Friday, April 29, 2016

What is the technical rider

The tech rider can be defined as a one page description that makes sure the people behind the scenes working sound etc., know how to set up the stage and what the presenter of the show requires to run the performance before everyone on stage is present. The purpose is to make sure the show runs smooth.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Using the index

Using the index as a guide can help develop better study habits and help better navigation techniques of a book.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What is a homophone

A homophone is a set of words that sound the same but have different meaning.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Eclipse

Deep inside my thoughts there's a sun...
When it aligns with the moon, my mind goes blank for a few seconds.
I wonder who I am.
Am I somebody; do I exist?
With millions of rocks orbiting around my small universe, I take a small sip of the earth.
The water flows through me as I feel the thirst fading away.
Trust is on my mind because I cannot gravitate around those trying to dominate the planet.
Like the moon, I don't want to block their shine.
Mass amounts of energy levitating around tiny human universes...
I sit and think about my own.
Thinking about the feelings that come about when emotionally drawn in by the opposite sex...I can feel my heart beating.
While my eyes wander, my heart skips a beat.
Like the moon, I can only be seen with the sun.
I feel, I breath, and I'm alive.
Inside of a planet, I watch the rays of the sun shine through the moon.
The earth becomes unusually dark for a small amount of time.
Tiny specs of energy circulate around me as I notice a sphere of water hitting a puddle.
The ripples of time, as the water splashes, give me peace in life.
The sphere is like the universe.
I feel, I breath, and I'm alive.
I have just witnessed the eclipse.
Time will go on without me on this planet, even if I die, but in my universe, I'll live forever.
I welcome the feeling of life.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Feminist Movement and Carina's "Booty" Protest

Carina was a good and very modest girl. She always took the time to read, and was well respected. She was so happy to be in the twelfth grade and in Mrs. Bernard's English class that she couldn't stop smiling as Mrs. Bernard presented the first lesson plan. In her daily routine, Mrs. Bernard's word of the day was, "Booty." She then made the point that the word had significant meaning and is even used in the bible to describe valuable goods. After a moment of complete silence, for some strange reason all of the boys in the classroom started laughing. Bradly Cunningham thought it was so funny that he fell out of his chair. Carina couldn't believe how crazy everyone had gotten over one word.
"That's enough!" Mrs. Bernard shouted, smacking her ruler on her desk.
Carina then heard a loud smack. Joshua Goodman had smacked Jacky Wilson right on her butt and at that moment the teacher lost it.
"Joshua, go to the principals office, now!"
"What did I do?"
When Joshua said those words, all of the girls in the class knew it was time for war. They had a huge meeting at Carina's house that evening. Carina had designed a dress code that would start a war amongst the teens.
"Ladies, we will wear some of the tightest and most attractive outfits on the market for the rest of the school year and if these suckers want to treat us like meat, then we will make them suffer," Carina declared as all of the girls cheered in agreement for the way they had been treated.
The next day when all of the boys had witnessed what the girls were wearing they were so googly eyed that it was ridiculous. One boy ran right into his locker staring at one of the girls.
"Girl you betta put some clothes on, this ain't no damn juke joint!" Walter Stuart shouted as one of the girls walked by.
"Chill out Walter, did you see Jasmine though? My lord, I had no clue her butt was so big. She usually always wear dresses. She been hidin out." Victor said, assuming Walter would agree.
"That's my sister!"
"Oh my bad...she still look good though."
"You a fool Vick, these girls know what they doin," Walter says, putting his books in his locker.
The hallways soon filled with teens going to their next class. Mr. Ford couldn't help but notice that one of his girl students had one of his boy students on a paperclip leash walking him into his classroom like a dog.
"What in the world is going on?" Mr. Ford said under his breath, noticing all of the weird activity.
He then turned around and saw Carina and her crew of girls walking down the hall with signs reading: "Respect us for our inner beauty or suffer."
"My lord, there is booty everywhere!" a voice was heard amongst the crowd.
"This is unreal," another voice said.
Mr. Ford thought he had lost his mind.
When Carina's feminist movement died down, the school was never the same. The teenage girls had taken over. Every boy in the school had to either develop some self control or he would fall to his knees and give-in to the rage of the teenage girls. Once the teachers got involved it became an epidemic and teenage girls all over the country had started doing this to protest. After the dust settled and everyone got the message that the girls were presenting, life became much easier. Carina just wanted teenage boys to learn how to respect them for more than their bodies and beauty. The school year had now ended for the class of 2016 and at graduation the valedictorian gave a speech on the importance of respecting women in the new century. In his speech when he mentioned the word, "Booty," everyone responded with, "Amen." He also recognized Carina as the first teenager in the school's history to stand-up for other teenage girls.   

