Saturday, December 26, 2020

Alexis & the Cookie Jar

 “Oh my, what a fine species the humans have made, tell me little girl, what is your name?” the flying goat asked.

“My daddy told me never to talk to strangers,” Alexis replied.

“Sweet child, do you want to start off the new year being a misfit? No one listens to their parents anymore they listen to me, the flying goat.”

Alexis noticed the cookie jar in his hands, “I’ll tell you my name if you give me a cookie.”

“Oh, so you want to make a deal,” the goat replied.

“Yes, I’ll tell you my name for the cookies,” she said.

“I want you to read the warning label first,” the goat said smiling.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know how to read,” Alexis said gloating at the jar filled with cookies.

“But child, to make a deal I need something in return, I need you to tell me your name,” the goat explained to Alexis.

“My name is Alexis.”

The goat then gave her the cookie jar and watched her eat every cookie, he just watched and smiled as she got full and passed out on the floor. When she awoke in 2021 she realized that she gained 150 pounds and had no teeth. She also noticed that the goat was gone, she’d been tricked.

Alexis and the cookie jar.

The End.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

King David & Esquire

 “Sir, what is there left to conquer?” Esquire asked King David.

“There’s one more thing,” King David replied.

Esquire couldn’t help but notice the picture in King David’s hand. It was a picture of his wife who committed suicide.

“I was a bastard child, a bastard child who grew up only to find out that God was the only father that I had left; Esquire, a bastard child who rose to be king because the man who raised me gave me a toy for Christmas. Why did he favor me out of all men to lead Judah and why did he allow me to call him Dad?” King David asked letting go of his wife’s picture as it fell to the ground.

“Sir, I don’t understand, you have everything and still you’re not satisfied. What is God telling you?” Esquire said.

“Nathaniel...” King David went silent.

Esquire put his hand on his shoulder as King David fell to the ground searching for his wife’s picture. 

“Nathaniel what?” Esquire said.

“He came to me last night in a dream. I saw him abusing my mother but for some reason when he was done he gave me a toy.”

Drowning in confusion, Esquire took a seat.

“Nathaniel died in combat. Do you want me to cancel Christmas, Sir?” Esquire asked.

“No, but I think I know what the dream meant.”

Esquire grew more curious about what was going on in King David’s thoughts.

“There’s an army in the East that wears all black and I hear that they have over a billion soldiers. They killed the only father that I knew.” King David said.

Esquire couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “Great King, that is the most ruthless army known to man. If they killed Nathaniel, what will they do to you?”

King David stood strong, “I think what God was telling me in the dream was that my mother symbolizes me, Nathaniel symbolizes the army and the toy symbolizes peace. I’m going to die in battle but the person that I want to kill will give our people peace. I know this wasn’t the end that you expected Esquire, but in this life I’ll never have peace because I can’t let go of my past.” 

Esquire took a look at the North Star in the night sky, “Is it God’s will, Sir?”

David pointed to the pictures of all of the battles that he’d won with God’s help, “It’s God’s will, Esquire.”

After the battle, Esquire and the people of Westland mourned the death of their King. Esquire took to the throne later and followed through with David’s dream. In the end every army kneeled to a dead warrior who went up against a billion men while also knowing his fate. This story lived on throughout the ages because Esquire made it Judah’s prayer. After that gruesome final battle and the aftermath of a life of peace, Esquire fell to sleep only to wake up in another life. Not comprehending that he’d been reborn in another life he heard the voice of King David. 

“You can die a thousand times on earth, but there’s always hope in a dream.”

They won the battle; for the world had been fooled.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Stanley & the Worker Bees 🐝

Once again it was a few months before Christmas time for the worker bees, but this year they had a problem, there were some killer hornets moving in on the worker bees territory.

“I don’t appreciate how Stanley has been letting those killer hornets push him around,” Curtis said searching for pollen.

“Yeah, the queen bee has been very frustrated with him not meeting his quota. He may have to find another hive if he doesn’t get it together,” Keshawn said, agreeing with Curtis.

Stanley was soft and gullible, but somehow he could last throughout the winter while the other bees would become frozen stiff in hibernation. As fall came to an end the cold weather started to set in. 

Every winter Stanley would keep watch on the queen bee while all of the other bees were frozen solid including the queen. Stanley was a freak of nature. As Christmas came around he heard chainsaws cutting down nearby trees, realizing that he had no help, he knew he had to protect the hive. 

“I have to be brave,” he kept saying to himself over and over again. Noticing the killer hornets hive had been frozen too he pushed it down and watched it crash onto the head of the Christmas tree dealer knocking him out cold. 

Stanley then noticed that the sawing had stopped. After the Christmas tree dealer had been rushed to the hospital, Stanley retreated to the hive and couldn’t wait until winter was over to tell his story. Stanley spent the rest of the winter building a defense system around the hive. It took him all winter to complete his project. In the spring when all of the other worker bees came out of hibernation they couldn’t believe what Stanley had done. The queen bee buzzed so much energy into Stanley that it made him work even harder, he was now the top worker bee. No longer soft and gullible, Stanley created a day for all worker bees to work and be merry. He called his newfound holiday “Workmazz.”

Merry Workmazz,

From Stanley and the worker bees 🐝 

Saturday, December 5, 2020

God is never satisfied

 There’s a man on top of the world, but still it’s never enough...

There’s a woman who owns land in every country, but still it’s never enough...

We’ve all witnessed miracles then decided to go right back into the pit, it’s never enough.

The universe is just too much for one mind or for one man to figure out. Can you see the wind without smoke? When fire burns does it not consume everything in its path until there is nothing left but’s never enough.

My advice to you while you’re drowning in your sorrows and boasting in your own glory is to worship God... worship until your soul leaves your vessel and rises to the heavens while keeping one thing in mind: God is never satisfied.

If you don’t believe me, then climb a mountain, break a finger nail and watch it heal.

God wants you to keep trying because just like you, he’s never satisfied.

If you still don’t believe me, skip a few meals and go hungry, when you finally decide to eat and get full — tomorrow I bet you’ll be hungry again.

How ironic that our eyes are only made to see the bigger things even when there is air right in front of us.

You can clean a whistle until it disappears only to find dirt on your rag.

I’ll conclude, God is never satisfied, keep praying and keep worshiping, he’s not done yet. 

His hunger for more never ends, so give him everything, give him your all.

God is never satisfied.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The sad truth about sports

 You can be good...

You can be the best...

But the sad truth about sports is that the majority of the people will not like you or remember you unless you win.

In the end you learn five things:

1. A true fan is there through thick and thin; win, lose or draw.

2. A true teammate will say next game we’ll get it, we just have to work together.

3. A person who works hard will help you work harder.

4. Talent comes in all forms.

5. If you die doing something you love, you’ve won.

The sad truth about sports.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Incumbent

 He won the majority vote and his base loved him. On his quest for power he made a lot of people mad and dragged the blood suckers of every global democracy to their death. He had some good traits but the truth was he was a horrible person, but horrible people have their purpose too. His thoughts pushed everyone into a corner and he surrounded himself with ideals of brutal business tactics, but his opponents were no different. Realizing the outcome of the next election, which he lost, he became upset, angry, to be exact. “The people of this democracy should appreciate me for what I’ve done,” he explained but got no applause, so at first sight he stabbed his opponent right in the heart with the sharp end of his presidential pen, every camera around him focused in on the blood dripping from the true symbols covered up by the lust for power and control in government. The entire world watched and witnessed the real fight that had been swept under the rug for centuries take center stage, the former elected leader of the free world had now gotten the real attention of his people. Watching his opponent bleed and die while he wiped the blood from his hands and suit, he then took to the microphone and said, “I concede.”

