Friday, June 24, 2022


Today I learned to let go.

Today I learned to trust.

Today I learned to be optimistic and be a friend.

I learned that prosperity is not always about wealth but about how I genuinely view the world and people around me.

Even if the world is dark to some people, today I learned how to brighten it up a bit.

Today. 😊

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Alpha & Omega

I kept reaching, kept searching.

At the bottom of the pit I was shown no mercy.

I’d saw drug addicts, innocent virgins turned into prostitutes, babies aborted, men on the computer screen with men and women with women. 

My spirit felt so empty, I felt drained of all life’s goodwill.

Deeper and deeper into the pit, I found myself losing my grip while trying to climb out. It’s like something or someone was trying to pull me under. Fighting submission; I felt my feet burning, but I couldn’t give up. I needed to be cleansed or I would surely lose my soul.

I’d seen it all. Filth, disease, sloth…hell.

I then began to scream out for mercy, I needed to be saved, I needed some help. This could not be the end for me. How could I sink so low.

With little strength left, the Alpha spirit pulled me out of the pit and gave me a new beginning.

I’d been washed of my wrongs, I’d been reborn, only to show others a way out. 

There was light at the end of a very dark past, I’d reached the Omega.

It was my only hope.

The Alpha & Omega

Saturday, June 18, 2022

The Colors of the Sun

How fruitful; how fulfilling; how gracious.

Splendid in all of its royal beauty. Golden and sweet.

It’s the flavor of the fruit that we eat.

Filled with colorful rays of power and life.

It’s the light of day, it’s what we need to see.

Perfect rotation in every way, a gratitude from our creator. The Alpha and Omega.

A gift of blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, grey, black, and white. Other amazing colors once mixed.

The true magic is seeing the colors emerge as the sun rises through the clouds in the midst of a rainy day.

There’s a taste of freedom, as we face the rising Sun of our new day begun.

What a dependable friend to rise everyday for the world to see.

It’s an amazing show, full of amazing colors.

The colors of the Sun 🌞 

Monday, June 13, 2022

Judgement Day

After his last brain scan, Jacob took a look outside, through the window, he noticed black birds falling from the sky.

Jennifer Green also saw something strange, she was doing hair at her salon in a small windstorm when she saw a great statue of a prostitute fall on the Vegas strip. 

Peter, who was a very religious man, witnessed his entire church burn to the ground.

Not too long after, a war broke out on the proclaimed holy land and from a distance the onlookers and observers said it was an act of God while the victims of war were fighting for their land.

Great bombs could be seen falling from the sky and from the angle of an abandoned sheep, torment was seen as God’s prophecy being fulfilled.

Each angle of perception could be the flaw of man’s own ambitions. The preacher created one vision while the world saw another.

The scientist created the bombs that the people used to gain dominance over each other and the paramedics came to the aid of the victims of war.

If there were prophets set to return, the people literally killed each other in their name and what ever bloodline was next in line to rule planet earth was stationed underneath the ground.

As nations witnessed the epitome of man’s delusions, mankind literally killed off its own species.

Once the carnage was over, the sun came up the next day and the next species in line set to rule planet earth took over while everyone else returned to the pit of their own fantasies. Humans had soon become extinct, only to languish in their own faults while in constant remissions of their lavish wasted past. 

What was the point of man’s existence, only to be overcome by a tribe of genetically modified lion people who became the next dynasty to revive the great pyramids. 

As the pages of the good book dissolved in a sand storm some saw this as God’s will. The lion people came from underneath the earth to judge the failures of mankind while some believed that whatever was classified backfired and caused the demise of the human species.

Either way, Judgement Day revived a dynasty.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

There’s a song in there somewhere


Mom’s found a new home.


What do I say now?


I’ll take a breath now


I’ll whistle like a tree,

There’s a song in there somewhere.

I’ll scratch this and try again tomorrow.

Friday, June 10, 2022


You can lose everyone around you, but at times, only optimism can help you go on.

You can have children, but only optimism can help you raise them.

We all make choices every day, but optimism gives us the ability to get over the bad ones.

If life is a gamble, then how we perceive the world around us teaches us a lot about the little things that we often fail to appreciate.

You can catch a fatal disease and see a brutal dictator on a rage to take over the world, but optimism, my friend, will play a large part in how you survive.

A man or a woman can be ugly or beautiful on either side, but without optimism, the aura of beauty fades either way.

For a woman or man to bring life into the world optimism is very important.

Be determined to find a reason to remain optimistic, most of the time that’s half the battle.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

If all flowers were blue

 It’s okay to be different.

Out of a billion planets, that’s what makes earth unique.

Why be so hard on yourself? No one is the same. 

If we all went west, who would tend the fields in the east?

Is it ironic that something always goes wrong in a perfect world?

My friend, if all flowers were blue, would we all be blind? 

Just be yourself.

We all make the world unique in some way.

We all fit in somewhere.

We all have a purpose.

We’re all different in some way.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Cleansing

 “What is God Jim?” Henry asked after seeing his mother killed right in front of him a few weeks before his counseling session.

It was apparent that he was on the edge, depressed and tired of life. His family was strung out on drugs. All of his children had been killed in gun related incidents. The guy literally had nothing left.

Jim stood up in his seat next to Henry, “God is good. He’s like a man cleaning a dirty room. Once you let him in, Henry, he’ll help you and clean out your dirt. That’s what God does.”

Henry laughed and looked at Jim and said, “I let God in a long time ago Jim. I’ve just come to accept the fact that I can spend my entire life trying to fix people or spend this time with a good friend like you Jim. I think that’s what God is. My dirty family killed themselves, God didn’t do that.”

Once Jim and Henry got done with their Bible study mixer they called it a night.

Henry went home, cleaned up and took all of the pictures of his family off of his wall and put them in the closet. He was the last one left.

The Cleansing.

The King of Judah

Who would serve an unforgiving God?

A God who does not hear our prayers.

A God who does not show mercy.

Like a roaring Lion, my God gives eternal strength.

He shows mercy to the children.

He guides an army of perfect peaceful angels to watch over those who call upon him.

From the darkness of night till the light of day, he reigns. 

A religious scholar would say, “He’s on time.”

In my lonely hours, I’ve come to trust him.

He’s a friend, a father, and a comforter.

I would recommend his services to all who seek peace and guidance in their life.

He’s the King of Judah, he reigns. 

Don’t be afraid of him, like the raging wind he roams the earth providing for all of his creation.

In the old until the new, nothing has changed.

He remains,

“The King of Judah.”

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The child who wanted everything

He stole what he wanted.

He blamed the rich for all of his problems.

He wanted everything and would do anything to get it.

He’d spent everything that he had trying to get more only to end up with nothing left.

The child who wanted everything 

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Tapped Out

Just got done reading the paper, God and the Devil are still fighting it out.

I guess I’ll go sit in the park and watch the birds for a while, the devil hit me with a low blow after killing little children again.

I’ll remain neutral and sit this one out today.

I’ll get back in the fight tomorrow.

Tapped Out

Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Dark Superhero

This concept is a bit amusing.

What if there was a superhero who was not liked by some and called a fool for his heroics.

A superhero that was literally laughed at for trying to save people who didn’t want to be saved or didn’t even know that they needed to be saved.

A superhero with so many abilities that he was invisible to his own people. 

He was a joke and everyone laughed at him for saving the people that he decided to save.

A superhero that even saved criminals. 

A superhero who everyone loved to hate because they perceive him to be an idiot for saving people who did not want to be saved.

A superhero who wasted every God given ability and superpower trying to save a world who was so blind to his capabilities that they literally treated him like trash.

A superhero who had so much information that the people he saved were disconnected from the bigger picture.

Happy Memorial Day to the Dark Superheroes, if you feel alone, keep flying, some people just see what they want to see but once you’re power leaves, eventually they will need it back.

The Dark Superhero.

What’s the point of saving the day?

Thursday, May 26, 2022

This one’s for the worshipers

 In a moment of tragedy I see a crowd…

As a child my grandmother would say, “Sing out loud!”

“God can heal you,” she would say, you may not understand now, but I too will be gone home someday.

It is my duty, as an old lady, to teach you how to worship, so you too won’t go crazy.

On that day, I did not understand, but as I lived life and grew into a man, I too, had to comprehend, that no matter how hard we fight, at the end of the day, we’re all just a part of God’s plan.

We can only dance for so long, but in times of sadness, we must go on.

We can live it up until the morning dew, but there is a force that connects me and you. It eats away at our spirits, it calls us even when we don’t want to hear it.

When we feel we’ve got it all figured out and try to stick to our own plans, something stronger helps us understand.

This one’s for the worshipers, I say, because in times of hardship they always find strength to kneel and pray.

Even in the worst of the worst, a true worshiper knows, that even in acts of evil, God’s power burst and grows.

It spreads through those who believe that there is something greater to assist us in our time of need.

He saves the day.

The worshipers are freed.


This one’s for the worshipers.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The Great Sun

In all of my years of living I’ve never seen something so spectacular.

The great sun rises,

While we spin on planet earth orbiting around its greatness, we’re comforted with a magic blanket of colorful rays.

The sphere of fire is abundant, it’s like a well oiled machine that keeps providing light.

How amazing to shine for billions of years.

It has been the source of energy for every creation and outlasted every species.

Through it all it still provides, how great.

While every mystical creation fades the sun still shines.

It’s full of wonders…

It’s full of mystery…

It’s the great sun.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Sex Education

I was born to reproduce...