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Money Trail

Dollar Jackson was his name and he was the most wanted man in town. He played a hundred money games in his lifetime until he figured out whose face was on the money he was spending.
  "I want my face on this here money, since I'm the one who's spending it all the time. I don't know these folks on this here money. They ain't done nothing for me but make me work to spend," Dollar explained to his girlfriend holding his money.
"Well sweetheart you got to do something great to get your own money around these parts. You got to be worth somethin," his girlfriend replied.
Dollar took her advice then started saving everybody he could. He saved so many people that he soon took over the world. Everyone had heard about Dollar, people even started wars in his name. After getting everyone to sign over all of their assets to him, Dollar created his own money with his face on it and had people buying and selling from him. Once the government found out about what Dollar was doing, they tried to have him killed, but Dollar was to sharp for that. After years of trying to hunt him down, they finally caught him and put him in prison, but he had so many assets that he paid his way out. He then bought the government and built his own army. Dollar even renamed the country "Big D's Land." At the end of his journey he went back to his old girl and there was nothing left for her to say. He soon realized that even after all he was worth and everything he had done, he still had to die. In deep depression he gave his old girl a gun and had her shoot him in the head. As his girlfriend sat there with his dead body she read his last will and testament hanging out of his wallet with his money. In the small handwritten will, it clearly stated, that the only person who could replace his face on his money had to be willing to spend so that others could live. The value was now set, who would sacrifice their precious gold to replace "Big Dollar Jackson."
The End

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Black Angels' Conference

Chief of the Human Commission:
We must find justice in this matter.
Those who sleep well don't seem to be concerned about those who don't sleep well.
Secretary of Life:
Brethren, let us examine what's human.
Did God create life or did man do this?
Board Director of Angel and Human Genealogy:
No; man can only reproduce, but the essence of life comes from another place.
A woman is a part of a man and a man is a part of a woman.
This is the way it was designed.
The only way to reproduce is for a man to be with a woman.
There has to be something to keep such justice and simple laws in place.
Chief of the Human Commission:
Look at the things that they create; are these things not harmful to their bodies?
They even partake of forbidden trees.
Secretary of Life:
I agree, in the code they were not to eat of certain trees.
Let us unite as black angels and resolve this.
Board Director of Angel and Human Genealogy:
What is there to resolve when everything on earth already has a purpose?
If they are created from birth, are they not perfect in the sight of God?
Chief of the Human Commission:
Hum let me think about this...but something or someone must protect the weak.
Don't you see how those who have enough don't worry much about those who don't have enough?
Secretary of Life:
I object to that because some do have compassion and show goodwill.
Chief of Goodwill:
But there are still ninety-nine percent who are still not pleased.
Common wisdom and brotherhood amongst beings is to examine their motives.
When a man eats, can he feel what the hungry man is going through?
When a man has money, does he know what it's like to be broke?
Is a terrorist one who has nothing to lose?
If you had no means to survive would death not be your option?
You see my friends, this is the ultimate protest.
Secretary of Life:
But they protest by taking more life.
We give them knowledge and it becomes their game.
They hunt for the food that we provide and they package it and if no one can afford it, they starve.
They've created interesting concepts but things are still off balance, I don't understand this.
A woman is afraid to have a child.
These beings are afraid to do what they were created to do.
A man protects himself from the laws that other men create.
They are drunken in their sorrows.
Do you see how some of the men are still not happy?
Examine this...there are still watchmen and young prophets who have no shelter...what will we do?
Chief of the Human Commission:
When the sun rises on the next day, and the seasons are a bit off balance we must go and live amongst them to get things back in balance.
This will bring justice and calm the spirits so that the strong will not take advantage of the weak.
Once this is done we will merge heaven with earth and purify the spirit of man.
The Lord's will must be done.
Our meeting is adjourned.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Why there has to be a God in the equation of Life

In every equation a person must find a solution. The energy, the innocent, the failure, the imagination, the success, and the justice once the answer is found shows that through every trial in life there has to be a God to provide us with the thoughts that we need to find the solution.

