Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Animals

In this story, the intent is not to scare you, but to keep us all from turning into animals.

I’ll start in a small village between the border of two enemy nations. The village was a sovereign village. The people in the sovereign village often found themselves mediating between the two nations. Corey, who lived nearby, was a good kid but he had a terrible attitude and what was about to take place in his home town near the village would change everything. It started with a fight between some ungrateful kids. The kids took a forbidden flower that was considered sacred to the sovereign village people and burned it by the border, causing a forest fire that then spread. Curtis, who lived in the village, saw the smoke first. Corey, on the other hand, saw wild animals crossing the border in droves fleeing the fire. Sadly, Corey had just got in a fight with his mother and begged her to let him back in the house after being chased by a wild hyena.

Things changed quickly, kids playing, shortly turned into kids screaming. A race to put a wall up now turned into a mixture of containing a wild fire, stopping wild animals and getting undisciplined children to listen. This was ugly, and the animals were wild. They came out of the burning forest like a wave blasting up on the beach.

“Where is Dena? Where is she, Corey?” Corey’s mother said opening up the door to let him in.

“I don’t know!” He replied.

All you could hear were children screaming. Normal went to crazy very quick. There was no peace. The animals were hungry and wild. Once word got to the emergency crews and government officials about the overflowing chaos and what caused it, all hell broke loose. 

Picture a small house and a burning wild fire in the distance with a little girl running from a wild boar. 

“Mama, mama, help!” Dena screamed running for her life to get to safety. 

Mrs. King stood in the center of her doorway with a bow and arrow—pulled back, hand tight, and released it as it split the head of the wild boar chasing her child.

Trembling in fear, Dena jumped into her mother’s arms as the bow fell to the ground.

“Mama I’m sorry,” Dena kept saying as Corey pushed them away from the door noticing more animals running wildly through the village and nearby town. Dena got lucky, she survived, but most of her friends didn’t. These kids were constantly told by their parents to be good and stay within the border lines but they didn’t. They failed to listen, and caused a complete collapse of border policies between two nations who hated each other. The wild animals along with the fires destroyed the sovereign village and war soon broke out between the two nations. Humans soon turned into animals fending for themselves. Like savages, they began to kill each other to protect their tribes and lands. In the end, just like the animals, it was every man for himself. 

The lesson in this story is simple: Kids should learn to listen and when mediators crumble all hell breaks loose. Anarchy is not pretty. It’s the way of the animals.

The End.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

The Wrath of the Jezebel

It was a late night. I had just delivered a message to the young prophets, then she walked by. Her presence was so powerful that it spread. It grabbed every lustful yearning alpha male by the tail of his second man, and at days end, it dropped feeble men to their knees. Falling victim in front of a computer screen, my soul became tormented by her wrath, I needed more, her facade dug deep into my mystified and perverted mind. Greatly needed to help the other prophets fight the war, I confessed to her while letting my second man pull me into her orbital curse. I needed brain power to overcome this beast and while in deep desire, craving a fantasy, my mind would not stop roaming her powerful aura of deceptive beauty. It almost seemed like an eternal trance as she grabbed my soul, I fought and tried to turn my eyes in the other direction. “God help me!” I screamed, for I have a job to do and if I go down, I’ll take a million men like me down also. These where my thoughts, but she would not give in, her clothes became less and less. Like a magnate, I was drawn to her, I needed her for some reason. I had literally watched her eat one million men alive. Unbuckling my belt, giving in to her wrath, my wife kicked in the door and chopped off the head of that beast. Still captivated by her beauty, I fell to my knees shaking while regaining my composure. I had to thank my wife for saving me, for men had become too weak, it would take God’s women to fight the wrath of the Jezebel. My wife picked me up, put me back together and drove me home, she understood while also knowing that there were a million more beast out there to kill or convert. I was spared by my second half and miraculously lived to tell about it, sadly, most men don’t. 

The End.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Today may have seemed like the end of the world, but who knows, tomorrow may be better.