I can't stop thinking about sex...


In the morning...

In the evening, and even on holy days.

God made me to love women.

I sit in front of the TV, Computer, and even phone waiting for a woman to appear in reality.


Am I a porn King?

Am I a pervert?


I am a man who needs a woman.

I am a man that loves to be in the presence of a woman.

Am I a sinner for the natural emotions of lust?


I am a man drowning in the attraction of being blessed to spread my seeds on planet earth.

I can't help the way God made me.

Sex is good for my brain.

It feels good and the more I crave it, the crazier I become.

Why battle with this desire?

Why hold it all in, only to explode like a bomb?

Why be deceived by my own natural human needs and wants?

Why be held down like a wild animal for wanting to hold a woman until we reach the climax?

What is this beast inside of me?

Why do I need to control it?

What does it want, and why does it always want it?

To hell with you who fool me into temptation.

To hell with you who degrade me for wanting to know more.

To hell with you that hold me in prison for being a man.

I'm doing my best to do it safely, but I crave it.

Stop teasing me! Stop it please! 

I need it.

And I want to know more about it...

I feel better now.

Let's all stop fighting and playing games...

Let's have more sex.

Sex Education. 

Friday, May 20, 2022

The Sun & I

Dear Sun,

I appreciate your hard work, I know you’ve been shining for a long time.

Hey bro, don’t feel bad about shining, thanks for coming out today.

You really warmed things up for me and I was able to wash a car because you were out.

Sun, you’re a very dependable friend. When I’m too hot, you call one of your cloud friends, and when I’m too cold, you’re always there shining. 

The women really like you too.

I also like the way you balance things out and even provide some night glow lights from your moon friends. 

You’re my star, sun, without you, I’d be nothing.

You never complain or get upset, you just shine.

That’s what you do.

You can’t help but shine.

You’re my sun, you’re my star, and I appreciate you shining on me and for me.

I love you sun!


Don’t get too close, stay right where you are, it’s better that way.

You’re Hot. 

Thursday, May 12, 2022


 “Now Anna I want you to go to the store and get me some bread so we can have dinner okay,” Paula said while preparing dinner.

“That store is closed Pa, Jimmy said he saw the store man setting the building on fire, haven’t you heard the news?” Anna explained.

“Oh God, how are we going to eat without bread? He must have fallin behind on his bills like the rest of us.”

Anna looked in the fridge and noticed not much left.

“Are you scared Pa?” Anna asked.

Paula sat down and began to browse online. We’ll just have to order our groceries online. I’m sure somebody’s open on the internet.

Paula clicked and clicked away. Every-time she clicked a local store closed. No one locally could compete.


Monday, May 9, 2022


 What do I know?

What do I believe?

Standing still, so much has been pumped into my mind.

I’m on a one way street.

I have no clue what’s around me.

I’m brainwashed.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Mom’s Drunk

Men who’ve heard their mother being abused hear a voice. We don’t know where this voice comes from but even at an early age it’s strong. 

“Help her!”

When we jump in we face severe trauma, it’s almost like we spend our entire life making sure mom is alright. Once we grow up, we learn and come to accept the past, yet we never forget mom.

If mom gets up after a severe beating, not only do we jump to help her get up but we learn to get up too.

If mom gets drunk from depression, we too get depressed.

When dad is not around, we learn to provide.

When our wife is long gone, mom’s voice of comfort vibrates through our minds.

Mom is unbelievable, and when she’s gone or not around, we children all hear the voice. It must be God. If not, what voice gives us the power unseen but felt?

What voice gives us the strength to pickup our broken pieces and move on once Mom is gone.


Friday, May 6, 2022

The Poor

 I don’t obtain a lot of wealth but I still take the time to give to the poor.

Poor people have dreams, poor people have deficiencies and some are just unfortunate.

To fight with a poor man is like fighting with an animal, he or she risk their life for everything. 

They have nothing to lose.

A poor man is always hungry…mentally scarred. 

He or she understands pain because they’ve lost everything.

For a wealthy man to beat a poor person when they’re already down and out is a lesson. It’s a smaller scale of war.

It’s a thought process that when caught on camera is well developed. Consumed by the masses who can afford to watch.

Some combat veterans have always been poor and some will tell you that there are no bodyguards on the battlefield, but there is a legitimate reason why the bombs are flying and it’s usually because a poor person started the fighting.

At the end of the day, you can learn a lot from a poor man. Their code of conduct is in every book and many wealthy people were once poor and spend their entire life trying not to be poor again.

Every rich nation on earth was once poor. Most poor people have wealthy ideas. The eye of a needle was constructed by a poor working person. Patents were invented for poor ideas. 

Poor people built every nation. 

Egypt had poor people, and the Samaritans are Samaritan for a reason. 

Christianity even talks about the poor in miraculous ways, giving such a creation hope.


Give some poor men a book and they somehow grow to spread knowledge. 

There is character in being poor. It’s a brand with no name.

It’s a state of mind with no coordination. 

It’s a language with no vowels.

It’s a constant reminder to those stuck in the middle.

It’s a wheel of time that can happen in the blink of an eye.

The rich are rich because of the poor.

To be unfortunate is to find the greatest treasure hiding behind the clouds.

A living sun, providing heat, food, and shelter under a tree for free.

Who dare climb the rich wall?

Who dare sacrifice everything that they have for the poor?

Every wealthy person goes to bed every night protected from the poor and wealthy enemies.

In the end, we all are just yearning for a happy thought.

All knowledge, power and satisfaction comes from somewhere.

My trash is someone else’s treasure.

The Poor 

Thursday, May 5, 2022


There were two sides to this coin.

One side held the face of an accomplished lawyer and the other held the side of a corrupt city official.

“I am here to serve my fellow man, to make him clean like me,” he would say.

This official was appointed to represent the law but there’s more to this story.

The infiltration revealed a darker side.

Investigators found ties to enemy nations, affairs with prostitutes, and even abuse of power.

Sitting behind bars were all of the people that he’d put there. He was the face of the people. A sworn in leader.

After being re-elected, he faced off against the accomplished lawyer and lost.

In the end, he earned the title: A corrupt city official.

He’d been infiltrated and brought to justice. Proven guilty.

The End.

Monday, May 2, 2022

The Merciful Sun

I tried and I tried to figure it out.

The people were rotten, but the sun kept rising for them all.

Everyday at the same time.

On my quest to seek perfection I came to wonder…


Why does it keep shining?

It shines at no cost, the light is free…

Pondering on this thought, I guess there’s a purpose. 

Does not our rays bounce back to the sun?

Do we not shine as well?

In all of this the sun still shines.

Every day it rises, falls in the sky then rises again.

It shines on the dumb…

It shines on the weak…

It even shines on the blind and deaf…

Even after drying up everything 

The sun rises.

Life goes on…

The merciful sun.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Brave

When I was born I cried entering a world of wonders.

I barely made it, and the hospital that saved me now sits vacant in ruins.

I’ve had some good days and some bad ones.

I’ve been in the presence of chiefs and generals, somedays, I admit, that I’ve even cried.

1 billion Indians, dead.

1 billion blacks, dead.

40 something Presidents, dead.

1 billion white men, dead.

1 billion Mexicans, dead.

Billions of people wanting freedom and justice for all, dead.

Looking back, then looking forward, one day I too will be dead.

As a child, I admit that I was afraid of the bully and hunger made me bitter, but deep in my heart, looking back at all of the dead bodies defying a nation full of death and dreams I have to admit one thing:

“Through it all, even in present day, bravery is worth a try. It has a way of pulling us all in. Once you throw the first punch or shoot the first bullet, there’s no turning back. An Irish man probably would say, “Good luck!”

The Brave

Friday, April 29, 2022

The Eternal Sun

The tides had shifted.

A new dynasty was born.

The Hebrews had been scattered and the all seeing eye revived the pyramids for the return of the long headed people.

Some of them came from underneath the earth.

Golden warriors reclaiming their territories.

It was the return.

These people held the sun, they owned it.

The world had witnessed the rebirth of something unreal.

Deep dark skinned people with wool hair reclaiming their lands while the sun did most of the work for them.

The sun literally fried their enemies. Burned them alive.

Kneeling on a prayer rug I watched them gather. 

They were giants and they crowned me as the eternal sun because I handed them wisdom as a gift.

I gave them a story and a song and we all joined hands in peace.

We’d all been reborn.

The Eternal Sun

Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Penguins 🐧

 “It’s party time gang!” Pete said to the crowd of happy penguins.

“The ice is fresh Pete and I’m down with my Penguin family, let’s slide on some ice dude,” Guber said flapping his wings in excitement.

Nothing was going to stop the penguins from enjoying the new sheet of snow and ice. They enjoyed gathering, socializing, and having a good time.

“Who wants to sing the penguin anthem to officially kick off our ice castle extravaganza?” Big Vick asked.

“I think we all should sing, let’s sing together as a penguin family,” Gino said as all of the penguins wobbled in excitement.

“It’s a good day Pete,” Lili said before sliding and jumping into the water.

This is what the penguins did. This is how they started and finished their day. 

No matter how bad things got, as long as there was a sheet of ice to gather and dive, the penguins were happy. The Penguins 🐧 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Rotten Art

I just bought the oldest house on the block.

Unlocking the basement door, I couldn’t believe what I’d discovered.

Old rotted out artwork.

I had to find over three hundred pieces.

I found old melted crayons, chemically bonded to a dry section of an oil painting.