The End.

Monday, November 16, 2020


 I fell to sleep by the radio while in deep thought. I awoke to the sounds of crows outside of my window on a windy day. I called a Christian pastor to clear up what I’d been feeling but most of them never answer their phone. I spoke with a Muslim friend about what God was telling me and he told me that God would send no more prophets and there were none alive. My Rabbi friend gave me a book to read. I tried to talk to my doctor but he gave me a pill. Blinded by my own reflection and deaf from the voices in my head, I remembered my old military days when I saw grown men blowing themselves up in front of a ship. I admit I cried in class with the survivors but that’s another story. Searching for a prophet, God gave me a sign, I got shocked putting old batteries into my old CD player in an abandoned chapel. Someone named Isaiah whispered into my ear and told me to think for myself, he told me to wake up, the prophets are all around me, they’re everywhere. I then heard them clearly speaking through the radio, their message was even coming through the TV, he was right, they were everywhere trying to get followers. I had no clue on which one I would follow, brainwashed, I opened my eyes and noticed that I was the only one in the chapel, I then proceeded to press play on my CD player to listen to a poet, realizing that I couldn’t feel the message, I turned it up. The voice got louder, “Prophets are all around you.” Confused, I began to get lost in the message, only to hear the voice of a false prophet telling me that the end was near. Looking out of the chapel window Isaiah showed me God’s promise to his people, he showed me the sun in the sky after a flood followed by a rainbow in the shape of the number 8, he turned it on its side ♾ and told me to give a new message to God’s people. His words were clear, “There is no end with God’s eternal promise, young prophet, even the thought is eternal.”At the end of his message he gave me a microphone and something to write with and told me to speak life into a dying world. I began to speak in an empty chapel only to leave to spread the good news. Isaiah’s message was only clear when I had nothing to lose. Young prophets, a new word was born. I later died with my mouth open only to be spoken back to life by another young prophet. 


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Fall Season

The leaflets have fully grown and are blowing tenderly with the autumn wind.

I notice bags on the curbs filled with crusty brown and orange colored particles of nature—leaves and leaf stems. 

It’s harvesting  time...pumpkins and squash.

I hear kids out back playing, trying to crack acorns.

The season is changing...

I fall to sleep on the back patio watching a leaf blow off of a maple tree. 

I can feel a light breeze blowing through a small crack in the patio window, it gently massages my bald head.

I take a moment to reflect...

Relaxed, I fade into another dream.

It’s the fall season.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Circus

 Oh no, I forgot Donald’s paperwork and he just got bit by a lion again.

Tina got upset because someone in the crowd called her a freak, she’s very sensitive about her portion of the show, she dedicates every performance to her late father who lost his head doing the same act.

Jerry likes music but he’s upset with me because I told him that the curse words had to be taken out of his performance because parents don’t want their children listening to someone bragging about how the devil is their father while explaining why their mother is the “B” word because she slept with him. He’s really into stuff like that but really puts on a good show.

This could be my last show, Cindy’s hair hanging act made national news after the performance went downhill when one of the girls lost her grip on one of the hair rings and they all fell to their death. Cindy was the only one who survived, I often visit her in the psych ward on the weekends. She hasn’t been the same since.

The lawsuits are piling up and no one ever reads the policies but the fans love us and here I am hanging from a rope fifty feet in the air.

I can hear the crowd cheering but for some reason I feel the rope getting tighter.

I just hung myself in front of five thousand fans.

The lights go black, the show is over.

Sadly, my insurance policy collapsed before the show and everyone watched me die, but no one could afford the funeral. Angry investors left my body at the coroner's office to rot. Til this day, on halloween, people put pictures of me dangling from a rope in their front yard to keep the show alive.

From the day I was born to the day of my death, I’ve been devoted to one thing:

The Circus. 

Monday, October 19, 2020

The other side of Mount Rushmore

 He marveled at the site as he and his daughter would always explore Mount Rushmore on his days off.

“I want to get a closeup of us by the mountain,” Martin told his daughter getting ready to snap his picture when he noticed an army of wounded and bloody men falling from the crevices of Mount Rushmore to get to them from the other side.

Martin and his daughter began to run.

“Help us! Please!” One of the soldiers yelled. 

While running, Martin realized that he dropped his two-thousand dollar camera.

Hiding behind a rock, holding his daughter not too far from the Mountain, he noticed something unique about the men and women.

“They’re soldiers dad,” Martin’s daughter explained noticing their uniforms.

“I wonder what’s going on, on the other side of Mount Rushmore,” Martin replied.

They both peeked over the rock and noticed that the soldiers were gone, they also noticed that Martin’s camera was gone too. Realizing that they had a clear path to escape, Martin recalled what one of the soldiers had yelled at him.

“Why did I hear one of them yell help us?”

Martin’s daughter pulled her father’s hand.

“Come on dad, let’s go home, this is not our concern,” Martin’s daughter said.

Martin looked his daughter dead in her eyes, 

“Go hide in the truck. If I’m not back in thirty minutes call for help.”

Martin’s daughter refused to let him go. 

“Don’t go dad, I don’t want to lose you like we lost mommy.”

Martin’s life flashed before his eyes. What were the odds of him always being on the fancy side of Mount Rushmore while never really knowing what was on the other side.

Giving in to his daughter’s demands, Martin picked up a black rock off of the ground and drew a black ribbon on the rock where he and his daughter hid. 

Retreating to his vehicle with his daughter, he took a last look at how close they had gotten to Mount Rushmore, but curiosity got the best of him.

“Daddy, what are you doing?”

“You shut up, you little spoiled brat, it’s time to take a look at the real picture. We’re going to see what’s on the other side.”

 Martin sped around the mountain. Having the advantage of being employed by the park this was his chance to figure out the mystery. With his daughter crying, his truck flipped over and slid down the other side of the mountain.

Dizzy and bloody, he and his daughter escaped from the truck while a number of healthy and wounded soldiers came to their aid.

Martin and his daughter left the other side of Mount Rushmore only to be starstruck by a hidden side of reality.

“Here is your camera Mr. President,” one of the soldiers said handing Martin his camera while his truck burned in the distance.

Realizing that there was no turning back now, Martin faced a field of wounded and exhausted men and women only to revive them as their new commander in chief.

“We’re with you,” he said as he and his daughter dropped to their knees surrendering to serve the other side. 

He and his daughter spent the rest of their life on the other side of Mount Rushmore, never to see the front again. One day, unexpectedly, onlookers noticed an army of men and women changing the faces.

A part of Martin died that day while another part of him lived. When his neighbors noticed that his house stood dark for months, they couldn’t help but notice his face along with billions of unknown soldiers on the front of Mount Rushmore. Things were changing.

A new day had been born. 

A new beginning.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Utopia pt. 2

 It’s all good, bro.


 Yo, you made this up.





Why does it always feel like someone is watching me?

Maybe someone is, you’re always on stage.

Hey, if I died and went to hell would you come and save me?

Someone already did that bro, that story has already been written, we’re good, stop fighting and let go.

Read the book. 

Victory is yours.

Friday, October 9, 2020


 I sit and πŸ€” ponder...

Is a child born with a destiny?

I ponder on this thought.

Is a child bred to do what an adult does later?

Does a child who seeks the weapon have a natural passion to kill or does the child know something about defense?

Is a child born without a conscience?

What makes a child find God?

Is it reason or is it fact?

One can only ponder on the thought.

If the human mind is trained to want more why do so many settle for less?

Why do so many find happiness with less and those looking in await for them to be miserable or are they? It could just be my interpretation.

Why do those with more to offer have to suffer when they’re expected to provide?

