Friday, December 29, 2017

Turn the ship around in 2018.

In the journey of almost every individual, some often fall short of their goals, but we can never say that they haven't reached their dreams. My friends, the dream is a vision of how one perceives the world, in real time. In the process of this vision, a lot of people are stuck in their own reality and may not comprehend what it is that he or she sees in the vision. If seeing is believing, then the belief that a vision can work must fall in the hands of the optimistic at heart. Those who can deal with their choices and not stray away. A man may never win a race until he is 80 years old, but the story is in his will to never give up. Some may not understand how one can defy the laws of gravity and learn how to fly. Some may not understand how one can tightrope across skyscrapers or hold their breath underwater. What is a child who does not like to explore? What is a person who does not like to learn? One person, like everyone else, goes to sleep at night and wakes up—determined to learn how to drive a ship with complex controls. While we watch as others abandon ship when he or she takes the controls, it is the character of that one person that makes him or her special. On his or her quest, he or she may have to decide to turn the ship around and save those who chose to jump overboard. The character to save those who did not believe that he or she could drive the ship is what defies the laws of gravity; walks across skyscrapers; and survives underwater. In the end: win, lose or draw; the inspiration is in the will to drive the ship and learn enough to turn around to save the others.
In this whole process, the will to drive the ship is all that matters, soon after, when others start to comprehend, the trail eventually will lead others to understand the vision in the dream.
It's in your hands now captain. 
Good luck in 2018.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Who made it to the Dinner Table this Year

Well, it's that time of year again, but there's a slight problem, there's only three of us left in the family. The holidays can be bitter when you're broke and barely hanging on to the family tree, if you know what I mean. I called Ms. Clark and she was still trying to put up a billboard. I called Ms. Moore and she was trying to get over an argument with a friend. I called Mr. Williams and he was watching old seventies reruns. My cousin Trina started using drugs. Grandpa and Uncle Johnny are dead. I haven't had a good intimate relationship for years now. Listening to the sounds of the season, I didn't feel quite up to it but I kept listening. In all my years of living, I had never heard of or seen so many people missing at the dinner table. I turned on the news and saw a big difference than years ago. It almost seemed like we had sold ourselves to what we tried to run from years ago. There was science, religion, bargains and people of different ethnic groups but no holiday spirit, and all of the saints looked tired. I looked outside and the snow was white but no one looked like they cared anymore and I didn't see little children making angels in the snow. It's like the magic was slowly slipping away and everyone was fighting for nothing. Hmmmm, I wonder what happened? I guess after all of the arguing about how to make a day holy, everyone forgot about each other and started arguing about everything else then wore themselves out in the process. In all of the darkness, I just sat down at the table and played Christmas songs that we used to listen to when everyone in the family had been in their right mind. I put pictures of how it used to be on the table and ate with everyone and laughed. I used my imagination. We all have to leave this earth someday but I'm going to make the best out of the hand that I was dealt. When I sat down at the table to eat, I noticed lights from outside blending in with the tree. I guess all it takes is one believer.
However you celebrate, I ask one thing this year: I ask that you never forget the young child in the family that has to pass the torch, he or she is watching how you celebrate. Why not leave them with something to remember, come together;-)
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  There's enough joy for everyone in each category.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Special Piece: Rebuke Holiday Demons

This piece was written as a caution; a wisdom gift, so that you'll have a great, fun-filled holiday with family and loved ones. It was not written out of religious conviction, but was only written as a statement that there are forces in this world that cannot be explained. It's human nature to try to find meaning to unusual acts that are out of character and don't make sense. That is why this piece was written; so that you may be aware and so that you will be thankful for a time set aside to be with those you love. Even reality, sometimes, can be unbelievable.  In that statement, I declare that as a child I could only find one word to explain what I found to be uncommon.

