Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Selfish Mike

 If Mike was anything he was selfish.

I mean this guy thought about himself every minute, day, and hour.

He had pictures of himself everywhere and enough was never enough for him.

Even while his people were starving, Mike still wanted more. 

His friends were no different, these guys racked in billions every month and when people stole from them they were brutal. So brutal that they felt no empathy when unleashing their fury.

When asked why he never shared, Mike gave one simple response, “If I give them some, they’ll want more until I have nothing left to give. If I give them nothing, they’ll hate me, but they won’t ask.” 

Mike was so selfish that when charity came knocking he never answered.

The guy was definitely in one lane.

He had everything because he saw no point in sharing.

He smacked his wife around just for asking for a piece of his pie.

He spanked his son just for asking for an allowance.

The guy was so selfish that he wouldn’t eat or sit with anyone else but himself.

His gold was his, his house was his, to him everything was his and no one could take that from him.

When asked about the poor, he would respond, “If they can beg, they can get a job as an announcer. If they can go to church and pray they can work for the reverend.”

I mean the guy would say everything that no one wanted to hear and some people hated him but his friends loved him because he had everything.

To Mike he was the man, and other selfish people just like him envied the guy.

They bought all of his books, clothes, and would pay millions just to be around him.

Mike was so selfish that he even built a statue of himself and would hug it and even have people pray to it at times.

The guy took it so far to even call himself a God and people believed it.

The guy was so envied that his followers actually worshipped him.

He was on a pedestal.

Mike had a town, a street, and even buildings named after him.

Well, I’m exhausted explaining how selfish Mike was, is, and always will be.

I mean the guy is so selfish that every time I think about him, I share.

And that’s the story of selfish Mike.

Even when people hoped he would change, the point is they hoped, but Mike was Selfish Mike.

The End.

Saturday, June 24, 2023

How the Deer says Hello

 I’m not an animal enthusiast but I somewhat understand body language.

While running through the park, I noticed a lot of deer today. Animals are special in the sense that they handle their duties. 

A deer runs swiftly and has significant spiritual meaning.

A deer is good for plant and soil enrichment.

In the midst of my run, they took a liking as they became my audience today. 

I think they rather enjoyed my company because they didn’t run; both male and female just sat and watched. 

After seeing a red cardinal land right in front of me I assumed that the animals were trying to communicate.

Maybe they wanted to say hello.

On a hot sunny day they seemed to be having a good time watching me try to outlast Father Time by running from my older self.

I also noticed the dogs taking a liking to my stride.

I’ve come to the reckoning that animals must love watching people exercise.

They seem to have a sense of humor.

I’m assuming that they were welcoming me into their park. 

I’m assuming they were saying Hello.

Maybe they thought I was an animal.

Since none of them chased me while running, I’ll just conclude that they were saying hello.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

A Good Friend

“Dad, what makes a good friend?” Gina asked her dad after her first day at school.

“Someone who cares, and who loves at all times,” her father replied.

These words followed Gina all the way til graduation. She’d seen friends come and go.

She’d made it all the way to thirty-five and there he was still opening up the door for her and admiring her time. It was Oscar, he’d been by her side from day one. Now single without anyone to love, Gina listened to her father. Sitting alone by her phone he’d become the voice in her head after her father died. Oscar proved himself to be a good friend.

He cared, and he loved at all times.

The End.

Monday, June 19, 2023

Super Black

Swarming around like bees, oh god, Tina had been sucked into a blackhole. 

This was a job for Super Black.

The superhero that defies all odds. The superhero with everything stacked against him. The superhero that even has to fight against his own people.

Super Black

The invisible deity whose history has been wiped away. The superhero whose entire bloodline has been cursed by the woes of an oppressed past filled with brutality, hatred, and carnage. Who dare fight by his side? The superhero with all odds stacked against him. Privileged by sorrowful guilt and neglect. A superhero with the power to keep rising even when facing off against his own flesh and blood. 

It is he;

Super Black.

The single man that gets up everyday facing the woes of reality and the conspiracy of the dollar bill. The superhero untrusted but must fight the conspiracy of a brainwashed society.

Super Black.

The invisible superhero who just for being super black is labeled the first black superhero.

He’s known by so many names but in this story he’s the hero. 

Super Black.

Reality is his custom and reality gives him the strength to keep it real.

Hope everyone had a Happy June 19th.