Why do some keep going while others stop?

Are laws made to be broken?

Is the earth round or is it a sphere?

Are we all just standing on a rock in space?

I ponder on the thought of wisdom...

Why does a man win only to feel like a loser tomorrow?

Why does a woman search for love only to find more sorrow?

My mind ponders on what makes a human like me so stuck in my ways...

I refuse to submit to modern times as I trip on an old phone cord, but I swear they’ll never figure me out or have they already?

I’m stubborn, but my mind is at ease or is it?

Am I “old school” because I see something in a woman who gives me a coin and cooks for me when I’m out on the streets?

I ponder for a moment on her true intentions, then I let go...

Why is she helping me? I’m nothing...

I ponder why she is giving me the strength I need to provide for her...

What does she want from me?

I ponder why she is encouraging me...

She won’t leave me on this corner to rot and die...

I stop pondering, I’ve figured it out...

She is trying to save us all, for a vengeful, bitter man is worth nothing without a coin in a cup...

We come out of her womb while she suffers in pain and when we’re worth nothing she still feeds us...

That’s something to ponder about...

One cannot exist without the other, I guess there had to be a maker of everything or did it just happen? The entire time the answer was right in front of me.


I guess we’re all in this together. One cannot exist without the other. 

As I stand a thousand feet above ground on a tightrope, I ponder why my mind is telling me to stay balanced.

Someone or something is watching over me, I can’t see it but I can feel it.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Truth

When you tell the truth be prepared because the people who listen may feel bad and you may lose a lot of humanitarian support. You may even find yourself in a fight. The lasting effects of telling the truth could often put your life in danger. It may be wise to listen to a person who is often alone, most likely they won’t lie to you and if they do it’s because they’ve been beaten up by always telling the truth and may just tell a lie because they need a friend.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


 She did everything she could to perform her song...

She practiced every note for two hours a day...

Her throat became sore...

She practiced so hard that she wore herself out.

Exhausted, she sat down on a bench in the janitors closet after practice and fell to sleep.

She was tired.

Sunday, September 20, 2020


 My yes is what put me in front of the judge, what I failed to realize was that I did have a choice, or did I? In my heart I know I’m innocent but the truth is that I was cursed from birth. I was born to an unmarried mother whose highest form of education was high school. Wealth to me was a brand new plastic teething ring. Yes, it’s true that freedom is good but at this moment I know my life is over. My life will never be the same, I gave in to the woes of life and I killed the man who beat the only woman who’d ever really cared about me. While they prepared my cage, I heard my mother scream just like I’d heard my entire childhood. I would beg for mercy but like so many who’ve lost their freedom, I’d died in the jungle the moment my ancestors and I were put in chains. God be with me, good bye mom. I hope to see you in 25 years. From the jungle to a warm house now to a cage, the only person who ever saw me as a human being was you mom. I’m sure you named me Judah for a reason, your king sent from God, born to protect you, now has a number on his back. I did it for you.


Saturday, September 19, 2020

Human Envy

 The funk of deception...

Smiles reflecting visions of hatred...

Evil rotting inside of a feeble mind craving for attention...

It, they, I, me, and them...

He, she, her, and him...

A trail of heated emotions...

One wanting two, an artificial pardon...

An authentic passion to desire someone else’s treasure...

An alternative mind of trust...

The failure of bad decisions...

The concept of good intentions manifested into evil thoughts...

A house and a diamond ring, material things achieved with hard work reaching for success while the evil eye watches...

The thing that possesses the mind to dwell on the concepts that his or her new friend or foe have created...

The thing is human envy...

It seeps inside of the mind only to swell up like a womb filled with dirty infected pus...

This thing called human envy is where evil dwells...

It drives the human to kill...

It motivates the human to steal...

It slowly eats away at the humble moments in life that we all cherish, that we all want...

It drives us...

All can be caught in its web...

It’s the downfall of a selfish species driven to be successful...

Driven to achieve and outdo predecessors...

Bloody, brutal competition, willing to do whatever it takes to win, craving for the attention to achieve...

Driven to want the finer things in life...

A man and his wife...

A house and a home...

Only to be watched by the envious human eye to steal, kill and destroy...

Death by deception...

Evil that stabs a healthy heart...

Poor, greedy, filthy, rotten, selfish and dirty...


Beware my child of human envy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

It Slipped Away

 Victory was mine and I knew it...

I waited my whole life for it...

The moment when confetti fell from the ceiling while tears of joy dropped from my eyes...

I had it right in the palms of my hands, but somehow it slipped away.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Searching for a Story

 Oh, I searched here and there...

I searched everywhere...

Under the table, on TV, by the bed...

The paper, the news, and even the pews...

I couldn’t find a story anywhere...

The kids on the corner, yes they were playing, but I told that story last week...

A new crusade to take over the world, oh, I told that story too...

Hmmm, what will I write about today?

I could write about myself, but who wants to hear about a little lonely man whose life is full of ups and downs...

I could write about my turtle or past relationships but my turtle is dead and I failed at every relationship...

I could write about my exotic fantasies, but that’s nasty too rated R, they’ll never look at me the same after that story...

I could write about the president, but I’ll be dead in a week with that story, one of his followers might catch me slipping—when I’m getting my hair done or something.

Well, I guess I’ll just make something up...

Yep, that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to make something up.

I’ll call the story: “Dee Dee and the giant candy cane.”

It’ll be about a little girl who creates her very own holiday. 

Woe, I think I got something here.

Thursday, September 3, 2020


 Amazing how something the size of a small marble could expand into something so universal. The idea of something so massive could probe your thoughts for days trying to figure out how something so small could grow to be so big or could it be something so big shrinking to something so small. The possibilities are infinite ♾ and you’re in your own little world.


Monday, August 31, 2020


 Salute, take a bow.

The Artist shall not take your orders.

My brush is my weapon, I will fight with my musical instrument of choice. I will only wear a mask for the sake of the people I paint, draw and play for. 

As for the rule of law, I will take the virus and die at the communist dinner table before I submit to their orders.

Dissect my abdomen and shove my appendix in the face of the ruler looking to mandate my God given freedom. My heart beats to fight for it. I behoove of thee tyrants and dictators to practice freedom as a right, for you have no place at my dinner table if you don’t. Such communist laws torments and destroys the soul of any nation and it’s people, for they are forced into fear, it is not chosen. They die wishing for natural feelings. Slave labor is another type of hell, it is another type of slow death that eats away at the human spirit to fight for and envy freedom. I will take the virus and die at the communist table before I submit to their rule of law.

Do you not see the colors of freedom, for I will not sit and watch my people be oppressed. I will not watch their bloodshed paint the land under forceful government rules. Those who have been oppressed fear this type of system. Their ancestors shed their blood for freedom.

I owe a debt to those people, for God alone sent me to liberate them with my brush, for my intellectual thoughts alone will build a free nation that gives anyone the will to paint and create freely. To hell with you and your mask, for I will take the virus and die at the communist table. How weak have the freedom fighters become, for victory has defeated them. 

Therefore, I will not eat at a restaurant which makes mask mandatory and does not provide one for free, I will not be in the presence of people who are colorblind and militant under the rule of law. Their supremacy is a delusion. For God himself says take timeout to loosen up but do not give in to drunkenness or you may be caught off guard by communist and tyrants looking to make you a freedom-less slave. For that, I’ll take the virus—die, meet God then resurrect to send communist and tyrants back to hell where they came from. A representative democracy is worth fighting for. I’ll take the virus and watch my sword puncture the heart of communist leaders as we die together and I alone for the will of the people as they witness my sacrifice and never forget to fight for freedom. 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

A new day

 It may hurt today, I may fail or come up short...

