Sunday, May 30, 2021

Angels of War

If I were to reveal to you what really goes on on the battlefield I’d have to include some form of a higher power.

Military life is a very dirty game that has its ups and downs with little margins for error, but once you’re in, you’re in. Even on my bad days I don’t regret my choice, because it’s made me a better person.

My small story is outside of the combat zone, but like most veterans, I am thankful just to be able to get up and see the light of day.

My mental struggle is to continue to motivate and encourage those carrying on the vision of freedom. Although I’m just a small piece of this very complex puzzle, at times the idea may seem cloudy but I have to replay the battle hymns to see the picture clearly so like many, I don’t forget. It’s still real, there are always forces trying to distort this idea. The idea of freedom.

I do not ask for your sympathy, but I am grateful for another chance at life, this was my promise from the doctors while in my down time as a young sailor. To all of my military brothers and sisters who can relate to this simple Memorial Day tribute, the angels of war will guide you.

Brothers and sisters, if you see a light in the sky or hear a calm voice guiding you along the way, they’re not UFOs but I strongly believe that they’re angels of war, and the saddest part about life is that the normal human mind cannot fathom the belief that such a force exist, but there is a promise to mankind that cannot be undone. To every slave, to every prisoner of war, to everyone suffering, the promise is freedom, a chance to spread your wings. A chance to discover a new world. A chance to believe in something greater than this life, especially when you have to overcome. To be honest, it almost seems as though the war is never over.

Carry-on, and let the Angels of war guide you to the promise land or whatever your place of comfort may be. For many it’s just a place called home. 

Salute, and try not to forget. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 

Thank You for taking the time to read my thoughts.

GM3 West, another lone sailor waiting on a government paycheck. 

Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Corner

The mental struggle is no different from a boxing ring. A fighter literally has the fight his or her way out of the corner. Mentally, the negative voices are telling you that you can’t win, but the positive voices are telling you that you can. These voices seem to corner you every day, even when you’re not fighting.

Jab, body shot, then uppercut, and you’re on the run, stuck in a corner.

This is the moment where you have to use your brain, you have to find a way to fight your way out of the corner. Compared to everyday pressure, it feels like the entire world is watching you fight for your life. You feel your endurance fading. Mentally you’re drained, the cost of losing could put you and your whole family out on the street. 

“Get out of the corner, dummy!”

You hear a fan scream outrageously. 

Somehow an underdog has to eat. You have to beat the odds or face the unemployment line. Even your sparring partner bet against you. The pressure is on and now you’re trapped in the corner.

Somehow, someway, you land an unbelievable uppercut. The power shot rattles your opponent and the crowd jumps to their feet. 

“Go for the kill shot! Get him now!”

You hear your trainer scream.

Bam! You deliver the knockout blow.

Your net worth shoots up to $50,000 and there’s no turning back now. Just about everybody you know likes a winner and there’s a pretty good chance that the person you just knocked out is going to want a rematch. Hate it or love it, you’re now a meal ticket, and just like life, you survive to fight another day.

Every champion somehow has to fight their way out of the corner. 


The End.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A Tower of Thoughts

I sat my paper down then I saw a screen glowing picture.

I fell down the stairs and got back up only to limp and fall again.

Depression almost got the best of me, but my thoughts saved me and I was determined to climb the tower. 

I got to the top and sat there until I thought of something else.

I guess this is the purpose of living.

Exploring and seeing how far your thoughts can take you.

As high as it may seem, the tower goes beyond the clouds.

It goes beyond the depths of space.

It’s thinking until everything fades to black.

The past, present and future...

Complete darkness. 

How high can you climb?

How far can your thoughts take you?

In the end all that’s left is for others to track your thoughts.

It’s a priceless journey, it’s a tower of thoughts.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Last Call for Judah 🦁

 This child of mine named Judah has a habit of wandering off into the jungle and getting himself into trouble.

“Judah come back home and make holy music with me please so we can save our tribe,” I screamed at him in frustration of how foolish he’d become, but once again he turned away.

My mercy could only last for so long before I poured out my wrath, for I was getting old and tired of my visions from God being stolen away. This became certain to me when I watched someone dear to me drop dead from a drug overdose. I was certain that only a gift from God’s eternal spirit could save my people but something happened over time that turned them away.

