Saturday, January 30, 2021

The Love Triangles & Suicide Mountain ⛰

 “Judy, what are you doing up here?” Susie asked.

“What does it look like? I’m going to kill myself, and I heard that this is the mountain that everybody climbs to get it over with,” Judy replied.

“Is it Greg?”

“Yes, I’m pregnant, and he wants me to have an abortion. Janet is pregnant with his baby too,” Judy starts crying, “I don’t know what I’m going to do...Did you come up here to save me?”

Susie looks down, “Actually, I came up here to kill myself too. Ronnie’s been cheating on me with Teresa and I still love him.” 

“I don’t know if I want to do this Susie, look at all of the bones down there. Maybe we should go home and see what tomorrow brings,” Judy says as they both decided to call off their plans to jump off of suicide mountain.

After Judy broke up with Greg and had the baby she had such a hard time getting out of the love triangle. Greg came around quite a bit and even tried to get intimate with Judy but her conscience wouldn’t let him in. After getting visitation rights to see his child, Greg and Judy settled with just being friends. Susie on the other hand stayed with Ronnie and stayed in her love triangle for 30 years. She ended up having a son who grew up to win 7 straight Super Bowl titles. As hard as it was to move on, everyone involved in the love triangle somehow kept things going. In the end, Judy got married to her landlord and Susie got tangled up in a few more love triangles and had four more kids. She and Judy stayed friends and spent every Valentine’s Day climbing suicide mountain ⛰ as therapy to cope with the woes of the world.

The End 

Friday, January 29, 2021

The Journey to the Edge of the Earth 🌍

The powder blue sky is what made Captain James wonder, “It’s time to explore the rough seas,” he told his men.

Heaving the ropes to anchor the ship, the thirst for adventure seeped into Captain James’s mind. 

“We will sail the rough seas tomorrow to journey to the edge of the earth,” Captain James confirmed.

No one dared object to Captain James. It was his way or no way. While watching the anchor lift from the sea his men knew there was no turning back now. Walt, one of Captain James’s few apprentices felt the hot sun on his neck and wondered why the thirst for more in some men never dies. Facing the wooden hull of the ship he wondered why some people were just never satisfied. The entire village watched as a crew of men voyaged from their shores out to sail to the edge of the earth, only to realize that the earth was round. They fought off huge sea monsters and weathered the horrific storms in search for adventure. They journeyed thinking that they would soon float into the night sky. 

The reality was that the village people would never see Captain James or his crew again. The long journey led many of the crew members to their death and once Captain James found out that there was land on the other side of the world his ship came crashing ashore and he was killed by savage tribes. Seizing his ship, the savage tribe’s communication lead them to believe that aliens were on the other side of the earth so they got curious but were not smart enough to build or sail the rough seas. The village of Hymn, where Captain James sailed from, believed that the earth was flat, when Captain James and his crew never returned, the people of Hymn figured they fell off of the edge of the earth. No one from their village was brave enough or smart enough to ever try it again, but what we see in this story are multiple mind sets. The mind set of Captain James when he believed the earth was flat only to find out that it was round. After that fact, you have the mind set of the content people, who were not brave enough to explore, and lived out the rest of their life in their comfort zone telling the story of Captain James and actually believing that he was crazy. What we can learn from this story is that those who are brave enough to fight the battle and die young are not actually crazy but have the gift to push others past the fear of death. Captain James not only found out that the earth was round but he also found out that their was life after death and he alone was brave enough to face the inevitable. 

To live by rules will eventually drive you to the edge; to sit in one spot will eventually make you want to explore, but those who are trapped often cannot venture out without a leader to guide them to freedom. For the world is your’s to explore, and even if you die yearning to find new places, death is just another discovery.

At least you tried.

The Journey to the Edge of the Earth 🌍 

Monday, January 25, 2021

The First Musician

 It was a quiet day, then bam-boom-pow...

Big Bad Jimmy had just made something brand new ohh-wee, this was it baby!