I may even be cheated out of something I so dearly want to achieve...

I may want to give-up, I may want to be unforgiving, but who knows how I will feel tomorrow or even years from now...

Is it foolish of me to be vengeful today?

Is it foolish of me to assume what tomorrow may bring?

Forever is to know and understand that time goes on with or without me... 

I too must pass on someday...

I too get angry and impatient at times...hard work one day only to have to build again the next.

Some parts of my body don’t quite function as before...

I too have seen love turn to only to lose after.

Plans and preparations in place only to be devastated by loss...

Good days turned to bad and the woes of human nature and emotions...

Time is so precious, I feel it too...

A new day has taught me one thing: to love, appreciate, and understand that time heals all pain...

To hear a “no” and later have it turn to a “yes.”

To feel no justice only to watch my love ones grow up in the positions to be judges.

I awake in a new mood...

A different feeling, a different vibe...

The sun shines through my window...

It’s a new day...

Saturday, August 22, 2020

The blood on the door story

 Some of you may know the blood on the door story and some of you may have forgotten or never heard of it at all. My mother was afraid of a disease running wild until I reminded her of a well known story. For those of you who remember, you may’s a win-win situation for you. Live or die you’ll be okay. You’ll rise. I will not tell you what the story is about but I strongly recommend you search for it. Here is a clue: It’s in a book that’s a best seller, a book that has survived kings, queens, pharisees and pharaohs. I’m not a scholar just a poor man who remembers the blood on the door story. The key is to remember, and if you’re afraid— find the story and you will understand. It will give you hope.

Thursday, August 13, 2020


“The ice is melting momma,” Izzy the cub said.

All of the polar bears gathered around on what ice was left.

“My god, I’ve never seen such a sight in all of my years, all of the ice is nearly gone. We have to search for a new home,” Kemet, the lead polar bear said to his celebration of polar bears, it was evident that he was frustrated because he also had been missing meals.

His daughter Teresa kindly gave him her last fish,   “If we head inland maybe the humans will help us Papa,” Teresa suggested.

All of the polar bears began to migrate inland in search for food and a new home. On their journey some were hunted and killed. This discouraged Papa bear. 

“This maybe the end for us family,” Papa bear said.

“Don’t say that Papa, we’ve come so far,” Teresa replied.

“We‘ve lost nearly half of our celebration and most of us haven’t ate in days,” Papa bear said feeling hopeless.

The other polar bears had never seen  Papa bear so down.

Izzy took his Papa’s paw, “ Don’t give up Papa,” he said. At that moment Papa bear’s heart began to beat faster, his polar bear instincts began to kick in. 

“We have no hope with the humans, they’ll kill us all. We have to head south,” he said.

On their journey it began to snow.

When Izzy saw penguins he knew everything would be okay.

“Welcome to the ice castle,” Jeffery the penguin said greeting and comforting the tired and ravaged polar bears in this rare moment for penguins and polar bears. The earth was changing forcing some animals to become neighbors and some to become friends. The time for sharing had come as penguins and polar bears sat and ate in their new cryosphere together.

Izzy took Papa bear’s paw again, “Good things happen when you don’t give up hope Papa.”

Saturday, August 8, 2020


 This is usually when it happens, at night when the lights go out. The trauma, the pain and the depression. There are so many things on my to do list, so many books I haven’t read, I have to push myself, I have to let the past go and keep up with this fast pace world. Goodbye dad, goodbye mom, they’re never coming back; they never won the lottery or hit the jackpot, they worked until their bodies gave out now they’re gone. How ironic for the light on my desk to be on at a time like this. I’ll write my thoughts down until my mind is at ease. I’ll cry on paper. I’ll write about a happy ending with victory and a loving female picking me up and loading my printer with fresh paper at the end. We can share stories and cry tears of joy. That will be my happy ending.


Thursday, July 23, 2020

Ride it til the wheels fall off

I got my first big wheel brand new, I remember it like it was yesterday.
I knew my mother could not afford to get me another one so I road that sucker til the wheels fell off. “Literally!”
Up and down the street with so much joy and laughter.
I honestly could feel the wind blowing through my hair.
The feeling seemed like it would last forever.
No one could stop me.
I pedaled until my little feet hurt and the wheels fell off.
When they fell off, I kindly went to my mother and thanked her for the thrill and proceeded to the basement to try to put my big wheel back together.
Til this day I think about the day I failed at fixing my big wheel so in protest I use my legs and run through the park.
Even if my legs give out, I can always use a wheelchair.
At least til I die or the wheels fall off.
What a ride.😊

Thursday, July 16, 2020

No Slackers Allowed

Once upon a time a little man named Gary woke up and noticed that his wife was still sleep and the house was a mess. Having twelve kids, this angered Gary so he took matters into his own hands. Not only did he invent his famous golden magic whip, but he used it. He got everyone in the house out of bed and showed them pictures of lazy ass people rotting away. He also showed his family pictures of drunken, lazy, smoked out, no good ass heathens also. Gary’s family knew he meant business when he made his daughter cut the grass with scissors and had his wife scrape the dinner plate with her fingernails. He took it to another level when he smacked his neighbor in the face for watching and not helping him lay new cement. Gary never heard of a vacation, he never heard of golf neither. I think what drove him to his breaking point was when he saw the ancient pyramids and the tall buildings in New York City and only saw trash piling up in his town. It was evident that Gary was allergic to slackers and no good “lazy ass” people. When Gary lead the construction crew to build the first skyscraper in his town, to honor him, his family built a huge statue of him with his golden magic whip and his children on his back in the front yard. Gary never owned a slave, nor did he ever have people working for him, every piece of help he got building with his hands was because he motivated people to help him just by doing it himself. The construction crew that helped him build the skyscraper would have never come together if Gary had not drew up the blueprints himself. His neighbor still has the hand mark on his face that motivated him to help Gary lay cement. Just by smacking and motivating his neighbor, he healed him of COVID-19. Gary’s daughter used her finger to write these empowering words on the cement: “No slackers allowed.”

Monday, July 13, 2020

I opened the Eighth Seal

One night almost seemed like a century, I woke up to a bright sunny sky. I felt old and worn out so I dozed off to an audio bible on a new bright sunny day to at least give me some form of spiritual growth. No matter how hard I tried, for some reason I could never satisfy my mental state. All I could remember was hearing some verses about King Solomon and his voyage after King David, then I was out like a light. In my deep sleep I saw billions of people searching for wisdom, for answers, but for some odd reason it was like a breaking point and everyone had been trying to get to safety. I can’t recall what was happening outside of the circle but some people were suffering while others were helplessly watching. I heard babies crying because they couldn’t get fed. In the midst of madness there was a king hanging from a cross in an open field, it appeared as though his people were preparing to set him on fire. I was worn out so my vision was kind of blurry. I just kept trying to take my mind off of how hungry I was. I don’t know why but I kept hearing a voice talking to me. The voice seemed very strong, like an angel or some form of guiding deity. The voice showed me the many seals that leaders used to obtain power and strength. On the eighth seal there was a symbol that almost looked like an Egyptian Ankh, it had two wings on it with an infinite ♾ symbol pointing to the heavens. The voice told me that there were steps to infinity. I then began to examine the mathematical symbols on the seal, but for some odd reason it was fueling my hunger while I was thinking. As I began to comprehend, I noticed an eye πŸ‘ watching me. The eye saw my most shameful moments and told me I’d been forgiven. I then tried to touch it but couldn’t because I was blinded by my own self image. The voice then told me to let go of myself and save the people. When I turned around, I felt sweat dripping from my face, there were no clouds in the sky. At this moment, I didn’t know what to do, there was too much pressure on me so I dropped to my knees. The voice got stronger and clearer; I was so hungry, everyone around me was hungry. The voice shouted: “Open and eat what’s in the eighth seal before it’s too late!” Seeing that the people were hungry around me, I opened the seal and began to feed them what was inside instead of feeding myself. The voice stopped, I heard nothing, everything stopped; nothing moved. It was like I was outside of my own mind, my own body. I felt myself exploding like a brand new star, never to wake up in a human body again. I left one dying planet and became a whole new galaxy. I shined so bright that I gave life to new planets.
For I alone had been chosen to open the Eighth Seal.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Laws of Nature

