Friday, October 30, 2015

Pink Cobra and the haunting of Dr. Pinker

Two patients sit in the same room at the doctors, one was admitted because he tried to hurt himself and the other checked in with cancer. The nurse comes in with a pink cobra mask on dressed for Halloween. The patient who tried to hurt himself was given a blue pill and the cancer patient was given a pink pill. While they laid there drowsy from the meds Dr. Pinker walks in the room in normal clothes.
"Why aren't you wearing a costume?" the patient who tried to hurt himself asked.
Dr. Pinker responds, "Because I don't believe in Halloween."
 The patient with cancer gets up out of the bed,
"Well than why do you dress like a doctor everyday?"
 The nurse in her pink cobra mask opens a tray with two shiny apples.
"Where's the pills?" the patient with cancer asks.
"Here you two eat these apples, they will open your eyes," the nurse says.
"But I can already see you," the patient who tried to hurt himself responds- picking up the apple and smashing it on the wall. The patient with cancer then gets up from the bed to leave.
"Where are you going?" Dr. Pinker says blocking the door.
"Are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost," he says standing his ground.
 The patient with cancer then walks straight through Dr. Pinker as though he where not even real. The patient who tried to hurt himself starts to punch himself in the face. Then when he looked at the nurse she looked like she had two pink cobra heads.
 "O my God it's Medusa," he screams.
Dr. Pinker slams the door, "Okay I have had it up to here. That's enough," he says pulling out a needle.
"The sign out in the lobby says no sharp objects allowed in the building!" the patient with cancer yells. The nurse grabs her and throws her to the bed. The patient who tried to hurt himself shouts,"Don't look into her eyes!"
He then runs to the window painted on the wall and slams into the painting. Dr. Pinker injects him with the needle while the nurse calms the cancer patient. The room grows silent and the sound of patients in the other rooms are heard echoing through the walls. The cancer patient sits there curled up in her bed,
"God help me!" She screams.
 A loud announcement then comes over the PA system,
 "Code blue room 305."
The doctor runs out of the room while the patient who hurt himself lays passed out on the floor. A kid then walks by the open door and starts to scream as the nursing light blinks on and off. The nurse stands there in her pink cobra mask. The cancer patient lays there shaking, "O Lord, I've checked into the hunted house."

Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Babbling Creation" and the "Pink Baby Syndrome"

Doctors in the shadows.
Searching for a cure.
Crying eyes in front of colors dark and bright alike.
Outlasting days and cheating death in search of life itself.
People disguised as heavenly creatures.
Putting up a fight.
Babies wrapped in blankets sitting at your doorstep.
Discovered late at night.
Crying to their parents claiming life isn't fair.
Little dirty dolls with pink combs slithering through their hair.
Tears falling from a mother filled with love.
Fading patterns of time seen as days fly by like doves.
Oceans with waves then calm winds at sea.
Left alone in the doctor's office with the future in his hands.
Pink babies dressed up turning blue and a doctor left unknown.
One day the baby will grow and cure the pink baby syndrome.
Sitting alone by the sea searching for a cure.
Babies walking on water who will give them a chance.
Only time will tell which one will be chilly, like winter breeze.
Mother and father's hoping that even through discipline the baby will obey.
The blessings of earth in every step of the way.
Who will find the cure to save the day.
As time passes and birds fly the doctor must endure.
Patients coming and going searching for a cure.
I have another chance the doctor says out loud.
More time on earth to grow more like a child.
Is the "Pink Baby Syndrome" real?
Or is it a doctor cheating death with his hands tied up in pills.
Only time will tell as the child grows old.
Who will find a cure?
Babbling on in history, giving life a reason.
Pink babies needing care.
When it's all said and done...
Who will be there?
Through the bad times and good.
Even when the child is misunderstood.
Wearing clothing with fancy hoods.
Speaking words like adults.
Cancer spreading like weeds.
Growing from the ground like seeds.
O the changes life can bring when the child finds its love.
History in his or her hands.
Like mothers and fathers waking up.
To cure the syndrome we just pray that they never...ever...give up.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pink Steel