In honor of the superheroes who fought to end slavery so that the world could believe in super black hero’s.

To the slaves who got knocked down daily but kept rising to see the sun.

With one strike of the whip, he flies in to fight with those fighting with the republic, glory glory, it’s him. It’s Super Black.

A Beautiful Poem

Today I have a day off.

I have a chance to take a look at a beautiful world.

I have a chance to reflect.

I have a chance to think.

I have a chance to be kind.

I have a chance to be a friend.

I have a chance to explore.

I have a chance to make money.

I have a chance to be educated.

I have a chance to worship.

I have an opportunity for salvation.

No one is forcing me to do anything unless I allow it.

I guess I’m free to choose my path.

That’s a beautiful thing.

I guess I’m free.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

The Rainbow Massacre

“Do you see what they have done to your promise?” General Gabriel informed the superior ruler.

“They taunt you all powerful. The spies have informed me of these unusual vibes.”

The superior ruler stood tall, “Do they bow to me?”

“No Sir, they do not bow to you. They’ve forgotten. They’re ignorant and refuse to read, ” General Gabriel replied.

“Send down disease and my purification army. I will cleanse my planet. Have I not been merciful?” The supreme ruler said.

“So you want genocide?” The commander of the Black army asked.

These were skilled and tactical warriors, so the supreme ruler chose his words carefully because an army sent to kill will kill and an army sent to cleanse will clean house.

“No, it will be my cleansing, have I not been merciful enough? Have I not given them a promise? I am that I am, and I will not be taunted. I will be glorified. I must purify their blood.” 

In the end it was done. The supreme ruler unleashed carnage and extinction bringing all creation to their knees. They begged for his mercy and those who knew him were spared. The rest stood at his seat of judgement, all they had to do was worship him for mercifully creating them. Instead they chose to defile his will for them and for that they paid the price.

The End.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

The Colorful Universe

 I left this place. 

As I began to float, I felt my soul leave my body.

All of my thoughts and sad realities were gone.

It was like magic.

No more mysterious thoughts.

No more sad prophecies.

No more tricks, no more confusion.

“Sweetheart, wake up. Welcome home,” she said.

Mystified, I had no clue where I was. Shortly after I heard a kid.

“Where am I?” I asked.

“It’s me. Your wife, and this is your son, Junior. You don’t have to be afraid to love anymore. You’re home, get comfortable.”

At that moment I felt at peace. I felt alive. I looked outside and saw a colorful universe. My mind and thoughts were no longer tangled in a web of confusion.

“I miss you dad,” my son said.

For a moment I felt alive. I kissed my son and my wife in another life. I was no longer tied down by the woes of reality. No child support. No legal notices. No arguments or disagreements. No thoughts of infidelity. No lonely nights fighting the feeling. No deception or virtual stimulation, I was at home. No collateral lust. I wasn’t afraid anymore of the consequences. 

This was my heaven. My family. 

Looking out of the window, we all watched planet Earth in the late night sky.

No more sins of slavery. No more uncertain vibes. Just a colorful universe with me, my wife, and my son.

At peace, I hugged my wife, read my son a bedtime story, and lived the rest of eternity in a far away colorful universe filled with colorful stars.

“I love you,” she said with certainty.

“I love you too sweetheart,” I replied.

“Goodnight dad, I love you.” Junior said.

“Goodnight Junior, I love you too,” I replied.


Monday, June 12, 2023

Father Hightower

 “Dad, are you okay? I can’t breathe. Dad,” Kenny said over and over again as the fire crew pulled him out of the rubble.

The next evening Kenny found himself in the intensive care unit. He could barely feel his legs.

“Hello!” He shouted, but got no answer.

Shortly after, a nurse stepped into his hospital room.

“Hi Mr. Hightower, my name is Amy, and I will be your nurse for this evening,” Amy said changing Kenny’s iv bag.

“It was just morning. What happened to me? Where is my dad?” Kenny asked.

“Someone blew up the tower next to the building that you were in. At the moment we don’t have a clear number of who actually survived,” the nurse replied.

“What about my dad? Please tell me he’s alive.”