Realizing that I could not save the world alone, this was my last call for Judah.

Calling him as loud as I could, I then saw an army with Judah in the distance ready to make holy music to save a dying world.

My heart opened up and I embraced my son as he fell to his knees with me, for he was tired and worn out by the ways of this wicked world in which only the holy sounds of Judah could save. In our reconciliation he grabbed his drum and I sat at my piano, we put an end to the foolishness and began to make good music. Everyone dropped their weapons and began to vibe to our angelic sounds.

Last call for Judah. 🦁 

Monday, May 17, 2021

The Excursion of Fate

Everyone in Beaver Village lived on a hill and Brian the rebel sat on a log pondering how to defeat his enemies. Everyday he dreaded his life conditions and yearned for a new beginning.

Neither he nor his people had any skills in combat but on his excursion, destined for failure, Brian started to learn about fate and luck. He’d come to realize that it was his only option to escape his circumstances. He and his people were terrible at everything. It’s almost as if they had no escape.

This story may sound odd but as a general on the battlefield sometimes your number one weapon is your brain. With hardly no strong weapons or even depth, Brian started to believe in this new idea of fate and luck. His strategy may sound strange but it made sense. Seeing that the people in his Village were divided on everything and his natives were not brave enough to overcome, his odds of freeing their mind were very slim. Comprehending the fact that his opponents wanted to win and had all of the power, Brian decided to lose. His strategy made sense because of his circumstance, and the simple fact that his soldiers didn’t care about him at all. There just wasn’t any bravery or loyalty. Some of them were even siding with the enemy. Brian struggled with the courage of his people, he literally watched his army work for combatants and do it for free. There enemies didn’t even have to fight because they kept working for them and exchanging every bit of information that they could, not knowing that they were being slowly exterminated. It took one night for Brian to figure out his strategy, while also comprehending the fact that he was all alone in his battle to protect nothing but his life. Here’s how this story ends, when Brian was a child his father also worked for the enemy and in exchange he and his family got to live by the local village dam, all the enemy wanted in return was cheap labor. Everyday Brian was learning about water and how to work the dam because of his fascination of beavers. To make a long story short his strategy was simple, let the cards fall and see where they land, don’t even try. Brian’s enemies had all of the might, firepower, land and even skill. I mean how could he win? If it was his destiny to lead his people and win, then try to lose. Tired and worn out from cutting down trees all day he took a small excursion back to the dam and noticed a fire burning in the distance, now this was no high tech dam but it got the job done for the village people needing the water pressure to push the gears that made things move. Brian tried everything to put out the fire near the dam but failed miserably. After a while it began to spread, everything had been set ablaze and no one knew how the fire even started. Brian watched everybody trying to save themselves in the tiny village filled with trees and wild animals. The dam was near everyone’s camp and the only thing that was not on fire was the water in the dam, so in the midst of being surrounded by his enemies and his people trying to save themselves, he jumped in his small boat and rowed it against the current at the bottom of the small dam. Watching everyone burn to death he continued rowing in his boat. Tired from rowing, he evaluated the odds of what he’d just witnessed. The truth was that he’d been alone and had only one way to win and establish a new beginning. Fate was the only solution that he could come up with to cure the harsh living conditions of he and his people. Watching everything and everyone around him burn to the ground, he stopped rowing and sailed away with the current. The water pushed him to Paradise Valley, where he spent the rest of his days in harmony with new people who embraced him.

The Excursion of Fate 

Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Physical Equation

(Each poem, story or piece of literature is edited day to day so please bypass any errors.)

A small ounce of gold for my thoughts please, paid forward with a good deed...

I then delightfully take the microphone to deliver my physical equation...

I hear someone drop a book...

In the distance I see her, but she has no physical clue that she’s naked in a garden filled with scholars and academics until she eats off of a tree filled with knowledge, she then realizes that her eyes are opened... 

I kindly give her life the moment she touches me...


Who discovered the Big Bang?

Was it religion or science?

Has science physically destroyed common sense?

Do humans have a purpose or do we just sit still, deceive each other and die?