Friday, April 15, 2016

What do you need a Tech Writer for

When putting on a performance there is a lot of technical work that has to be covered. A tech writer lays out all of the schematics and technical work that is involved in the buildup of a show. Without the tech writer, there would be some major problems in the dynamics of the show. Here are just a few things that could go wrong without a tech writer: cords would be out of sink; computer timed lamps would be off cue; audio mics would not be turned on properly; and anything that involves technical instructions or operation would be out of sink. The people who are assigned to the technical equipment would have no idea of what is technically involved in the show. A tech writer must be skilled in terms and all technical equipment involved in a show to be able to instruct the tech crew on how the show is formatted.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Heyzeus and the Vampire Saint

Heyzeus was a strange child and after years of being sheltered by his parents he was finally allowed to mingle with other teens. At age eighteen he was now free from his parent's care. Heyzeus moved to Salem, Ohio, where he got a job as a waiter at an old restaurant. He didn't want to go to college so he found some roommates and shared an apartment with them. Out of all of his roommates, Brenda, was the kindest. She warned Heyzeus not to go out at night.
"I like you, but I want to warn you that the people around here do some weird things at night," she explained as the two of them sat watching the sun go down.
Running his figures through her hair, the words, "weird things at night," got Heyzeus's attention. He then stopped as she slowly went deeper into her explanation.
"There are rumors that the house up on that hill is haunted. Some of my friends say that it's led by the leader of a cult. His name is Norman Johnson and he used to be a science professor or something. I read his thesis paper on the power of blood; the guy is a nutcase," she says, catching Heyzeus's full attention.
"What is he some sort of vampire?"
Brenda starts laughing, "Nah, I don't believe in that kind of stuff. He's just crazy and does stupid things with his time. I know you're a special person, but I'm warning you, don't try to be a hero."
She then gets up and the both of them walk back to the apartment. This kind of talk bothered Heyzeus because his parents raised him to be different. His mother named him after a car that he was born in, she had a special name for the car and spelled it Heyzeus. Later that night he stared out the window at the house up on the hill, he then grabbed his coat and took a journey up to the house while everyone was asleep. Some would say that he was either stupid or crazy but this curiosity made him who he was. Reaching the top of the hill he noticed there was someone waiting for him.
"I knew you were coming," a voice says in the distance.
Heyzeus started to shiver, "What? Is that you Norman?" He says frantically.
"Is that what she told you my name was?" The voice replies.
"Well..." The man interrupts his response and emerges from the shadow.
"In my world, I study and I wait for people who aren't afraid to come and talk to me. Congratulations! I want to welcome you to the top of the hill," the strange man says as Heyzeus takes a look at his face.
"What happened to you, why are you so pale?"
"Please pardon my appearance, but I have spent my whole life trying to find a way to cure fear and death," the man says getting closer to Heyzeus.
"Huh?" Heyzeus replies as he cannot believe how friendly the man is. He was nothing like Brenda had explained.
"Please tell me your name?" The man calmly asked.
"My name is 'Heyzeus.' What's your name, if you don't mind me asking, Sir?"
The man grins and responds with a small giggle, "My name is Hector. I'm a scientist who lost his license trying to bring people back from the dead."
"Bring people back from the dead? That's impossible." Heyzeus replies in disbelief.
"Well my friend, when you lose everyone that is dear to you, you will do anything to bring them back." Hector then pulls out a tube of blood as Heyzeus starts to backup.
"I don't want any part of this," Heyzeus says, anxiously looking for his flashlight on his keychain to find his path.
"Please, don't let that young girl poison your mind. I'm a human being just like you." Hector says trying to calm Heyzeus down.
"If you're a human being, then why are you carrying blood around in your pocket?" Heyzeus asked, wasting no time getting to the point.
"My friend, I'm a lonely man who cannot die because I've spent my life searching for a cure and I found it. If you're a spiritual man, all I did was read the old testament to find the answer. I've found a way to defeat death, it's all in the blood, but I don't want to be here. I need you to take this blood and find a way to reverse this curse. I want to die." Hector eagerly explains handing the blood to Heyzeus.
"Don't you see how this works. God sent you to me. This is your destiny. I'm exhausted in my research and I don't know how to reverse this. Please help me!"
"Why don't you just shoot yourself?" Heyzeus responds.
Hector then takes the tube of blood and puts it in his back pocket, "Life is too precious for that."
He then walks away as Heyzeus starts to comprehend the test of the mad scientist. Heyzeus tries to reason with him as Hector fades away in the dark of the night. Heyzeus puts his head down and sadly walks home, never seeing Hector again. Fear had made Heyzeus tell a man to take his own life and at that moment Heyzeus realized his own destiny. Hector was so determined to defeat death that he found a way to stop it. In his determination, no one was eager enough to save him as he was to save them. Hector was the Vampire Saint.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Children of War