Takisha had just got her record deal, she was on top of the world until she pissed off Mother Nature. She traveled all over the world doing her two step and shaking her you know what. Every man in town was at her shows, married, cheating and tossing them dollars. This was real so I can’t sugarcoat this tale. Takisha could do it all, she could even pole dance, but she kept forgetting to sing and dance for Mother Nature. She also had the habit of throwing her trash all over the earth with no respect. When Mother Nature saw this, she swept her little a$$ away with a tsunami wave to show her who was boss. Mother Nature shows no mercy and when you show her no respect, eventually she will get you. After the death of Takisha, all of her fans got the message, Mother Nature sent them all to church. She converted every last one of them leg bouncers into housewives. Til this day when they hear Takisha’s song playing, they feel the wind from Mother Nature blow them back into their natural place. When they witnessed what she did to the Statue of Liberty, they once again fell to their knees. The wrath of nature, better yet, Mother Nature, is the law of nature and she shows no mercy. Keep her home clean and her creatures healthy or she will get you. She has all authority to wipe that twinkle in your eye off of the face of the earth. If this tale offends you, don’t blame the writer, blame the Laws of Nature. Beware, when you least expect it, nature creeps in and takes your glory like a thief in the night.
The Laws of Nature

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Why stop now?

Everyday may not go right...
Everybody may not like you...
You may lose over and over again...
You may get choked, slammed, beat and left to die...
You may be old, gray and counted out...
Some days the world may even seem to hard to carry and the land you walk on may be collapsing under your feet.
If you believe in eternity...
Why stop?
Somewhere...some place... some stage... some audience... is yours, you just have to speak their language.
The message is clear, but can’t be heard until everyone sees it from your perspective.
Even if no one shows up, there is air in the room and stars in space.
Don’t stop, because if you believe in eternity, every moment, and every feeling last forever.
Why stop when there’s no end?
Why stop now?

Saturday, June 27, 2020


Here I am, lost inside of an hourglass.
I feel so sick, and I have no clue what the doctor just prescribed for me.
I vomited all over the floor, I even slipped and fell in it. I’m sick, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I somehow keep falling into the same pit, but for some reason after I let it all out, I feel much better now. I’m glade someone from the hospital cleaned up my mess. I’m now lying here in a hospital bed watching the hours tick away. I’ve failed again and no one wants to save me. I’m so lost, but I swear I know the way. I got myself into a scuffle that seems impossible to win. My choices will now decide my fate. Am I an angel, kicked out of the kingdom? Does the data of scientists show that my odds of winning are slim? I don’t remember who it was that brought my kids up here to see me but it was great. My son called me dad. At sunrise I promise I’ll get this right, only I can do this, I just have to take it one day at a time. I’ll count the days of my progress and win this fight. I would love to tell you what I’m struggling with but you might judge me. I know I need help, but there’s a voice in my head telling me that I’m on my own. I must travel the path less taken.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The World is yours in Art

Fly, by drawing yourself with birds.
Sing and feel your words have meaning.
Art is your display, it’s how “ You” see the world.
Don’t be afraid of your work.
Show your love or hate with strokes of markers.
Feel free to write your thoughts down, someone may yearn to feel your expressions.
Dance with emphasis.
Move with feelings.
There is much more too see in a painting than just the strokes of a brush.
Pick-up your camera and snap a picture.
Use a video camera to make a movie.
The world is yours in one word: “Art.”

Monday, June 8, 2020


Take my hand, let me show you the outer depths of time, the dark spaces in the universe that you don’t see. Warning: My story contains content from the outer limits, it can be frightening.
It started with one man’s journey from congress to his death. He voted, “yes,” to extend government programs to take care of his district. There was a pastor in his district that collected every members’ government issued checks, including the congressman. They all took their government issued money and bought an island with a huge mountain on it. The pastor promised his flock of sheep utopia, heaven and earth. He took them up to the top of the mountain and convinced them to all jump. He said they had to be released from their worldly vessels to rid the world of it’s fear of death. I was in my helicopter at the time when I noticed 144,000 people jumping to their death off of the mountain. I couldn’t believe what I’d been seeing. One of his members had been holding a sign that read: Death is everyone’s destiny. She then pulled out a gun and shot the pastor and then herself in the head. I flew closer and noticed a pool of blood dripping from the mountain along with a pile of dead bloody bodies. They all killed each other and themselves. I was shocked. Realizing that my camera had caught the entire incident on tape, I later submitted it to a local news station. How in the world did this happen? How powerful was this pastor’s message to have his entire mega church kill themselves? Just when I thought the story was over, people started seeing lights on top of the bloody mountain. Sparks of lightning flashing almost every week after the event, some even said they spotted UFOs. I had to check it out, so I got in my helicopter and the force of the mountain sucked me in. I crashed to my death and woke up in the church with the pastor and his sheep at the altar. Realizing his message, I couldn’t move. In the distance I saw everyone welcoming me to join hands with them. I took their hands and we all began to speak a different language, our souls were united. My thoughts were transformed, I was dead only to be reborn. The pastor then held up his hands and pointed to a distant planet that looked like earth. He said we now have to be reborn again on earth through the belly of other members to save more people and populate our new home to reach the gates of heaven. He convinced me, I’d become a believer. We all were reborn in the womb of random women only to see ourselves on top of the same bloody mountain with new members, nothing could stop the cycle. Nothing living on earth could escape death. We just kept dying until we all reached heaven.
Death is inevitable, it’s an eternal cycle that never ends. It’s like a generator that’s fueled by life.
The End...
The Beginning...

Saturday, June 6, 2020


The birds singing...
The children playing...
It’s quiet...
Everyone is reading a book...
Life is fairer this way...
It’s peace.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Warning: The craziest religious poem ever