I tripped on a piece of abstract work dimly lit by some light flowing through a foggy spiderwebbed window.

In the old musty basement bathroom I found an old painting of a Buddhist monk stuck in what looked like a bucket of old tar that tipped over and fell on the painting.

This was no art museum. Time had taken old master pieces and had its way. 

This place had been forgotten and every artist had been unknown.

On my way out, I found a note, it read:

“If you found these pieces of work, then fate brought you here. When you leave this basement, we artist who provided you with the smell of old rotten art would prefer to be unknown. Don’t put our art in some fancy museum in your rundown hometown for display. Leave our work here to rot.”

Rotten Art

Thursday, April 21, 2022


“This is basketball!” 

I overheard a fan say to his son watching the game in the stands. There was only three seconds left on the clock and we were down by two. Jerry’s thumb was bothering him and he was our best three point shooter. I’d imagined this day over and over again in my head because some athletes make game winning shots look so easy. I went over to coach to see what play he’d drawn up and even he was out of ideas. 

“Tonight gentlemen, we’re going to have to gamble to get out of here with a win. If we win, we go to the next round, but for some reason we’ve been placed in the position to do it at the last seconds. That’s what we call fate, willing our team to a victory. As a team we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, but at this moment we’re going to have to gamble because they’ve figured out our entire game-plan. We have to let the person that they least expect to shoot the three shoot,” Coach Neil explained to my teammates and I.

Before we all stepped out on the floor, coach had figured out the perfect play. It was called: “Teammates.” We would all draw the defense away from Mad Max, the worst shooter on the team and leave him by himself with a hard pick on his defender by the center. While the seconds ticked away the play worked to perfection, Mad Max was left alone for the shot and he took it. The place was quiet for about 2 seconds. The ball bounced straight up in the air, off of the rim, and dropped into the basket. Mad Max was the least expected to make history, but he did. As a team, we allowed him to take the shot. It was a gamble, like coach said, but we won. We survived and made it to the next round. The place went bananas, and we celebrated our magic moment, then went home, rested up, and came ready for the next round. Mad Max was a part of the team, and we were his teammates. Next game Johnny Guns put up 81 and after that Tony Smooth scored a triple double as they crowned us champions. We did it all together.


Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Ten Dollars

I said no.

That’s what started it.

All hell broke loose.

All over ten dollars…

God help us.

Only your mercy can save us, at the end of the day we’re all lost in this big world full of people needing your guidance. We’re all stuck in a room alone searching for something to believe in and we often fight over the little things, even ten dollars.

Ten Dollars

Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Orbital Sun

How perfect and radiant. 

The structurally sphered planets magnetically orbit around a hot vibrant sun. 

From afar, it’s shape matches that of a small eyeball flowing with color inside of the human head.

The orbital sun is perfect in every way. 

Proving a vast advancement of chemistry on a bigger more giant scale.

To be able to fathom such a giant shape, a giant ball of fire, would be like spinning a hot gas lit sphere on a needle in dark space.

The magnitude of the sun’s power is endless, it provides colorful flowers, heat, and an abundance of radiant rays giving life.

A mass amount of energy, perfectly positioned for billions of years.

The brain cannot comprehend such consistent reliance.

It’s massive;

It’s the orbital sun. 

Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Amazing Sun

The bulging disk in the sky is real.

It’s a sphere of energy constantly charging the atmosphere.

It’s amazing.

For centuries scholars have come and gone trying to study it’s orbital perfection and still it rises.

Age after age it has outlasted every feeble creature and continues to shine.

It’s energy is massive and every concept of creation has been spellbound by it’s efficiency.

The amazing sun has one ritual and that is to rise.

Every planet swings around it’s fulfilling orbital greatness and it’s dependency is beyond belief.

It’s colorful rays are filled with infinite energy and has outlasted every skeletal creation.

Age to age it rises.

It’s the truth and the solution to every religious myth.

It’s the amazing sun.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Sun Queen

It was her, she meant me well and she listened.

Inside of her held my child, she loved me and let me lead; we were in love together.

We never argued and her light always shined on me.

We were happy together.

When the seed that I’d planted grew inside of her and the egg hatched, she gave birth to both of us, our child.

We made something together.

We made a star, an entire new galaxy.

She was a real Queen, no gimmicks, no hostility, no back and forth.

She loved me for me and I loved her for her.

She was my other half. 

With our new child, we shined like the sun.

Our feelings were not manipulated but they were genuine.

With her, our colorful rays shined, we were complete.

I was happy and she was okay with that because we smiled together.

Our love was authentic, and as our egg hatched, together, in a world filled with happy thoughts and love, we rose like the sun.

In a field of shattered eggshells and hatred,

we rose for everyone, and we lead them to the light.

Together, with the sun shining on us, we were reborn.

The Sun Queen.

Monday, April 11, 2022

The Rays of the Sun

Dear Beautiful Sun,

It’s been a long winter and I miss you.

First I’d like to thank you for coming out everyday just to show me your awesome rays.

I’d also like to thank you for the colorful flowers and plush green ecosystem.

Your rays are priceless, magnifying and truth of something greater than this world.

You’re a star and your beautiful invisible colored rays keep me warm and filled with colorful bright thoughts.

I could not exist without you.

Everyday I’m reborn and cleansed with your colorful rays.

The pictures look crystal clear and the gold gems look great with the diamonds that you so graciously provided.

I appreciate the light you supply for every meal that nourishes my body.

Sincerely Yours

Thank you,

Little John Brown

The Rays of the Sun

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The boy who read every Book

What a good boy he was, smart, clever, and brilliant. The first thing he noticed was how quickly he matured. He also began to transform into a more intellectual species. His vocabulary also changed and he would notice things that often went unnoticed. Certain critical things began to bother him. He became less attracted to sports because he was more concerned about his brain health. He also developed OCD and became fearful of microorganisms. Toxic chemicals were another phobia and he became antisocial because few people spoke his language. He also built his very own civilization and found out ways to travel through the universe without rocket fuel. He found out the secrets of religion and sat in the chairs of academics. He would council world leaders and give them advice. He would design stadiums and write textbooks. Women loved his company because he would take the time to listen and advance their fulfillment request abundantly. When lonely, he spent his time solving math problems to change the world. When upset, he spent his time listening to great orators and musicians to calm his nerves. He was not moved by foolishness and he knew the importance of a good intellectual joke. He kept a journal and expanded his vocabulary in every language and when he became sick he found a cure. When down and out he rebuilt with knowledge. When the walls were caving in his books held up his house because they were made of wood. There was something special about this distinguished fellow, he knew everything, history, pharmaceuticals, radiology, religion, geometry, physiology, anatomy, biology, neuroscience, astronomy, physics, mechanical engineering and even philosophy. He figured out the laws of life and death. He was so smart that while asleep, he built another world to escape to in his dreams. He was a scientist, radio host, a doctor and even a financial consultant. The guy knew it all, and when he died, he created the wind that blew open the pages of closed books for the people he left behind. 

“Read everything,” were his last words. He even wrote.

The boy who read every book. 📖 📕 📚 

Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Legend of the 8th Dragon

There are twelve reasons why the 8th dragon slept by the gold. One of the main reasons was to guard the gold for the mother land.

The legend begins with two sides of a gold coin. One side has a dragon breathing hot fire on suspected thieves and the other has the face of a dark queen. Queen Shabaka is her name. She is known throughout the southern hemisphere for being the most beautifully brutal Queen of all time. Legend has it that she was so brutal that she fed her enemies to her dragons. 

Ancient prophecies foretold of a final battle that the brutal Queen would have to overcome to protect her people from a lion that slept in the northern hemisphere, this lion would eventually awake to face off against her dragons. Queen Shabaka sacrificed innocent blood to the evil deities to try to stop this prophetic vision from taking place. In every war that she won, she beat her enemies into brutal submission. Her execution tactics led her territories to be ruled with fear, but just like every tale, all things must come to an end. On Queen Shabaka’s fiftieth birthday she had a dream that she’d fell in love and had beautiful children. When she told the dream to her faithful servant, the virgin Queen began to change. In all of her years of living, she had never had such a dream. Gracefully awaking in a very dark room that rarely let in sunlight she noticed a ray of light seeping in through a small crack in a distant corner of her huge room. Touched by her new dreams and the sunlight, Queen Shabaka started to feel something in her heart. It was as though the good spirits were calling her, as though some other worldly force had been giving her a new feeling to embrace. A new way to live. The next day at a formal execution, Queen Shabaka was seen putting out her ceremonial flame and letting her victims go free. This was a woman who in all of her years of living had never shown any form of mercy. 

“I desire a child,” she said to her servant Dombuku while feeding her dragons.

“But, great Queen, you cannot have children,” her servant explained.

“The good spirits gave me the vision of children, if I can not have them, I will adopt them. First, I will adopt Useem, the lion tamer, he seems like a great young boy.”

In less then three months, Queen Shabaka had an entire palace filled with orphaned children. Her wealth of knowledge in every form of art was enough to feed her orphan family with the greatest food of all, knowledge. Raising children became her new passion, but to her enemies they saw this as a weakness. 

“See how overwhelmed she has become,” they would say, spreading the gospel of hatred to stir up the war pot. They soon began to plot against her and her dragons, who also were hungry for fresh meat that she had deprived them of for months. 