I present to you, my special piece:
Rebuke Holiday Demons

Brethren, I want to warn you of something easily forgotten.
There is a force that pushes and pulls.
When fundamentals slowly slip away, things can get sloppy.
Study in your spare time and in your dreams you will find the answers.
Practice your profession daily and do not be caught off guard.
When you're out of work, find something to stay busy, so you will be prepared for your next assignment. 
When your past catches up to you, humbly tell the truth and bow-out, for there is too much at stake.
Be aware that animals crave food just like humans.
We are nothing more, we all need to eat.
When one craves more food, speak of discipline and food for thought.
Knowledge usually endures. 
When a fellow brother desires to be content, do not push your work on him.
He may need time to heal his heart.
It is a struggle to maintain self-control, that is enough proof that demons exist.
If the word "demon" is too strong for you, then ask those that have been behind bars what happened at the scene of the crime.
They will gladly confess their struggle. 
If I'm wrong, then the left and right brain are equal.
Brethren, I swear to you that sleep is good when you're working hard in your craft.
I too have fallen prey to snakes in the field.
The power of rebuking demons can quickly ware you down.
It's like being burned and trying to heal.
Even a preacher can be caught in the act, but be like iron, because his act can still teach you a lesson.
Be gentle to those that practice religion, for they are just trying to find a way.
They too can fall prey.
You must humble yourselves after the fight and if you make it out, fall to your knees and thank the designer of man for another day.
Demons come in all forms.
If your wife or husband pulls you in, trust your own instincts.
Do your best to not let your children be drawn into the madness, if you have any.
If they get caught in the web, you will soon learn that it's amazing how even children know the difference between right and wrong.
In the midst of the storm, they'll appreciate your time.   
Someone whom you may trust can also be easily attacked, be strong brethren, and if they try to fight or provoke you to anger then walk away.
For they will push you into the fire and have no clue what happened the next day.
If you feel persuaded to indulge in their activity when set-up, flee fast and don't look back.
Your family and loved ones are more important.
If they attack them, find a holy place.
People who practice happiness and holiness will understand your pain.
Brethren, even professionals are highly susceptible to forget where they come from.
They may lead you to believe that you're crazy.
Study and stay alert, common sense can even be found in stupidity and medicine is mainly given to those that have been hurt. 
Negative energy craves a place in the shining seat and death can creep up on us all.
Peace is the way, we are all in our own mind and may not know what others are going through. 
Be strong brethren, for I have fallen victim too.
Just remember that the word: "Holiday," is no different from "Holy Day."
Envy, confusion, and strife, are the leading signs that demons are present.
But like a math problem, you must learn how to figure it out.
A teacher can only guide you, but it's up to you to learn the answers.
Bring joy, love, and hope to your family, and if in doubt, go to a small space and listen to the small voice telling you what is the right thing to do.
Remember there is nothing wrong with desiring to be pure.
It may be the only way to help you rebuke that which is not.
Have a blessed holiday and I hope the magic of the season follows you into the new year. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Book of Nova