Tender sweet legs and candy all over the place... it was a new way to party, a new way to mingle, a new way to get down jingle-jam-wooptie-dooo, laaa-laaa-laaa sweet Jones.

Big Bad Jimmy got it right, it was the master equation to come alive sista Coleen and Terry Lewis they got down tooo.

People was hop-scotchin and sea-poppin this was it...

Spinning tops with soul sweet sounds...jumpin too the roof caved in and the floor collapsed, you dig.

Shoo-bee-doowop-tootilitooo-jam master slam-skip to my looo.

A new flavor of the funk, God himself had come to get down on the dance floor on earth...

The First Musician was real and when others witness the power, the feeling, and the tip tappin-soul-train saga, they learned how to boogie down tooo.



Half note, full note, octave Granny... get down and 💃🏻 dance disco Tammy.

Hiphop-beebox-rock-rap-til you drop and roll Susie Q...

Come alive on yo death bed and jam Big Teddy

The swag, the groove of sound with jazz, blues notes and country jingles too...


Play on DJ Brown...

Melodies of sound...

Organized noise to scratch, mix and move to...

The First Musician 

Saturday, January 23, 2021

“It Be Like That”

A woman tells a man that she’s a virgin and is pregnant by God. He believes her story, she gives birth, and the man raises the child.

Why do people ask for mercy while many show no mercy when they have everything? Who is the merciful?

There’s nothing wrong with having pride in your native culture, but most people abandon their own people for the finer things in life then demonize their own people. Is a burning farm cooking live meat for the firefighters to eat?

What pleasure do leaders get when they own the world and live in big mansions while the tax payer suffers?

Are you taking an oath to protect the people or selling your soul to the devil?

Why are things worth more when you have nothing to lose?

I spoke with a nurse today and she told me that B.S. is once you’ve realized that you’ve worked so hard only to die while the ignorant lives you’ve saved live in peace. 

The myth says that the death angel is alive my friends, it says that he roams the world evening out the score. He’s listening as she gives birth to new life. We all hide from him but when he shows up is it really over? Who knows? Maybe the miracles are eternal.

In your happiness be mindful of those cheated along the way for they’ve set themselves back 1,000 years and want a piece of the pie.

Be mindful of history, it opens doors to the reality of the future.

Probability teaches us that a child living on an island must master the art of water to survive.

Slavery teaches us that wisdom, power, knowledge and freedom are worth more than anything the world has to offer.

On my last dollar I ate dinner with an illiterate child whose face had been halfway burned off and his arm had been sawed off by a wealthy doctor who saved his life. We sat in a restaurant and watched his favorite team lose. Broke with nowhere to go I said, “Damn, I spent my last dollar so you could live another day.” He responded, “It Be Like That.” He’s a genius.

The End.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Little Sammy

 “Are you okay Sammy?” Gracie asked.

Sammy took a hard look at Gracie, “Do I look like I’m okay? That stupid bastard took my lunch money, and I’m hungry Gracie.”

Gracie giggled, “Big Darnel sure has a way of pushing us all around.”

After being humiliated in front of the whole school, Little Sammy went to his Christian friends but all they did was pray, Sammy needed some help quick. Maybe his cousin was the answer to his prayers because after he left his Christian crew to be honest they loved God but when it came time to meet him most of them always backed out.

Little Sammy was tired, Big Darnel and all of his stupid goons had been bullying Little Sammy every since he started school. Not only had Little Sammy been sent home bruised up but they were using him to cheat on test. It was clear that Little Sammy was fed up with stupid bullies so he turned to his street cousins for some help.

“Wuz up little Cuddy? Ain’t seen you in a while,” Big Terry said to his favorite cousin.

Sammy took his sun glasses off.

Big Terry couldn’t believe his eyes, “Daaaaamn what happened to yo face?”

“That’s what I came here for, I need some backup. This guy Big Darnel and his gang are really going to kill me if I don’t do something,” Sammy explained.

The next day Little Sammy showed his cousin who Big Darnel was. As soon as Big Terry saw him he shoved him up against the school building, “Listen here Little Hitler, if you got a problem with my peeps then we need to settle this now.”