“Great virgin Queen, your people send you a message. In respect and honor, great Queen, we have never seen you so passionate and merciful. For the first time in history we have witnessed you share with the poor and hungry. We, your people, are very pleased and will fight to the death for you,” the messenger said, while reading to her the message from her people.

“How hard is it to go from brutal to merciful? How hard is it to go from a steel spine to a compassionate leader? Dombuku, something has changed me. Every morning I now let in the sunlight, but I fear that my dragons have grown too hungry. How hard is it for a compassionate Queen to settle the burning vengeance of her enemies?” The great Queen said to her servant while watching her hungry dragons feed on her people.

“Great Queen, a beast is a beast. It’s nature. Whatever has become of you is from God. You’re not a beast anymore. You’ve become the lioness that defeats the dragons in the prophecy. You’ve become the fresh rose growing in a field of old thorns. Please fight for us now and not for yourself,” Dombuku asked.

The great virgin Queen with her palace of orphans then waged war against the hungry dragons, but they were just too strong. The more that they fought, the more the dragons fed. 

“Great Queen, only a beast can defeat a beast,” Dombuku explained.

Understanding his statement, the Queen released the 8th dragon. He was bred to serve only her. This was the biggest and strongest dragon. She also got help from her son Useem’s lions, but with the defeat of her dragons, her enemies saw another weakness and they quickly began to attack. 

Dombuku noticed a streak of grey hair growing from the great Queen’s head. 

“You’ve grown wise great Queen. God is with us. Now we fight for good,” Dombuku explained.

Queen Shabaka’s story spread across the world. Her once isolated kingdom had grown stronger with her fighting side by side with her people. 

She flew through the sky on her 8th dragon while her orphans road on the backs of giant lions. This was historic, legendary stuff.

Queen Shabaka became just that, a legend, and somehow was given eternal life from the good spirits until every orphan child was given a home. Til this day she flies through the sky on her 8th dragon, rescuing orphans in hopes that she will one day be able to rest with the good spirits that gave her her eternal duty. Her duty to see every orphan child find a home. Her work is never done. Her story lives on.

Queen Shabaka & the Legend of the 8th Dragon

Sunday, March 27, 2022

King Zed & the God of Peace

“How powerful of a man to desire to walk amongst the Gods, but you have no enemies to prove your power. What is your plan, great King?” Damion asked.

“I will teach my enemies everything that I know, then I will make war against them to test the strength of the Gods,” King Zed replied.

Damion began to leave, then he turned to ask King Zed one more question.

“Great King, is there one God that rules the Gods?”

King Zed stood tall.

“If there is, after this last battle, we will see his strength on earth. At the stroke of midnight, once I feel that the armies that I have raised up are ready for the biggest war ever on this planet, we will see. Look to the sky Damion. If you see the veins of lighting in the stormy clouds, then we have awakened the God of Gods. If he strikes our tower, we will stop fighting and make peace.”

After his proclamation, King Zed’s messenger then confirmed that his enemies had been taught every technique of war invented by his entire army. He assured him that they were ready to fight.

Soon after, hot steamy bombs began falling from the sky, mighty armies with equal power were soon thrashing at each other’s throats. Smoke and soot from burning buildings filled the air and men fought until death. The smoke was so thick that a storm with powerful lighting struck the watch tower where King Zed was under attack at. Seeing that he had awakened the God of Gods an earthquake swallowed the entire battlefield with only the tower remaining.

“Great King, the tails of battle have been recorded, and from this day forward we will speak of one God. Did you hear how he calmed the earth with one bolt of lighting? For this God of Gods must also be a God of peace,” Damion explained.

Weakened from battle, King Zed could hear nothing but silence. 

“We shall never make war again. From this day forward, we will serve the God of peace, for his strength is perfect. He has made me a believer,” King Zed said, while also throwing his sword from his watch tower into the huge hole in the ground created by the earthquake.

After the last Great War, the Kingdom of Zed became known as a place of peace. The legend had spread of how the God of Gods swallowed the world’s strongest armies with one bolt of lighting.

In fear, the people of earth never awoke the war Gods again, for they vowed to serve the God of peace.

The End.

Saturday, March 26, 2022


A singer needs a writer to write songs…

A rapper needs to write rhymes…

Even a rockstar needs a writer…

Country singers too…

These genres write poems, they constantly create.

Writing is fun… 

Even if no one likes your work, keep writing…

On good days and bad days, write…

Me personally, I don’t know where I would be without something to get my thoughts out.

I’d be lost without my rhymes…

I sleep next to a pen and a pad.

There are so many words to learn, so I even exercise while writing.

If it’s wrong, writing can make it right.


Thursday, March 24, 2022

The Hardest Part about Manhood

 I admit that when I first played football I was afraid to get hit.

The hardest part about manhood is facing your fears…I got knocked out once on the field.

I admit that in my first fight I was afraid to lose.

The hardest part about manhood is fighting…I got knocked out by a kid twice my size because he snuck me when I was tying my shoe.

I admit that as a child I had to watch and listen to my mother get abused.

The hardest part about manhood is courage… I tried to help but it was too late.

I admit that my first marriage was a mess.

The hardest part about manhood is trying to maintain with a broken heart…I picked up my broken pieces and moved on.

I admit that in every trial, I got knocked down, I got cut from the team, I got laughed at, I got bullied, and I often got left with a black eye or bloody lip.

The hardest part about manhood is neglect…I found God, he gave me strength.

Kicked out, fighting to graduate, I did it.

The hardest part about manhood is getting an education… I’m still learning.

I decided to put on a uniform and join the armed forces, I felt like I didn’t have much of a choice.

The hardest part about manhood is commitment… In the heat of a war I learned that death is an enemy that we all have to face.

Reaching the climax; manhood is a constant state of paranoia. Preparation is key and bad habits can get you killed. What’s left of any man from a bloody war is the ability to appreciate survival. It’s hard at times, because nothing is cheap. Sometimes it’s hard to kneel and ask for help when you keep getting knocked down. Suffering makes you bitter when you yearn for control of your life or when you fail to provide.

Reaching the resolution; I’m alone in a room and I have to accept the choices that I’ve made. I have to accept the hand that I’ve been dealt. In times of hardship, I have to stay encouraged. When everything is falling apart, I have to remain optimistic. If I survive in the midst of the battle and the next day I see the sun, I have to carry on.

The Hardest Part about Manhood is war…whatever is left over from it really gives you an understanding of peace.

Every man’s fight is different, you win some, and you lose some. If you desire to rule the world, you’ll find a round sphere that’s too heavy to hold in the end. You’re just a man. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Let’s make Music

In a different state of thought…

Seeing everything crumble around me, I needed something to release what was on my mind.

I then decided to grab the first thing I could find to make some sounds, make some noise.

I took a bucket, some strings from my fishing pole and began to make it all come together.

I pushed all the B.S. aside, I blocked everything out and sang a song that was on my heart.

I sang this damn song til I was dirt tired.

This helped me, it gave me life…

Once I was all done I felt rejuvenated and went to sleep.

The sun came out the next day, and I got a check in the mail for back pay.

I sung about that too.

Let’s make music.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Gears of the Universe

Frighteningly, some people always believe that things are coming to an end. 

Frighteningly, we always want to be right and force our will upon other people.

These are common traits that we possess as human beings.

I’d come across an older woman who seemed very grounded in her religious beliefs…

It was clear that she’d had her mind made up about what I believed, yet, had no clue who I was as a person and never even took the time to ask. She told me that I was going to hell if I did not accept her God as my God.

From a distance, I’d come to the conclusion that our conversation would lead us no where. My mind was made up and her’s was too. We both were convinced because we were two very different people from two very different walks of life. My point to the woman was clear, and that was that it just seems foolish to send everyone to hell.

The idea seems very flawed.

I, myself, coming from the church, actually never felt like I was allowed to do any of my own thinking. 

My first thought was why is this woman talking to me as if I had no means to think or comprehend for myself.

This seemed very odd to me, but I did let her talk. 

Growing older and getting to know people, I’ve become a bit more mature in my walk with God.

I also have my own testimonies, but often times I don’t have too many friends or family to share them with.

So was I being stereotyped?

I mean, I do consider myself an academic, always striving to learn more. 

I don’t know why, and I have no clue what motivated this woman to belittle me when neglected to give my own thoughts and opinions on the subject at hand, a subject that I did have some knowledge about. Serving God my entire life I really felt offended.

Also being well studied, I’d come to accept the fact that the world is full of ideas, full of people, full of beliefs, with some yet to be discovered.

Am I going to hell for listening?

Being a practicing writer, I’ve learned a few things about history and the mysteries of religious relics;

Stone temples and statues that til this day mystify the human imagination.

Ironically, after my encounter with the woman, I noticed an article in the paper about a pastor set to retire. This pastor was once my preacher, he did my wedding vows. I was pleased to see this but felt insulted by how I’ve been stereotyped by other people from the same faith as me, about a faith that I too have contributed to my entire life. Sometimes being an American can be confusing, even while married I heard my own ex wife test my faith. 

Religion is something we all hold dear to our hearts, but I’ve learned that everyone’s methods are not the same, and if God is invisible, why do we often give him a face?

What if planet Earth is just another gear turning the universe?

What if some of us are just placed here to keep the gears turning?

Why do we so often desire to be the foot on top of others?

How do we know who’s going to hell or heaven? How do we know which story teller is right?

Some styles of thinking just don’t seem fair, so to keep the gears turning, I say write, paint, and spread the good news about how you feel about some of the greatest stories ever told, because some people never get to tell their stories.

