Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Castle on the Hill

Red and green was his colors.

He was a psychologist.

Tired of his profession he locked himself in his castle on the hill.

After two weeks, all of his friends and family came searching for him.

They knocked and called but got no answer.

Sitting in his dark drafty room this was his way of getting everyone’s attention.

The people needed him.

“I won’t move until I hear from this so called God,” he whispered to himself.

Realizing that he too had lost his mind he began to scream rambunctiously.

How long would he sit in isolation?

“Where is this God that all of my patients have been ranting about? Where are you?” he screamed, only to get no reply. 

Dr. Kinds stayed hidden in his castle til Christmas then finally came out.

In the dead of winter with a Santa hat on, he got in his car and drove to his practice as though it were a normal day.

Pulling up to a now inactive doctor’s office he began decorating for Christmas.

Word had spread pretty fast that he had returned from his solitude.

The truth was pretty clear that the town was lost without him.

There he sat watching everyone coming to greet him and catch-up.

“We’re glad to see you return. Why did you just disappear like that and ignore us all?” One of his friends asked.

He said nothing and just hugged her.

Realizing that he now had a packed building full of activity he began to play Christmas music. 

“Sir, are you okay?” Another friend asked.

He said nothing and turned up the music.

Standing at the top of the stairway with a bell in his hand, he began to dance and ring the bell.

Seeing that the building was spacious enough to dance everyone else began to dance as well.

Once the Christmas party died down Dr. Kinds finally said something.

He had everyone’s full attention.

“I sat in my castle for an entire twelve months until Christmas because I’m addicted to the joy that the holiday brings. I truly understand why they call it the most wonderful time of the year.”

After the party he left and returned to his castle on the hill only to remain hidden until the following Christmas.

Everyone got the message.

The End.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

My Man Cave

This is my home, this is where I go to escape the woes of reality.

This is where I go to regroup, meditate and read.

The first thing I do when I enter is empty out my pockets and prepare for the next day.

This is the place, my very own kingdom. What goes on in this cave is between me and my creator.

I’m thankful for my cave because only I know where it is. If the world comes looking for me good luck finding it.

My Man Cave

Friday, November 18, 2022

The Thankful Kicker

The team had literally fought to get into the playoffs. They fought tooth and nail to overcome an 0 and 7 start. They made the wildcard slot and managed to keep the score 14 to 14 until the final thirty seconds, in which they had the ball. They were on the opposing teams 40 yard line. It was now up to the kicker. The pressure was on, this was a love or hate situation. If he hit this field goal his team moved on and he would be a fan favorite for the rest of his life. If he missed it, the other team would be sending him a thank you letter. The stadium was so quiet that you could hear a pen drop. The snap was up. The kick was out. So far everything looked good, it had the distance, it went straight through the uprights. Success.

The Thankful Kicker.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Veterans Day

Realizing the kitchen was open for veterans in a ravaged neighborhood, my comrades and I ran in and ate everything. We even took some food back to our encampments. After stuffing our face, knowing that everyone was off to war, we ate seconds with plenty left over. We all got to enjoy the finer things in life. This was our only true taste of freedom, everyone left to fight while most of us veterans got to stay home and eat in the kitchens and serve ourselves for free. We even got to sleep in the homes left vacated because of the draft. I guess the pendulum of fortune finally swung our way because everything was left behind for us. Some of us even found new girl friends and wives. How odd was this, the tides had completely turned.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Mom, I want more

This story is special to me because it’s told from a different angle. It’s told from a woman observing a young male’s mind. I will not use color in this piece, but what was whispered in the young male’s mind is revealing. This piece exemplifies two kinds of power. To understand this piece is like watching a crow laced in all black feathers observing his surroundings. In observing this piece you will see things from the mind of a woman who speaks power into a weak young male’s mind.

Ryan is in church. He finds himself in a position to engage a certain type of crowd while not observing his surroundings. He has no clue that he’s being watched and assumes that the people around him are fools. The reality is that they are wise old servants who know his fullest potential. Standing, while attempting to impress the pastor he feels an older woman whisper into his ear.

“Steer your own ship. Why care? They don’t care about you. They feed you what’s left over while they don’t miss meals. Your heart is what led you here, not them.”

Ryan turns and looks the woman dead in her eyes. She spoke power into him. She gave him strength by telling him something that even his own wife never said. An old woman, on a fixed income who couldn’t provide any type of pleasure to this young man but gave him one thing, she spoke empowerment into this young man, words for him to realize his true potential to the world and people around him. Ryan had never been told anything encouraging, he’d been called everything but a man. Living with his mother and eating dinner, he finally figured it out. Now divorced, Ryan was left to die and grow old alone with his mother so his moment became evident, he spoke four words, “Mom, I want more.” 

His mother looked at him and said, “Well, what are you going to do about it?”

Real women speak life into a young man’s heart. Real women give young men perfect, undeceiving strength. They have the power to unleash a conqueror, they have the power to give life and speak it, young disciple, beware of those who don’t. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Owner’s Manual

Her fragrance was enough, but beauty at times can be deceiving. The craving to have what he wanted is what haunted Tod. A veteran of the Cold War found himself alone in a room with a recruit. This was a no no in the owner’s manual, but Tod was a rebel. It was his way or no way. Besides, he felt that the world owed him everything due to the pressure placed on his lonely mother who hung herself before he got accepted into the Marines. Often finding himself in odd situations, Tod was haunted by his past. After defiling the young recruit he contemplated the same death of his mother. In deep debt—suffering from depression and PTSD, Tod refused to give-in to his own demons. He was like a big monster in his town that everyone dreaded talking to. His porn addiction and toxic habits lead him to face what he feared the most, help. Standing at six foot three and one sniff away from overdosing, a book titled the Owner’s Manual fell from his bookshelf after he stumbled into it. The bookmark was a picture of his mother, it flew out of the book and landed next to his beer. High from cocaine, he thought he heard his mother talking to him telling him to finish the book. Not knowing his full strength, he decided to read the rest of the Owner’s Manual that night. Refusing to fall to sleep until the book was done that was all it took. The book gave him the instructions that he needed to better himself so he did. After his night of awakening, he took classes at the V.A. for his addictions. He admitted that his thoughts about suicide were there. Out of 1 to 10 survival odds, he overcame the battle that many people lose. Focusing on the empty seat at the V.A. for P.O.W.s, he donated his book titled the Owner’s Manual to help other veterans. The book focused on how everyone in life eventually will try to own something but why they often fail is because they over look the Owner’s Manual of what it takes to own themselves. Tod began to train his mind to take back his life, he was determined to take ownership of his own mind, body, and spirit. In the end, he did. Rising from rock bottom, his ability to turn to a higher more positive frequency saved him. All it took was to read the Owner’s Manual. The key to the Owner’s Manual had a lot to do with understanding creation and the power to choose between right and wrong. Tod found out that without a belief in a creator that life was meaningless. The whole time the instructions were in the Owner’s Manual. He just had to read it for himself and follow the instructions. Each piece of life had a purpose, and if put together properly then everything would workout just fine, but some people just fail to read the manual.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

The Gift of the Sun

What a joy!

What a wonder!

In my troubles, it still rises.

In my triumphs, it still rises.

On good days and bad days, it still rises.

When I do right and when I do wrong, it still rises.

Alone and on the streets hungry, it made me fruit to eat, a tree for shade, and light to see through the darkness.

I yearn to be like the Sun so I must keep rising.

Good, bad and ugly.

 Win, lose or draw.

I must keep rising like the Sun.

In the pouring rain the Sun’s shining box is wrapped in a rainbow…

The Gift of the Sun.