Sunday, June 26, 2022


CHIEF: Petty Officer 3rd Class West

WEST: Here

CHIEF: Airman Zagorski


CHIEF: Seaman Campos


CHIEF: Petty Officer First Class Rios.

RIOS: Here.

CHIEF: Petty Officer 2nd Class Cherry

CHIEF: Petty Officer 2nd Class Cherry

CHIEF: Where the hell is Cherry?

CAMPOS: He gave up on the belief that the Constitution was written for him Chief. He’s M.I.A. We have to fight with who ever showed up Chief.

Friday, June 24, 2022


Today I learned to let go.

Today I learned to trust.

Today I learned to be optimistic and be a friend.

I learned that prosperity is not always about wealth but about how I genuinely view the world and people around me.

Even if the world is dark to some people, today I learned how to brighten it up a bit.

Today. 😊

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Alpha & Omega

I kept reaching, kept searching.

At the bottom of the pit I was shown no mercy.

I’d saw drug addicts, innocent virgins turned into prostitutes, babies aborted, men on the computer screen with men and women with women. 

My spirit felt so empty, I felt drained of all life’s goodwill.

Deeper and deeper into the pit, I found myself losing my grip while trying to climb out. It’s like something or someone was trying to pull me under. Fighting submission; I felt my feet burning, but I couldn’t give up. I needed to be cleansed or I would surely lose my soul.

I’d seen it all. Filth, disease, sloth…hell.

I then began to scream out for mercy, I needed to be saved, I needed some help. This could not be the end for me. How could I sink so low.

With little strength left, the Alpha spirit pulled me out of the pit and gave me a new beginning.

I’d been washed of my wrongs, I’d been reborn, only to show others a way out. 

There was light at the end of a very dark past, I’d reached the Omega.

It was my only hope.

The Alpha & Omega

Saturday, June 18, 2022

The Colors of the Sun

How fruitful; how fulfilling; how gracious.

Splendid in all of its royal beauty. Golden and sweet.

It’s the flavor of the fruit that we eat.

Filled with colorful rays of power and life.

It’s the light of day, it’s what we need to see.

Perfect rotation in every way, a gratitude from our creator. The Alpha and Omega.

A gift of blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, grey, black, and white. Other amazing colors once mixed.

The true magic is seeing the colors emerge as the sun rises through the clouds in the midst of a rainy day.

There’s a taste of freedom, as we face the rising Sun of our new day begun.

What a dependable friend to rise everyday for the world to see.

It’s an amazing show, full of amazing colors.

The colors of the Sun 🌞 

Monday, June 13, 2022

Judgement Day

After his last brain scan, Jacob took a look outside, through the window, he noticed black birds falling from the sky.

Jennifer Green also saw something strange, she was doing hair at her salon in a small windstorm when she saw a great statue of a prostitute fall on the Vegas strip. 

Peter, who was a very religious man, witnessed his entire church burn to the ground.

Not too long after, a war broke out on the proclaimed holy land and from a distance the onlookers and observers said it was an act of God while the victims of war were fighting for their land.

Great bombs could be seen falling from the sky and from the angle of an abandoned sheep, torment was seen as God’s prophecy being fulfilled.

Each angle of perception could be the flaw of man’s own ambitions. The preacher created one vision while the world saw another.

The scientist created the bombs that the people used to gain dominance over each other and the paramedics came to the aid of the victims of war.

If there were prophets set to return, the people literally killed each other in their name and what ever bloodline was next in line to rule planet earth was stationed underneath the ground.

As nations witnessed the epitome of man’s delusions, mankind literally killed off its own species.

Once the carnage was over, the sun came up the next day and the next species in line set to rule planet earth took over while everyone else returned to the pit of their own fantasies. Humans had soon become extinct, only to languish in their own faults while in constant remissions of their lavish wasted past. 

What was the point of man’s existence, only to be overcome by a tribe of genetically modified lion people who became the next dynasty to revive the great pyramids. 

As the pages of the good book dissolved in a sand storm some saw this as God’s will. The lion people came from underneath the earth to judge the failures of mankind while some believed that whatever was classified backfired and caused the demise of the human species.

Either way, Judgement Day revived a dynasty.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

There’s a song in there somewhere


Mom’s found a new home.


What do I say now?


I’ll take a breath now


I’ll whistle like a tree,

There’s a song in there somewhere.

I’ll scratch this and try again tomorrow.

Friday, June 10, 2022


You can lose everyone around you, but at times, only optimism can help you go on.

You can have children, but only optimism can help you raise them.

We all make choices every day, but optimism gives us the ability to get over the bad ones.

If life is a gamble, then how we perceive the world around us teaches us a lot about the little things that we often fail to appreciate.

You can catch a fatal disease and see a brutal dictator on a rage to take over the world, but optimism, my friend, will play a large part in how you survive.

A man or a woman can be ugly or beautiful on either side, but without optimism, the aura of beauty fades either way.

For a woman or man to bring life into the world optimism is very important.

Be determined to find a reason to remain optimistic, most of the time that’s half the battle.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

If all flowers were blue

 It’s okay to be different.

Out of a billion planets, that’s what makes earth unique.

Why be so hard on yourself? No one is the same. 

If we all went west, who would tend the fields in the east?

Is it ironic that something always goes wrong in a perfect world?

My friend, if all flowers were blue, would we all be blind? 

Just be yourself.

We all make the world unique in some way.

We all fit in somewhere.

We all have a purpose.

We’re all different in some way.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Cleansing

 “What is God Jim?” Henry asked after seeing his mother killed right in front of him a few weeks before his counseling session.

It was apparent that he was on the edge, depressed and tired of life. His family was strung out on drugs. All of his children had been killed in gun related incidents. The guy literally had nothing left.

Jim stood up in his seat next to Henry, “God is good. He’s like a man cleaning a dirty room. Once you let him in, Henry, he’ll help you and clean out your dirt. That’s what God does.”

Henry laughed and looked at Jim and said, “I let God in a long time ago Jim. I’ve just come to accept the fact that I can spend my entire life trying to fix people or spend this time with a good friend like you Jim. I think that’s what God is. My dirty family killed themselves, God didn’t do that.”

Once Jim and Henry got done with their Bible study mixer they called it a night.

Henry went home, cleaned up and took all of the pictures of his family off of his wall and put them in the closet. He was the last one left.

The Cleansing.

The King of Judah

Who would serve an unforgiving God?

A God who does not hear our prayers.

A God who does not show mercy.

Like a roaring Lion, my God gives eternal strength.

He shows mercy to the children.

He guides an army of perfect peaceful angels to watch over those who call upon him.

From the darkness of night till the light of day, he reigns. 

A religious scholar would say, “He’s on time.”

In my lonely hours, I’ve come to trust him.

He’s a friend, a father, and a comforter.

I would recommend his services to all who seek peace and guidance in their life.

He’s the King of Judah, he reigns. 

Don’t be afraid of him, like the raging wind he roams the earth providing for all of his creation.

In the old until the new, nothing has changed.

He remains,

“The King of Judah.”