A pharaoh with a million gods having children that call themselves gods.
Queens giving birth to naked goddesses direct on dial up, upside down, left to right, oil and whip cream.
This is a direct conversation it may not be all that it seems;
Not everything good is green.
Artist paintings of white and black gods, the money ran out, beg and fall to your knees,
kneel before them for your blessings, jump for joy like flees.
For who is the fool who reads between the lines, for you never read the holy book that many claim is divine.
It tells stories that go from generation to generation, virgins and prophets, ten percent donations. There’s more, don’t give up and don’t turn away, better yet fall on you knees kneel down and pray. Everyone crying their guts out to catch you caught in your sins, let’s all act innocent while criminals wash us with blood and gin.
Suffer to die drinking and smoking your way to perfect peace, liberal judges orphans released. Conservative host fighting with Indians, and cowboys too, somebody save us children raised by the heathen crew.
I hope this wisdom doesn’t have you shook.
Crazy demons being cast out like a fish on a hook.
Careless kings with bloody eyes, laying with woman that feel they have all power to kill ghetto poor babies.
I warned you this religious poem was crazy.
Come with me through the underworld, reborn in the belly,
Don’t reach for me to heal you kiss my sandals, real smelly.
I rise from the womb to see pictures of former Egyptian slaves’ bodies hanging from trees in many different ways.
I cried a thousand tears it was just a phase.
Innocent blood torched and glazed.
Save us father for we have sinned, cloths hand washed down with gin.
Defiled religious kingdoms that kill rebellious women who yearn for freedom.
The smell of rotten flesh left running from genocide to meet them.
Hungry babies searching for food, lazy no good people acting so rude.
Archangel wings battling with the devil.
Stretched from one room corner to the next.
Oh, how do we stay level?
Rain dances to predict the weather.
Blasphemy as priest lie with little children having sex.
Oh god, please prepare us for what we’re about to see next.
If god speaks through us, why do we call each other names?
Our souls have been tarnished, burning in flames.
Pharaohs and dictators, rivers of blood, humans running to hide, is the end really near?
The jinn and holy saints fighting in a sphere.
Peace as we partake in rituals of darkness and light, are there any miracles in sight?
Colors of rainbows floating from above.
Kneel, debate, rule and speak with might.
There’s power in freedom so put up a fight.
Look deeply in someone’s eyes and you might become weak.
Seeing angels surrounding fighting for thoughts to speak,
Praising while snakes bite at our tunics for days.
Women devouring men’s thoughts to choose in so many ways.
For which one will carry their seed?
Conversations of lust, making men kill with ease.
Who is strong enough to fight for her love?
Beware of this wisdom it grips like a glove.
Floating and buzzing, stinging like a bee.
For if you made it this far you stand like a tree.
You’re like a blind man, feeling his way up a noble ladder, only to fall on his face and watch his eyes splatter.
I just told the craziest religious poem ever, now let’s bow our heads and pray together:
Dear father, as they crucify me for you using me to speak your peace, my soul floats directly into the light to be released.
I let go of my thoughts, my flesh has nothing more to fight.
I look down and watch the world fade from black to white.
Another crazy religious poem in the books.
To prove that all things deserve two looks.
Amen, Amon and Amun.
Thank you, I take a bow and the next poet takes the microphone.
I hear someone in the crowd say, “Damn, that was the craziest religious poem ever.”
The End.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Heart Attack

I felt a sharp pain in my chest, for I’d been overwhelmed with stress.
I got up, then sat back down.
My heart had been broken.
The people I loved had been falling apart...
Disintegrating right before my eyes.
I felt like a failure.
If only I’d shown them the way...
Reached my goals by teaching my children how to lay bricks like me.
When my heart began to slow down, time stood still.
It’s like I’d been connected to something, connected to everyone.
Then something happened, someone touched me.
My heart skipped a beat, they knew my name, I mattered to them.
Out of all of the fighting, protest and rioting, someone grabbed my hand, picked me up and took me to the hospital.
When I saw the doctors and nurses working together to save me, I felt something tingle inside me.
My blood began to flow, I felt alive seeing people working together, I felt some form of hope.
All my life I’d lived in the slums of my country and never knew that this type of teamwork existed.
I’d been blinded by the mean streets I lived in.
I’d been brainwashed to be pessimistic about everything and everyone...
Then I saw the nurses and community workers coming together to help me up out of my coma.
I was wrong.
They cared about me, they showed me love.
This was my language, I understood this, just never knew it existed.
For the jungle life had deceived me.
My heart completely healed when I got up from my bed and saw people building instead of tearing down.
I saw the construction workers working in unison from my hospital room window.
The birds were singing.
I then checked out of the hospital and began to lay bricks with my children.
For I was not made to see people torn apart but United.
I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, was this reality?

Heart Attack

Thursday, May 28, 2020


Some days I deceive myself; I see a tall building and I may feel that it’s impossible to climb.
I see an attractive woman and I may feel aroused, same goes for her as well.
Feelings come and go, it may be wise to just move on to the next task.
Some days you may feel threatened or scared, those feeling come and go also.
Some days you may feel paranoid, those feelings don’t last that long either.
You can walk, work and run, then you may feel tired. It may be wise to rest.
You may even feel like you have to fight, but it may be wise to walk away.
 You may feel good at the moment but it too will fade.
Some even feel sick and wish they felt well. Oh how do we stay on track?
Everyone alive has feelings and everyone dead had feelings.
Some grow old and some die young.
One day you may feel pain and one day you may feel pleasure.
There’s one thing that’s certain and that’s feelings come and go.
You may feel peace one moment and rage the next.
You may feel on top of the world and at the bottom of the pit after that.
Don’t fall victim to the lasting deceptions of feelings, because they come and they go.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

A Life without Evil

The devil who?
 I’ve never heard of such a thing.
By god you’ve brainwashed me to only see and do good.
I know no evil.
Is that why the people around me hate me?
Do they hate me because all I do is good?
Look at my life, everything is right, I’ve never cursed or even thrown a fist to fight.
I’ve lived a life seeing, hearing and doing no evil.
The regulars they make fun of me, while they break the laws of the land.
The women joke about me because I’ve never been touched, they think something is wrong with me.
But I tell you nothing is wrong, only right! Only right! You hear?
What has become of my clean ways?
Look at all that I’ve accomplished. Why should I change?
What is evil?
Is it drunkenness?
Is it corruption?
Is it sloth, jealousy or greed?
Is it lust, sex and sin?
What is evil?
Look at the people when I walk by, for I set the standards, I alone raise the bar.
I’m the light in this dark world, for I’ve lived a life without evil.
There’s nothing boring in all the good that I’ve done, for I’ve enjoyed stitching a cloth of good.
I’m proud of it.
Better yet, I’ll continue on and make a quilt for the children in need.
Am I different? Am I sewn from a different cloth?
No, I say.
I’m just good.
Kneel before me, you should be blessed to be in my presence, for I alone have lived a life without evil.
Humbly bow before me, I’m showing you the way.
I shine and rise like the sun, turn night into day.
The planets and the entire universe revolve around me.
For I alone have lived a life without evil.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

No Way Out

It’s them again, they’re here.
First they transformed Bobby, they’re everywhere.
They got Peter too.
I turned on the radio to hear where they would be next.
I called Mom to see if she was okay, she didn’t answer.
They got her.
How do I escape? I’ve got no where to go.
They control everything.
The schools, the water, the food, the money—everything.
There’s no way out.

Sunday, May 17, 2020


If you hide it, they’ll probably find it.
They’re watching you.
When you’re teaching them, they’re mainly hearing the stuff they’re interested in.
If you don’t guide them, they’ll find a leader, until they can do it themselves.
If it’s glass, there’s a good chance they’ll break it.
When no one is around, they’re  probably doing something they’re not suppose to do.
They crawl, they walk, they run, tangle, play and slide.
They smile, laugh, cry, and scream.
You give them sugar, they’ll want cream.
Some settle for the little things and some want it all.
What else can bring you down to earth more than a kid, put them all together and you got kids.
Get some rest before they wake up.
Make a budget because things add up.
Say no and feel their wrath.
Say yes, but think twice because if you give them an inch they’ll take a yard.
They’re Kids.
Little miniature humans that yearn for love and attention.
I can’t explain everything, but I’m sure a kid will try and figure it out.