In closing, if there is a doorway to heaven, the writer who invented it also invented hell, so where is he or she? He or she must have access to both places. I guess our minds just have to grow enough in knowledge to be able to obtain the keys of understanding how the gears of the universe turn. I guess I’ll stay in the middle and be the keystone that holds both sides together. In so doing, I’ve had to take a lot of punishment from both the left and the right, but by God’s grace, I’ve done my best to keep the gears turning.

The Gears of the Universe 

Monday, March 21, 2022

The Perfect Day

I just looked at my YouTube page, I don’t know what happened over night but I got some views and subscribers.

I just opened up my business doors, I don’t know where all these customers came from, but they’re spending money.

I just looked at my social media account and I’ve somehow went from zero to hero.

Somehow someway all my bills got paid. I have a 0 balance on everything, even my college loans, and some random girl just kissed me. 

The war is over.

What a perfect day, I even voted for myself to be President. How free is that?

Friday, March 18, 2022

The 3rd World

I’d heard people mention God a thousand times. Hungry, on a dirty island, I gasped for air. My family and I drifted on the first vessel to Mexico. Death flashed before my eyes over and over again. I had to get to the States. I would do anything. My heaven was freedom from hunger, freedom from dictatorship. Standing on a ledge looking down, while crossing an abandoned bridge, it was like death was speaking to me. I’d become desperate. Hearing my family call for me to provide everyday had driven me mad. We were all dirty, poor and hungry. Rushing to get through the border fence I felt the sun burning on the barbed metal wires. We got stuck only to die trying to get in illegally. No one knew us, and no one ever heard our story. They were already citizens of the promised land. We didn’t make it out of the 3rd world.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Lil Kimberly’s Russian Adventures

Lil Kimberly was her name, and rhyming was her game.

Her friends called her “Lil Kim” because she was so small, but could hold a long rap rhyme.

“Hey Lil Kim, what’s the rhyme for today?” her buddy Biggs asked after revving up the crowd.

Lil Kim had rocked microphones all across the globe. She approached the stage to answer Biggs’s question.

“I’m going to spit the hardest rhyme to end the Russian war.”

When the crowd heard this they went crazy. Her best friend Ms. M.I.A. then approached the microphone.

“Well streets, we headed to Russia.”

Lil Kim had an army of street rappers, break dancers, emcees, graffiti artist, freestylers, DJs, hype men, and even video girls. She had enough people to fill a whole country. They spanned from Ukraine all the way to the heart of Russia. Her graffiti army soon had their art work on every foreign block. They had flooded the airwaves with enough ebonics that it was like a new form of hieroglyphics.

“Yo Kim, you better spit the hardest rhymes you got to bring these folks back to life. Bring the lioness out of your little body if you have too, because after today you will no longer be considered a sex symbol but a Goddess to these people. We spent every dime we had to get over here to end this war,” Lil Jay said before they took to the stage.

As soon as the beat came on the crowd went crazy, soldiers from afar heard the beat and they dropped their weapons and started break dancing in the streets. Burning buildings soon turned into graffiti artist murals. Lil Kim had spit some of the hardest verses.

“I hope my words bring calm to the flames- this war is to blame for the hunger makin’ me go insane. When I left the states I didn’t know what to write for God’s sake I’ve seen war all my life. They tell me to be a lady well I’m gon flow real lady like. I can’t help but to fight with a pure hip hop beat and a mic. You want real war let me take you to the streets where because of yo war we can barely eat. If you learn one lesson from me-let it be a new beginning to rebuild with peace.” Lil Kim just kept flowing, it was as though something was in her to bring her fans, street thugs, and hoodlums all the way to the slums of Russia to fight for peace in an effort to end the war. The Russian people had never witnessed anything like this before. This was legendary. 

Once Lil Kim’s adventure was over. The Russian President stepped down and went into exile and a peace treaty was signed. Lil Kim had saved the day. The oldest form of hip hop had been reborn and the vibes spread from one country to the next. Lil Kim had heart, she had the drive to fight with the only weapon she had, and that weapon was music. While everyone fought with war, she stationed her troops on the streets and fought with old school hip hop. Victory comes in all forms, sometimes. Somehow, her words ended the war of all wars. 

The End.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

1 Million Poems

Why did God bless me with a mind?

When I’m happy, I think…

When I’m sad, I think…

When I do wrong, I think…

When I do right, I think…

When there is war, I think…

When there is peace, I think…

Is my life just a thought in a bigger jar?

Am I just one of a billion sperm fighting for a chance at life?

I guess I’m here for a reason…

Will my death lead me to dark space or will I ballon into a star full of fire filled light?

Here I sit after another passionate fantasy fulfilled only to be left alone with a chance for another day.

So I write…

I’ll take my time and imagine 1 million poems.

Who knows, maybe my words will be the blueprint for another advanced civilization.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022


They had just hit a target.

They’d also started drafting soldiers to help win the war.

Once I got word, I took a walk and recalled my old military days.

It seemed so quiet, I saw retirees walking in the park.

I noticed that more animals had come out to play.

I couldn’t help but wonder how things had changed so fast. 

It was so quiet, almost like the war was already over.

I began to pickup knew hobbies and even volunteered at the USO. 

I gave blood to the Red Cross and got to work with peace keepers and humanitarian aid workers.

War somehow brought out the best in me because I had always had a passion to make other people’s lives better.

I even started to go to church again and started becoming active in new ministries. 

After the war was over, it seemed so silent.

It was almost like God’s spirit had come down to quiet the storm. 

People began to waive and tell each other have a nice day.

It almost seemed like I’d gone through a time machine.

Somehow life had more meaning now.

It was silent and silence is Golden.

It’s a simple solution to a headache that just won’t go away.


Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The R.A.W. Arena

The gym was my home.

Walking with the G.O.D.S. they gave it to me as a gift.

On my first birthday I could hear my mother fighting for her life.

Hearing her screaming, the G.O.D.S. taught me how to pray.

The art class is where I learned about colors, this was my escape, the G.O.D.S. gave me this as a way out. I began to read and write.

As I studied, I learned about one God who died a bloody death, it was R.A.W., the G.O.D.S. gave me a second chance. 

On my journey through the underworld, I saw suffering and pain, it was R.A.W. The G.O.D.S. taught me how to fight.

Stay with me on this journey, I’m used to being left alone; therefore, I am. The G.O.D.S told me that no one can fight my battles for me.

My mind, body, and spirit were groomed for battle. I’d become an A.N.G.E.L. of war, a victim of combat. I’d been bred to fight for my people. Taught to be a champion.

The G.O.D.S. then lead me into the arena.

I’d become a soldier of R.A.W. war and combat so I had no choice but to fight.

A sight of inspiration, a topic of discussion, a symbol of strength.

Here I stood after every battle, after every wound, patched up to heal for the next fight.

No wife, no true friends, I was born as a heathen and my ancestors were slaves.

Once labeled an adult my eyes were opened.

The rage in my heart was like a lion in the jungle. I had to heal fast or my opponents would eat me alive. One day the crowd loved me, the next they were calling for my head.

All of my life I’d been treated like an animal, I knew no mercy. Clothed in all black, I fought everyday to the death of me.

It was R.A.W.

Clashing with enemies of war, I saw blood and yearned for P.E.A.C.E. 

I’d become numb, traumatized by every blow until my number was up.

Why did the G.O.D.S. put me here?

I had no way out so I didn’t question.

Having flashbacks of a life filled with pain, no one showed me what true love was.

Some nights in a R.A.W. battle they threw roses, some nights they spit and called me names.

It was like I didn’t exist unless I was in the arena.

The arena was my home.

People paid to see me in R.A.W. battle.

The more I fought, the more the crowd would cheer.

If I showed any sign of weakness, I was shown no love.

Sitting in the metal locker rooms welded from old prison steel, I rested, only to fight again the next day. 

In darkness, I began to relate to this one God that suffered like me in the arena, he led me to the light.

He was crucified.

I fought, and bled for every scrap until he called me home.

He became my idle, he became my strength, I could relate to his story.

My flesh was like that of a soldier fighting for his people. 

Every R.A.W. battle gave them strength.

In death, like my God, I became a G.O.D.

Great-Optimistic & Dynamic.

The thought of me kept things in motion.

In the R.A.W. battle I became:


The arena was my battlefield, I fought until death. 

I fought for P.E.A.C.E. just like my God.

My story lived on.


Sunday, March 6, 2022

Layup Stanley

 “So what do you have planned today Stan?” Little Chris asked.

“I’m going to do a layup at every gym and put it on the tube,” Layup Stanley replied.

Little Chris stood tall on his bike while watching Layup Stanley dribbling his ball.

“Hey Stan, I got one question.”

Layup Stanley stopped his dribble.


“How you gone get in the gyms with no membership?”

Layup Stanley picked up his basketball from underneath his foot.

“I got my ways of getting in, don’t you worry about that,” he said.

Layup Stanley’s plan was genius, he would go to the gym’s manager and make a deal with them by telling them about how he would post videos on his popular page of him doing a layup in their gym to draw a crowd and increase gym memberships. The movement caught on and pretty soon Layup Stanley developed a following at every gym in just about every town. The little 5 foot 7 kid became famous in less than three months and had done a layup in well over five hundred gyms. When signing his shoe deal, his favorite slogan was: “Bounce the ball off of the small square, then swoosh, it’s in baby.” 