The helicopter lands as the air from the wings blows through the sand. As Jerry braces himself, one foot hits the ground. He could smell the fragrance of stale gun and bomb smoke in the air. Sgt. Jerry Winslow was not a stranger to the battle field. Running to get away from the helicopter as it exited the landing pad Jerry could not believe the carnage that had taken place on base. There was a man in the distance surrounded by little children. "He must be their father," Jerry thought to himself.
"Welcome to hell Sgt. Winslow," Captain Peters says, "Or at least what is left of it."
"Why are all those children over there?" Jerry asked.
"Well it's a long story."
Jerry then takes a seat on the ground as the light from the landing pad bounced off of the shine on his combat boots, "I have all day...Now tell me why are they standing over there in the middle of a war zone on our base?"
Captain Peters takes a deep breath, "You see her right there?"
"Who the little one with short hair?"
"Yes, her mother was raped and taken as a sex slave. We have no clue where she is now."
The look on Jerry's face changes from curious to shocked.
"What about the two boys and the older guy?" He asks.
"The one little boy right there, his brother was used by a suicide bomber to blow himself up at the front entrance. That is why he doesn't have a second arm. The other little one tipped us off and the older guy is our ticket to hunting down the terrorist who started all of this madness. If you want to see more people like them just look over that fence to your left, there is a busload of refugees fleeing their native land and they meet in that spot over there to get food," Captain Peters explains.
Jerry can't believe it, "How did this happen?"
"Well the intel we get in every hour only tells us half the story. We have no clue what to do with all of these refugees. We got hit last night by another kid who they used to get past the front gate. They keep using the same tactics. The sad part of the matter is that we don't have a strategy to counter," Captain Peters says reaching out his hand to help Jerry up off the ground, "Now come on we don't have much time to waste."
As the moon lights the night sky there was screaming in the air. One thing Captain Peters was right about was the fact that if there is a hell, this is probably what it felt like. Every five minutes a bomb went off. Little babies surrounding the gates while their mothers desperately risked their lives to get help. As Jerry sat there witnessing all of the madness he thought about home and his own life. He thought about all of the things that he had taken for granted while at home. "I used to be a child," he thought to himself.
"Hey Peters, if you make it out of here alive what are you going to do?" Jerry asked as they both held weapons late in the night preparing for the next mission.
"You know Jerry I don't know what I'm going to do. When I first got here I doubted that there was a God, but do you know what made me keep believing?..." Capt. Peters gets choked-up as tears fill his eyes.
"Well spit it out," Jerry says eager to know.
"That kid you saw standing by that man. His sister jumped in front of a suicide bomber to save my life. They have faith in us Jerry. We're their heroes. At this moment I don't care about home. I just want this war to be over so they can have a future." He emotionally explains not being able to hold back his tears.
"I just want this to be over Jerry."
Jerry looks over in the field of smoke, taking a deep breath he notices a kid in the distance with light shining on him holding up the peace sign.
Capt. Peters takes off his glove to wipe his tears.
"I want to first thank you for taking this mission, I just want to let you know that once you leave here there is no turning back. This place will always be on your mind."
Jerry just sits there listening to all of the mayhem. In all of the madness the child in the distance keeps his two fingers up. Jerry had never seen a soldier cry in the heat of battle.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Book of Life