"Welcome back Mr. Steel."
"Yes, it's good to be back. What is my task? Mr. Steel replies.
"Well I want you to stop one thing for me, by the way my name is Johnny," the man says taking a seat.
"What would you like for me to stop?"
"I own some property and since the price of steel has declined I need you to burn down some buildings so I can collect the insurance." Johnny explains to Mr. Steel with a very serious demeanor.
"Why would I do something like that. That is a crime," Mr. Steel says becoming very uncomfortable.
"Mr. Steel you have cancer and you have to pay the bills. I am giving you a price to stay alive. Do you see any of these doctors giving you this opportunity? Johnny says really catching Mr. Steel's full attention.
"Don't you get it, if you don't have any money you're a dead man," Johnny explains to Mr. Steel as he has no idea who this man is.
Mr. Steel gets up from the table and attempts to exit the room but the door is locked.
Johnny sits back in his chair.
"You have to make a choice Mr. Steel."
Johnny pulls out a contract for him to sign.
"One million dollar insurance policy and you walk away with half."
Mr. Steel starts to feel a strange force taking over his soul and mind.
"I can't do it. This is not right, I will just have to die with this sickness."
"But don't you want to live?" Johnny replies.
Mr. Steel falls to the floor, "Listen I am weak, I just got out of radiation why are you doing this to me?" he says punching the floor.
Johnny stands up from the table. Pulls out a syringe and injects Mr. Steel with the cure then opens the door and leaves. Mr. Steel sits on the floor with no understanding of what just took place. Crawling out of the room he notices a magazine sitting on a stand reading: "Pink Steel saves the Rust Belt"
Mr. Steel gets up from the floor.
"Go home Mr. Steel you look tired," a women says walking by.
"Will somebody explain to me what is going on?"
The lonely man with no family had no clue that just because of his steel spine he had saved the world.
The nurse then gave him a bill of clean health and told him he was released.
Mr. Steel was given a pink sucker and shown the way out.
The loneliest man on earth had no clue of what just took place.
Walking away from the treatment center he saw all of the pictures on the wall of the people who made the right choice. Once he realized what just happened a magical spirit filled his soul.
Mr. Steel was not as alone as he thought. There were magical forces and a whole gang of survivors with him the whole time.
That is the story of the "Incredible Mr. Steel" A.K.A. "Pink Steel"

