ran in and ate everything. We even took some food back to our encampments. After stuffing our face, knowing that everyone was off to war, we ate seconds with plenty left over. We all got to enjoy the finer things in life. This was our only true taste of freedom, everyone left to fight while most of us veterans got to stay home and eat in the kitchens and serve ourselves for free. We even got to sleep in the homes left vacated because of the draft. I guess the pendulum of fortune finally swung our way because everything was left behind for us. Some of us even found new girl friends and wives. How odd was this, the tides had completely turned.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Mom, I want more

This story is special to me because it’s told from a different angle. It’s told from a woman observing a young male’s mind. I will not use color in this piece, but what was whispered in the young male’s mind is revealing. This piece exemplifies two kinds of power. To understand this piece is like watching a crow laced in all black feathers observing his surroundings. In observing this piece you will see things from the mind of a woman who speaks power into a weak young male’s mind.

Ryan is in church. He finds himself in a position to engage a certain type of crowd while not observing his surroundings. He has no clue that he’s being watched and assumes that the people around him are fools. The reality is that they are wise old servants who know his fullest potential. Standing, while attempting to impress the pastor he feels an older woman whisper into his ear.

“Steer your own ship. Why care? They don’t care about you. They feed you what’s left over while they don’t miss meals. Your heart is what led you here, not them.”

Ryan turns and looks the woman dead in her eyes. She spoke power into him. She gave him strength by telling him something that even his own wife never said. An old woman, on a fixed income who couldn’t provide any type of pleasure to this young man but gave him one thing, she spoke empowerment into this young man, words for him to realize his true potential to the world and people around him. Ryan had never been told anything encouraging, he’d been called everything but a man. Living with his mother and eating dinner, he finally figured it out. Now divorced, Ryan was left to die and grow old alone with his mother so his moment became evident, he spoke four words, “Mom, I want more.” 

His mother looked at him and said, “Well, what are you going to do about it?”

Real women speak life into a young man’s heart. Real women give young men perfect, undeceiving strength. They have the power to unleash a conqueror, they have the power to give life and speak it, young disciple, beware of those who don’t. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Owner’s Manual

Her fragrance was enough, but beauty at times can be deceiving. The craving to have what he wanted is what haunted Tod. A veteran of the Cold War found himself alone in a room with a recruit. This was a no no in the owner’s manual, but Tod was a rebel. It was his way or no way. Besides, he felt that the world owed him everything due to the pressure placed on his lonely mother who hung herself before he got accepted into the Marines. Often finding himself in odd situations, Tod was haunted by his past. After defiling the young recruit he contemplated the same death of his mother. In deep debt—suffering from depression and PTSD, Tod refused to give-in to his own demons. He was like a big monster in his town that everyone dreaded talking to. His porn addiction and toxic habits lead him to face what he feared the most, help. Standing at six foot three and one sniff away from overdosing, a book titled the Owner’s Manual fell from his bookshelf after he stumbled into it. The bookmark was a picture of his mother, it flew out of the book and landed next to his beer. High from cocaine, he thought he heard his mother talking to him telling him to finish the book. Not knowing his full strength, he decided to read the rest of the Owner’s Manual that night. Refusing to fall to sleep until the book was done that was all it took. The book gave him the instructions that he needed to better himself so he did. After his night of awakening, he took classes at the V.A. for his addictions. He admitted that his thoughts about suicide were there. Out of 1 to 10 survival odds, he overcame the battle that many people lose. Focusing on the empty seat at the V.A. for P.O.W.s, he donated his book titled the Owner’s Manual to help other veterans. The book focused on how everyone in life eventually will try to own something but why they often fail is because they over look the Owner’s Manual of what it takes to own themselves. Tod began to train his mind to take back his life, he was determined to take ownership of his own mind, body, and spirit. In the end, he did. Rising from rock bottom, his ability to turn to a higher more positive frequency saved him. All it took was to read the Owner’s Manual. The key to the Owner’s Manual had a lot to do with understanding creation and the power to choose between right and wrong. Tod found out that without a belief in a creator that life was meaningless. The whole time the instructions were in the Owner’s Manual. He just had to read it for himself and follow the instructions. Each piece of life had a purpose, and if put together properly then everything would workout just fine, but some people just fail to read the manual.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

The Gift of the Sun

What a joy!

What a wonder!

In my troubles, it still rises.

In my triumphs, it still rises.

On good days and bad days, it still rises.

When I do right and when I do wrong, it still rises.

Alone and on the streets hungry, it made me fruit to eat, a tree for shade, and light to see through the darkness.

I yearn to be like the Sun so I must keep rising.

Good, bad and ugly.

 Win, lose or draw.

I must keep rising like the Sun.

In the pouring rain the Sun’s shining box is wrapped in a rainbow…

The Gift of the Sun.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022


Caught in a brutal storm there was something better brewing, something a little more calmer… something a little more quieter. 

Marriage and relationships are not bad, it’s great when two people fall in love, but one disagreement can be fatal. Down the road though there’s just something about the feeling of peace.

It’s the sweet sound of a settling wave. No sounds of radio vibrations leaking through wooden walls. It’s amazing. The feeling is complete silence…rest. The calm wind blowing through the trees, the breeze of cool rain drops on a hot day. Peace is another level, it’s time standing still, it’s a long quiet walk and a brief second to think.

Turn it down, be quiet, hear your inner voice…

Be well my friend… take a break, and be sure to find some time for peace.

No conflict, no strife, no war, just you and a good book…peace

Monday, October 24, 2022


There was a moment in time when I needed friends…

There was a moment in time when I rather enjoyed being alone…

There was a moment in time when I couldn’t stand looking in the mirror…

There was a moment in time where I found myself extremely religious…

I guess there’s a moment for everything…

Some moments I’m loved and some moments I’m hated…

I’ve just come to accept everyday as it is…

There were moments when I’ve had to take orders from people who were not qualified, there were moments when I didn’t feel smart enough or ready…

There were moments when I felt at the bottom of the pit, lifeless, spit on, shackled, but finding a happy thought to hold on to.

Frowned upon…

Beaten and left for dead at times and even made fun of, for some reason I’m still here.

I’ve had to train my mind to be like the sun, shut up and rise everyday until my time is up.

Each experience has made me nothing but humble.

It’s okay, I can take it, I’m still standing.

I’m Humble.

Friday, October 21, 2022

The day the Sun God came down

 “King Odoo, we need rain. Everything is dying. The Gods have left us,” Teezu said pointing to the hot sun.

King Odoo, laced with gold gems stood strong.

“Man has used up what they thought to be infinite, there is no more electricity. Nothing. Our only hope is the sun. It still shines. Tell my servants to collect as much gold as possible, we must make a deal with the Sun God,” Odoo explained.

After his servants collected all of the gold that they could find King Odoo began to cut his arm.

“Great King, what are you doing?” His servant Kutu asked.

This is my sacrifice to the Sun God, watch, he will heal the land.

What about the Christian God, will he not deliver.

“Kutu, do not let your books steer you away from what you are. We can see the Sun, we can feel its rays. It has outlasted everything. It is our only hope, it is the Christian God. Look at history, such mixed up stories have left our people wondering in the wilderness alone with false hopes, we must rebuild our dynasty. I have been given a dream, blood of my blood and flesh of my flesh. We are all that’s left,” King Odoo explained.

“But Great King…” 

“Quiet!” King Odoo said as his blood dripped on the gold. 

“The Sun God is here.”

The wind began to blow. The great people of Kazan watched as Shekinah Ra came down.

The people had never seen such a sight. They all began to bow.

Josiah began to read the scrolls.

As Shekinah Ra stepped foot on the ground new colors began to emerge.

“My children, I have come to give you new life.”

No man could take the Sun God’s presence, he was too strong.

If they looked, they would be blinded by his light.

The people began to cry and speak in different languages.

“My God, it is the Christ!”

Some said confused.

“He has come to save us. He has returned.”

Some said certain.

Ezra, and Sasha began to scream as women gave instant birth to his children.

King Odoo’s pupils turned bright orange, he then fell to the ground bonding with the gold.

Two Cherubim started singing holy, holy, holy.

Everyone witnessed a new beginning.

The Sun God spared his creation.

He returned to grant eternal life.

The day the Sun God came down, was a new beginning, a new birth, and a new nation. It was the first day.

King Odoo’s skin shined like Gold with hair locks like a Lion.

“He has returned to give us new life. Internal life. We shall forever be in his presence as the people who called upon him. For we are his people,” King Odoo said.

The people joined hands the day the Sun God came down. Peace filled the air, the language of the Sun God spoke an abundance of life into a new world.

“Amen, Amun, and Amon.”

And that’s the day the Sun God came down.

The beginning of a new dynasty; the beginning of a new story.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Just do it!

You know you want to shoot the ball. Just do it!