The silence hurt Kenny more than anything else. Him and his father were at the museum next door to the world famous King Tower celebrating Father’s Day before someone set off a bomb protesting the arrival of one of the most hated political figures in the world. Kenny stayed up night after night waiting to hear some good news about his father. His entire life he’d faced so many challenges, but his father was not only his dad but his best friend. The silence led him to accept the fact that his father didn’t make it. Kenny had no known living relatives left at least that he knew of. He cried and he cried. He prayed and he prayed, but got no answers. 

During his therapy he just sat there. He literally had no motivation to live. It got even worse after the nurse told him that he would never walk again. For the rest of Kenny’s life he would have to use his brain to survive. Time slowly went by and Kenny spent night after night thinking about his father. The next Father’s Day while shifting through the paper he noticed that they started rebuilding the tower that was bombed. Contemplating suicide, he frantically searched for his father’s gun but instead stumbled across a picture under his mattress. Mystified by the odds of him finding a picture of him and his father underneath his mattress where the gun was Kenny became fascinated with the paranormal. It was almost as though the picture was in the right spot at the right time. It was as though time itself left Kenny a message. Now crawling to get to his wheelchair, he mistakenly hit the TV remote and turned the TV on, stumbling across the top story of the year, he saw his face on the screen as being the only person to have survived the attack. At this point Kenny’s mind began to try and reason with fate and purpose. How could he be the only survivor? He also noticed that the picture of he and his father had slipped off of the bed with the edge pointing towards his dad’s old coffee cup. The cup read:

“If I’m not drinking from this cup then it must belong to Junior now.”

This somber moment changed Kenny’s perspective about his state of thinking. He began to realize that he had to have a purpose in life so he began to reach out to the other families affected by the blast. He became driven. 

Kenny spent the rest of his life being a father like figure to the victims. He became known as Father Hightower. In this story we can all learn something about manhood. Kenny had lost not only his ability to walk, but he also lost his best friend, his father. The ripple effect of another man’s hatred and decision to terrorize a city loved building made Kenny realize that he could throw in the towel or make something out of a terrible situation. Ironically, a tower that fell caused another tower to rise. Father Hightower spent the rest of his life being a friend and father to his huge family of victims who lost loved ones in the attack. He attended the graduations of each victim’s children and made sure each person lost in the attack was remembered. Every year on Father’s Day he would take out an ad on the huge billboard nearby and place the picture that he found of he and his father on it. Now certain that whoever was communicating with him from the other side, reflecting on what it meant to him, he knew it was his dad. The first Father Hightower. He carried on his dad’s name and became a father to many more.

The End.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Hard Knock

 In her womb she held a child.

On Father’s Day the child’s father dropped her off and left her at a hospital to give birth.

She gave birth to a little girl and she named her Sadie.

The birth was so bad that the doctor gave her a choice, he said, “If you have this child there is a good chance that you might bleed to death.”

She decided to go on with the labor plans.

Barely alive, she held the child, cried, smiled, then named her and died in her sleep.

Her last words to the doctor were, “Doctor, tell the world that this is my gift to them even after so many have shown me no mercy.”

That’s just the beginning of this hard knock story.

The goal is to put you inside of a mind that suffers severely from birth, you see some of you are comfortable so you may not soak in this message.

Her name is Sadie and she was put up for adoption after  the death of her mother because she had no one to care for her.

Sadie found inspiration in every lesson learned in her life.

She was a special child at birth because her mother gave her life so that she could live.

That alone makes it a special story.

Friends were at the root of her problems because she learned the hard way and that’s the fact that her meal had to come without them.

Her friends watched her get severely beaten at the age of 13, they sat and watched.

Smiles; no, they forgot about her on every birthday.

Love; no, she sat alone in a jail cell just for trying to see  her real cousins. The charge was stealing records from the recorders office.

What voices were in her head?

What motivated her to change her life around?

Growing up very attractive, she hugged a Godly man only to be stabbed in the chest to bleed to death by his other mistress and left in the cold to die.

The knife just missed her heart.

Like God, she became a selfish woman and what feeds the spirit manifested out of the soul.

She became angry, but by nature she was a good person.

Work became her best friend, she became afraid to love.

Lost in a world filled with devious ambitions she had to train her mind to think positive.

In the end, she swam across the ocean, she flew across the world, and she built the first single vessel space ship and landed on the moon. 

There is a point to this story because Sadie only crossed paths with her real father three times in her life.

The point is that the harder it got, the harder she tried.

Her mother died so that her daughter’s story could be told, but it only got told after she got up over 8,000 times.