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Pink Strike

"I worked twelve hours yesterday, that is far over union regulations. Then six more hours over today," Jane explained to Brianna holding her time card.
"Did you hear about the earthquake?"
"Are you even listening to me?" Jane replies.
"Well, I am, but the only way to stand up and get what we want is we have to strike."
Jane drops her time card attempting to clock out. The thought of a strike sent shivers down her spine.
"What about the patients?"
"We'll get them to strike with us," Brianna explains.
The two women walked to their cars in the parking lot, feeling the pressure from what was at stake. If they stood up to the system, who knew what the outcome would be. Jane prayed hard the night before going to work, she could not understand how work was driving her insane. She had not seen her children in days, they'd been staying with her mother. All she'd been doing was working, she hated working with Mary because she was nuts; Nina was lazy and dropped a few patients; Trisha got fired so Jane's wing was often short. Jane was tired but her faith was keeping her strong. The next day one of the patients gave her a pink bow. Holding the bow she didn't understand why the woman had given it to her. The old worn down patient told her an angel gave her a vision last night. Jane thought the woman was delusional. After the woman did this, she rolled over-out of the bed onto the floor and broke her hip. Jane couldn't believe it. Everyone came running in the room thinking Jane had dropped the patient. As they helped the woman up, everyone blamed Jane as she stood there with the pink bow in her hand. She couldn't believe it. Brianna walked by the room, Jane turned around and saw her. The supervisor with all of her might shouted at Jane as though she did not come in on her day off. Walking by the room, everyone heard what was going on. While the screaming intensified all of the nurses walked out of the hospital. Jane saw a flood of pink scrubs in front of the hospital as she exited with the pink bow. When she raised the bow the nurses split like a pink sea of mutating cells. "In my labor ladies and gentlemen, I have been feeling injustice. I have watched our bosses go buy themselves big mansions and Christmas gifts for their children while we starve. They have told us to appreciate the little bit of life we have and suffer while they treat us like wild beast. I dedicate this strike to my children who want to see me. One day I too will be in this place with who knows what disease. One day I too will lay in my own piss and be cleaned by the same people whose diapers I once changed. After this strike ladies and gentlemen we will build our own hospital and I promise you we will tear this one down, so help me God." The sea of pink scrubs cheered as the patients looked from their windows. God was with Jane. She was the answer. Carrying her pink bow she walked through the pink sea of nurses as the supervisors and bosses were drowned by complaining patients. After her declaration, the nurses gathered up all of the knowledge and savings that they had then built their own hospital. Jane took the oath as CEO; she vowed to never treat her employees like her bosses had treated her. Standing in her office she cried holding the pink bow, she looked through an old file of the patient who gave it to her. The patients name was "Martha Blacksmith," she was an old nurse from Westville hospital. It turns out that Martha was the first nurse to give an organ to a dying patient. An angel did come to her, she was not delusional. The angel gave her the pink bow to give to Jane. Martha knew all along, that even in death there's life, even in bad cells there's a good cell and even in work there's redemption. Martha passed on to Jane something that she would never forget, but most of all: something that she would pass onto others. Martha passed to her a legacy that would never be broken. Those patients knew what was going on at that hospital but just watched all along while Jane came in on time everyday to give them joy and laughter. It was now time for the next generation of nurses to gather at the pink time clock. While there, they would always see the picture of Jane holding her pink bow in the distance. The pink strike was over and Jane held the key to a new legacy.

Friday, October 23, 2015

"Super Pink"

Miss Judy was different. The majority of her life was spent watching superhero movies. She noticed that she had special powers when she was twelve. The amazing thing about Judy was how her cells could attack bad cells at extra ordinary speeds. Judy kept this secret until cornered by a dying child at age thirty two. When Judy found out that the human race was being taken over by bad cells she put on her pink boots and transformed into "Super Pink." After her transformation she went to her blood chamber and donated every sample of blood that she had so that others could be just like her. Judy had saved everyone with cancer. She became an overnight celebrity for revealing her secret identity. She had not a trace of flying ability nor did she have a strand of super human strength. God made Judy for one reason, he made her to show that with gifts and great power comes great responsibility. Judy did all of this on her own time and with her own strength. At the end of her journey the people gave her the superhero name of "Super Pink."

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pink Wilderness

Is anybody listening?
I don't know where I am.
I don't know where I'm going.
Will I live to have a family?
Will I grow to live a long life?
What will be my motivation to beat the odds?
What will make me happy?
To others success is power or other strange ambitions.
I'm lost, I don't know where to go.
I don't know who to call.
Every morning I woke up thinking I would be here forever.
Some days I took for granted.
Some people I left with things unsaid.
I feel death itching at my door.
What I would do to live another day.
Where am I?
If I complain will anyone listen?
If I fall will anyone pick me up?
I'm in the middle of nowhere.
I will sit on a stone and look at the bright pink colors growing on the trees ahead.
Although I have to maintain my masculinity in this wilderness.
The pink colors will be my comforter.
The pink colors will be my guide out of this pink wilderness.
Can anyone hear me?
Is anyone there?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

