Monday, December 31, 2018

We made it!

It was a hot day in the jungle and the animals were hungry. That's when it happened, this big huge anaconda attacked me and my fellow campers. We fought, we sliced, and my buddy Jeffrey's life was on the line as the anaconda began to squeeze him senseless. When we saw this, we got stronger. We felt the will of the world on our shoulders, "Jeffrey, don't give up, we're hours away from the New Year," we shouted, assuring him we had his back. At the moment we say him giving-in to the anaconda's grip, John took his pocket knife and jumped on the anaconda's back and stabbed him in the eye.
"Help me, damn it! Don't just stand there, help me kill this savage beast," John said, struggling to keep his grip.
Steve ran to the jeep and grabbed his old sword he had stashed in the back. Seeing an opportunity, he sliced the anaconda's head off. We all watched as Jeffrey slide away from the beast's slithery body while the beast fell lifeless to the ground.  John also hit the ground in amazement that we lived to fight another day.
"We did it fellows, we survived to see another year," I said firing up the jeep.
We sped out of the jungle fast to share our New Year's miracle with the world.
We made it! And we had the head of the beast to prove it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Angel Story

Born out of the womb of a woman, I've been sent to earth to bring it closer to heaven.
I miss home but I've come to accept the fact that I've been chosen to do the archangel's work here.
The people here are not like they are at home, most of them seem lonely and in pain. I've been sent to serve them until my flesh runs out of strength here. I hope this mission gives me wings; gravity makes me eager to fly.