Layup Stanley

Wednesday, March 2, 2022


Some people just can’t stand the sight of war, conflict or casualties. 

The power to want to save someone’s life is a gift.

Most kids marvel over the concept of a super hero in literature. The concept is amazing.

Some people have to be told not to help others because that’s what makes them feel alive. They become addicted to it.

Even religious people have heroes in their stories. Angels and prophets with amazing powers, the concept seems endless.

As a writer observes the idea, he or she must step back and relate to human nature. The unique ability of a crime fighter or a person with unusual gifts.

In these tough times, in talks of wars and torment with lights falling from the sky I promise you that we all will witness the might and miracles that heroes create. 

There was, is, and will always be someone who flies in to save the day because once a hero teaches people how to save lives, other heroes then emerge from the fire.


May God’s heroes be with the victims of war.

May someone possess the amazing power to save. Where there are heroes, there are tragedies, but there is also hope.


Tuesday, March 1, 2022


They look like real people.

They always want more government in your life.

They give out cotton candy and smile while shaking your hand.

They’re filled with government programs and promises to save us all.

They promise a world of equality and peaceful solutions with everyone as winners and no losers.

They steal your brain and rewire it for their own good.

They make you a slave to their agendas and policies; in the end, you will be owned.

Once there’s nothing left, logic starts to kick in and it’s too late, they own you.

Listen to the small voice in your head and beware of deceptocrats.

The brain is a terrible thing to waste, they will make you seem crazy, read between the lines, they’re not your friends.

If you look closely through the smoke tinted mirrored glass you will see a well organized party of people who are very good at playing the game.

Good Luck, they have a very large army of members from every race, creed and color, and they mobilize faster than a drug dealer’s hand-to-hand.


Welcome to March

Little green men and new birthdays on the horizon.

Lucky gold coins and thoughts filled with gems.

Thumbs up, and tournament madness, a month that introduces spring.

Welcome to March.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

The Little Brown People

I’d just been whipped naked.

My people had no choice but to stand and watch.

In pain, I saw my wife in the distance, she had been beaten into submission. 

They took our only child and turned him into something we couldn’t even comprehend.

We had no home, we had no life, we suffered and were owned, we were told to forget.

We were told to forget.

To keep quiet, when to sleep, how to dress, how to talk, how to walk, we were property.

Our story was to be forgotten, sold as a shame, exterminated.

Beaten into separation, kept dumb on purpose, divided for a reason. This alone could make a grown man cry. Begging as a man on my knees for mercy, I felt another slash against my back for just trying to wake my people up. Forced to drown in my tears I’d become numb.

Whipped into submission before I was crucified, I watched what had become of my life.

I’d been forgotten, tortured for just being a slave.

Tortured for being myself, I was already dead. As time went on, I realized that I owned nothing.

I had no home. I had no country. Hanging on a noose, as they gathered around to watch, I heard my mother calling me on the other side.

I was alone. 

I had no friends, I owned nothing, I was told to forget and let go, I’d literally lost my mind trying to be remembered. Trying to feel loved, trying to feel alive.

Dangling from a tree I could hear my mother calling me.

She called me by a name I’d never heard.

For she too was blinded on earth, whipped into submission. We only had dreams to keep us happy, we only had dreams to give us a home. We only had dreams to give us peace. 

As my body then hung from a tree lifeless,

what was called necessary evil had literally driven the world mad.

It had driven good God fearing men to fight. 

My bloodline never saw freedom…

We were told to forget.

This was my history, a history that I alone had to find.

I was a slave, I was owned, and I was told to accept my life and forget.

My noose shined in gold and as I hung from a purple tree, my last supper was at a table full of traitors, for my disciples drank blood and were drunk happy. They too stabbed me in the back only to see me resurrect in history so the world could be saved and never forget.

The Little Brown People.

God bless the people who chose to end slavery, I hope everyone learned a lesson this Black History Month. If you’re living comfortably and you feel a small pinch on your skin, or you feel a hint of anxiety, beware, the little brown people could be present. You can still hear them at night, they blow with the wind, and burn with the fire.

The End.


Time for a Good Day

What a fine day for a walk…

A good day to talk…

A good day to go for a run and have some fun…

How sweet of a day, to swim and play…

A day to fly like a bird…

It’s time for a good day. 

Friday, February 25, 2022

Focus on Peace

Just yesterday I was at war with terrorist.

I stood and watched two twin towers fall while eating on my ship.

Today I sit and watch war again.

I’ve grown to hate war.

My entire life has been bombarded with street violence. 

I’ve witnessed my family and friends all die from drugs and violence, black and white.

It’s become a cult that is too ignorant to cure.

By God’s grace I made it out of the war on terror.

It is very hard for me to see people suffer so I write and create to keep my mind off of this evil that has chased me my entire life.

I’ve chosen to live a life of peace now but seeing war constantly in circulation and seeing the continued state of my people I don’t know how my life will end.

It’s a jungle out here and everyone is fighting for a piece of the pie.

There are simple things in life that we all take for granted, and just like most soldiers I tried the love, marriage, and church life but ended up getting burned.

I am a black man and I’ve come to learn that every year I’m being called something new by whomever, so I’ve learned to leave that topic alone.

Getting older and wiser, I really wish that people would learn to take a breath, listen to what other people have to say. Learn to share, learn to laugh, learn to stop destroying precious things that other people spent their entire lives creating.

Just like most common sense thinkers, and creative people, I’ve learned that perfection is impossible and everyone is not like me. Deep inside we’re all lost trying to feel like winners.

Seeing people die has really worn me out, but just like years ago, as a young sailor, I too must carry-on. Most of the doctors who helped me get well are probably dead now, but everyday I wake up their story lives on.

My friend, if you’re reading this, take the time to value peace.

Take the time to listen…

Take the time to learn new things…

Explore and enjoy whatever it is that you have that frees your mind.

Focus in closely and you may find peace.

Focus in on its beauty, no one is inferior when feeling it’s neutral force.

Focus on Peace.

A Quiet Day

Well, if this is my last day on earth I guess I better find something to do.

All of my life I’ve worked, so I won’t do that.

I used to go to church a lot so I guess I won’t do that.

I’ve had girls and I’ve really been trying to practice self control, so I’ll stay away from that.

I could watch porn but that seems to be getting me no where, I’ll leave that mess alone.

Every time I turn on the TV something crazy is on so I’ll leave that alone.

I guess I’ll read a book, that may help me escape into another day.

A Quiet Day

Thursday, February 24, 2022


There is a God of war…

There is a God of peace…

He talks to me in both ways…

The last time I heard his voice he gave me an option to choose…

I decided to pick up the weapon of peace while my enemies picked up weapons of war.

While they fought on earth and opened up the gates of hell, I lived in eternal peace.

My army was clothed in golden armor with ships powered by the fuel of raging seas.

When my enemies denied my peace offering, and ripped up my diplomatic agreements, I took a beating, only to be strengthened by the blows. If I did not die, I would become stronger.

A voice then whispered to me that I had a win-win situation, for I had made the right choice.

In the process, I was shown no resistance when asked to free the innocent people affected by war. 

It was my choice not to fight…

It was my choice not to kill…

When the war was over, I heard the God of peace speak to me…

He said, “Your enemies have worn themselves out, now attack with your weapons of peace. Just like you, I gave them a choice, I am the God of all things, everything belongs to me. Put on your golden armor and do not be afraid. I am with you.”

I then picked up my instruments, books, and academic artillery and began to take back what was mine by right because I had done nothing wrong. 

I then freed the prisoners who did the same.

God owned the world and everything in the universe so in the end I made the right choice.

The crying stopped and the dust settled, peace was appreciated and never forgotten, the war was over.

War did nothing but plant seeds of human blood that later grew to feed the next generation.

I’d been cured.


Monday, February 21, 2022

Octo Lessons

1. Reach out, find something new.

2. Don’t be afraid to try, eventually you’ll get it right.

3. Remember, everyone is different, and keep in mind that there will be good days and bad days.

4. Be yourself, not everyone will like you so keep going.

5. Even a professional was once an amateur.

6. A mistake is like a whistle, warning you what you did wrong, so you can get it right the next time.

7. If someone laughs at you, your number one advantage is time. Eventually they’ll laugh with you.

8. The best part about failure is trying. At least you tried.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

The Black Rose

It was our last time, searching for the fountain of youth in a field of cotton, we swore to leave it alone. Instead we found the immaculate rose.

This was the the burning bush…

It was the forbidden flower…

It was mysterious, a freak of nature…

A black rose…

It’s thorns were like gray soot, they reflected the gray sky and when the sun came out they turned crystal clear like ice water.

Out of all places it grew from a field of old volcanic ashes as if nature were trying to send us a message.

Maybe a gift.

In reconciliation of the peaceful offering from the other side, we joined hands and began to sing.

After over four hundred years of pain it was over and something or someone gave us a black rose that blossomed like dirty chains on a sycamore tree.

Amazed at the rare sight, black and white feathers started falling from the sky and we began to fly.

We were free to spread our wings, the chains on the sycamore tree were broken and we watched the black rose grow from the sky.

It was unbelievable…

It was beautiful…

It was a Black Rose.

Thursday, February 17, 2022


I knew a little girl named Faith.

Her gift was optimism.

When down and out, she always saw the good in people.

She believed that there was more to life.

When challenged by things that would upset her she would spread her wings and fly…

She believed that she could do it…

She believed that it could be done…

She had Faith.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.