You know you love her, put a ring on her finger. If the marriage fails at least you tried. Just do it!

He hangs out with other girls, find another friend. His mind is made up, so make your’s up. Just do it!

What’s the point of wearing name brands create your own. Just do it!

You’re collecting welfare, take that food stamp card and open up a food mart in the ghetto. Just do it!

You can save the world with an education. Just do it!

If the political system fails you, run for office. Just do it!

Out of a billon sperm you made it to the egg, what’s the odds of that? My friend, why waste your life, do something brand new, create a new world, create a new culture. What are you afraid of? Just do it!

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The Orphans

 I saw a child today.

Yes, the child had behavior problems but the child will never know his mother or father.

The child was an orphan.

The child is lost and for some reason is still on my mind.

I don’t know why I keep seeing this child’s face.

I can’t save the world but here I am complaining about what I don’t have and this child has nothing.

This child wanders through the night lost, not knowing where he or she came from.

Feeling for this human, I fall to the ground asking God, “Why?”

“Why put us here to suffer?”

I had a choice to sacrifice everything that I had in my possession for this one child and I did.

I took the child in and spent my last of everything training this child to be a decent human being.

I invested everything into this child.

First it was one, then two, pretty soon I had an entire orphanage full of children and on my death bed I had an entire army praying for my survival.

It was hell raising them but in the end they finally got the point.

One man saved an entire world all because of one child.

At first I thought it could not be done, I thought it was impossible, but in the end I found out it could.

It could be done and it was possible.

The force that led me to believe had to be divine, it had to be supernatural, it had to be God.

I had everything, yet still had nothing without others to share with. In the end my life was saved by

The Orphans.

They gave me a reason to live and once the papers were signed I couldn’t turn my back on them. 

They brought me to my knees at times but in the end they were on their knees for me.

I guess love truly cannot be bought.

It’s supernatural.

The Orphans

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Determined to Write

When my first girlfriend dumped me, I wrote about it.

When I got in my first fight with the class bully, I wrote about it.

When I failed my first class, I wrote about it.

I was so determined to write that I followed an English teacher to her house to teach me. I’m sure her daughter took me as crazy, I wrote about that too.

When I got divorced, I wrote about it.

When I got cut from the team, I wrote about it.

When my family and I won our first sports title, I wrote about it.

I was so determined to write that I paid a church English teacher to edit my chicken scratch. I’m sure she took me as a joke so I wrote about that too.

Every thought, every dream, every rhyme and reason gave me the passion to jot it all down.

At the end of the day all I’ve ever wanted to do was write so I wrote about that too.

Monday, October 10, 2022

Dancing with Liberals

 I’m two faced, I’m a hypocrite, and I’m a know it all arrogant bastard. I’m everything but a drug dealer, hard cold killer, pimp, man hoe, womanizer, wife beater, but still my own people are stuck in utopia; some of them love me and some of them hate me, but that’s life. I’m called a nice guy, too proper, too professional, and I watch them dance, I even dance with them. I love women, but my tender heart can’t take what they will do to my loving passionate mind. I admit that I’m scarred but I’ve humbled myself to admit that there are things in life that I like and I do not like. I love a good joke, I enjoy good company, and I do not like to cheat. I give my time to people of all races creeds and colors. Sometimes I even feel like I’m worth more than the hand that I’ve been dealt. One minute I’m happy and one minute I’m sad. I wake up often knowing that there is no place for me to run, I’m stuck. Every dollar I make I have to hold on to because everyone around is hungry, even me. When, and if I shed a tear, I choose to be alone knowing no one can take my pain away but God. This is the code that I live by. I often find myself fantasizing about women so I fight my second nature to keep me from turning into a lust filled sexual maniac. I consider myself a conservative hard headed American but the truth is that I’m dancing with liberals. I’m a lost soul siting in the pew waiting for God to come save me. I’m human, and when the sheep scatter, I’m alone in a field with a black coat and no shepherd. I have no choice but to fight. Surrounded, I begin to dance in the ring. God help me, I’m surrounded, I have nothing to lose, and I’ve done nothing wrong but just be myself. I’m dancing with liberals wondering what I’ve done right and what I’ve done wrong.

I’m human after all.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

The Autumn Memories

I could hear the crickets calling it a night. The creepy sound of the air blowing through the cracked window that you used to keep open even on cool autumn nights. Shifting gears I recall you always trying to catch the blowing fall leaves with your hand hanging out of the passenger side window. What is this feeling that overtakes me when I think of you? I recall our very first autumn night, we laid on my now empty living room floor and watched movies. That was our moment in time. I also remember my first love letter to you, wishing that love could last forever. Today would have been our twenty-first anniversary. I recall us sitting by the burning logs in the fireplace planning our wedding. What happened to our plans to bring the world back to love? What happened to our plans to revive the institution of marriage? Did we fall short? At night, laying in my bed alone I can still feel you at times. The autumn memories are enough to purge my dying heart slowly. I don’t know why, but out of a billion women, I need only you, come back home.

The Autumn Memories

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Autumn Sunshine

I watched the sun melt away in the distant sky, it was a beautiful sight. The smell of simmering rain drops fading away on a heated grill was confirmation that it was now autumn. The golden brown leaves fell slowly from a nearby tree, we’d been caught off guard. Thinking we’d barbecue on the first day of autumn was a mistake, I could hear my wife calling me into the house. She was occupied in the basement, I could tell she’d been spinning wet clay, because I could smell ceramics burning from the kiln. The fall brought on new colors and a new mood. Answering her call, I ran into the house, my friends and I had gotten caught in the rain. Running and grabbing as much stuff as I could, I could feel the droplets of water soaking through my shoes onto my socks. Yes, it was now autumn. Sadly, my wife and I had just been laid-off and had so much free time, but maybe this was God’s plan. Maybe we needed some time together, some time with our family and friends. Turning to shut the patio storm door, I saw the rain slow down to a drizzle, it was officially autumn. The sound of the cool breeze brushing up against the tree branches, the fading to orange and brown maple leaves. I couldn’t help but pause and notice a reflection of my wife’s beautiful brown curly hair in the back of me. I could smell her sweet feminine perfume overtaking the smell of burning clay. She put her arms around mine as we both watched a beautiful rainbow emerge from the autumn sunshine setting in the distance. We were going to be alright.

Monday, September 26, 2022

The Devil has A.I.D.S.

Why can’t we see the unknown?

Why do we need a microscope?

Did God bless us with a tool to see his wrath or is he showing us a miniature version of hell that could spread and kill all humans?

What aura protects us from a virus or disease?

Why would a prophet need one stick while the powerful possessed the gifted scientist?

Did the prophet not show one miracle on a floor with magical snakes?

Should I question myself if I’m sure?

Fair friend, if I did nothing wrong all my life why fall victim in one night?

I’m innocent, yet failed when it mattered the most.

I’m human, that’s what made me do it.

I’m a victim, so I now have to blend in with the rest.

Why does a smoker need so much oxygen?

Do two of the same sex not cancel out?

It’s obvious that a creature with the power to destroy has so many amazing gifts.

He’s clever…

He’s convincing, and he looks like he’s as pure as a plate of raw organic spinach.

Go and try to enjoy his company, and if I double dare you, I’d be cursing you.

You really think you’re having fun?

Beware, he has tricks that last a lifetime;

Candy that rots the teeth;

Treats that eat your insides.

Why does a teacher provide an apple and a lesson at the same time?

Why does a spider have venom?

What child will dare eat what’s good for him or her?

What is a doctor doing with all of that blood?

Take a second…why is the medicine grown and then processed into a pill?

How many people did you sleep with?

How many lives did you ruin?

You still don’t get it do you?

If eternal life has no end, then where are you now?

Are you playing with fire?

Where do viruses and diseases come from?

Did not one preacher convince his sheep to drink poison?

To walk into the underworld and survive, then watch the people that you warned fall victim to the flames makes you a savior with foolish followers. 

I’m a practicing poet so listen to my words, I mean you no harm.

Dig deep into my philosophy because I’m showing you the way.

I’m giving you the answer.

The Devil has A.I.D.S.

He wants to destroy you from the inside.

He wants to make you suffer.

Beware, choose your partner wisely, there’s a good chance that you have something that he or she wants.

Beware of what you wish for, it could be your curse.

Beware of those who advertise in broad daylight, their minds could be programmed to convert you.

If the chemical makeup of an explosive has something to do with splitting atoms, you too, can be deceived…split in two.

The wicked have two eyes just like the poisonous plants that look like berries. 

How did it happen?

It happened because you let him in.

Spin around and you may see two preachers, look too deeply into the light and you may see two colors of a picture painted of God.

Stick to the fundamentals and eventually you may see things clearly.

Too much mixing could change the colors of the rainbow.

