Saturday, April 29, 2023

The Movie

A simple description would be a group of people who come together. A group of people who have a passion for something that not too many people possess. Some cast members fall off the wagon and some make it to see the finished product. The director literally sacrifices everything to make the production come to life, and yes, at times he or she is afraid because no one knows how it’s going to end. They can only assume. Everyone goes through the motions with some actors never actually feeling good enough. Some people take it seriously and some don’t. Some people have fun on set and some lose it. I guess every acting thrill has its place in time. Some performances are done in the heart of the city while others are performed in front of small crowds. Some movies make it to the big screen while others make it to a small restaurant showcase. Why someone would want to deal with the real drama that comes along with show biz is the question because even on a small stage there’s problems. Whatever the case may be even if you don’t like the production take a second look at the finished product. Give it time, because even a flop finds its place in history. Imagine a man peeking through a wooden box playing back film with no sound. My friend, it’s art, it’s passion and in the end it’s just a group of people playing in front of the camera for anyone who stumbles across their production to see.

The Movie.

Ironically, the first films were in black and white.

Color came with time.

It’s a complicated process.

The Movie.

The Illusion of Power

Sir He took them in like they were his very own. He was good.

He fed them and clothed them, but these were envious children, no matter how hard he tried, they were not obedient.

The people praised him, they gave him credence and they gave him power.

Sir He rose to the top with distinguished honor while something evil brewed inside his inner circle. 

The lavish life of gold gems and fancy emblems planted seeds of greed and envy.

Laying dormant in his corner chamber, Madam She requested his signature while slipping toxic drugs in his divine wine.

Yes, he drank it as she whispered into his ear, “Is there power in death? Sir He.” Falling to his knees in death she took his hand and signed his papers. 

In a complicated mess it was obvious that Sir He had been poisoned.

Watching his body lay waste and his spirit elevating into the heavens, it became apparent to the people that his stature was all an illusion. He was a common man given the illusion of power.

Madam She was right, there is no power in death, only a stiff body filled with accolades.

In Sir He’s inner chamber, his children fought over his inheritance only to fall victim to the illusion also. 

They too soon realized that what they so eagerly desired was a cursed illusion of heartache, loneliness, and a life filled with difficult decisions. 

In his will he kindly wrote:

“My children, be careful what you wish for.”

In prison, Madam She also learned that there was no exception to the rule. Her very own words applied to her as well. Dreaming of her victims, she too learned that power was all an illusion as rats ate her dead flesh. In the end, the people watched Sir He become the blue flame and Madam She become the red flame. With equal strength, the people became wise as Sir He’s children ruled with brutal power. They asked for nothing else and used the fuel to ignite their labor flames. 

In submission to the rising sun, the people fell to their knees only to receive light from a powerful flame far far away. 

Still envious, Sir He’s children attempted to create their own sun to help power their nation’s homes. Realizing the complicated science, and the offsetting of the planet’s orbit, they killed everything and everyone, including themselves. Even maximum domination wasn’t enough.

Madam She was right, there is no power in death, it’s all an illusion.

With seeping fusion now consuming their planet, the darkness of space accepted the new light from a new star while everything on it burned into vapors. Their hunger for more, in the end, killed everything and as the tension settled, they too transformed into red and blue flames only to rise like the sun for a black tiny ant transporting sugarcane on Mars.

The End.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The Invisible King

He was aware, that was his strength.

He knew everything and watched the people throw trash on his land.

No one knew him, in a world filled with alpha bosses and petty humans. 

He watched them become lazy and he watched them become slaves to technology.

He was invisible until he unleashed his invisible army.

In his invisible castle he watched them all beg for his mercy. 

Spit on, and crucified, they never even knew he was there.

It got so bad that they even shut the door in his face.

No manners, nothing.

No one even knew he existed until he snapped.

When he snapped, he became the talk of the town.  Their minds were now trained to see what a giant that he’d become. 

He made the world a better place.

After he was done, nothing else was invisible.

He gave the people the power to work again.

After his wrath, it took his mercy to get the people to see him.

The invisible king.

Monday, April 24, 2023

Daddy’s Girl

 She could feel her bare feet gradually rubbing up against the ground as she walked the night strip. Yes, she was bare foot and half naked. In the distance she noticed a street performer with a jar in front of him, people just walked by as if he were not there. The big show had just let out, and traffic was heavy as many hungry gamblers took a small break from the slot machines. Ashley had got accustomed to the night life. She’d known nothing else. The fever of different emotions, the funk of sweaty sheets, and the thrill of anyone who paid, kept her fed. That’s when she saw her father. At this moment I have to put you inside of the mind of a female who had slept with just about every kind of man. Caucasian, African, Asian, Hispanic, and many other ethnicities, she was unclean. The odds of her seeing her father had to be pretty slim, but there he was, looking at his little girl walk through the streets with no shoes on and half naked. At first sight, each had lost touch with reality. Their hearts skipped a beat and time itself stood still. The passage of time began to bloom with the central focus of shame,  and self inflicted pity. Not too many men could handle these kinds of moments. Feeling some form of hope, Ashley ran to her father. In a new world filled with lust and deception, he was the only man who could save her. He carried his daughter to his car and rescued her out of the wilderness. Bear witness to the sight of daddy’s girl left to defend herself in the darkness of night, for the wolves had ripped her apart and left her for dead and only daddy’s love could mend her broken soul.