King Herod was his name. Like many kings who ruled before him, he wanted to maintain his power. In this aspiration, he ordered his men to kill the first born male child of every woman in his kingdom, for he had been warned of one who would be a threat to his reign. Evidently becoming a tyrant, his plan would fail when he was blinded by a nova. (A nova is a star that shines real bright for a moment and then it goes back to it's normal state of shining light.) Falling on the ground with no sight, his soldiers returned to see him on his knees.  Josephus, King Herod's best soldier, rushed to his aid.
"Sir, with the fog and the light, we could not see. We went underground. It may be too late, we've failed you, your majesty," Josephus said as King Herod waved his hands in disgust, as his bare knees scraped the floor. "Sir, are you okay?" Josephus asked.
"Josephus, I've somehow lost my sight. How can a king rule with no sight?" King Herod replied, crawling on the floor, touching things for direction.
Josephus could not believe what he was seeing. Helping the king to his bed, he then left the king to rest and went out to find the child that King Herod had been afraid of. Falling off of his camel, while in route, he was knocked unconscious and dreamed of a lion approaching him. When the lion proceeded to attack him, he woke up and found himself in prison.
"What have I done?" He screamed, while being pulled back in place by the force of the chains that bound him to the wall.
A man turned to him, "They say the king has ordered your execution for trying to kill him," the man explained.
"That is foolishness, I would never do such a thing," Josephus replied.
The next morning, on his way to be executed, he noticed King Herod with bandages around his eyes.
"Your highness, what have I done? Have mercy on me please. Spare my life, for I've been falsely accused. I've served you well. Sir, have I ever committed blasphemy? Have I ever dishonored Judah? Your majesty, what have I done?" Josephus screamed, begging for his life to be spared.
In the midst of the commotion, a child, no older than eleven emerged from the crowd.
"Great citizens of Judah, in honor of thy father, I request that my life be taken instead," the child said as he proceeded forward.
The men of Judah had been spellbound, for a blind king would kill an innocent soldier, yet a child would give his life to save him. In this display of humiliation, in the presence of the blind king, the men began to talk among themselves.
"Is this the first born male child that you feared, King Herod? Is this the child that will lead Judah to the father?" Josephus asked as the crowd of spectators became silent.
Nathaniel, one of the well known prophets in the town stepped forward.
"What is your name, young man? You don't look familiar?" Nathaniel asked.
"My name is Nova. Sir. Nova Yahweh. Take my life instead of the soldier, Sir," Nova replied.
This pleased the men of Judah and they let Josephus plead his case after he was set free. Destined for greatness, the day of Nova was proclaimed throughout all of Judah and King Herod had been shamed and sent into exile. As the legend goes, the nova star still shines in the north sky. It shines for all of humanity, so that they will never forget the one brave child, born with the heart to save us all.
For it was written, that in the midst of men, one brave child, named: "Nova Yahweh" would emerge from a crowd of men to save an innocent soldier. That concludes the Book of Nova in the collection of Holiday stories.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Running through the woods, I had to hurry. The smell of burning wood had been infecting my lungs for too long. So long that I had become weak. Coughing up mucus, I couldn't help but notice the sound of a baby crying up ahead. Rushing to his aid, I guess his mother left him out in the cold. Realizing that he was abandoned, I began to feel a purpose in this entire situation. Something magical touched my heart. I may be the only hope that this child has left, so I took him in: win, lose, or draw. Contemplating in the moments of decision, I began to reflect on my own life. I'm a reject outcast and I've never shared anything with anyone but myself. Maybe I can learn something from this child. I never got to know my real father and I was raised by someone else. My mother has a good heart but she is far from perfect. I'm sure she has a passion to be holy and pure but her desire is what makes her special. Getting the child to a warm spot, I noticed a scar above his eye. I also noticed that when I picked him up, he stopped crying and it began to snow. Laying him in a cardboard box, laced with cotton, so he could sleep, I noticed a smile on his face. Being a pretty tough soul, I felt my heart skip a beat. Maybe someone from the heavens has sent me a friend. No longer an orphan child, I began to raise him and we became best friends. I watched him grow up and go to the prom with friends. He even graduated and married his high school sweetheart. At the moment I took him in, it was a gamble. He and I had nothing. This abandoned child taught me a lesson in life. He taught me how to sacrifice. Throughout his life, I never told him about being abandoned and left for dead, but I assured him that I would never leave his side. I kept my promise and he kept his by graduating and following in my footsteps. I'm 88 years old now and I just found out that he and his wife opened an orphanage and named it, "Nativity." How ironic, I was once lost in the woods but I may have stumbled across something priceless. If I had never gambled on caring for this child, millions of abandoned children would have no home. He cared for them as much as I cared for him. I have no doubt in my mind that there is something greater going on in the universe, at least at this moment of clarity. I may be an optimist, but it doesn't account for the warm feeling that I feel inside knowing that I chose to raise a child that was left for dead. At his first game, I was there. When he served in a combat zone, my wife and I sent him care packages. When my wife left me, he sent me a card in the mail and never questioned my authentication as his father and friend. Odd things happen in life, I guess that's a part of being human. Life isn't so bad after all, especially when nothing is made into something.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


I come to you today brethren, in my very own flesh.
I had two dreams last night.
A bad dream and a good dream.
In the bad dream, I was being hurt by my own people and when I looked up at the sun, I had been blinded by the light.
In the neglect, I felt pain so bad that my soul left my flesh and I was free to enter into the light.
Eyes hurting by so many false teachings that misled my mind on earth, I had been welcomed into the light to see the truth.
It was a good feeling. I wanted to stay.
The good part of the dream was that what I saw and felt was complete peace, nothing more, nothing less.
In my heart brethren, I knew that I had done nothing wrong on earth.
A feeling of peace pushed me to go back to my earthly dwellings and shine the same light on earth.
It was not my time brethren...
"It's okay, black bird, I feel fine, you can fly home now," I said to the black bird that showed me the way back home.
The black bird then flew away and I awoke from the dream.
Now content, I sat there and burned wood to stay warm, with hopes that some wise men would come to help me up.