You may have an attitude and hate everyone around you, but who knows, tomorrow you might fall in love.

You may have just watched a new movie and didn’t like it much, but who knows, tomorrow it may grow on you.

You may also have just heard a new song and didn’t quite feel the lyrics, but who knows, tomorrow it could be your number one jam.

You might even come down with a fatal sickness, but tomorrow just might bring in the cure.

My friend, why give up? Why stay angry? And, out of all that life has to offer, why let today ruin tomorrow?


Monday, August 22, 2022

The Light of the Father

Complete darkness can be scary.

Too much light can burn, but only the father can guide me.

God we need you.

We trust in you.

The wrath of war is calling and we cannot win without you.

We’ve been here before father, but if we have forgotten send us more prophets to remember.

Darkness is all around us and I know that we as your people have to stand strong.

Soldiers all around me are falling, being consumed and dragged into the pit eaten alive by the beast.

Children are being groomed with no soul, they’re craving for the unknown.

The old wise man warned me of days like this.

If I have failed in any way father, I humbly ask for your forgiveness…for your light.

In these uncertain times, I ask for your strength, your compassion, your obedience, your favor and your ability to know right from wrong.

Walk with me on this journey, don’t leave me father, and if I get lost, I humbly ask that you guide me back towards your never ending light.

As my brothers and sisters fade to eternal rest, I know one day I will too father, so as my body becomes dust and dirt, may my mind be balanced—bonding with both day and night. May I too be a gateway into the light.

Amen, Amun and Amon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Sitting and watching everything around me fall apart, I had to find a purpose.

Walls were literally collapsing all around me.

Deep inside, the pain was turning into anger.

I had to find an outlet.

I was turning into an angry monster.

I began to lose certain common mental and physical cognitive functions.

My brain was being programmed to do one thing:


I had to fight for everything that was owed to me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Hey, don’t forget to take time to laugh today.

Find a good joke.

We were all made to have a few emotions, but laughter, at least to me is the best one.

When you’re down and when you’re hurt, one thing is for sure, and that’s the reality that a good joke will pick your spirits back up.


Sunday, August 7, 2022

I’m envious of Evil

Being good is hard.

People kill, rape, sell drugs and live it up.

People cheat and many never get caught.

Practicing perfection and trying to be a good person I admit has worn me out.

Somedays I’m actually even envious of evil.

How do they do it?

I don’t have the will power to do it. 

Evil deeds are amazingly unbelievable.

Many good people persecute one another, many good people beat up on people who they know they can get over on.

These are just my thoughts, so does good or evil even exist?

I guess one cannot exist without the other.

Who is good? Does it not take evil to fight evil while good people cheer for their side?

Practicing perfection and trying to be good, it almost seems like you can never be good enough because eventually envy will destroy a good thing.

I’m envious of evil and I’m good enough to admit it.

If evil is chasing me, it must be envious of me also.

I wonder why?

Maybe it’s just my imagination, or could it just be the laws of nature?

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Thumbs Up!

Left alone, the books became my friends.

I learned so much that I looked in the mirror and gave myself a thumbs up.

I heard it in a song that when people believe in things that they don’t understand that they suffer.

That could be why most scholars are open minded.

They understand.

Thumbs up to those who take the time to study.

Thumbs up!

Friday, August 5, 2022

They left me hanging on a cross

You don’t even know me…

You don’t even see me…

I gave you everything that you own. Why did you just leave me there hanging?

Can’t you see that I’m alone.

Can’t you see me in pain?

Do you see me suffering?

You go and die for criminals and people who enslaved you, but you leave me, the king of the world hanging.

Once my wrath is over, you will worship me.

I will return on a black horse next time and instead of giving life, I will take it.

Hanging and bleeding on my last breath, I see everyone watching and going on with their lives.

When I return, there will be a price to pay.

They all left me hanging on a cross.

Now I’m the sun.

The all seeing eye.