Sunday, July 24, 2022

Finish the Race

High school was a disaster for me.

Every team I tried to be on in regards to sports never happened.

For a moment, when I failed the ninth grade, I began to think that there was a dark cloud following me around, but I kept going.

For some odd reason every school that I attended I could never get comfortable because after a year or two I was transferred to another school.

Til this day I have no official accolades but completion certificates and the college that I graduated from went out of business so I never walked across the stage.

The only sport I got to officially participate in was track. 

We had one of the best 4x4 teams in the state at the time in which I had the privilege of being on but we failed to make it to state because of a coaching error.

I did eventually end up graduating and barely made it out fully functional after enlisting in the military.

But this piece was not written for me, I wrote it for you.

My motivation for you is to finish the race; even if you’re losing and broken up, I encourage you to crawl to the finish line.

I say this not to create a false ideology, but to save us all.

Even if you lose…finish.

Even if you have nothing left…finish.

Even if a bomb blows up and the runners behind you are no more. Get up and finish.

Finish the race.

It is the greatest achievement of all.

Finish the race.

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