Wednesday, February 16, 2022

The Tender Flower 🌸

 It’s never impossible…

It’s always amazing…

Just look at the flowers…

How tender, how colorful, how beautiful…

As I grow with age, I take a look at the flowers.

They grow and are picked to share with someone special.

The Tender Flower 🌸 

Toxic Slaves

I’ve never used drugs but everything that goes on in the drug war is toxic.

It’s like looking through a glass hole and watching zombies trying to find a cure for their toxic environment leaching on to providers.

It’s like watching a depressed dizzy king searching for a good thought, it’s toxic.

Drugs are an embarrassment to this earth.

Feed me real food.

Give me divine fruit, practicing doctor, not this witchcraft that drains the life out of me.

I want the good stuff.

Organic alkaline spices to balance out my PH levels to give me divine sight and strength.

Organic fruits and vegetables freshly picked from the gardens of infinite wisdom.

Give me clean music that gives me strength and courage to carryon. 

Give me purified friends and people who seek my better interest.

As I speak into the ears of toxic slaves, give me the force I need to set them free.

The people involved it this greasy dirty drug war are so rotten that everything they get involved with they corrupt.

The saddest part is that they seem so innocent.

They seem so religious.

Fighting for a way to kick the habit.

They attach to good people and literally latch on to them like leaches.

I’ve literally witnessed drugs destroy everything that I love and I’ve grown to hate what this world has become.

There is no innocence.

These people have no where to go.

They use Jesus as an escape goat when deep inside all they think about is a fix.

They get high and destroy the lives of innocent people. 

I want to be kind…

I want to love…

But the toxic slaves have turned me into a soul searching for the true light.

All my life I have watched drugs destroy every race creed and color.

I have seen people get rich and powerful and sit in high chairs dictating like they own the world.

I have been used and abused by people addicted.

These people have literally driven me mad.

I’m angry fighting these demons, they’re everywhere, I don’t know who to trust, who to talk to.

They’re doctors, lawyers, teachers, bums, homeless people, football players, basketball stars, rappers, they’re everywhere and they seem so innocent. They’re addicted to the fast life, burning every soul they touch. I watch them giving God filled testimonies at funerals while leaving a paper trail of dirty needles in bathrooms. 

Pleading with judges for justice, sick from their own medicine. 

This nuisance is the ruthless pit that breeds toxicity. It corrupts sex, and everything it touches.

God help me through this hell of a world.

I have watched even the noblest black and white men fall victim to this filth.

Sometimes it feels like I’m traveling through the underworld fighting to get to heaven because this stuff is everywhere.

It’s toxic, it has destroyed the lives of my friends, my family and it seeps into the lives of the highly accomplished because of envy and greed.

They’re attracted to the light.

God I want to show mercy but I’ve had enough.

Look at your creation, look how corrupt and sleazy we’ve become.

I’m alone in a room, I’m searching for strength that a false God cannot give me.

I have to let the omega power in to fight this beast with everything that I have. 

This toxic beast is all around me, it’s on TV, it’s at my grandma’s house, it’s at the corner store, it’s in my customers and it reeks like filthy rotten eggs.

It’s an imposter that feeds off of souls.

Cleans my heart God…

Purify my soul…

Give me strength in these dark hours because these leaches are all around me trying to suck the little that I do have.

Give me patience as I focus in on everything that this evil has taken from me.

Give me wings to fly and discernment to observe that which I may be too blinded to see.

Give me nobility.

Give me life…

I’m in a world of chaos in which only you can guide me through.

I’ve been fed false teachings in which only you can show me the truth.

Talk to me…

Give me divine knowledge to battle through the devilish ways of the common man.

In difficult days ahead..

Give me the sword of wisdom to purify this toxic world.

And as I battle my own demons, send me an army of angels so they do not take me under.

Toxic souls are acidic, they yearn to be purified with a diluted solution. 

Some toxic souls are so rotten that they dissolve pure substances instantly creating a river that stinks.

The smoke from this toxic river rises creating disease, pesticides, and pestilence that only divine nature can cure.

This toxic filth has given me a cold heart to sniff it out and I’ve grown weary of it.

My heart is heavy while watching this acidic midst kill and destroy everything that I love.

As I get ready for another battle with blood dripping from my sword and enemies all around me, may truth give me strength because the toxic beast has turned me into a warrior yearning to see its end.

Amen, Amun, and Amon.

Alpha and Omega strength to purify this toxic river.

Knowledge and wisdom to dissect and clean the flesh of toxic slaves.

Courage to set them free.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Black History Thoughts

It’s black history month and a lot has changed since the good old days.

A lot of people still believe that racism exist but some people have moved on.

Moving on from a brutal history has been very hard but not too many transitions are smooth.

A lot of people are engaging in corrupt activities and doing some very harsh things to survive, but just like all of God’s creation we must learn to be discipline over time.

Even fire must die down.

I’ve decided to stay humble this black history month and just be grateful for the things that I do have.

Maybe try and be a beacon of light in what many feel is a dark time.

There is some good in the world, so I guess that’s what’s important.

I guess the most important part about living is to keep a positive attitude, and just try to stay grateful for what you do have. Optimism is a gift that few people have but I’m sure it can be learned.

Monday, February 14, 2022

With Genuine Love ❤️

Today was a good day.

It was filled with genuine love and that’s  all I could ask for in a good day.

I spoke with my Aunt Rose and we shared some good thoughts.

I even got to bond with some cousins.

I sent out my much love shoutouts and I got to watch a halftime show filled with street legends. They looked so happy performing with older rap and singing wisdom. Time is humble.

I haven’t felt the touch of a female in a long time but sometimes that’s a good thing.

I’ve become disciplined and filled with God’s humble grace.

Today was a good day filled with love.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but today’s love was enough to get me through the week.

It was filled with Genuine Love ❤️ 

Sunday, February 13, 2022

The Coach

I was introduced to this thing called sports…

I got to be coached by a coach…

It took me a while to figure out why the coach was always there.

In my sleep…

At my house…

At practice…

At my games…

In my classroom…

The coach was like my mother, teacher, father, uncle, grandpa, sister, aunt, grandmother and brother.

The coach was always there.

The coach believed in me.

The coach gave me a chance and put me in the game.

I don’t even think the coach had anything else better to do but coach.

The coach’s passion was coaching.

The coach only had one job, that could never pay enough because all the coach seemed to want to do was coach.

Every play I gave one hundred and ten percent because I believed in the coach.

The coach turned me into a believer.

Even when I lost the coach made me feel like a winner.

The coach.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Billions of People

 I think the animals are trying to tell me something. They keep coming into my house, getting in my car, and swimming in my pool. Yesterday a bear broke into my garage and stole my snacks. The birds are doing some odd things also. I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s just me or maybe they’re trying to communicate. I’m taking a run and I think this duck and his family are telling me to get the hell out of the way as they cross the street. What a day. Just like there’s billions of people, I guess there’s billions of animals too. I went hunting and it almost seemed as though they were hunting also. It’s a wild world we live in, wild.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

The Movement

James saw his brother killed by the authorities. His friends pushed him and kept encouraging him to file a lawsuit.

Realizing the damage that had already been done, James went in the house ate some spaghetti and went to sleep.

The Movement.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Born into Oppression

This was my career, I was a professionally trained informant. On my first mission, I ended up having to arm myself after my transportation convoy was ambushed. Me and a few of my men escaped the ambush only to stumble into a part of war that we were not ready for. Running through wet grass we crossed paths with children and families seeking refuge. One of the children had been bleeding after falling from a fence into my arms. I began to comfort him.

“Little child don’t give up, I hear you crying,” I said comforting him rushing him to safety.

It turns out that we escaped right into a nearby refugee camp run by peacekeepers. Me and my men were determined to help. We introduced ourselves to the peacekeepers and vowed to help them so we called for backup and I volunteered to go out to try and save more people. I pulled my binoculars out only to notice the diabolic militant army dragging more people into the death chambers. “Oh my God, they’re burning and hanging them. ‘People!’”

I felt compelled by some unusually good force to dive right in and help. Noticing some of my men being dragged into the torment from the ambush, I fell to my knees in the pouring rain. All I could hear was screaming. Women being beaten until numb while the soldiers threw their children into the torture chambers. This was wild.

I sat in my safe zone trembling reaching for my gun.

The torture zone was fenced in with a small hole where some people had escaped. The screams grew louder as I got closer. 

“Oh God, this is a death camp. This is hell on earth.

This supremacy thing has gone a bit too far,” these were the thoughts that kept flowing through my mind.

“These people are exterminating races of human beings. This is crazy!”

Falling to the ground, dirty from heavy rainfall and sick to my stomach from the smell of human flesh being burned, the sound of children screaming echoed through my ear drums. Children from every creed and race except one.

I called for backup, I thought I’d been spotted. 

I had to regain my balance while shifting my attention to all of the human bones thrown in a large hole in the ground.

I then throw-up falling to my knees again.

I could hear footsteps getting closer but I didn’t see anyone.

The screaming got even louder.

There’s no luck in this camp, there’s no good, only torment and vibes of evil oppression.

At the moment I’m the only hope for these people.

They’ve been hiding only to get caught;

Screaming only to be tortured.

Begging for God’s help only to be shown no mercy.

I’m the hero in this story, this story has no end nor beginning. It only has a place in history. This death camp was all these people knew. The fact is that these human beings were being used, abused and exterminated. The moment we made it out we all became survivors, traumatized, never to forget. These kids and families out here had been born into oppression. This was all they knew, nothing more, in their mind they never comprehended triumph only torment. 