A piece of physical territory is precious to those with no home.

Whom does the earth belong to? Is it nature’s or is it the creator’s? 

Where is he? 

Where is she?

Does he or she have the deed?

Did he create humans to destroy his physical planet?

Picture smoke in thin air, opening up gateways to other places when you inhale it...

Bombs killing newborn babies, what religion or holy people does this and then worships at altars?

Guilty to face the creator who will be the judge after this life...

Guilty for these people who have lost their minds...


Living matter splattered into tiny pieces.

Is the earth just a huge bomb ticking, waiting to explode? 

In my poetry I see prophets...

I see Egyptian statues with physical exploding noses, drawings on giant horses with no clue of the historical value...

I see Israeli physical holy shrines being blown into a thousand pieces by enemies...

Does it ever end?

I see traffic moving in every direction with no physical thought of what’s really at stake.

Who even cares?

I see a drug dealer looking out for the bottom dollar with drug zombies everywhere...

I see a president’s face on the last and first dollar...

What is physical? 

Is it knowing? 

Is it seeing?

Or is it the bomb that blows my living flesh into a thousand pieces?

Maybe the person who invented the bomb should’ve kept quiet.

Maybe he should have physically fought for peace.

What was his true ambition?

Was he good or was he evil to reveal the secrets of the universe?

Was it his imagination or his hunger for more?

There’s star dust everywhere...exploding into bigger pieces...

Discovery is never enough for anyone, there always has to be more until there’s nothing left but complete physical silence...


Two triangles in the shape of stars...

Complete darkness and exploding lights...

Where did everybody go?

She then realizes what she has just done and gets kicked out of the garden...

I follow her as we explode again into a billion people...

We all sit and break bread in eternal peace...

The Physical Equation 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The 8 Signs of Chaos

1. People are jumping out of windows and doors are slamming.

2. Someone yells, “Get on the floor they’re shooting.”

3. You hear uncontrollable screaming and see people scattering.

4. Everything has somehow gone silent and you feel warm blood dripping from your ear.

5. You hear shots being fired but can’t see anyone and the shots seem to be getting closer.

6. If you didn’t before, you start believing in God again because your probability of living is slim. 

7. You develop the vision of saving people but you can’t because your life is also in the hands of the person with the weapon.

8. You’re trembling, shaking, and feel uncontrollable anxiety. 

Friday, May 7, 2021

Mom, the Superhero

 Believe in God but to look a goddess in the eyes when you’re born is confirmation that God exist.

A mother who travels through the underworld, left alone in the woods to save and give birth to her child.

Through the journey of fire and flames, through the pits of hell to be born in a human vessel to make sure her child makes it through this life.

She spreads her wings...

She saves us...

Mom, the Superhero.

May God show mercy to all children who have to travel through this life without the guiding light of a good mother.

Her compassion endures forever, for she knows the will of those forces which are unknown to the common man.

For she feels the spirit of truth and only lies to protect her children.

She is aware when there is hope and only leaves us in a place of security so that our world is made better.

Even if abandoned, the truth is that mom knows the world.

Mom, the Superhero.

A mother knows her children, she names them in hopes that he or she will meet her expectations.

For those mothers who are scarred and broken, another mother steps in and guides them through the darkness.

A mother faces off against the forces of evil over a million times until her job on earth is done.

She provides time, space and has a built in home.

She provides milk and love to enrich the human soul for if she doesn’t, she’s lost.

May God have mercy on the child without the guiding light of a mother.

And when our journey is complete my friends, word on the street is that it will be up to mom to allow us into the gates with the rest of our bloodline.

I’ll say it again, she travels through the depths of hell and the underworld to give us life, she saves us from the pit of hell so we may be welcomed where we belong.

Her mercy gives us hope for a second chance.

When she is left for dead, she finds her way.

When she is forgotten, she makes a statement for other lost moms to remember.

If she makes a mistake, she tries, then tries again.

Mother knows best, and if she doesn’t then let God’s will be done.

Her words are everlasting...

They provide strength in times of heartache and sorrow.

She gives us a chance at life...

Only her grace can save us...

Mom, the Superhero.

She saves the day...then the sun 🌞 comes out.😊