Is it not a symbol of God’s promises to man?

Our reflection could possibly affect the shining sun.

Do whatever you can to stay on the right path.

The Devil has A.I.D.S.

Friday, September 23, 2022

The College Nest

I studied until my brain went numb.

I went through quiz after quiz and test after test.

My college debt ballooned to $80,000.

My life, my situation, and my circumstances seemed like they would never change.

For some reason when I graduated I kept thinking about an eagle. I kept thinking about the essay I wrote on how the bird literally tosses it’s kids out of the nest and if they don’t fly they die. Receiving my degree, I kept imagining myself with no choice but to fly. I was so desperate to pay down my college debt and get a job that I applied for every opening that I could think of. I even built a computer program with the intent to get rich. Falling out of the nest I held on to my mother’s leg because I couldn’t afford a house or apartment so I held on. Looking down I noticed a flock of students in the same position as me. As my mother shoved my tight grip loose, I fell into an entire generation of college students in debt and searching for the things that made sense in life: A car, a good job, a family, and a place to call home. Feeling my pain, they caught me and saved me from falling. We were all stronger together and began to use our skills to fly and save the next generation. We began to work on our troubles and solve our own problems. Picking each other up we all learned how to fly with the little wings that we had. Eventually, after a huge storm, we soared like eagles.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Rocket Show

The clumsy leader promised a show.

His country’s most brightest scientist gathered to display their most powerful rockets.

After the count, the rockets launched into the sky only to explode, destroying everything in sight, including the clumsy leader.


The Rocket Show

Tuesday, September 20, 2022


There are two worlds to comprehend in this life. In one world there is cryosleep. A world where the only worries a person has is food, shelter, and water. In this world there is little knowledge about the true political affairs taking place. The people in this world live day by day and some do what ever they please and many get off scot free while others get caught. 

The next world is complex, a world where there are some very hard decisions to make and one false move could get you in danger. Most people living in a woke state cannot go back to sleep, once you’re in—you’re in, and the only way out is death. This is the case because the woke crowd literally has too much information. This is the crowd where all of the big decisions are made and not too much religion exist. The woke crowd is in a constant state of awareness, this crowd knows the key players and obtains the majority of the wealth. To understand these two worlds is like having a classified document in your closet. The woke crowd knows how valuable it is while the person who is in a state of cryosleep would probably not. The hardest part about this analogy is grappling with the mindset of each individual. No one truly ever knows how each world ends because you don’t know what you don’t know and once you know there’s no turning back. Some people stay sleep, never to wake up. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Nothing is what it seems

My grandfather was an old crippled Christian who enjoyed smoking cigarettes; he stole a lighter from the supermarket.

I heard a female say she was leaving her mate because he was cheating; she later spent $1,200 on a gold ring for him.

I went to church one day and heard a preacher speak on marriage; he later threw his wife down a flight of stairs.

There was a girl who said she hated her father; he later died and she couldn’t stop crying.

I guess nothing is ever what it seems, it may be wise to check on those who seem well, they could be in need of what’s on the other end.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Attack of the Elephants

The story soon broke about people dressed up like donkeys that would go into the jungle and poke the Elephants. They were called the toxic donkey people, and they wouldn’t stop for anyone. They kept poking and poking until they got to Ebenezer. He was considered the head Elephant. Screams soon emerged from the jungle. One of the toxic donkey people was being attacked by Ebenezer, the head Elephant. He stomped and beat the ground with that donkey until he was lifeless. Ebenezer then turned to the other pokers after they all watched their friend’s lifeless body being thrown into the jungle brush. The toxic donkey people began to run, and when all of the other Elephants saw Ebenezer attack, they began to attack. After stomping the life out of the toxic donkey people, Ebenezer turned to his herd.

“Colleagues, and friends. My supreme desire was to only use force when necessary, but I was literally allowing that donkey to oppress me with its toxic policies so I took it upon myself to stomp that donkey into submission. I applaud you all for doing the same, now we Elephants can relax and live in peace,” Ebenezer said to his herd, assuring that they would never be bullied again as they all walked away from a pile of lifeless donkeys.

The End.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

A simple love story

Old and gray, love still seemed foolish to me…

Who dare would try such a thing?

That’s when I heard the wind blow…rushing to my door to see who it was, I began to have flashbacks of when I used to be in love.

I yearned for the day only to see her never to return.

Peeking through the door, it was just the wind, but I did notice my neighbors outside playing together.

They were young and having fun.

I rather enjoyed watching them. 

They were in love…

Some people spend their entire lives searching for a happy ending and one memory of love…even one thought, can bring a grown man to his knees.

Lonely cold nights reaching for no one can make anyone bitter.

Yet, one glimpse of love can turn anyone into a believer, one glimpse can make a blind man see, an athlete win…

What had come over me?

At that point I took a seat on my couch and continued to watch them through the window.

Something inside me began to bring me back to life again. 

I’d felt this feeling and suppressed it too many times…this one night I let it back in.

That’s what I needed, that’s what I was missing…

It was love, it was the only thing that could keep me alive and without it, I would become a mad man.

Letting the feeling take over me for that one moment…

My heart began to beat…

It was love. 

That’s what we all need.

It’s so powerful that we’d die for it.


Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The Flood Warriors

 Victor’s entire family drowned in Noah’s three month flood. The water engulfed everything around him. The liquid substance that covered about seventy-one percent of the planet left him bitter and alone. Washed up on a floating log while mastering the back float was how he survived. Victor was now determined to defeat the flood. In memory of his sunken family, he began to master the art of swimming. He traveled the world studying the ways of water and how it showed no mercy by literally smothering its victims until they became wrinkled and lifeless while also washing them away. Victor had two weeks to prepare for the biggest rain storm headed his way. His plan was clever and simple. His strategy was genius, he would use just two main weapons: sponges 🧽 and the sun 🌞. Watching the clouds roll in, he and his army of flood warriors prepared for battle. Each of them were armed with sponges and their battle gear consisted of nylon suits. Feeling the bitter warm rain fall, they felt the soggy torment of rain beating away at their finely oiled gears. They laced every corner of the town with sponges and began to fight the flood with every inch of energy that they had. One crew even used sump pumps to pump the water to dry land while the other crew transported wet sponges. Victor stood tall while noticing his giant front wall of sponges being penetrated by the raging river overflowing.

“Hurry, we need more sponge power before the dam overflows, call out the sand layers, have them head to the front wall. The wet monster is putting up a fight!” he shouted. 

Obeying his command, his crew moved fast, for there was no time to waste in a ravaging rain storm. Sea creatures also began to submerge. 

Victor stood tall on his storm tower, “Call in the marine crew, we have alligators seeping in, 12 o’clock.”

“This storm has lighting Sir, what do we do next?” Chance, his right hand man asked.

“We need the voltage to add more power to our generator, raise the lighting rod twelve more feet. Each bolt packs about 30,000 amps. We can then use the heat from the generator to dry up the damp sponges. Nature will then recycle the excess,” Victor said, while wiping his face with a hanging towel, rushing to get back to his tower after turning on the over flow valve. Things were becoming intense.

“A man that does nothing in a storm will surely be defeated by the wet monster, we must continue to fight, then afterwards, I promise, we will rejoice in another victory,” he explained.

Once the storm washed over, Victor stood tall with his flood warriors.

“Family, we have defeated one of the largest water monsters in our history, now we celebrate by drinking the water left over and urinating it back into the ground to fertilize the grass. Let’s rejoice, no one drowned and no one was lost in the battle. Flood warriors, we swim to victory and we soak up our victory by drowning in what we’ve just defeated,” Victor proclaimed as he and his flood warriors sailed away into the sunset preparing for their next battle. 

The End.

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Animals

In this story, the intent is not to scare you, but to keep us all from turning into animals.

I’ll start in a small village between the border of two enemy nations. The village was a sovereign village. The people in the sovereign village often found themselves mediating between the two nations. Corey, who lived nearby, was a good kid but he had a terrible attitude and what was about to take place in his home town near the village would change everything. It started with a fight between some ungrateful kids. The kids took a forbidden flower that was considered sacred to the sovereign village people and burned it by the border, causing a forest fire that then spread. Curtis, who lived in the village, saw the smoke first. Corey, on the other hand, saw wild animals crossing the border in droves fleeing the fire. Sadly, Corey had just got in a fight with his mother and begged her to let him back in the house after being chased by a wild hyena.

Things changed quickly, kids playing, shortly turned into kids screaming. A race to put a wall up now turned into a mixture of containing a wild fire, stopping wild animals and getting undisciplined children to listen. This was ugly, and the animals were wild. They came out of the burning forest like a wave blasting up on the beach.

“Where is Dena? Where is she, Corey?” Corey’s mother said opening up the door to let him in.

“I don’t know!” He replied.