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Real Estate

The land was marketed as heaven on earth.

This land made the average real estate agent rich, instantly.

Rumor was out that anyone who walked on this land would instantly become wealthy also.

I mean people had to have a place to live, right?

People were flocking to this land like ants on wet sugar.

The price was so high just to live on the land but people from all over the world kept paying, they had to come to this land.

Even poor people spent everything they had to get here.

The land became so crowded that people were everywhere.

Poor, rich, and people stuck in the middle. 

When the land could no longer hold the weight of the people it began to sink into the ground. Gravity then ate the people alive while the people who owned the land flew to safety in their helicopters. 

Once these real estate investors consumed the entire earth, they then went to another planet to reproduce their kind. 

The grass always looked greener on the other side for their clients.

Real Estate.

Thursday, January 27, 2022


Which one will I choose?

Why will I choose it?

It has character…

It has spunk…

There’s something noble about this one though and I really like the beautiful calm colors.

This one has a nice button-up lacing.

This one looks good for my little cousins.

I guess I’ll pick the one that gets the job done, plus it’s in my price range.


Monday, January 24, 2022

The Concept of Evil

Hmmm 🤔 what will I write about today?

I guess I’ll give the word evil a shot. That’s always a good writing exercise.

Some good and powerful philosophers saw something unusual and came up with the concept of evil.

Let’s ponder on this thought because wise people often study.

And it could turn out to be a good topic.

When we think we have it all figured out, in reality some things just don’t make sense.

Look deep into a person’s eyes and we might even see their soul.

Trying, trying and trying again to fix a broken clock ticking in the other direction to be able to tell time.

And when time is up, the concept of the word evil is still there, but we have to keep going.

We’re problem solvers.

We have to keep trying, we have to be the goad that keeps things in motion because some people will not make it.

A mother crying because unstable men killed her only son.

Your best friend describing how it felt having sex with your wife after the wedding, he played the role very well as the best man.

A faithful priest molesting little children and sending pictures of his body parts to a nun.

Was he possessed or just nasty? The concept of evil.

Where is that inner voice coming from?

To some this piece may seem Rated R but I’ve picked my words with good intentions so let’s continue.

A good person can be left for dead, hurt, tortured and left to masturbate, drowning in sexual fantasies and frustrations only to become numb in repentance.


What does this all mean?

Men coming to arms to stop over four hundred years of slavery, rape and brutality.

Young boys being killed by grown men over drugs that alter the mind.

People smoking and drinking themselves to a higher state of numbness while making the lives of others worse than they were before.

Multiple people all in a room having sex in front of a camera, it feels so real.

It’s stimulating. What a stimulating thought. They’re having a good time exercising with sex.

The ups and downs while sweating, let’s watch and play with dopamine.

Why marry only to be cheated on and tortured with a divorce?

Put the gun down, trust me it will get better.

Life is a risk worth taking so let’s keep going.

We all could use some motivation.

Why give in? Why give up on redemption?

So let’s keep going deeper with this topic.

Some masters literally beat their slaves, had sex with them at their own leisure, then left them for dead. Freed them with nothing… Nothing.

Kept them dumb for a reason and gave them their own altered Bible so they wouldn’t rebel.

People owned by people, take it in, I know you want to feel good but I have to get you to understand this concept. This idea. The concept of evil.

It’s a wild topic. 

It’s like watching the very person you love, the person you depend on getting tortured right in front of you.

It’s like going out to sea and enlisting in the military only to come home and forgotten.

Left in a room with no legs while the world goes on without you.

It’s a mind breaker. It’s evil and it won’t go away.

It’s like knowing everything and having to pretend like you don’t even exist because the knowledge that you have could bring some very powerful people down and you could possibly be killed for what you know.

This is the concept.

Some books say that there has to be balance, is that why good boy Henry is being watched?

Is that why good boy Henry is hated so much?

He’s the talk of the town, the apple in his mother’s eye.

Is the development of the conscience mind the true nature of our mental state?

I mean how wealthy can we get?

How good or evil can we become?

If there is some divine force does it reward those with good intentions?

Is a hero a concept of literature that comes in and saves the day?

I mean how many heroic stories are there?

Let’s keep pondering on this topic.

One writer said that good men dream of the things that evil men do.

Is this true? Does evil exist?

Let’s talk about this very dark topic, we’re at the funeral of a slain man, it’s worth a thought.


Let’s open the mind a bit. It gets wild in a prison cell so tell the story spread it out to the masses to stimulate their thoughts a bit. They have to know about this concept. It will wake them up so they won’t be afraid because it never sleeps.

People hiding, burned in ovens, tortured, whipped, raped, slaughtered and screaming for help.

Innocent children never getting a chance at life.

Black bodies hanging from trees in broad daylight.

This concept is what keeps a lot of good people awake at night.

This concept has bothered me my entire life.

I too get paranoid, checking myself. Drowning in my own sins. My own dysfunctions. Trying to keep a stable mind while drowning in a mess. 

I, like many, fight with this concept every night questioning my own behavior and choices.

This concept has literally driven me to go above and beyond the call of duty.

This concept has kept me on guard.

I can’t let this concept defeat me.

It’s like a virus that spreads with no cure in sight.


Congratulations, we made it out alive to see another day.

I feel better now.

The storm is over for now but the concept has made us stronger. We’ll be better prepared next time.

I promise.

Stay awake on watch because the concept never sleeps. It’s spontaneous, it’s everywhere, we all fight with it.

The Concept of Evil.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Exterior

 Why are we here?

We go in to find the exit.

When we think we have it right, we’re wrong.

We live only to die.

We win only to lose.

Outside of earth is all darkness filled with gas lightbulbs.

Stars that burn holes in the sky.

Radiating and burning human flesh.

I’m running in circles for a reason.

I die searching for life.

I sit in a room waiting to be served.

I have no money to give a tip.

I find reason in one thought.

This thought at the moment is all that matters to me.

The sky is black!

I explain to the teacher.

She shows me the exit.

The exterior of the classroom.

In solitude I notice light from a nearby window.

Lightening strikes as night falls and the school goes dark.

The students sitting in the back of the class become enlightened by my knowledge.

The teacher then welcomes me back into the interior.

But I pay her no attention and decide to show the students another angle.

I take them to the exterior and point to the dark sky.

It looks solid black.

We’ve been blinded by a bright lie.

The stars are deceiving, they burn holes in the sky.

They burn human flesh.

Outside in the exterior where it’s cold the sky is black.

The morning is an illusion and once you leave your human vessel nothing matters.

It’s just darkness, silence… flares of lightbulbs in space.

I wonder who or what provided the spark.

The Exterior.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The Winter Snow

 Oh, the snow. It’s falling.

I better grab the shovel and get some exercise.

It may take sometime before we get another sunny day.

The Winter Snow

Monday, January 10, 2022

The Promised Land

My fountain was in a dark prison cell, and I didn’t know why.

I’d been fed what was left over, my cup was dry.

My inner pain came from not being able to receive the finer things in life, they didn’t play fair and they left me alone.

My mind is still twisted in what’s left of us, as hardly any of my family has made it out of the jungle.

I’m scarred. I’m in pain. 

My tears dried up when I left my lonely mother at the hospital and came to reality of what was left over from the war.

Thinking that the battle was over the true battle had just begun.

Holding hands with myself, I stood on top of a building and watched what was left of my dream.

I pushed the bootstrap line a bit too far.

Many seem to have forgotten, or some just stopped caring, but I’m an optimist so I kept marching.

Taking my last bullet to the head I saw little Tatiana in the distance with her people smiling.

She graduated and started her own business because of me.

They don’t see me suffering.

I took my last breath as blood dripped down my face and the God took me home.

Everything that I’d fought for was left with no will, no signature, only videos and audio tapes of a dream.

Although misunderstood, I painted a picture with my words of a better world.

As my body tipped over, the last thing I heard was people rushing to that picture that I had painted, the image of:

“The Promised Land.”


They don’t know what they’re doing.

They want to have fun.

They don’t care.

They only care about themselves.

They consume everything until there’s nothing left.

They spend, spend, spend and never save.

They deceive.

They fight.

They cheat.

They steal.

They use drugs.

They smoke.

They drink.

They party.

They don’t read much.

They want to be in control.

They don’t follow directions.

They blame everyone else for their problems except themselves.

They suck the life out of you slowly.

They don’t listen.

They kill.

They abuse.

They violate.

They’re everywhere.

Who are they?

Where are they?

What are they?

And why are they here?

Wild & Crazy

The sun came out today.

It seems like everything is okay.

I then turn on the radio and it appears like all hell is breaking loose.

I read the paper and notice the same thing.

I turn on the TV and get the same results.

Hum… I guess reality is actually wild and crazy.

That’s my conclusion.

I’ll just keep myself busy and rewind some old video tapes.

If the walls are caving in I want to be prepared so they don’t cause the whole house to collapse.

After I rewind the tapes, I better get to work on the foundation.

Wild and Crazy

Sunday, January 2, 2022


 I wake up, it’s quiet.

I get up to go to the bathroom and I see the dog stretched out on the bathroom floor by the heater asleep.

A huge brick then comes crashing through my window, I walk over it, avoid the glass then I decide to lay back down and go back to sleep.


Saturday, January 1, 2022

In God We Trust

 When all else fails, in the end, God is all that we have left.

“In God We Trust”