Sunday, July 24, 2022

Finish the Race

High school was a disaster for me.

Every team I tried to be on in regards to sports never happened.

For a moment, when I failed the ninth grade, I began to think that there was a dark cloud following me around, but I kept going.

For some odd reason every school that I attended I could never get comfortable because after a year or two I was transferred to another school.

Til this day I have no official accolades but completion certificates and the college that I graduated from went out of business so I never walked across the stage.

The only sport I got to officially participate in was track. 

We had one of the best 4x4 teams in the state at the time in which I had the privilege of being on but we failed to make it to state because of a coaching error.

I did eventually end up graduating and barely made it out fully functional after enlisting in the military.

But this piece was not written for me, I wrote it for you.

My motivation for you is to finish the race; even if you’re losing and broken up, I encourage you to crawl to the finish line.

I say this not to create a false ideology, but to save us all.

Even if you lose…finish.

Even if you have nothing left…finish.

Even if a bomb blows up and the runners behind you are no more. Get up and finish.

Finish the race.

It is the greatest achievement of all.

Finish the race.

Friday, July 22, 2022

One Way Street

It was the darkest night.

I could have sworn that I saw a one way sign when I took a right turn onto Jane Street.

Doing the speed limit I noticed lights headed in my direction.

Smash! It was a head-on crash.

In the hospital, while being sewn back together, I heard the heart monitor.

The next day while in my hospital room, I noticed my car on the news.

It was totaled, and the driver who hit me was drunk.

I was right,

It was a one way street, I was headed in the right direction.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

The Old Car

There’s something special about this car.

It’s old, but it still drives like a dream.

The older this car gets, it somehow still manages to get around.

The government really pushed the designers and engineers to the max because this old thing is still going.

This thing is pure genius, they lost their minds making this old car.

Got a lot of miles, but It drives great.

You look good in it.


Why I Write

There are no colors in writing.

In my mind I create the people and the feelings.

They can be however I imagine them.

The nation or world can be my own creation, no gimmicks, and no B.S.

Honestly, I don’t know what God has planned for this cruel world, but my imagination has led me to a few predictions.

So I will write one:

Eventually everyone will get to the point to where they will have no choice but to work together to even the score.

Through it all, I believe that I will be fine as long as I have a pen and a pad to write it all down and bare witness.

Why I write.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

The Ripple Effect

Henry was a pro, he lived in one town for 40 years and did the exact same thing almost everyday.

Harry was a con artist, he went from town to town mimicking professionals and setting up shops to dupe people into giving him money.

Jimmy was a preacher, his church was nearly bankrupt and his members did everything outside of learning the Bible. They ran the church to the ground because no one understood money but they loved consuming.

Carl wanted to be the president, he spent the majority of his time traveling and getting to know as many people as he could so they would vote for him.

Tina wanted to be a writer, she spent the majority of her time at the library perfecting the art of writing.

Megan wanted to be a lawyer, she argued with just about everyone and would often record her conversations and jot down ways to make laws that could make the world better.

Gina was a prostitute, she often used drugs and feared what her pimp would do if she couldn’t pay up.

Larry was a police officer who got in the profession to make a difference but often found himself in very odd situations. One night he saw a kid at a drug house, he chased him down and found out he was Henry’s son.

Bailing his son out of jail, Henry found out that his son was working for Harry.

Jimmy was asked to pray for Henry’s son while visiting an inmate at the jail.

Carl, who was the mayor, trying to one day be president, visited Jimmy’s church and noticed that the roof was leaking.

Tina wrote about it in the paper and Megan sent a legal notice that the church would be shutdown if the roof wasn’t fixed.

Gina who had no clue what was going on, but wanted forgiveness for her sins, visited the church after stealing over one hundred thousand dollars from her pimp. In deep need of help, she felt very guilty and gave all of the money to the church. Jimmy assured her that she would be cleansed of her sins but had no clue that the donation came from her. When her pimp found her, he beat her to death and never found his money.

In a rage, Larry saw him dumping her body in the park where he was patrolling. 

When News got out about the donation that saved Jimmy’s church no one had a clue where the money came from but Gina who was now dead.

Larry arrested the pimp, Gina was identified, and the pimp’s suitcase that was filled with money and left at the altar saved the church then was spread throughout the members who did nothing but consume. The church’s business went on as usual and the roof was fixed.

One thing led to another and the ripple effect was labeled a miracle. The underground market lost one hundred thousand dollars and when Gina was laid to rest her ability to repent turned her into a hero. Tina published the story and once word got out, everyone began to change their ways and became convinced that God had something to do with Gina’s conviction. Gina unknowingly changed one town and Harry heard about the donation and wanted to try a new game so he became a preacher. 

Everyone’s intentions were justified but only Gina’s was pure. Although guilty, she was tired of her life and eagerly wanted a change and unknowingly created a story that revived an entire town.

The End.

The Ripple Effect

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Big White House

A gateway was opened, a gateway to the mind.

The blueprint was laid out and it was built.

The house was built for someone else to live in and this became a problem.

You see the mind of us humans gives us hunger for more.

The Big White House caused a problem for those with less.

“How did they afford it and not pay us,” the builders would say. 

Who would’ve thought that one big house would stir up the crowd.

“We deserve a living wage! We deserve that house! We deserve everything that’s owed to us!” the crowd of builders said conjuring up a war chant.

Upset with their contract, they burned the house down.

A gateway had been opened, a gateway to the mind.

When we as people see bigger and better things, we for some reason want it, we want to be a part of it, and many of us will do anything for it.

The question is why?

Is bigger better or is smaller convenient? 

The Big White House; once the protest started there was no turning back.

A gateway was opened, a gateway to the mind, a gateway into reality.

They burned it down because they wanted it.

The question is why?

Monday, July 4, 2022

Happy Independence Day

I served in the Navy, barely made it out fully functional, but I’m fine now thanks to the doctors who worked so hard, I’m very thankful everyday I wake up. Many of us forget or don’t take the time to understand public service. We often focus on the negative when there is truly something magical about a voluntary society. I’ve done my best to remember the history and the volunteers who paved the way, even as a former soldier. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts. The life of a soldier is enough to make anyone find a reason to find some form of happiness. After seeing the towers fall some time ago, my happiness has been keeping busy and praying that people find peace in their heart. Optimism turns terrible situations into miracles. I hope whoever is reading this, takes the time to comprehend the importance of remembrance. The world is filled with nations fighting for their land so taking a moment to think independently is alright, it’s not bad, sometimes it’s breathtaking.

Happy Independence Day