Monday, August 31, 2015


If a flower grows in the middle of the street.
If a bird shows you how to fly.
If a waterfall makes a rainbow.
If a star shines in the dark.
It's only possible if...
I can imagine the possibilities.

What if...

Friday, August 28, 2015

American Blues

Daddy done bad momma's not home
People not happy
Drama on the phone...

I need money
I need money

I got a soft heart and the people don't treat me right.
I got the American Blues and no girl to hold me tight

Fire burns deep
People on  the street
All bad news
Veterans need to eat...

I need money
I need money

I got the American Blues and the people don't treat me right...

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Feathers & Wings

She failed three times.
She was abused.
She lost her first child.
In her sorrow she saw hope.
Everyone watching doubted.

In all her failures she collected feathers.
She made her some wings.
Then on a quiet day she flew in the sky.
Everyone now looked up to her.
For she had done what no human had ever done.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Journal.

It is now the year 2015 and man has become confused. Many wonder was there ever a good day or time when everyone got along. Things have become different. The people don't have as much spunk as they used to have. Most of the people have been tainted and most of the officials have become corrupt. I don't hear people singing the blues as much like the good old days. The woes of the people are evident in their testimonies. Ages have past and there has been a technology boom yet the people are still not content. Some just want peace, some want answers, and some want revenge. The preacher would say that things were coming to an end but many have heard that line before. Everything seems normal for a second and then something else goes wrong. The optimistic thinker is often smacked by the pessimist but I do believe that things will get better. I saw the sun in the sky today. It rose just like it does everyday. I'm going to sit here and have a cold drink of water. I have a feeling in my soul that everything will be okay. Everything on earth is made to live and until I die I will suck it up and keep moving. It is what it is...  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Unmasking the culture of entertainment:

In performing, dancing, and even acting there are things that people on the big screen have to face after each job. Reality makes a big difference in the world of pretend and each adventure brings a new struggle. Although the culture may seem fun and exciting the entertainer has to give the public what they want. Some entertainers disappear never getting a second chance. There are also entertainers who just need a gig to pay the bills. Most don't even choose to be in the eye of the public they just love the job and being on stage. Many entertainers turn to drugs and other substances to fight what they're feeling inside, but just like most humans the only thing they're searching for is love. Although cultures are often designed by entertainers the true culture and the message they're trying to send is just be yourself.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Creating a setting without having to spend the money:

Ever wonder how the setting of a film looks so real? It almost seems as if they're actually in the real location. Well, the truth of the matter is that the majority of the time they're not. Most settings are either a backdrop or green screen special effects. Major studios and even independent gurus save a lot of money by editing in settings. If you wonder how it looks so real don't feel bad because you're not alone. It looks real because computer effect have evolved over the years and artist have evolved as well. Programs like Adobe and other highly sophisticated software give movie makers an edge over having to actually travel or blow something up. The trick is that if you believe everything you see on TV, you may want to visit a doctor.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Is that the actual actor jumping out of the car?

Most of the time it is a stuntman, body double or dummy. Although some actors do like to do their own stunts, most don't want to take the risk of being injured.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

What was one of the first materials used to record sound on?

One of the first materials used to record sound was wax paper. The inventor noticed that the sound wave created a groove within the wax paper. This sound groove could be transmitted using a needle which played back the sound embedded in the grove of the wax paper. This idea caught on to early scientist who later created the phone and other communication devices.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kid Echo and the Thought Machine

Michael Bose was in high school when he came up with the idea of trapping the thoughts of people.
"It's like I can hear people thinking," he said to his friend Mellissa.
Michael earned the name "Kid Echo" because he had always been fascinated with sound at an early age. Everyone thought Michael was the perfect person to lead the school in the creative minds event coming up. Sitting in class, Mellissa couldn't help but bother him.
"So have you started building it?" She ask, as she gets Michael's attention.
"Yes, it's no different from building a studio except you magnify the subject's thinking. It's amplified by drugs or other mind stimulants. If you want to check it out stop by the house later."
 Kid Echo explains.
"Wow that sounds amazing, you're a genius Kid Echo." Mellissa replies with cheer.
Later that day approaching the house, Kid Echo and Mellissa noticed something strange going on. There were all types of people surrounding the house.
Kid Echo's mom comes running out of the house when she sees him approaching the front door.
"Michael, what did you do? These people have been here all night! They keep coming and going. They come here with pencils, pads and head phones. What are you building in the basement?" His mother ask wondering what her son had started.
"It's nothing mom. They just have to get their thoughts out in the thought machine I built," Kid Echo responds.
"Are you charging them?" His mother ask.
"Not yet; I have to test it out," he replies.
Mellissa emerges from the crowd of people.
"You're going to be rich! Look at all these people."
As everyone welcomes Kid Echo he instructs them to proceed into the basement one at a time. One after another they spill out their thoughts. While the momentum is shifting the meter on the thought machine starts to bounce back and forth.
"What's going on? It looks like it's about to blow!" Mellissa shouts noticing the smoke coming from the machine.
"Don't worry this is what happens when people let out what they are really thinking." Kid Echo explains.
While the session winds down everyone exits but the others waiting rev things back up. It was non-stop, Kid Echo had created a way for people to say what they feel. Once people caught on to his vision, others started copying and calling theirs recording studios and putting music behind the thoughts. Kid Echo had started something that would never end. People were so brainwashed by his vision that he had to put an end to it. People started believing that certain thoughts were real and they started killing each other. They even starting mutilating their body. It was insane.
After the creative minds event things had gotten out of hand. Mellissa rushes over to Kid Echo,
"How are you going to reverse this?" She asked.
 "The only way to reverse this is to get them to read, I have to create a machine that will give them the power to write down their thoughts instead of speaking them," Kid Echo explains as they rush back to the lab.
After he did this soon the people started to calm down. Kid Echo had saved the day. Who would have thought that reading and writing would be much better than speaking words. Only the genius of Kid Echo.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