All you could hear were children screaming. Normal went to crazy very quick. There was no peace. The animals were hungry and wild. Once word got to the emergency crews and government officials about the overflowing chaos and what caused it, all hell broke loose. 

Picture a small house and a burning wild fire in the distance with a little girl running from a wild boar. 

“Mama, mama, help!” Dena screamed running for her life to get to safety. 

Mrs. King stood in the center of her doorway with a bow and arrow—pulled back, hand tight, and released it as it split the head of the wild boar chasing her child.

Trembling in fear, Dena jumped into her mother’s arms as the bow fell to the ground.

“Mama I’m sorry,” Dena kept saying as Corey pushed them away from the door noticing more animals running wildly through the village and nearby town. Dena got lucky, she survived, but most of her friends didn’t. These kids were constantly told by their parents to be good and stay within the border lines but they didn’t. They failed to listen, and caused a complete collapse of border policies between two nations who hated each other. The wild animals along with the fires destroyed the sovereign village and war soon broke out between the two nations. Humans soon turned into animals fending for themselves. Like savages, they began to kill each other to protect their tribes and lands. In the end, just like the animals, it was every man for himself. 

The lesson in this story is simple: Kids should learn to listen and when mediators crumble all hell breaks loose. Anarchy is not pretty. It’s the way of the animals.

The End.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

The Wrath of the Jezebel

It was a late night. I had just delivered a message to the young prophets, then she walked by. Her presence was so powerful that it spread. It grabbed every lustful yearning alpha male by the tail of his second man, and at days end, it dropped feeble men to their knees. Falling victim in front of a computer screen, my soul became tormented by her wrath, I needed more, her facade dug deep into my mystified and perverted mind. Greatly needed to help the other prophets fight the war, I confessed to her while letting my second man pull me into her orbital curse. I needed brain power to overcome this beast and while in deep desire, craving a fantasy, my mind would not stop roaming her powerful aura of deceptive beauty. It almost seemed like an eternal trance as she grabbed my soul, I fought and tried to turn my eyes in the other direction. “God help me!” I screamed, for I have a job to do and if I go down, I’ll take a million men like me down also. These where my thoughts, but she would not give in, her clothes became less and less. Like a magnate, I was drawn to her, I needed her for some reason. I had literally watched her eat one million men alive. Unbuckling my belt, giving in to her wrath, my wife kicked in the door and chopped off the head of that beast. Still captivated by her beauty, I fell to my knees shaking while regaining my composure. I had to thank my wife for saving me, for men had become too weak, it would take God’s women to fight the wrath of the Jezebel. My wife picked me up, put me back together and drove me home, she understood while also knowing that there were a million more beast out there to kill or convert. I was spared by my second half and miraculously lived to tell about it, sadly, most men don’t. 

The End.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Today may have seemed like the end of the world, but who knows, tomorrow may be better.

You may have an attitude and hate everyone around you, but who knows, tomorrow you might fall in love.

You may have just watched a new movie and didn’t like it much, but who knows, tomorrow it may grow on you.

You may also have just heard a new song and didn’t quite feel the lyrics, but who knows, tomorrow it could be your number one jam.

You might even come down with a fatal sickness, but tomorrow just might bring in the cure.

My friend, why give up? Why stay angry? And, out of all that life has to offer, why let today ruin tomorrow?


Monday, August 22, 2022

The Light of the Father

Complete darkness can be scary.

Too much light can burn, but only the father can guide me.

God we need you.

We trust in you.

The wrath of war is calling and we cannot win without you.

We’ve been here before father, but if we have forgotten send us more prophets to remember.

Darkness is all around us and I know that we as your people have to stand strong.

Soldiers all around me are falling, being consumed and dragged into the pit eaten alive by the beast.

Children are being groomed with no soul, they’re craving for the unknown.

The old wise man warned me of days like this.

If I have failed in any way father, I humbly ask for your forgiveness…for your light.

In these uncertain times, I ask for your strength, your compassion, your obedience, your favor and your ability to know right from wrong.

Walk with me on this journey, don’t leave me father, and if I get lost, I humbly ask that you guide me back towards your never ending light.

As my brothers and sisters fade to eternal rest, I know one day I will too father, so as my body becomes dust and dirt, may my mind be balanced—bonding with both day and night. May I too be a gateway into the light.

Amen, Amun and Amon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Sitting and watching everything around me fall apart, I had to find a purpose.

Walls were literally collapsing all around me.

Deep inside, the pain was turning into anger.

I had to find an outlet.

I was turning into an angry monster.

I began to lose certain common mental and physical cognitive functions.

My brain was being programmed to do one thing:


I had to fight for everything that was owed to me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Hey, don’t forget to take time to laugh today.

Find a good joke.

We were all made to have a few emotions, but laughter, at least to me is the best one.

When you’re down and when you’re hurt, one thing is for sure, and that’s the reality that a good joke will pick your spirits back up.


Sunday, August 7, 2022

I’m envious of Evil

Being good is hard.

People kill, rape, sell drugs and live it up.

People cheat and many never get caught.

Practicing perfection and trying to be a good person I admit has worn me out.

Somedays I’m actually even envious of evil.

How do they do it?

I don’t have the will power to do it. 

Evil deeds are amazingly unbelievable.

Many good people persecute one another, many good people beat up on people who they know they can get over on.

These are just my thoughts, so does good or evil even exist?

I guess one cannot exist without the other.

Who is good? Does it not take evil to fight evil while good people cheer for their side?

Practicing perfection and trying to be good, it almost seems like you can never be good enough because eventually envy will destroy a good thing.

I’m envious of evil and I’m good enough to admit it.

If evil is chasing me, it must be envious of me also.

I wonder why?

Maybe it’s just my imagination, or could it just be the laws of nature?

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Thumbs Up!

Left alone, the books became my friends.

I learned so much that I looked in the mirror and gave myself a thumbs up.

I heard it in a song that when people believe in things that they don’t understand that they suffer.

That could be why most scholars are open minded.

They understand.

Thumbs up to those who take the time to study.

Thumbs up!

Friday, August 5, 2022

They left me hanging on a cross

You don’t even know me…

You don’t even see me…

I gave you everything that you own. Why did you just leave me there hanging?

Can’t you see that I’m alone.

Can’t you see me in pain?

Do you see me suffering?

You go and die for criminals and people who enslaved you, but you leave me, the king of the world hanging.

Once my wrath is over, you will worship me.

I will return on a black horse next time and instead of giving life, I will take it.

Hanging and bleeding on my last breath, I see everyone watching and going on with their lives.

When I return, there will be a price to pay.

They all left me hanging on a cross.

Now I’m the sun.

The all seeing eye.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Finish the Race

High school was a disaster for me.

Every team I tried to be on in regards to sports never happened.

For a moment, when I failed the ninth grade, I began to think that there was a dark cloud following me around, but I kept going.

For some odd reason every school that I attended I could never get comfortable because after a year or two I was transferred to another school.

Til this day I have no official accolades but completion certificates and the college that I graduated from went out of business so I never walked across the stage.

The only sport I got to officially participate in was track. 

We had one of the best 4x4 teams in the state at the time in which I had the privilege of being on but we failed to make it to state because of a coaching error.

I did eventually end up graduating and barely made it out fully functional after enlisting in the military.

But this piece was not written for me, I wrote it for you.

My motivation for you is to finish the race; even if you’re losing and broken up, I encourage you to crawl to the finish line.

I say this not to create a false ideology, but to save us all.

Even if you lose…finish.

Even if you have nothing left…finish.

Even if a bomb blows up and the runners behind you are no more. Get up and finish.

Finish the race.

It is the greatest achievement of all.

Finish the race.

Friday, July 22, 2022

One Way Street

It was the darkest night.

I could have sworn that I saw a one way sign when I took a right turn onto Jane Street.

Doing the speed limit I noticed lights headed in my direction.

Smash! It was a head-on crash.

In the hospital, while being sewn back together, I heard the heart monitor.

The next day while in my hospital room, I noticed my car on the news.

It was totaled, and the driver who hit me was drunk.

I was right,

It was a one way street, I was headed in the right direction.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

The Old Car

There’s something special about this car.

It’s old, but it still drives like a dream.

The older this car gets, it somehow still manages to get around.

The government really pushed the designers and engineers to the max because this old thing is still going.

This thing is pure genius, they lost their minds making this old car.

Got a lot of miles, but It drives great.

You look good in it.


Why I Write

There are no colors in writing.

In my mind I create the people and the feelings.

They can be however I imagine them.

The nation or world can be my own creation, no gimmicks, and no B.S.

Honestly, I don’t know what God has planned for this cruel world, but my imagination has led me to a few predictions.

So I will write one:

Eventually everyone will get to the point to where they will have no choice but to work together to even the score.

Through it all, I believe that I will be fine as long as I have a pen and a pad to write it all down and bare witness.