After the last hard knock, her mother opened the gates of heaven to let her in and hugged her so that she could learn to love again.

Hard Knock.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The World War Crystals

 “Dear friend, awake,” Jacob said to the battered servant.

Sasha had never known what war was like.

“Where is my husband and children?” Sasha replied.

“I’m sorry but no one survived the blast but the people here,” Jacob said reaching into his bag for some bread.

“Here, eat this, I found you by the blast and carried you to my colony.”

Very tired, hungry, and weak, Sasha took bites out of the bread. She had no time to grieve. People where still hiding in dugout bunkers so things were moving pretty fast.

“So what happened?” She asked.

“It was a world war, but I think it’s over. After they dropped the bomb, everything went silent. No TV, no radio, just us here in this colony.” Noticing her discomfort, he hurried to grab her something soft out of his chest.

“We searched and search for survivors, but I got lucky and found you. Sadly, I don’t know if anyone else survived the blast.” Jacob said while Sasha got comfortable. He then sat down closer to his campfire and began looking through his old worn out pictures.

“They’re all gone, the day we all prayed to never come came,” Jacob said in a very sad tone.

As the nutrients from the bread seeped into her veins, her eyes were now wide open. She could smell the residue of fresh bomb gases flowing into her already tainted lungs.

“Oh God.” She said seeing bandaged survivors.

“God didn’t do this friend. We did. We just can’t seem to get along. We did this to ourselves, and now we have to rebuild a better world so whoever survives never sees this happen again. Everything we took for granted is gone. All gone,” Jacob explained.

“Well, if we have to start over, we will need crystals,” Sasha said finishing up the bread.

“What will crystals do?” Jacob asked.

“It’s a gift from the sun. I think that’s what my dream was telling me when you found me passed out.”

“A gift from the sun, are you some kind of scientist?”

Hearing a baby screaming in the distance Sasha pointed to the moon.

“Do you see how it glows? Do you see the stars in the night sky. Everything works quietly with purpose. If the sun provides crystals everything will be okay.” 

The next morning Jacob and a crew of men began to talk over things about Sasha’s visions of crystals.

Caught up in a ball of confusion Jacob and his men prepared to search for Sasha’s treasure.

Waking up, Sasha noticed them opening the colony gates. With the little strength she had, she hurried to stop them.

“What are you doing? You told us to find crystals.”Jacob said as she stood in front of the gate blocking the path.

At moments time it began to snow.

“These are the crystals I was referring to. They are gifts from the sun. We can melt them and drink them and use them to rebuild. Give it time, when the sun completely shines through the clouds they will make us a new river to drink from and harvest food,” Sasha explained.

The people slept in custom built homes, heated with fiery wood furnaces as it snowed on and off for forty days. 

Watching the sun come out as the seasons changed gave the people hope in Sasha’s dream. It was very quiet now. 

“I guess the war is over.” Jacob said.

“Yes, now let the snow crystals be our sign of peace that God has not left us but just like everything new, he wants us to start over.” Sasha replied.

The World War was now over and the children made snow angels in the left over snow while everyone else embraced a new beginning.

The End.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

1 Million Heroes

There they are, trying to save the world.

In literature the concept of a hero is someone always trying to save the world.

In the story, there are good guys, and bad guys. The hero is supposed to be the good guy that runs in to save a potential victim from harm. A hero can come in many forms.

In a sense, the hero finds no actual comfort because he or she spends their entire life trying to save the world. He or she rarely has time for family and friends.

It’s a great concept.

The bad guy is a great concept also. He or she sees reality and people for their darker wants and needs. They tend to see things from the angle of truth rather than innocence.

The bad guy at times is also known as evil, but in reality there’s something more going on in the fight between heroes and villains.

How do we all perceive ourselves and our surroundings plays a major part in each concept?

How a wise man thinks is the first step. If a man thinks that a hero can’t save people that don’t want to be saved, then that man sees things totally different.

At that moment, the true comprehension is reasoning with how the mind works.

So after seeing people die from overdoses, after being in terrible relationships, after helping people over and over again, the quote comparing a hero to a tragedy, brings on the question of if one million people are trying to play the hero, the real question is what role does the other billion play?

On a personal note, witnessing someone suffer right in front of me, I learn what I’m afraid of. What I fear the most is a world with no heroes. A world of people who simply sit back and watch. 

The End.