Monday, May 11, 2020

The Possum’s Buffet

Eddie and Lisa would always put the trash out and wakeup to a driveway filled with garbage scattered everywhere.
“What are we going to do Eddie? There’s trash everywhere,” Lisa said standing in the driveway.
“Everything will be fine sweetheart, I promise,” Eddie replied, in assurance to his wife.
Pete was the head possum in charge, he had established a whole food network to feed hungry and poor possums all over the country.
“7057 West Blvd, is where we’re headed tonight gang. Ooh wee, that Miss Randle always cooks ribs on Fridays. I can’t wait to taste that Jack Staples barbecue sauce. It’s possum licking good baby. Do you see me vibrating? I can’t wait!” Pete said at his daily briefing.
After his daily briefing the possums headed to Miss Randle’s and as usual she had leftover ribs in the trash.
“Oh my word, ain’t it good Pee Wee,” Pete said, stuffing his face.
“Damn Pee Wee, save some for Miss Carleen,” Smiter, one of the junior possums said.
Pee Wee got upset, “You need to stop treating me like a baby, if it wasn’t for me, no one would have ever known about Eddie and Lisa’s fried chicken night.”
“He’s got a point there, now come on, we got just enough food for the camp,” Pete told the gang as they headed out.
“Wait, where’s Arcenio?”
“I’ma comin, almost forgot my bag cutter,” Arcenio said as they all headed home.
“I’m doing the cutting next time, you’re too slow. You got to slice in the down direction, it’s much faster,” Pee Wee explained to Arcenio.
The next day was simple, Pete laid out the ultimate plan to get in and out of the new bin that little Pee Wee had discover over Eddie and Lisa’s house.
“Alright gang, we’re headed into Eddie and Lisa’s territory. This is our second time, so I don’t plan on it being easy like it was before, but don’t worry, I got a plan if things don’t go our way. Good luck gang, let’s do it! Happy Meals Baby!” Pete said adjourning the meeting.
They all headed to Lisa and Eddie’s house. Pee Wee grabbed his blade and began to cut the trash bag open.
“Ahh Yeah, we almost in,” Pee Wee said.
Eddie then busted through the door with his gun out.
“Ahh hell nah, he got a gun! Let’s get the hell out of here,” Pee Wee said looking back for a head count.
In the midst of all of the commotion Smiter noticed that Pete was not running with them. Everyone stopped when they realized that Pete was still at the house.
“What is he doing?” Arcenio said as they all watched Pete from a distance.
Pee Wee put his blade away, “It looks like he’s talking Eddie down.”
When Eddie heard the possum talking he couldn’t believe it.
“Look Eddie, I’m sorry, let them go, there’s no need for guns. Lets iron this out like men, me and you,” Pete said as Eddie put down the gun.
“Listen if you want to eat my trash, at least clean up after yourselves. My wife don’t like it when she wakes up and there’s garbage everywhere,” Eddie explained.
“I’ll let everyone know, from now on Eddie, we’ll leave everything spic and span. I promise,” Pete said.
“Good, now go on and catch up with your friends,” Eddie replied waiving Pete off.
Pete now had Pee Wee’s full attention, “So what he say?”
Smiter wanted in too,“Yeah, what did he say?”
“He said we can eat, but we just have to clean up after ourselves. I’m sorry guys, but I couldn’t give that house up. Lisa’s chicken made be break the possum code of never talking to a human,” Pete said to his boys as they headed back home.
After that day, every house the possums hit they cleaned up after themselves. They soon noticed that people were leaving out extra stuff for them to eat. With less trash, it was less work for the garbage man. Possums and humans all around the country started signing contracts. The president even passed the Possum Buffet Act, giving every possum the right to eat trash as long as they cleaned up after themselves. Once raccoons heard about this they got in on the Buffet Act too.
The End.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

All I have are my Words on Paper

Some fight, some play sports, some use drugs, some cry and some move on...
Some have an instrument to play for the world...
Some sing and rap too...
Some kill and chase their enemies to the death...
What’s a poor soul to do until his last breath,
I’ll write it all down in a story,
I’m sure it’ll fulfill someone’s glory...
All I’ve every really had were my words on paper.
A lot of people fall in love, I’ve written that story too,
Some fail, some try again, and stick to one person like glue...
Some people find faults in their search for perfection,
In that search they often end up with a fault collection...
Many of us are in places where we don’t belong,
and many of us will do anything to get where we want to be.
No shame, no glory, just me with my pen and pad writing with glee...
All I’ve ever really had were my words on paper.
When my time here is over and the boss calls me home,
The last sentence I’ll probably write, I promise won’t be long.
It’ll be brief, with a map to a buried treasure deep underneath a tree;
With a mountain of books to set the world free.
In it you’ll also find bird feathers and some ink with instructions telling you what to do;
It’ll be a design to stitch wings custom made by a draper,
So you can learn to fly and spray paint one of my poems on the top of a sky scraper;
Oh no, that sky scraper never belonged to me, I’m as helpless as a grain of salt with no shaker,
I told you, all I’ve ever really had were my words on paper.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Lion Heart

Some say a man should be judged by his accomplishments, but this is a different story. It’s a story that puts choices on the minds of those forced to fight. David was a businessman in a small country searching for a stable form of government. He was just a bricklayer who specialized in building brick walls. The other business leaders never understood how and why people would work for a man like David because his mentality was a little different. A student of ethics, no one ever saw David as a threat and no man wanted much to do with an independent thinker. While David enjoyed the comfort of his wife and daughter, a particular mouth shooter soon rose to power and dragged every nation into a war. David saw no reason to leave his family to fight for a mouth shooting leader who put fear in his enemies by telling them he heard from the Gods. Once word got out that one man stood down and dwelled in the presence of poor and left for dead people, David became a target.
“Who is brave enough to challenge the rule of law? If no man wants to fight, he is a coward in the eyes of the Gods,” Julius the Great said as one of his concubines fed him grapes.
“David, the bricklayer has locked him and his family in their home, they refuse to fight, Sir,” John said, trembling in the presence of Julius the Great.
“David, the bricklayer, he has no army, bring him to his knees,” Julius the Great declared.
“Yes, I will do that Sir. I will bring David to his knees.”
John went to gather his men, but word soon got to David that the ruling party now had it out for him. David had nothing to fight with, he didn’t own a gun and he wasn’t very skilled outside of his trade, but he was brave and had the heart of a lion. He and his family hid in a shelter underneath his home until John and his men went away.
David’s wife was now concerned, “They’re challenging you, because you refuse to fight. We will go stay with grandma Edith, but I want you to listen to me. Follow your heart David, it’s the gift that our God gave you to survive. No one will fight for us David, our people are all lost in the ways of the rich and powerful. Run and hide in the woods until the dust settles,” David’s wife Lilly said.
David spent three days hiding and dodging Julius’s men until the day he found out they had captured his family. Arriving to find a broken entrance at grandma Edith’s, David became furious. He picked up his daughter’s toy slingshot off of the floor.
 “I have no choice but to fight,” he said to himself, looking at a painting of him and his family on the wall.
The heat from the sun scorched his family as they were set to kneel at the feet of Julius the Great.
“I assemble my men to fight Lilly and your husband refuses. Am I not honorable by giving them a choice? The Gods have called for war, it is written that we must fight,” Julius the Great says, looking down at David’s family.
“We have served you great leader. Why do you torment us? David sees no need for war, the world is tired,” Lilly says, sweating and exhausted from running and hiding before being captured then brought to kneel before Julius.
“The Gods speak to me Lilly, do they speak to David also? I alone have been sent to revive the hearts of men. We were made for war, we were made to fight,” Julius says kicking dust in the face of David’s daughter Lillian.
In the search for his family, David’s heart led him to them, he listened to his wife and followed his heart. Reaching down to grab his canteen from his belt, he heard his daughter screaming from afar. He then ran through a bunch of high bushes in the direction of the scream only to be blocked by a huge wooden gate. Peeking through the wooden gate, David saw his family kneeling and being whipped while Julius watched. He did everything he could to get over the gate but it was to high, so he followed it to the guarded entrance.
“I submit myself to Julius,” David said to one of the guards.
“David, you have nothing to fight with, you’re trash, our people have become weak, Julius has made us strong, he will crush you. We see justice in the mouth shooter. You fight for poor stupid people who  have nothing left, do you see them bearing arms to help you? Julius has our entire government under his thumb. Save yourself and get out of here,” the guard says.
“He has my family, I have to save them,” David said.
“David, if I let you through and you lose, then I will die. Julius hears the voices of the Gods. What voice do you hear that tells you not to fight with us?” the guard asked.
“I don’t know, I can just feel when something is right and wrong, I don’t know where the feeling comes from. Maybe it’s my God,” David says, hearing his wife screaming.
The guards began laughing, “He is fooled by the voices in his head, go ahead and be killed by Julius the Great. I’ll make sure they write ‘Lion Heart’ on your grave,” the other guard says.
David then rushes past the guards into Julius’s courtyard to save his family.
“Daddy, no!” David’s daughter Lillian screams watching her father standing there with only a rock and a slingshot.
“Little David, you come to challenge me, Julius the Great? You, of all men. You should be kneeling when in my presence, after all I’ve provided for our people, but you challenged me. You’re only a bricklayer, you have no skills, don’t be a fool. I alone possess the power from the Gods, by what authority do you have to defy my orders? Now, enough talk, let the smashing begin,” Julius says charging David.
David grips his daughter’s slingshot, and quickly places his sharp rock on the sling, he pulls back then let’s go and as Julius got closer and closer his head was slightly tilted then bam, the rock punched right through the temple of his head. Julius staggers and falls to his death. At the sight of this, word soon spread like wildfire that David had defeated Julius the Great. At this moment the course of time had changed dramatically, people all over the world had found a new story to believe in, a new vision was born. David had introduced the people to a strength that came from within, he introduced them to a strength that came from the heart. At the end of his journey when he died, the coroner noticed that his heart was the size of three fist put together. Til this day David’s story lives on. His daughter published it in a book called: “Lion Heart.” God dealt the world the king of hearts.
The End.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