50 Shades of Pink

Anna had just come from the doctors. When she got home she noticed the door was cracked.
"Who's there?" she shouted up the stairs.
After her treatments she would always have this strange feeling as if someone had been in her house. Noticing the door was open had made her certain that someone was present. Slowly walking up the stairs to check her closet she finds no one. Reaching down to check under her bed she feels a breeze going through her dark pink skirt. Stimulating... she thought as she felt chills roll down her spine.
"I'm here to cure you Anna," a calm voice from behind the light pink curtains on her wall whispers. She slowly walks over to the curtain.
"Come out, reveal yourself," she says.
Getting closer to the curtain two arms emerge and grab her. Slowly pulling her dark pink skirt down he kisses her on her soft lips.
"This is what you need Anna. This is what you've really been wanting. Let me heal you with love. Let me bless you."
Anna falls to the bed as the unknown man emerges from the curtains.
"My name is 'Doctor Feel Good' and I know the true cure Anna."
He rips off the rest of her clothes and as he slowly goes to take off her pink heels she hears a weird noise.
"Anna, wake up dear. It's time for your meds."
Anna looks at the nurse in her faded pink gown,
"Woe, I wonder where that dream came from. I was just starting to like this place. Excuse me nurse, is there a Dr. Feel Good here?"
The nurse gives her a strange look, "Anna are you okay my dear?"
Anna sits up in her bed, "I'm okay I was just having a flashback," she says noticing the nurse writing on her chart.
"What I meant to say is: does this hospital have anything that feels good instead of the medicine?"
The nurse smiles at her, "Oh yes my dear, let me put on Sunday's best."
Anna looks at the clock, then reclines back in her bed.
"I wonder if love really is the cure," she says to herself hoping to fall back to sleep.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Using the Footnote:

In many works of literature you will see vital information at the bottom of the page called footnotes. This vital information is often in small or bold print. The information is labeled with a small number. Footnotes are used whenever an author has vital information that can be useful in a specific subject.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Understanding Acrylic Paint:

Painting comes in a verity of mixes, one mixture of paint is acrylic paint. Acrylic paint can be noticed by anyone experienced in the arts. The paint stands out with bold colors; when mixed with water it provides an even more elaborate way to increase texture. To simplify the description of acrylic paint, we would have to understand what it contains or what the paint actually consist of. Acrylic paint consist of acrylic polymer emulsion. Once acrylic paint dries, it becomes a solid based water resistant display, depending on the surface it's painted on. Acrylic paint dries fast especially when spread evenly on a dry service. The most unique attribute of acrylic paint is its appearance. The paint can resemble a water color or oil painting when diluted with other solutes.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

What is a curtain call?

Sometimes after a performance the director or producer of a play decides to recognize the people involved with the play. If you've seen actors bowing on stage as their names are called or just posing as the lights go up at the end of the play than I'm sure you get the idea. This recognition is known as a curtain call.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pink Revelation

Tokens floating on a cloud.
Riding waves in the heavens.
Angels with heads of animals, drowning in the red sea.
Holidays crafted around secrets.
Visions of prophets passing by.
The future seems uncertain.
Yet superstition drives a person to fear what is evidently true.
Common cures are in the things you eat.
For whom will never tell.
The secrets lie within man's imagination.
Beware of his fatal spells.
A pink ribbon falling from the sky.
Searching for a cure.
The answer is within the person.
To sacrifice unclean things for what is pure.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The (USS) Pink Ship

"My God Jim, we're taking on too much water."
"I don't have time for your whining, just plug the damn hole."
Ross looked Jim in his eyes with a deep stare.
"Will you give up. Will you just see that we lost this war."
Jim can't believe what Ross is saying so he smacks him across the face.
"When we hit this next port I got a big surprise for you. Ever since you came aboard this ship I been smelling pussy cats all around this deck. I got 4,000 pounds of pink paint and I want this whole ship painted pink before we get back out to sea. Since you think this war is over, we will see if these bastard can sink a pink ship."
Once Ross and his crew got done painting, the ship was back out to sea. The pink hull was a big difference maker. Everyone was so spellbound by its beauty that they didn't aim at it. The ship sailed right through the madness.
"Ross hit the music!" Jim shouted.
When Ross hit the music everyone hit the ports. The enemy even docked their ships and all the sailors came together like cancer cells and had a blast of a good time. They were so in love with the pink ship that they all became good friends and had a party. While everybody kicked back on the island, Ross eased over to Jim.
"'Man,' Jim you may have just saved the whole Atlantic Fleet."
"Well, you tell Admiral Mitscher the good news before he drinks himself back to reality. Once word gets out that a pink ship stabilized the East Coast, who knows what the future will hold."