Why I write.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

The Ripple Effect

Henry was a pro, he lived in one town for 40 years and did the exact same thing almost everyday.

Harry was a con artist, he went from town to town mimicking professionals and setting up shops to dupe people into giving him money.

Jimmy was a preacher, his church was nearly bankrupt and his members did everything outside of learning the Bible. They ran the church to the ground because no one understood money but they loved consuming.

Carl wanted to be the president, he spent the majority of his time traveling and getting to know as many people as he could so they would vote for him.

Tina wanted to be a writer, she spent the majority of her time at the library perfecting the art of writing.

Megan wanted to be a lawyer, she argued with just about everyone and would often record her conversations and jot down ways to make laws that could make the world better.

Gina was a prostitute, she often used drugs and feared what her pimp would do if she couldn’t pay up.

Larry was a police officer who got in the profession to make a difference but often found himself in very odd situations. One night he saw a kid at a drug house, he chased him down and found out he was Henry’s son.

Bailing his son out of jail, Henry found out that his son was working for Harry.

Jimmy was asked to pray for Henry’s son while visiting an inmate at the jail.

Carl, who was the mayor, trying to one day be president, visited Jimmy’s church and noticed that the roof was leaking.

Tina wrote about it in the paper and Megan sent a legal notice that the church would be shutdown if the roof wasn’t fixed.

Gina who had no clue what was going on, but wanted forgiveness for her sins, visited the church after stealing over one hundred thousand dollars from her pimp. In deep need of help, she felt very guilty and gave all of the money to the church. Jimmy assured her that she would be cleansed of her sins but had no clue that the donation came from her. When her pimp found her, he beat her to death and never found his money.

In a rage, Larry saw him dumping her body in the park where he was patrolling. 

When News got out about the donation that saved Jimmy’s church no one had a clue where the money came from but Gina who was now dead.

Larry arrested the pimp, Gina was identified, and the pimp’s suitcase that was filled with money and left at the altar saved the church then was spread throughout the members who did nothing but consume. The church’s business went on as usual and the roof was fixed.

One thing led to another and the ripple effect was labeled a miracle. The underground market lost one hundred thousand dollars and when Gina was laid to rest her ability to repent turned her into a hero. Tina published the story and once word got out, everyone began to change their ways and became convinced that God had something to do with Gina’s conviction. Gina unknowingly changed one town and Harry heard about the donation and wanted to try a new game so he became a preacher. 

Everyone’s intentions were justified but only Gina’s was pure. Although guilty, she was tired of her life and eagerly wanted a change and unknowingly created a story that revived an entire town.

The End.

The Ripple Effect

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Big White House

A gateway was opened, a gateway to the mind.

The blueprint was laid out and it was built.

The house was built for someone else to live in and this became a problem.

You see the mind of us humans gives us hunger for more.

The Big White House caused a problem for those with less.

“How did they afford it and not pay us,” the builders would say. 

Who would’ve thought that one big house would stir up the crowd.

“We deserve a living wage! We deserve that house! We deserve everything that’s owed to us!” the crowd of builders said conjuring up a war chant.

Upset with their contract, they burned the house down.

A gateway had been opened, a gateway to the mind.

When we as people see bigger and better things, we for some reason want it, we want to be a part of it, and many of us will do anything for it.

The question is why?

Is bigger better or is smaller convenient? 

The Big White House; once the protest started there was no turning back.

A gateway was opened, a gateway to the mind, a gateway into reality.

They burned it down because they wanted it.

The question is why?

Monday, July 4, 2022

Happy Independence Day

I served in the Navy, barely made it out fully functional, but I’m fine now thanks to the doctors who worked so hard, I’m very thankful everyday I wake up. Many of us forget or don’t take the time to understand public service. We often focus on the negative when there is truly something magical about a voluntary society. I’ve done my best to remember the history and the volunteers who paved the way, even as a former soldier. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts. The life of a soldier is enough to make anyone find a reason to find some form of happiness. After seeing the towers fall some time ago, my happiness has been keeping busy and praying that people find peace in their heart. Optimism turns terrible situations into miracles. I hope whoever is reading this, takes the time to comprehend the importance of remembrance. The world is filled with nations fighting for their land so taking a moment to think independently is alright, it’s not bad, sometimes it’s breathtaking.

Happy Independence Day 

Sunday, June 26, 2022


CHIEF: Petty Officer 3rd Class West

WEST: Here

CHIEF: Airman Zagorski


CHIEF: Seaman Campos


CHIEF: Petty Officer First Class Rios.

RIOS: Here.

CHIEF: Petty Officer 2nd Class Cherry

CHIEF: Petty Officer 2nd Class Cherry

CHIEF: Where the hell is Cherry?

CAMPOS: He gave up on the belief that the Constitution was written for him Chief. He’s M.I.A. We have to fight with who ever showed up Chief.

Friday, June 24, 2022


Today I learned to let go.

Today I learned to trust.

Today I learned to be optimistic and be a friend.

I learned that prosperity is not always about wealth but about how I genuinely view the world and people around me.

Even if the world is dark to some people, today I learned how to brighten it up a bit.

Today. 😊

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Alpha & Omega

I kept reaching, kept searching.

At the bottom of the pit I was shown no mercy.

I’d saw drug addicts, innocent virgins turned into prostitutes, babies aborted, men on the computer screen with men and women with women. 

My spirit felt so empty, I felt drained of all life’s goodwill.

Deeper and deeper into the pit, I found myself losing my grip while trying to climb out. It’s like something or someone was trying to pull me under. Fighting submission; I felt my feet burning, but I couldn’t give up. I needed to be cleansed or I would surely lose my soul.

I’d seen it all. Filth, disease, sloth…hell.

I then began to scream out for mercy, I needed to be saved, I needed some help. This could not be the end for me. How could I sink so low.

With little strength left, the Alpha spirit pulled me out of the pit and gave me a new beginning.

I’d been washed of my wrongs, I’d been reborn, only to show others a way out. 

There was light at the end of a very dark past, I’d reached the Omega.

It was my only hope.

The Alpha & Omega

Saturday, June 18, 2022

The Colors of the Sun

How fruitful; how fulfilling; how gracious.

Splendid in all of its royal beauty. Golden and sweet.

It’s the flavor of the fruit that we eat.

Filled with colorful rays of power and life.

It’s the light of day, it’s what we need to see.

Perfect rotation in every way, a gratitude from our creator. The Alpha and Omega.

A gift of blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, grey, black, and white. Other amazing colors once mixed.

The true magic is seeing the colors emerge as the sun rises through the clouds in the midst of a rainy day.

There’s a taste of freedom, as we face the rising Sun of our new day begun.

What a dependable friend to rise everyday for the world to see.

It’s an amazing show, full of amazing colors.

The colors of the Sun 🌞 

Monday, June 13, 2022

Judgement Day

After his last brain scan, Jacob took a look outside, through the window, he noticed black birds falling from the sky.

Jennifer Green also saw something strange, she was doing hair at her salon in a small windstorm when she saw a great statue of a prostitute fall on the Vegas strip. 

Peter, who was a very religious man, witnessed his entire church burn to the ground.

Not too long after, a war broke out on the proclaimed holy land and from a distance the onlookers and observers said it was an act of God while the victims of war were fighting for their land.

Great bombs could be seen falling from the sky and from the angle of an abandoned sheep, torment was seen as God’s prophecy being fulfilled.

Each angle of perception could be the flaw of man’s own ambitions. The preacher created one vision while the world saw another.

The scientist created the bombs that the people used to gain dominance over each other and the paramedics came to the aid of the victims of war.

If there were prophets set to return, the people literally killed each other in their name and what ever bloodline was next in line to rule planet earth was stationed underneath the ground.

As nations witnessed the epitome of man’s delusions, mankind literally killed off its own species.

Once the carnage was over, the sun came up the next day and the next species in line set to rule planet earth took over while everyone else returned to the pit of their own fantasies. Humans had soon become extinct, only to languish in their own faults while in constant remissions of their lavish wasted past. 

What was the point of man’s existence, only to be overcome by a tribe of genetically modified lion people who became the next dynasty to revive the great pyramids. 

As the pages of the good book dissolved in a sand storm some saw this as God’s will. The lion people came from underneath the earth to judge the failures of mankind while some believed that whatever was classified backfired and caused the demise of the human species.

Either way, Judgement Day revived a dynasty.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

There’s a song in there somewhere


Mom’s found a new home.


What do I say now?


I’ll take a breath now


I’ll whistle like a tree,

There’s a song in there somewhere.

I’ll scratch this and try again tomorrow.

Friday, June 10, 2022


You can lose everyone around you, but at times, only optimism can help you go on.

You can have children, but only optimism can help you raise them.

We all make choices every day, but optimism gives us the ability to get over the bad ones.