Big Darnel was shook, he nearly pissed his pants after Big Terry manned up on him.

Once Big Darnel knew Little Sammy had backup that was it. He never messed with Little Sammy again. As a matter of fact, he’s been nice to Sammy even til present day. I guess even street folks have some place in the world. When Little Sammy grew up he paid his cousins back by putting them all on their feet and they still have his back til this day. Every battle has a different solution, Little Sammy knew he was smaller than his enemies so he found an equivalent solution and he won. To him, there was no other way out, he had nothing to lose because his entire future was at stake. At some point eventually people have to fight; in Little Sammy’s case, he could only take so much.

The End.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Conscience Dream

 It was an ordinary day and for some odd reason I’d been trying to examine the word: “good”. While in deep thought, I’d set back to reflect over my own life and tried to make sense of all of my conscience decisions to see if I were a good person. No one is perfect but I really needed to examine myself. It was close to midnight and I had a handful of decisions to make: 

1. I could end my own life.

2. I could indulge in a bad habit.

3. I could fall to sleep.

4. Or I could read a book.

After a hard week, I figured I’d sleep; get some much needed rest. I enjoy living and I’d had too many people invested in my life to let them down. While I was asleep I had a dream 🛌. I dreamed about people. They were all good people and the feeling was good. They’d shown me something very meaningful in life while in my dream. They’d shown me love. The love was so strong that I woke up happy. This is what a good conscience feels like. It’s defeating your negative thoughts and feelings. It’s feeding your good conscience so you can dream of a better world, a better reality so that your dreams can come true. I dreamed of a better world. It helped me believe in something greater, something worth living for. This dream gave me hope. I could be a better man, I could build something—move mountains. Now I know this may sound strange but although I have a choice like everyone else to do good or bad, this dream saved me. I let go of the bad things and held on to the belief in my dream that this life is worth living. The dream that there’s good in the world. Yielding to my conscience mind, I sat a piece of glass on the table to reflect the sunlight and noticed many different colors on the table. Someone saw those colors and dreamed of a camera. There’s meaning in life, and I guess I too have a purpose. I have a chance to shine some light into a dark world just like my dream. I then woke up and began to paint better pictures of the world. Just like the sun my artwork shined light into a dark room. 

One good dream opened my eyes too something better; One good dream saved my life—Picked me up and helped me see my own power to make the world better.

The conscience dream 🛌 💭 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021



Comma here, period there...

I forgot the dishwasher liquid, but here’s the soap...

She’s a great person, but...

That dude can kick at practice but when it comes to the game...

I’m paying you for this crap, I want my money back because you did a terrible job...

That movie was good, but...

Oh, how I try and I try to be perfect, but...

My team is undefeated, but...

Woe, they just killed a perfect person.

I wonder what he did wrong?

Friday, January 8, 2021

The Streets

 I can hear the echoes of a dreamer but first I have to get you to understand this dreadful place that I recall so dearly...

A place where people often leave never to return...

It’s a condition for some but a reality for many...

We cannot pretend like we don’t know this place exists but I swear to you it’s real.

No one wants to be bothered with this pit of the earth but it’s still around and has been for centuries...

A place where there’s not much love...

A place where most babies never get to see the light of day...

A place where drugs rule the households...

A place where the seat of a father is often empty...

Gunshots fired in the heat of the night, where friends die young...

A place where odd things occur when people see miracles and beautiful flowers... miracles that make watchers paranoid with no empathy while indulging in the green leaf...the forbidden plants. Cheap is a better deception of saving to be rich, it’s a lie, don’t fall victim pay close attention to your financial advisor’s wristwatch because he or she is supposed to be on call.

To dream is a gift in this place, but the hunger to escape is real...

Women cry often in this place, they’re bumped and bruised up...rough; attractive little girls get molested and raped, many now have artistic symbols embedded on their sugarcoat it would be unauthentic and fog up the message. The message that I have to make clear.

Girls cut themselves for love and content, they find hope in gospels of fairytales...a social worker’s puzzle.