Friday, October 9, 2015

Nobel Pink Prize

Cassie was far from intelligent and she hadn't a noble bone in her body. As an orphan she possessed one key trait that most people lacked, Cassie was one of the kindest people on earth. In late October she would always go to visit her mother's grave. Even though Cassie never met her mother she would make it a habit to go to her grave and read a poem that she would write every year. She was single, a college dropout and had little money, so that made her prone to take the wrong turn in life. Cassie earned most of her living selling art work and winning poetry slams. Poetry was about the only noble gift she had. When Cassie found out that both her parents died of cancer she became fascinated with the disease. Her mother died of breast cancer and her father died of lung cancer. As crazy as it sounds Cassie wanted cancer. Her friends thought she had lost her mind when she told them this. She had become depressed and fascinated with death. Cassie wanted cancer so bad that she started playing with radiation so her friends had her hospitalized. After almost a year on a psych ward she had fallen into such a pit that everyone forgot about her. No one could understand what had happened. Cassie had lost her mind. As the months went by, October was just around the corner and Cassie was asleep. See dreamed of a pink rainbow and then she woke up. When she awoke, she found herself alone in a small room. She got up to peek out of her small window when she noticed the calendar outside read October. She began to panic banging on the door. This caught one of the nurses attention. Unlocking the door she grabbed Cassie's medicine as Cassie fought to get loose. "I have to go see my mother," she screamed. Once the medicine kicked in she laid there on the floor drowsy. "I have to go see my mother," she said slowly as she dozed off. The next morning she planned her escape. She knew what she wanted out of this. She knew she had to get it together. Every morning she watched the janitor open the far end door. She knew that was her only way out. The next morning she made her move. Escaping from the ward with nothing on but her gown she knew it was risky but she had no choice. She was alone in this matter but she had to make it to her mother's grave or she would not be complete. He bare feet smacking up against the cold ground as she ran through the streets. It had to be the most embarrassing thing anyone could imagine, but years of poverty and no life had humbled her. Out of breath with not an ounce of energy she fell to her knees in front of her mother and father's grave. A beautiful pink rose had grown from the ground where her mother had been laid to rest. Cassie started to cry when she noticed a pink rainbow in the sky. As pink rain fell from the sky, Cassie had been awarded the Nobel Pink Prize. Mother nature was so humbled by her heart that the award came with her on her knees at her mother and father's grave. Dear sweet Cassie in your nobility and hardship you remembered and risked your life for the fallen. Because of your nobility they will rise. For you are the cure.  

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pink Blood

Autumn was not far away and Makala wanted to get something special for her mother's birthday. She had a hard time getting up the next morning after all of the commotion last night between her mother and father. Her father informed her that her mother would be visiting the doctors quite a bit. Makala thought nothing of it but she had a feeling that her dad had been hiding something. Struggling to get out of bed, feeling the effect of yesterdays news, she reached over to grab her glasses. It was cloudy outside but the sun still managed to shine through a few clouds in the sky. As her foot hit the old wooden floor the coldness made her shiver. Makala soon noticed that no one was home. She put on her robe and went down stairs to turn on the heat. Wiping the crust out of her eyes, see noticed a batch of papers and opened envelopes on the table. Raging with curiosity, she walked swiftly over to the table. The floor creaked as she grabbed a chair. Slowly sitting down she felt a small breeze coming from a window that her parents must've left open. The letterhead on one of the papers stood out to her, "Cancer Treatment Center." Her heart skipped a beat. She fell to the floor when a large piece of broken glass pierced her skin. Feeling the sharp pain, she quickly tried to rub it away when she noticed her blood was not red but pink. Trembling in fear she turned to get more light. Makala was now a victim. Her life had been smooth until now. Everything would change. As the pink blood dripped down her leg, thoughts of an uncertain future flashed through her mind. Glancing at all of the pictures in the house, tears filled her eyes. This explained why her parents were acting so strange. Braced up against the wall in pink blood she could smell the stale air from the old furnace warming up. She then took her index finger and smeared the pink blood on her face as if preparing for a battle. Sobbing on the cold floor covered in pink blood Makala had now been initiated. Makala was now a soldier in the fight for her mother's life. She would cherish every moment she would have with her mother from now on.   

