Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Alpha & Omega

I kept reaching, kept searching.

At the bottom of the pit I was shown no mercy.

I’d saw drug addicts, innocent virgins turned into prostitutes, babies aborted, men on the computer screen with men and women with women. 

My spirit felt so empty, I felt drained of all life’s goodwill.

Deeper and deeper into the pit, I found myself losing my grip while trying to climb out. It’s like something or someone was trying to pull me under. Fighting submission; I felt my feet burning, but I couldn’t give up. I needed to be cleansed or I would surely lose my soul.

I’d seen it all. Filth, disease, sloth…hell.

I then began to scream out for mercy, I needed to be saved, I needed some help. This could not be the end for me. How could I sink so low.

With little strength left, the Alpha spirit pulled me out of the pit and gave me a new beginning.

I’d been washed of my wrongs, I’d been reborn, only to show others a way out. 

There was light at the end of a very dark past, I’d reached the Omega.

It was my only hope.

The Alpha & Omega

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