Don’t be amazed if you see different shades of hair and fake eye colors with little boys checking the mirror. I’ve been in this state of mind, therefore, I’m a witness, but you must come as you are for change to take place.

You can run and you can hide but no matter what color you are this place is real.

School dropouts, bars and scares from prisons...

Speeches of kings who observe the forgotten people that are handpicked when they have a lot to offer. 

Tribes emerge in this place, they emerge because the only thing they know are the streets and they have to mark their territory.

The solution is simple, at the end of the day join hands with your brothers and sisters and comfort them when they cry, lift your voice in a song if you’re suffering and sit still when you’re hungry so your fuel to find something to eat can last. 

The keys to survival are to read everything around you because those who made it out have left clues; stay away from things that clog up your system and thoughts because the voice of reason is more powerful than any man can deceive; find a program that is good for you because wasted time is another lost opportunity and never forget that a dream is always a light in a dark place. Here’s a bonus clue: Fun in the streets often doesn’t end well so learn the languages that people use to communicate. God’s language is always peace.

Lastly, keep this in mind when you walk down a dark alley, if you find out how the street light works— you yourself will be the new light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Sweet dreams,

The Streets 

Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Swamp (Director’s Cut)

Mr. President: “The media called me last night but I didn’t answer... I mean why should I answer? Everything they say about me is all a lie... oh boy here comes COVID, the president did it, but believe me I wanted $2,000 for struggling starving Americans did they report on it? ‘No!’ because they’re all cheaters and that is why we should burn it all down. Yep, burn it all down. And get this, they cheated so badly in this last election because they are just rotten evil people. They’re bad people...I got elected (Applause)...I got elected so I could drain the swamp but do they appreciate it? That is why we must overturn this disgrace of an election. We must go right through those gates and show them that we mean business...”

President Elect: “As Americans we must be brave and stand up in the face of adversity. Voting is our civic duty...that is why I’m demanding that the current President face the American people instead of backing down...”

Security: “Oh my God they’ve breached the front gates, save yourselves!”

Insurgent: “Hey, get a picture of me sitting in the speaker’s chair while little Alex waves his gun at the cameras. You know my tax dollars paid for all of this, did I get a stimulus check out of this? No! That is why we must drain the swamp so every American can get a piece of the American dream.”

Little Alex: “Well, what do we do next Pa?”

Director: “Cut! Let’s play that Presidential speech back one more time it needs to be more real. Remember folks this is a reality show for the American people. It needs to be real. We need more acting.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

🖤 Black Hearts

 The last thing I heard her say was that love was a condition that two fools choose...

At that moment I felt a tingle in my heart as I watched her leave... Now you have to image a young man in my state of mind, my state of thought...

I’d seen wild and crazy things happen over and over again...

I’d witness loved ones get drunk and high as I always tried to be the better man... The savior, the good guy...

A peacemaker, a god fearing man...only to find out that this human thing is rough.

Am I an angel for wanting to see people do better with their life?

Am I wrong for telling her the truth about herself?

Am I wrong for dreaming of a better world only to be let down?

Like a priest watching holy girls lose their virginity only to abort their first child...I’m alone.

I’m like a superhero that’s fed up with saving the world.

I’m like the black Christ sending all sinners to hell.

I’m like the black sheep that sees the shepherd and his flock for their true colors...

Is love real?

Does love really exist?

As she left from the car I saw two worlds, one was light and filled with hope the other was dark and cold.

I saw lonely people on their knees with black broken hearts and tarnished pawned wedding rings.

There is no love; her words were clear, love is a condition between two fools.

At the end of the night I took my last dollars—paid my bills, cooked me something to eat then fell to sleep in a quiet room.

The next morning I found myself sketching a picture of a black heart on a blank piece of paper while laying in the same spot I fell to sleep in.

No love for her, no love for country, no love left for anyone, I just let it all go.

Just me and a sketch of a black heart 🖤 

Goodbye cruel world. 


I got sucked into a black hole 🕳 with black hearts.