5 Tips on sound proofing your booth:

There are many ways to sound proof your studio booth here are a few tips:
  • Use old mattresses to surround the booth
  • Use bed foam to surround the booth
  • Surround the booth with carpet
  • Build a booth made of glass
  • Use moving blankets to surround the booth
These are just a few ways to trap sound. There are plenty of ways to trap sound but these five tips should be the most effective.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The seed

The voice of reason never leaves the mind of the unjust.
All that matters is seen in the eyes of the witness.
As time goes on, the thought of innocence plays over and over again in the mind of the guilty.
The heart of the victim finds faith in an uncommon place.
He holds on to the thought of one incident and as time goes by he receives a seed.
He then plants it.
While it grows he notices it's beauty while others gather around.
The voice of reason goes to the unjust and he comes to chop down the beautiful plant but this time all that matters is that he give back to the innocent what he took away.
The seed grows in time and there is enough food for all to eat.
The innocent forgive but the fruit given to the guilty is bitter.
Why does the guilty not taste the flavor that the innocent taste?
What are the odds of that?
Why won't the guilty leave the innocent alone?
The food for thought is within the seed.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Making something out of nothing:

When you see a dead flower, find the beauty in it. When you go to a sinful place plant a flower.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tips on finding support for your productions or broadcast:

It's hard to find people that you need money from or sponsors to put your production or broadcast in motion. Here are some tips on finding help:
  • Join a Local Business Network Group
  • Put an ad in a magazine, radio, TV, newspaper, or any local bulletin
  • Call every person you know and find out who they know
  • Social media
  • Talk to the mayor
  • Look online
  • If you don't want to do the work yourself you can hire someone who has experience in sales

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The flow of a short story:

Short stories are the essence of writing. Everyday situations that catch the attention of the audience when performed can be defined as the art of short stories. Rather fantasy or real a good short story has to flow. Here are some tips on writing a good short story:
  • Create a situation that is interesting
  • Work your way up to the climax
  • Then work your way down to the ending

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tips on finding good locations to film:

  • Ask a friend.
  • See if the cast has some location connections.
  • Call the city; there are always public places to film.
  • Rent a hotel room.
  • Use a family members house or business.
  • Find a business group and if you get in good with the managers, they may let you use their building.
  • Use the flee market.
  • Call the park, they may let you film with the exception of a permit.
  • Build the set from scracth in a big room etc.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The theatre blackout:

If you have ever been to any performance and witnessed complete darkness, it probably was done on purpose. That darkness is called a blackout and pretty much sets the mood for the next act.

Friday, August 7, 2015

What does "MOS" mean in filmmaking?

There are many different acronyms in film production, when a shot requires no sound filmmakers use the acronym MOS (motor only sync or motor only shot).

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The purpose of the Mixing Console:

Sound has to be monitored or it would sound annoying. Listening has to be comfortable. If you have ever heard someone scream you will understand that last statement. Controlling the levels of sound while listening is genius. Since music is organized noise, wouldn't it be great to control each piece of noise. Well, that's the purpose of the mixing console. The mixing console puts each sound or instrument on a specific channel that can be grouped together and controlled on the mixer. The purpose of the mixing console is to make sure the listener feels comfortable when listening in the crowd or even at home in a small room. Although levels vary depending on the event, the mixer is an important piece of the puzzle when putting on a show. To sum it up, the mixer controls the levels of sounds coming in so that the sounds going out can be organized and heard comfortably by the ears. There are many different brands of mixing consoles with each having many different features but they all serve the same purpose.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ever wonder what AM and FM stands for when tuning your radio dial?

The amazing thing about radio is that the electromagnetic signals are invisible but the transmitters and antennas are not. That is the key to modulation. AM simply means "amplitude modulation" while FM means "frequency modulation." To simplify this, you would say that amplitude is the measure of the message traveling inconsistently more prone to interference and the modulation is the movement of that measure of sound. In regards to FM, you would say that the frequency is the measure of the message traveling consistently and the modulation is the movement of that measure of sound. Although the math is complicated it's quite simple, a good example would be: Shouting from the roof and the person on the ground level hearing your voice, except you use electromagnetic radio waves to transmit the sound so they can hear you at the airport instead of on the ground. The AM (amplitude modulation) would be the weaker signal and the FM (frequency modulation) would be the stronger signal. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

What does EXT and INT mean on a professional movie script:

On a professional screen play you have to be specific when referring to where the setting is. The setting could be inside or outside. On a professional script you will often see two acronyms in place of such descriptions: EXT meaning Exterior and INT meaning Interior.