If life is a gamble, then how we perceive the world around us teaches us a lot about the little things that we often fail to appreciate.

You can catch a fatal disease and see a brutal dictator on a rage to take over the world, but optimism, my friend, will play a large part in how you survive.

A man or a woman can be ugly or beautiful on either side, but without optimism, the aura of beauty fades either way.

For a woman or man to bring life into the world optimism is very important.

Be determined to find a reason to remain optimistic, most of the time that’s half the battle.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

If all flowers were blue

 It’s okay to be different.

Out of a billion planets, that’s what makes earth unique.

Why be so hard on yourself? No one is the same. 

If we all went west, who would tend the fields in the east?

Is it ironic that something always goes wrong in a perfect world?

My friend, if all flowers were blue, would we all be blind? 

Just be yourself.

We all make the world unique in some way.

We all fit in somewhere.

We all have a purpose.

We’re all different in some way.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Cleansing

 “What is God Jim?” Henry asked after seeing his mother killed right in front of him a few weeks before his counseling session.

It was apparent that he was on the edge, depressed and tired of life. His family was strung out on drugs. All of his children had been killed in gun related incidents. The guy literally had nothing left.

Jim stood up in his seat next to Henry, “God is good. He’s like a man cleaning a dirty room. Once you let him in, Henry, he’ll help you and clean out your dirt. That’s what God does.”

Henry laughed and looked at Jim and said, “I let God in a long time ago Jim. I’ve just come to accept the fact that I can spend my entire life trying to fix people or spend this time with a good friend like you Jim. I think that’s what God is. My dirty family killed themselves, God didn’t do that.”

Once Jim and Henry got done with their Bible study mixer they called it a night.

Henry went home, cleaned up and took all of the pictures of his family off of his wall and put them in the closet. He was the last one left.

The Cleansing.

The King of Judah

Who would serve an unforgiving God?

A God who does not hear our prayers.

A God who does not show mercy.

Like a roaring Lion, my God gives eternal strength.

He shows mercy to the children.

He guides an army of perfect peaceful angels to watch over those who call upon him.

From the darkness of night till the light of day, he reigns. 

A religious scholar would say, “He’s on time.”

In my lonely hours, I’ve come to trust him.

He’s a friend, a father, and a comforter.

I would recommend his services to all who seek peace and guidance in their life.

He’s the King of Judah, he reigns. 

Don’t be afraid of him, like the raging wind he roams the earth providing for all of his creation.

In the old until the new, nothing has changed.

He remains,

“The King of Judah.”

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The child who wanted everything

He stole what he wanted.

He blamed the rich for all of his problems.

He wanted everything and would do anything to get it.

He’d spent everything that he had trying to get more only to end up with nothing left.

The child who wanted everything 

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Tapped Out

Just got done reading the paper, God and the Devil are still fighting it out.

I guess I’ll go sit in the park and watch the birds for a while, the devil hit me with a low blow after killing little children again.

I’ll remain neutral and sit this one out today.

I’ll get back in the fight tomorrow.

Tapped Out

Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Dark Superhero

This concept is a bit amusing.

What if there was a superhero who was not liked by some and called a fool for his heroics.

A superhero that was literally laughed at for trying to save people who didn’t want to be saved or didn’t even know that they needed to be saved.

A superhero with so many abilities that he was invisible to his own people. 

He was a joke and everyone laughed at him for saving the people that he decided to save.

A superhero that even saved criminals. 

A superhero who everyone loved to hate because they perceive him to be an idiot for saving people who did not want to be saved.

A superhero who wasted every God given ability and superpower trying to save a world who was so blind to his capabilities that they literally treated him like trash.

A superhero who had so much information that the people he saved were disconnected from the bigger picture.

Happy Memorial Day to the Dark Superheroes, if you feel alone, keep flying, some people just see what they want to see but once you’re power leaves, eventually they will need it back.

The Dark Superhero.

What’s the point of saving the day?

Thursday, May 26, 2022

This one’s for the worshipers

 In a moment of tragedy I see a crowd…

As a child my grandmother would say, “Sing out loud!”

“God can heal you,” she would say, you may not understand now, but I too will be gone home someday.

It is my duty, as an old lady, to teach you how to worship, so you too won’t go crazy.

On that day, I did not understand, but as I lived life and grew into a man, I too, had to comprehend, that no matter how hard we fight, at the end of the day, we’re all just a part of God’s plan.

We can only dance for so long, but in times of sadness, we must go on.

We can live it up until the morning dew, but there is a force that connects me and you. It eats away at our spirits, it calls us even when we don’t want to hear it.

When we feel we’ve got it all figured out and try to stick to our own plans, something stronger helps us understand.

This one’s for the worshipers, I say, because in times of hardship they always find strength to kneel and pray.

Even in the worst of the worst, a true worshiper knows, that even in acts of evil, God’s power burst and grows.

It spreads through those who believe that there is something greater to assist us in our time of need.

He saves the day.

The worshipers are freed.


This one’s for the worshipers.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The Great Sun

In all of my years of living I’ve never seen something so spectacular.

The great sun rises,

While we spin on planet earth orbiting around its greatness, we’re comforted with a magic blanket of colorful rays.

The sphere of fire is abundant, it’s like a well oiled machine that keeps providing light.

How amazing to shine for billions of years.

It has been the source of energy for every creation and outlasted every species.

Through it all it still provides, how great.

While every mystical creation fades the sun still shines.

It’s full of wonders…

It’s full of mystery…

It’s the great sun.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Sex Education

I was born to reproduce...

I can't stop thinking about sex...


In the morning...

In the evening, and even on holy days.

God made me to love women.

I sit in front of the TV, Computer, and even phone waiting for a woman to appear in reality.


Am I a porn King?

Am I a pervert?


I am a man who needs a woman.

I am a man that loves to be in the presence of a woman.

Am I a sinner for the natural emotions of lust?


I am a man drowning in the attraction of being blessed to spread my seeds on planet earth.

I can't help the way God made me.

Sex is good for my brain.

It feels good and the more I crave it, the crazier I become.

Why battle with this desire?

Why hold it all in, only to explode like a bomb?

Why be deceived by my own natural human needs and wants?

Why be held down like a wild animal for wanting to hold a woman until we reach the climax?

What is this beast inside of me?

Why do I need to control it?

What does it want, and why does it always want it?

To hell with you who fool me into temptation.

To hell with you who degrade me for wanting to know more.

To hell with you that hold me in prison for being a man.

I'm doing my best to do it safely, but I crave it.

Stop teasing me! Stop it please! 

I need it.

And I want to know more about it...

I feel better now.

Let's all stop fighting and playing games...

Let's have more sex.

Sex Education. 

Friday, May 20, 2022

The Sun & I

Dear Sun,

I appreciate your hard work, I know you’ve been shining for a long time.

Hey bro, don’t feel bad about shining, thanks for coming out today.

You really warmed things up for me and I was able to wash a car because you were out.

Sun, you’re a very dependable friend. When I’m too hot, you call one of your cloud friends, and when I’m too cold, you’re always there shining. 

The women really like you too.

I also like the way you balance things out and even provide some night glow lights from your moon friends. 

You’re my star, sun, without you, I’d be nothing.

You never complain or get upset, you just shine.

That’s what you do.

You can’t help but shine.

You’re my sun, you’re my star, and I appreciate you shining on me and for me.

I love you sun!


Don’t get too close, stay right where you are, it’s better that way.

You’re Hot. 

Thursday, May 12, 2022


 “Now Anna I want you to go to the store and get me some bread so we can have dinner okay,” Paula said while preparing dinner.

“That store is closed Pa, Jimmy said he saw the store man setting the building on fire, haven’t you heard the news?” Anna explained.

“Oh God, how are we going to eat without bread? He must have fallin behind on his bills like the rest of us.”

Anna looked in the fridge and noticed not much left.

“Are you scared Pa?” Anna asked.

Paula sat down and began to browse online. We’ll just have to order our groceries online. I’m sure somebody’s open on the internet.

Paula clicked and clicked away. Every-time she clicked a local store closed. No one locally could compete.


Monday, May 9, 2022


 What do I know?

What do I believe?

Standing still, so much has been pumped into my mind.

I’m on a one way street.

I have no clue what’s around me.

I’m brainwashed.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Mom’s Drunk

Men who’ve heard their mother being abused hear a voice. We don’t know where this voice comes from but even at an early age it’s strong. 

“Help her!”

When we jump in we face severe trauma, it’s almost like we spend our entire life making sure mom is alright. Once we grow up, we learn and come to accept the past, yet we never forget mom.

If mom gets up after a severe beating, not only do we jump to help her get up but we learn to get up too.

If mom gets drunk from depression, we too get depressed.

When dad is not around, we learn to provide.