The End.

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Earth Day

The Earth rotates 360 degrees. 

The Earth’s orbital structure is perfect.

The sun provides light in the day and the moon provides light in the night.

Be grateful.

The Earth has so many colorful plants, such as flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

The wind blows through the trees, and the water shifts with the tides.

What beauty.

What are the odds that a great invisible creator would make the living a home called Earth?

Who could create such a place?

What is there to complain about.

It’s home.

It’s Earth.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The Taxman

 Ambition and American dreams revealed something more about reality. Here’s the story about the taxman. He creeps in unnoticed and takes what’s owed to him. Beware of the taxman.

First it was the letter.

“We’re sorry to inform you that if you do not pay $30,000, the taxman will be confiscating all assets and your business will be forced to dissolve.”

Judy read the letter in deep conviction. She’d devoted her entire life to her business. Realizing that she couldn’t pay, she played back over and over in her mind all of the crazy customers and insults she’d received over the years. She replayed all of the jealous looks from family and lost friends. She recalled all of the failed business transactions. The brutal competition. The truth is that she just didn’t have the money to pay the taxman so she wrote a note to her customers and placed it on the building and it read:

“Dear customers and family, because of you I am in debt to the taxman. I gave you discount after discount. I gave you all my own life and faced persecution every day. Honestly, I blame myself for being so kind and now I have to pay. For years I watched you all take, take, take while I dug myself deeper in debt. While I suffered alone in my building counting pennies, I watched you all sit on your ass, get married and live off of the fat of the land. I’ve finally decided to do something for myself and will no longer be open. The taxman will be your new owner. I gave my all to serve you, but the taxman has showed me that I did it all for nothing. Here is his number, pay him, I never owned anything, it all belongs to the taxman. Thank you for your business.”

She then took a tent off of the shelf of the store and joined the homeless camp under the bridge.

The End.

The Taxman.

Monday, April 17, 2023

Political Science

“Sir, how many guns did you see?” the officer asked.

Chris takes a second to think, “I think they had two, I’m not sure because there was another one at the door. The guns were big though. It’s like they were preparing for their own war.”

Chris’s encounter then hits the mainstream news cycle. 

“This evening we will talk to the kid at the scene of the crime, Chris Spellman. Chris, thanks for coming on, tell us what you saw?” The reporter asked.

“I just heard gun shots, it was very scary, I lost my good friend. I’m sure I saw two shooters,” Chris replied.

“Can you tell us more about your friends, if you don’t mind?”

Chris begins to cry heavily, unable to speak, the reporter quickly ends the interview.

Later on they find the Mayor of the district drunk at a bar.

His dreams of becoming a big time politician were shattered.

Flaws in a perfect system are tested and mighty men begin to believe in God again.

Chris’s dream of graduating with the kids he loved, shattered.

The gun maker’s vision to make weapons to protect people, shattered.

The business where the shooting took place, shattered. 

The lawyer on the case, the story, the officer’s, the laws all shift in one direction while the shooters lay dead with the victims.

The entire sun then rises the next morning and the science of politics begins to take shape.

One upset citizen legally bought firearms and used them to wage their own war…

In the process, the president relaxed on a beach watching the ocean waves shift away from his life jacket.

Another day in paradise.

All of the pork spending, questioned.

Political Science 

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

The College Message

 “Welcome class, today is the first day of your career. Some of you will make it out with a degree and many of you won’t. Some of you will graduate and get a good job and many of you won’t. Class, I want to warn you that college is an expensive investment into yourself so don’t waste time. I do want to say that I feel bad about charging you to eat off of the tree of knowledge but I’m just a professor. Class, there will be a lot of temptation on this campus and there will be a lot of challenges, some of you will make it to the top of the tree of knowledge and fall down and some of you will invent new ways to land and climb safely. Years from now, if you find out that the staff at this school ran off with your loans and other money and couldn’t pay the bills, let that be another lesson. They scammed you, so study hard and see how big your tree of knowledge can grow before it gets chopped down,” Professor Wesley says leaving boxes of books on everyone’s desk. He then abruptly quits.

 “Class, life’s hidden secrets are in the books. Every inkling of time, space, and man’s reach is all hidden in the text, but I can’t read it all by myself, that’s where you come in. Good Luck.”

He leaves the class, shuts the door then proceeds to plant his own seeds in a field at his home.

He’d spent over 30 years being abused as a teacher and he’d had enough. He decided to see if the students would get it on their own without him.

The End

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Broke, Hungry & the Purple Cloth

After realizing that I had no home to go to and no money to spend, I sat idle in one spot.

