Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Incumbent

 He won the majority vote and his base loved him. On his quest for power he made a lot of people mad and dragged the blood suckers of every global democracy to their death. He had some good traits but the truth was he was a horrible person, but horrible people have their purpose too. His thoughts pushed everyone into a corner and he surrounded himself with ideals of brutal business tactics, but his opponents were no different. Realizing the outcome of the next election, which he lost, he became upset, angry, to be exact. “The people of this democracy should appreciate me for what I’ve done,” he explained but got no applause, so at first sight he stabbed his opponent right in the heart with the sharp end of his presidential pen, every camera around him focused in on the blood dripping from the true symbols covered up by the lust for power and control in government. The entire world watched and witnessed the real fight that had been swept under the rug for centuries take center stage, the former elected leader of the free world had now gotten the real attention of his people. Watching his opponent bleed and die while he wiped the blood from his hands and suit, he then took to the microphone and said, “I concede.”

The End.

Monday, November 16, 2020


 I fell to sleep by the radio while in deep thought. I awoke to the sounds of crows outside of my window on a windy day. I called a Christian pastor to clear up what I’d been feeling but most of them never answer their phone. I spoke with a Muslim friend about what God was telling me and he told me that God would send no more prophets and there were none alive. My Rabbi friend gave me a book to read. I tried to talk to my doctor but he gave me a pill. Blinded by my own reflection and deaf from the voices in my head, I remembered my old military days when I saw grown men blowing themselves up in front of a ship. I admit I cried in class with the survivors but that’s another story. Searching for a prophet, God gave me a sign, I got shocked putting old batteries into my old CD player in an abandoned chapel. Someone named Isaiah whispered into my ear and told me to think for myself, he told me to wake up, the prophets are all around me, they’re everywhere. I then heard them clearly speaking through the radio, their message was even coming through the TV, he was right, they were everywhere trying to get followers. I had no clue on which one I would follow, brainwashed, I opened my eyes and noticed that I was the only one in the chapel, I then proceeded to press play on my CD player to listen to a poet, realizing that I couldn’t feel the message, I turned it up. The voice got louder, “Prophets are all around you.” Confused, I began to get lost in the message, only to hear the voice of a false prophet telling me that the end was near. Looking out of the chapel window Isaiah showed me God’s promise to his people, he showed me the sun in the sky after a flood followed by a rainbow in the shape of the number 8, he turned it on its side ♾ and told me to give a new message to God’s people. His words were clear, “There is no end with God’s eternal promise, young prophet, even the thought is eternal.”At the end of his message he gave me a microphone and something to write with and told me to speak life into a dying world. I began to speak in an empty chapel only to leave to spread the good news. Isaiah’s message was only clear when I had nothing to lose. Young prophets, a new word was born. I later died with my mouth open only to be spoken back to life by another young prophet. 


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Fall Season

The leaflets have fully grown and are blowing tenderly with the autumn wind.

I notice bags on the curbs filled with crusty brown and orange colored particles of nature—leaves and leaf stems. 

It’s harvesting  time...pumpkins and squash.

I hear kids out back playing, trying to crack acorns.

The season is changing...

I fall to sleep on the back patio watching a leaf blow off of a maple tree. 

I can feel a light breeze blowing through a small crack in the patio window, it gently massages my bald head.

I take a moment to reflect...

Relaxed, I fade into another dream.

It’s the fall season.