When our wife is long gone, mom’s voice of comfort vibrates through our minds.

Mom is unbelievable, and when she’s gone or not around, we children all hear the voice. It must be God. If not, what voice gives us the power unseen but felt?

What voice gives us the strength to pickup our broken pieces and move on once Mom is gone.


Friday, May 6, 2022

The Poor

 I don’t obtain a lot of wealth but I still take the time to give to the poor.

Poor people have dreams, poor people have deficiencies and some are just unfortunate.

To fight with a poor man is like fighting with an animal, he or she risk their life for everything. 

They have nothing to lose.

A poor man is always hungry…mentally scarred. 

He or she understands pain because they’ve lost everything.

For a wealthy man to beat a poor person when they’re already down and out is a lesson. It’s a smaller scale of war.

It’s a thought process that when caught on camera is well developed. Consumed by the masses who can afford to watch.

Some combat veterans have always been poor and some will tell you that there are no bodyguards on the battlefield, but there is a legitimate reason why the bombs are flying and it’s usually because a poor person started the fighting.

At the end of the day, you can learn a lot from a poor man. Their code of conduct is in every book and many wealthy people were once poor and spend their entire life trying not to be poor again.

Every rich nation on earth was once poor. Most poor people have wealthy ideas. The eye of a needle was constructed by a poor working person. Patents were invented for poor ideas. 

Poor people built every nation. 

Egypt had poor people, and the Samaritans are Samaritan for a reason. 

Christianity even talks about the poor in miraculous ways, giving such a creation hope.


Give some poor men a book and they somehow grow to spread knowledge. 

There is character in being poor. It’s a brand with no name.

It’s a state of mind with no coordination. 

It’s a language with no vowels.

It’s a constant reminder to those stuck in the middle.

It’s a wheel of time that can happen in the blink of an eye.

The rich are rich because of the poor.

To be unfortunate is to find the greatest treasure hiding behind the clouds.

A living sun, providing heat, food, and shelter under a tree for free.

Who dare climb the rich wall?

Who dare sacrifice everything that they have for the poor?

Every wealthy person goes to bed every night protected from the poor and wealthy enemies.

In the end, we all are just yearning for a happy thought.

All knowledge, power and satisfaction comes from somewhere.

My trash is someone else’s treasure.

The Poor 

Thursday, May 5, 2022


There were two sides to this coin.

One side held the face of an accomplished lawyer and the other held the side of a corrupt city official.

“I am here to serve my fellow man, to make him clean like me,” he would say.

This official was appointed to represent the law but there’s more to this story.

The infiltration revealed a darker side.

Investigators found ties to enemy nations, affairs with prostitutes, and even abuse of power.

Sitting behind bars were all of the people that he’d put there. He was the face of the people. A sworn in leader.

After being re-elected, he faced off against the accomplished lawyer and lost.

In the end, he earned the title: A corrupt city official.

He’d been infiltrated and brought to justice. Proven guilty.

The End.

Monday, May 2, 2022

The Merciful Sun

I tried and I tried to figure it out.

The people were rotten, but the sun kept rising for them all.

Everyday at the same time.

On my quest to seek perfection I came to wonder…


Why does it keep shining?

It shines at no cost, the light is free…

Pondering on this thought, I guess there’s a purpose. 

Does not our rays bounce back to the sun?

Do we not shine as well?

In all of this the sun still shines.

Every day it rises, falls in the sky then rises again.

It shines on the dumb…

It shines on the weak…

It even shines on the blind and deaf…

Even after drying up everything 

The sun rises.

Life goes on…

The merciful sun.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Brave

When I was born I cried entering a world of wonders.

I barely made it, and the hospital that saved me now sits vacant in ruins.

I’ve had some good days and some bad ones.

I’ve been in the presence of chiefs and generals, somedays, I admit, that I’ve even cried.

1 billion Indians, dead.

1 billion blacks, dead.

40 something Presidents, dead.

1 billion white men, dead.

1 billion Mexicans, dead.

Billions of people wanting freedom and justice for all, dead.

Looking back, then looking forward, one day I too will be dead.

As a child, I admit that I was afraid of the bully and hunger made me bitter, but deep in my heart, looking back at all of the dead bodies defying a nation full of death and dreams I have to admit one thing:

“Through it all, even in present day, bravery is worth a try. It has a way of pulling us all in. Once you throw the first punch or shoot the first bullet, there’s no turning back. An Irish man probably would say, “Good luck!”

The Brave

Friday, April 29, 2022

The Eternal Sun

The tides had shifted.

A new dynasty was born.

The Hebrews had been scattered and the all seeing eye revived the pyramids for the return of the long headed people.

Some of them came from underneath the earth.

Golden warriors reclaiming their territories.

It was the return.

These people held the sun, they owned it.

The world had witnessed the rebirth of something unreal.

Deep dark skinned people with wool hair reclaiming their lands while the sun did most of the work for them.

The sun literally fried their enemies. Burned them alive.

Kneeling on a prayer rug I watched them gather. 

They were giants and they crowned me as the eternal sun because I handed them wisdom as a gift.

I gave them a story and a song and we all joined hands in peace.

We’d all been reborn.

The Eternal Sun

Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Penguins 🐧

 “It’s party time gang!” Pete said to the crowd of happy penguins.

“The ice is fresh Pete and I’m down with my Penguin family, let’s slide on some ice dude,” Guber said flapping his wings in excitement.

Nothing was going to stop the penguins from enjoying the new sheet of snow and ice. They enjoyed gathering, socializing, and having a good time.

“Who wants to sing the penguin anthem to officially kick off our ice castle extravaganza?” Big Vick asked.

“I think we all should sing, let’s sing together as a penguin family,” Gino said as all of the penguins wobbled in excitement.

“It’s a good day Pete,” Lili said before sliding and jumping into the water.

This is what the penguins did. This is how they started and finished their day. 

No matter how bad things got, as long as there was a sheet of ice to gather and dive, the penguins were happy. The Penguins 🐧 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Rotten Art

I just bought the oldest house on the block.

Unlocking the basement door, I couldn’t believe what I’d discovered.

Old rotted out artwork.

I had to find over three hundred pieces.

I found old melted crayons, chemically bonded to a dry section of an oil painting.

I tripped on a piece of abstract work dimly lit by some light flowing through a foggy spiderwebbed window.

In the old musty basement bathroom I found an old painting of a Buddhist monk stuck in what looked like a bucket of old tar that tipped over and fell on the painting.

This was no art museum. Time had taken old master pieces and had its way. 

This place had been forgotten and every artist had been unknown.

On my way out, I found a note, it read:

“If you found these pieces of work, then fate brought you here. When you leave this basement, we artist who provided you with the smell of old rotten art would prefer to be unknown. Don’t put our art in some fancy museum in your rundown hometown for display. Leave our work here to rot.”

Rotten Art

Thursday, April 21, 2022


“This is basketball!” 

I overheard a fan say to his son watching the game in the stands. There was only three seconds left on the clock and we were down by two. Jerry’s thumb was bothering him and he was our best three point shooter. I’d imagined this day over and over again in my head because some athletes make game winning shots look so easy. I went over to coach to see what play he’d drawn up and even he was out of ideas. 

“Tonight gentlemen, we’re going to have to gamble to get out of here with a win. If we win, we go to the next round, but for some reason we’ve been placed in the position to do it at the last seconds. That’s what we call fate, willing our team to a victory. As a team we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, but at this moment we’re going to have to gamble because they’ve figured out our entire game-plan. We have to let the person that they least expect to shoot the three shoot,” Coach Neil explained to my teammates and I.

Before we all stepped out on the floor, coach had figured out the perfect play. It was called: “Teammates.” We would all draw the defense away from Mad Max, the worst shooter on the team and leave him by himself with a hard pick on his defender by the center. While the seconds ticked away the play worked to perfection, Mad Max was left alone for the shot and he took it. The place was quiet for about 2 seconds. The ball bounced straight up in the air, off of the rim, and dropped into the basket. Mad Max was the least expected to make history, but he did. As a team, we allowed him to take the shot. It was a gamble, like coach said, but we won. We survived and made it to the next round. The place went bananas, and we celebrated our magic moment, then went home, rested up, and came ready for the next round. Mad Max was a part of the team, and we were his teammates. Next game Johnny Guns put up 81 and after that Tony Smooth scored a triple double as they crowned us champions. We did it all together.


Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Ten Dollars

I said no.

That’s what started it.

All hell broke loose.

All over ten dollars…

God help us.

Only your mercy can save us, at the end of the day we’re all lost in this big world full of people needing your guidance. We’re all stuck in a room alone searching for something to believe in and we often fight over the little things, even ten dollars.

Ten Dollars

Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Orbital Sun

How perfect and radiant. 

The structurally sphered planets magnetically orbit around a hot vibrant sun. 