Henry was a man of wisdom and had seen a lot in his old age. On one of the hottest days of the year he decided to do something new so he went to the library. Henry's ancestors were a big part of the slave trade so Henry didn't feel very comfortable around others not the same complexation as him. When he entered the library his stomach turned as he went up to the librarian to ask for a book. The librarian glanced at him with his old school look and dirty sneakers.
"May I help you Sir?" She asked with a half smile as if annoyed by his fragrance.
Henry took one good look at her and exited the library as fast as he could. Entering his small house he fell on his couch.
"I need to find that book," he repeated to himself over and over. Breezing through his shelves of books as his hands were shaking Henry almost seemed mentally challenged.
"Where is it?" He said to himself throwing books off of the shelf. As the books fell to the floor he rushed to pick them up.
"I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry!"
On his knees in the middle of the floor with his hands breezing through the pages of every book. Henry got up off of the ground slowly. The sun peeked through the window and Henry dashed over to his couch to feel the warmth. He felt so comfortable looking at the blue sky. Wrestling to get his shoe off with his other foot Henry noticed a book under his night stand. With one shoe flopping-off he rushed over to the stand as his knees hit the floor, sliding on the bare floor with little bitty pieces of dirt scraping up against his knees. Breezing through the pages, skimming through the words he felt the power of his imagination setting in. Books seemed to give Henry energy for some reason. Soaking in the knowledge he ran out of the house with the book. At full stride he began to fly as people watched the miracle, it was unreal. Bursting through the library window the books began to levitate and orbit around Henry.
"I can feel the energy!" He screamed as the librarians and readers ran for cover.
He began to glow and then exploded into a new sun...

In the beginning the earth was void...
A book was placed in the garden and whoever read it would know.
There now was a new earth.
For the lord had placed infinite knowledge in the book...
It was called "the Book of Life."

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Suicide Watch

It was a cold November day and Cathy had just got done watching the news. Her phone had been ringing all day but she didn't answer it. Cathy was tired of being alone and everyone was worried about her. It was probably her daughter calling to check on her again. It almost seemed as though the world had been coming to an end, at least that was what the sermon was about Sunday. She rarely attended church but was invited by a friend but the message was so frightening to Cathy. She was not a supernatural person and simple things made her reason with why humans are on earth. She just needed to feel genuine love. For some reason everyone seemed to be so pessimistic. People all over telling her how the world was and how it would be. This bothered Cathy. It seemed as though nothing was real anymore. She was so tired, mentally and spiritually. As she looked around her small house it was almost like time was eating at her thoughts. Little tiny voices of the past and present telling her that life was worthless; Cathy was depressed. Everyone she had grown up with had moved on with their lives. As she eased over to her bed, looking at old pictures, she sat there in grief. Her fingers gently touched the image of her late husband and grown up children. Starting to cry she eased her hand under the mattress to get her gun. Who would've ever thought that thinking could be so painful. Slowly letting the pictures go, they fell to the floor. The television was loud in the background as she held the gun up to her head. "Dear God, if you're real...please give me a purpose in life," she said to herself as a commercial blasted across the television about starving children who had been abandon. It almost seemed as though the message was calling Cathy. Standing on her knees in her large bedroom she slowly put down the gun and hurried to catch the number rolling across the screen. The message of life in need had saved Cathy. Cathy took all she had left in the bank and invested in a place for lost children all over the world to have somewhere to call home. Just when life seemed over and the woes of the world had taken everything out of Cathy she had found a reason to live. A woman in her late fifties who had everything she wanted had almost let go but the fact that someone was being deprived of life had given Cathy life. Cathy was back in business and became so filled with love that the sun came out the next day just for her. Cathy was shining.

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Benefits of Writing your own Material

Everyone has ideas, but sometimes using other people's work can get complicated and take a lot of legal work. The idea is to write, direct, and sell your own material. All it takes is finishing the script and finding the right people to play the part; you would be amazed at how many people you know would love to help and even star in your production. There are a lot of benefits that come with writing and producing your own material, here are just some of the perks:
  1. You own the rights, so you can sell and put on the show wherever there is demand for an original performance.
  2. You can film the show and sell the copies to get a return.
  3. There is always a doorway for new material, and someone may pick up your production if you put it on the market.
  4. It's a learning process and builds your skills as a director, writer, or producer.
Although there are many more benefits to writing your own material these are just the key benefits. The idea is to put actors to work so they themselves can build their own portfolio. The goal it to put yourself to the test by putting your ideas on paper and then putting them into action.