I sat on a rock and received shade from a tree.

I’d fallen to the lowest point that I could ever imagine.

Playing back the memories at a soup kitchen of what led me to this point, I’d watched the people with power on a screen afar.

I thought about my family.

I thought about my friends.

I even remember my last bet.

I bet it all on a man laced with a purple cloth and after eating soup I was still hungry.

Being broke and hungry is like walking blind, and malnutrition is very embarrassing.

My bravery came after being beaten for eating some bread out of a nearby dumpster.

I guess the guy who owned it had loyal followers.

In life, you never know where you’re going to end up, and the possibilities are endless.

I have to assume, that, that’s where the idea of God came into play for man’s comprehension because as dead flesh rots away only life can clean it up and the spirit becomes invisible.

Nothing, yet something.

Here today, gone tomorrow, so, yes, nothing is certain.

Rotting in pity with conscience reasoning, mentally, and physically in pain.

I was a broke carpenter with two nail wounds and nothing to eat.

A man with a Purple cloth, Broke & Hungry.

Sorrowful like a farmer with too much sun and no rain.

I’d taken the test and I failed miserably.

Wandering the streets, my mind was like an empty grave, it felt like I was already dead.

When you’re broke and hungry, all you have to inspire you is a purple cloth.

You literally have no where to go.

Roving in circles, you’re the problem that no one can solve.

Broke, Hungry & the Purple Cloth

I guess we’re all here to prove a point and some things just don’t make sense, or should I say, “cents.”

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

The Purple Comic Book

I’d noticed my hometown in ruins.

To be honest, as a youth, attending Sunday school, I’d read something like this in the books of the prophets. Sloth, drugs, and all of the consistent filth that comes with a decaying species, but this type of crime fighting was nothing like the comic books. It took grit and guts, every last breath. I was literally trying to revive souls. Save them from the rotting and dirt that emerges from the night.

I knew I’d lost it when I turned on the news and heard about 20 drug houses being raided. In three weeks they were back on the streets dealing drugs again and the crime force had become too weak with many cops not willing to go the extra mile to protect a corrupt town.

A conversation I’d had with my late mom ran through my mind.

“David, what are you going to do about it?” She would say.

Taking everyone’s business into my man cave, I then donned my purple cape and began fighting crime.

My only power was complete rage.

Everything that I loved had been destroyed by drugs and crime.

Every challenge fueled me to awaken a town that was asleep.

Every night I’d watched righteous men falling to their knees giving in to the tainted underworld of street pushers.

My drive to empower and defend the crumbling city kept me busy.

Roving the town and fighting crime gave me a fierce presence. I became known as the Raging Ruler known for his purple cape. 

My last fight was a death match between me and a brutal kingpin. It was a raw knuckle death match and I won by choking the evil tyrant to death with the tail-end of my purple cape. Tightly holding his neck with no mercy until his body trembled to move no more, I looked him in his eyes while feeling his soul burning in hell. At his demise, I resurrected the city. A new day was born after his death. There was peace.

In victory, I handed the city back over to the people and, I, the Raging Ruler, known for his purple cape, went back underground while keeping a watchful eye on the next tyrant to emerge.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

A Good Story

Today I attended a service in the passing of a dear friend.

When I got home I donned my purple shirt and signature headband then went for a run.

Something had come over me.

When I got back from my run, I felt something in my spirit, so I turned on some gospel music in remembrance of my dear friend who was a devoted believer in Christ’s teachings.

There are still so many people holding on to the good story of Christ.

This thought kept repeating in my mind.

The hopeless find strength, the victim finds comfort, and the corrupt at heart find mercy.

Through all of the ups and downs even I shed a tear today.

I admit, I shed a tear for my friend and for the good story of Christ.

The God man who professed to be God himself to save us all from our sins.

Even I can’t let go of the amazing savior slash king of kings who rose on the third day defeating death.

Throughout the ages so many people have found faith and strength in the good story of Christ.

Losers have turned into winners, and enemies have turned into friends.

I confess, I received comfort today knowing that my friend is now a part of an even better story.

He spent his life as a believer.

I thank God for his humble presence today, I haven’t shed a tear in a while, but I did feel Christ with me today.

He’s not only the main character of a good story, but he’s a good friend.

Even if the story is made up, the reality is that a lot of good has come from it.

That makes me a believer that God is so merciful that he would come down and walk with his creation.

I found a good friend today.

He gave me the strength of 100 men today because at age 40 I completed my 4-5 mile run in 35 minutes.

Another new Good Story from an old Good Story of the resurrected Christ.

I’m going to feel the pain in the morning, but I ran like I was running from hell today.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

PussyCats & Dogs

One is gentle, and the other barks.

The concept of running in circles seems to never fade.

They fight til the death, while one runs, and the other chases. 

That could be why they can’t get married, they’re not the same.

One is a fuzzy PussyCat, and the other is a territorial Dog.

PussyCats & Dogs.