From afar, it’s shape matches that of a small eyeball flowing with color inside of the human head.

The orbital sun is perfect in every way. 

Proving a vast advancement of chemistry on a bigger more giant scale.

To be able to fathom such a giant shape, a giant ball of fire, would be like spinning a hot gas lit sphere on a needle in dark space.

The magnitude of the sun’s power is endless, it provides colorful flowers, heat, and an abundance of radiant rays giving life.

A mass amount of energy, perfectly positioned for billions of years.

The brain cannot comprehend such consistent reliance.

It’s massive;

It’s the orbital sun. 

Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Amazing Sun

The bulging disk in the sky is real.

It’s a sphere of energy constantly charging the atmosphere.

It’s amazing.

For centuries scholars have come and gone trying to study it’s orbital perfection and still it rises.

Age after age it has outlasted every feeble creature and continues to shine.

It’s energy is massive and every concept of creation has been spellbound by it’s efficiency.

The amazing sun has one ritual and that is to rise.

Every planet swings around it’s fulfilling orbital greatness and it’s dependency is beyond belief.

It’s colorful rays are filled with infinite energy and has outlasted every skeletal creation.

Age to age it rises.

It’s the truth and the solution to every religious myth.

It’s the amazing sun.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Sun Queen

It was her, she meant me well and she listened.

Inside of her held my child, she loved me and let me lead; we were in love together.

We never argued and her light always shined on me.

We were happy together.

When the seed that I’d planted grew inside of her and the egg hatched, she gave birth to both of us, our child.

We made something together.

We made a star, an entire new galaxy.

She was a real Queen, no gimmicks, no hostility, no back and forth.

She loved me for me and I loved her for her.

She was my other half. 

With our new child, we shined like the sun.

Our feelings were not manipulated but they were genuine.

With her, our colorful rays shined, we were complete.

I was happy and she was okay with that because we smiled together.

Our love was authentic, and as our egg hatched, together, in a world filled with happy thoughts and love, we rose like the sun.

In a field of shattered eggshells and hatred,

we rose for everyone, and we lead them to the light.

Together, with the sun shining on us, we were reborn.

The Sun Queen.

Monday, April 11, 2022

The Rays of the Sun

Dear Beautiful Sun,

It’s been a long winter and I miss you.

First I’d like to thank you for coming out everyday just to show me your awesome rays.

I’d also like to thank you for the colorful flowers and plush green ecosystem.

Your rays are priceless, magnifying and truth of something greater than this world.

You’re a star and your beautiful invisible colored rays keep me warm and filled with colorful bright thoughts.

I could not exist without you.

Everyday I’m reborn and cleansed with your colorful rays.

The pictures look crystal clear and the gold gems look great with the diamonds that you so graciously provided.

I appreciate the light you supply for every meal that nourishes my body.

Sincerely Yours

Thank you,

Little John Brown

The Rays of the Sun

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The boy who read every Book

What a good boy he was, smart, clever, and brilliant. The first thing he noticed was how quickly he matured. He also began to transform into a more intellectual species. His vocabulary also changed and he would notice things that often went unnoticed. Certain critical things began to bother him. He became less attracted to sports because he was more concerned about his brain health. He also developed OCD and became fearful of microorganisms. Toxic chemicals were another phobia and he became antisocial because few people spoke his language. He also built his very own civilization and found out ways to travel through the universe without rocket fuel. He found out the secrets of religion and sat in the chairs of academics. He would council world leaders and give them advice. He would design stadiums and write textbooks. Women loved his company because he would take the time to listen and advance their fulfillment request abundantly. When lonely, he spent his time solving math problems to change the world. When upset, he spent his time listening to great orators and musicians to calm his nerves. He was not moved by foolishness and he knew the importance of a good intellectual joke. He kept a journal and expanded his vocabulary in every language and when he became sick he found a cure. When down and out he rebuilt with knowledge. When the walls were caving in his books held up his house because they were made of wood. There was something special about this distinguished fellow, he knew everything, history, pharmaceuticals, radiology, religion, geometry, physiology, anatomy, biology, neuroscience, astronomy, physics, mechanical engineering and even philosophy. He figured out the laws of life and death. He was so smart that while asleep, he built another world to escape to in his dreams. He was a scientist, radio host, a doctor and even a financial consultant. The guy knew it all, and when he died, he created the wind that blew open the pages of closed books for the people he left behind. 

“Read everything,” were his last words. He even wrote.

The boy who read every book. 📖 📕 📚 

Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Legend of the 8th Dragon

There are twelve reasons why the 8th dragon slept by the gold. One of the main reasons was to guard the gold for the mother land.

The legend begins with two sides of a gold coin. One side has a dragon breathing hot fire on suspected thieves and the other has the face of a dark queen. Queen Shabaka is her name. She is known throughout the southern hemisphere for being the most beautifully brutal Queen of all time. Legend has it that she was so brutal that she fed her enemies to her dragons. 

Ancient prophecies foretold of a final battle that the brutal Queen would have to overcome to protect her people from a lion that slept in the northern hemisphere, this lion would eventually awake to face off against her dragons. Queen Shabaka sacrificed innocent blood to the evil deities to try to stop this prophetic vision from taking place. In every war that she won, she beat her enemies into brutal submission. Her execution tactics led her territories to be ruled with fear, but just like every tale, all things must come to an end. On Queen Shabaka’s fiftieth birthday she had a dream that she’d fell in love and had beautiful children. When she told the dream to her faithful servant, the virgin Queen began to change. In all of her years of living, she had never had such a dream. Gracefully awaking in a very dark room that rarely let in sunlight she noticed a ray of light seeping in through a small crack in a distant corner of her huge room. Touched by her new dreams and the sunlight, Queen Shabaka started to feel something in her heart. It was as though the good spirits were calling her, as though some other worldly force had been giving her a new feeling to embrace. A new way to live. The next day at a formal execution, Queen Shabaka was seen putting out her ceremonial flame and letting her victims go free. This was a woman who in all of her years of living had never shown any form of mercy. 

“I desire a child,” she said to her servant Dombuku while feeding her dragons.

“But, great Queen, you cannot have children,” her servant explained.

“The good spirits gave me the vision of children, if I can not have them, I will adopt them. First, I will adopt Useem, the lion tamer, he seems like a great young boy.”

In less then three months, Queen Shabaka had an entire palace filled with orphaned children. Her wealth of knowledge in every form of art was enough to feed her orphan family with the greatest food of all, knowledge. Raising children became her new passion, but to her enemies they saw this as a weakness. 

“See how overwhelmed she has become,” they would say, spreading the gospel of hatred to stir up the war pot. They soon began to plot against her and her dragons, who also were hungry for fresh meat that she had deprived them of for months. 

“Great virgin Queen, your people send you a message. In respect and honor, great Queen, we have never seen you so passionate and merciful. For the first time in history we have witnessed you share with the poor and hungry. We, your people, are very pleased and will fight to the death for you,” the messenger said, while reading to her the message from her people.

“How hard is it to go from brutal to merciful? How hard is it to go from a steel spine to a compassionate leader? Dombuku, something has changed me. Every morning I now let in the sunlight, but I fear that my dragons have grown too hungry. How hard is it for a compassionate Queen to settle the burning vengeance of her enemies?” The great Queen said to her servant while watching her hungry dragons feed on her people.

“Great Queen, a beast is a beast. It’s nature. Whatever has become of you is from God. You’re not a beast anymore. You’ve become the lioness that defeats the dragons in the prophecy. You’ve become the fresh rose growing in a field of old thorns. Please fight for us now and not for yourself,” Dombuku asked.

The great virgin Queen with her palace of orphans then waged war against the hungry dragons, but they were just too strong. The more that they fought, the more the dragons fed. 

“Great Queen, only a beast can defeat a beast,” Dombuku explained.

Understanding his statement, the Queen released the 8th dragon. He was bred to serve only her. This was the biggest and strongest dragon. She also got help from her son Useem’s lions, but with the defeat of her dragons, her enemies saw another weakness and they quickly began to attack. 

Dombuku noticed a streak of grey hair growing from the great Queen’s head. 

“You’ve grown wise great Queen. God is with us. Now we fight for good,” Dombuku explained.

Queen Shabaka’s story spread across the world. Her once isolated kingdom had grown stronger with her fighting side by side with her people. 

She flew through the sky on her 8th dragon while her orphans road on the backs of giant lions. This was historic, legendary stuff.

Queen Shabaka became just that, a legend, and somehow was given eternal life from the good spirits until every orphan child was given a home. Til this day she flies through the sky on her 8th dragon, rescuing orphans in hopes that she will one day be able to rest with the good spirits that gave her her eternal duty. Her duty to see every orphan child find a home. Her work is never done. Her story lives on.

Queen Shabaka & the Legend of the 8th Dragon