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lady Bella and the Pink Warriors

Lady Bella was her name and boy was she a fighter.
Mixed up in a world of chaos and lumps made her body much lighter.
Her comrades called her stone.
Men often left her alone.
But no matter what, Lady Bella would welcome everyone in her home.
It was a late fall day when the bomb hit and all of the men were down and out.
The women saw war coming so they band together without a doubt.
"This war is ours for the taking," one of the women declared.
As Lady Bella grabbed what was left of her hair.
She put a pretty pink bow on and grabbed her arrow.
The women fought to the death like Israelites and Pharaohs.
As the last cell was hit.
The women cheered in glory for Lady Bella had won the fight.
Another day on earth and another victory in sight.
As the Pink Warriors celebrated their pink flag flew in the night.
And Lady Bella in all her glory was healed because of her might.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Help Me

She has a lump on her body...
She has lost her hair...
She feels weak...
How will I cure her?
How will I show her I care?
How will I help her?
The people...
The races...
The anger..
The bitterness...
This is bad for her...
She should not see this...
Does man not make his own bed...
Divine nature is not ignorant...
How will I cure this?
How will I make this better?
Why do I care about the course of time?
Why do I care about the path of others?
I need help.
I need answers on why things happen the way they do.
Is there a reason for this?
What about me...
What about my sorrows...
What about my pain...
Who will help me?

Monday, October 5, 2015

The advancement of intellectual property:

Technology has changed over the years. Things have sped up and cultures have shifted towards production more than morality. With this change comes ideas that are left in the dark and as every culture changes, ideas also change. Styles also change with cultural shifts, all this comes from intellectual property. The people, the artist, and the thinkers. Laws have also changed but mainly in favor of those who want to profit off of their ideas. Where there is profit there is money and when money is involved, people do amazing things to get it. Some people even sale their ideas. As cultures change and the world advances more into digital media, people are uncertain about the future of intellectual property. Thinkers are now wondering if their ideas will even be their ideas or will they be able to make money off of them. Intellectual property has evolved from a race to be the first to think of something, to a wonder of will your ideas remain yours. Although the future is uncertain it is safe to say that the true thinker keeps thinking and writing through it all.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Using the fairy tale wisely:

There are several types of story forms. The fairy tale is one of the most unique because you can take the reader on a journey of make-believe. Settings fashioned with colorful characters, goblins and other creative creatures can often take the imagination to new heights. Although the fairy tale genre is often used for children, adults can become fascinated also. When approaching a story from a fundamental point of view, it's important that children understand fiction from nonfiction. Once a person starts believing the characters are real and that they themselves possess special powers, then we may have a problem. It's safe to say that the fairy tale will always take you away from the real world but one might wonder will you come back after the story is done.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The purpose of the biography:

There are two types of ways to write about someone's life. You can write about someone's life or they can write about their own life. When the person writes about their own life it is called an autobiography. When you write about their life it's called a biography. Each form can be fiction or nonfiction. The purpose of the biography is to take a person's highlighted events that occur in fiction or nonfiction form and explain them in a story. Most celebrities and well accomplished people use biographies to give the public a roadmap to their success. People who have survived horrific events also use biographies to tell their story. Some biographies don't even have to be about humans they can be based off of animals as well.