Friday, June 10, 2022


You can lose everyone around you, but at times, only optimism can help you go on.

You can have children, but only optimism can help you raise them.

We all make choices every day, but optimism gives us the ability to get over the bad ones.

If life is a gamble, then how we perceive the world around us teaches us a lot about the little things that we often fail to appreciate.

You can catch a fatal disease and see a brutal dictator on a rage to take over the world, but optimism, my friend, will play a large part in how you survive.

A man or a woman can be ugly or beautiful on either side, but without optimism, the aura of beauty fades either way.

For a woman or man to bring life into the world optimism is very important.

Be determined to find a reason to remain optimistic, most of the time that’s half the battle.

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