R&B Andy

On every last Saturday of the month during the school year, 80808 West Blvd Rd, Route 1 East was the spot. Andy was his name, he was named after his uncle Andy Brown who died running from a speeding ticket. R&B was Andy’s game. He was an odd ball and everyone thought he was crazy but they knew whom to call when they needed Rhythm & Blues. New styles can start in some strange places, Andy’s journey started out in his parent’s garage in the rural area of Briansville Ohio.
“Frank, Andy’s in the garage again,” Gina, Andy’s mother said to his father while looking out of her bedroom window.
After about two hours she decided to go check on him. From afar, she heard some amazing sounds. The garage was jumpin, and the windows were all fogged up. When she opened up the garage side door, Andy was standing on a big wide crate at the other end of the garage with his juicy jerry curl, singing his heart out in some glitter gold slacks with his band playing by his side. The garage was packed, girls from all around the area came to hear his music. They all came to listen to the new king of R&B, “R&B Andy Love.” Andy’s mother pushed through the crowd of girls in her huge garage to get to her son.
“Andy, what is all this? What are you doing with no shirt on?”
“It’s the music Ma. Don’t you feel it? The ladies love the sounds, it makes them feel alive and loved. The music has power, don’t you feel Larry’s cords, if you want something a bit more up tempo let me know. I have to produce so the world will make more babies. That’s my duty,” Andy explained to his mother with his microphone away from his face while the rest of his body gyrated to the music.
She took a second look at what her son had been accomplishing all this time,
“Did you charge at the door?”
“Oh yeah, you passed up Big Steve, he’s collecting at the door, CDs on sale too.”
Gina gave her son a thumbs-up and eased her way out of the session.
On Mother’s Day he bought her a new car with his savings and asked her to be his manager.
She accepted and Momma was always there, she didn’t miss a beat, and when people needed rhythm and blues they knew whom to call. Just think, everyone thought Andy was crazy until he found a band and a microphone.
And that’s the story of R&B Andy, A.K.A Andy Love.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Let G.O...D

I’m about to get inside my car and I see a black cat hobbling in a parking lot that sells funeral tombstones. Apparently the cat must’ve hurt his leg and had no one to turn to. There was something revealing about this situation. I get in the car and the image of the black cat hurting stays in my head. I can’t let go. Driving and trembling, it’s like I could feel the cat’s pain. He’s just an animal. To clear my mind, I decide to go clean out my car. There used to be a free vacuum cleaner in a nearby town that I’d been going to quite often, I guess the owner took my advice because it now cost a dollar. One of my favorite quotes is: “Nothing is free.” I keep thinking about that black cat. My mom tells me all the time that my grandfather used to tell her that it’s bad luck if a black cat crosses your path, but that’s superstitious, I don’t believe that. On my way to the vacuum, another black cat runs across the street; I just keep driving. I could save on gas if I go to a vacuum that’s closer, I keep thinking, so I turn around and the closest place doesn’t have a vacuum. What’s the odds of that? I just give-in. Why change-up now? I just drive to the one I’m used to driving to. When I arrive, I notice a sign on the building, the sign reads: “God is talking, are we listening?” I pause for a second and reflect on the things I often forget. I take a moment and think of the black cat that I could’ve helped. I take a moment and think about all of the people lost. The hardest part about life sometimes is accepting the things you can’t fix. The black cat will heal because G.O.D. made him that way. G.O.D. gave him a healing system just like every other creature. The smartest person in the world figured that some things we can’t control and some things we can’t get to in time to save. I’m sure that’s when the person wrote G.O.D. in the equation. Some things are just out of our control. On your journey through life when this phenomenon takes place, you’ll have to accept it and let G.O...D.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

“A Champion!”

We were deep in the playoffs; something had jumped in to my man Shaw, I mean this dude had hit just about every shot he put up. This was serious. I was like, “Dude, is yo life on the line?” He was divin’ on the floor, making key steals and even gettin’ in the referee’s face. He even called key plays, right out of the coaches playbook. Somethin’ supernatural was in ol’boy. Late fourth quarter—man turned into a beast. Throwin’ his towel, screamin’ at fans. He even dunked on an old classmate. I think it was Sissy’s little brother, then he gave him his daddy look when he gave him the business. Poster shots. It was no mercy, no apologies type stuff. The point guard Jerry was out partyin’ the night before a key game and Shaw went Planet of the Apes on the little dude, came in like Koba and dragged Jerry right out of the party, made him go home and go to bed. He was like: “Dude, not until we get that trophy!” Shaw was serious, he wanted to win and when we did, they called him one thing: “A Champion!” How does that sound? Even at practice, they called him one thing: “A Champion!”

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Tomato Garden

“It’s harvesting time,” Terry said to his beautiful new wife.
In a purple colored T-shirt, she tiptoed across the garden. She could feel the tender soil seeping through the cracks of her toes. Her huge afro puffs dangling, greased, sparkling like glitter reflecting the sun.
“Now remember, don’t eat any tomatoes or surly you will lose me,” Karah said giggling, leading the way into the tomato garden.
Walking deeper into the garden, Terry could smell the freshness of nature, he could feel life blossoming all around him. Basking in the moment, Terry then hears a voice.
“Terry,  it’s me Amos, your neighbor.”
“Amos, where are you? I can hear you, but I can’t see you,” Terry replied, looking around.
“You’re wife told me I could have as many tomatoes as I needed so I ate one and turned into one. What kinda voodoo do you and her got going on here? Help me out, so I can get back like you in my human body,” Amos said.
Feeling the pressure, Terry had a flash back from a past relationship, things seem to never add up since he’d gotten married. Being a new husband he wondered if he could trust his wife, if she truly loved him, but the sight of a tomato talking to him had set off some serious nerves.
A few feet away, Terry’s wife took notice, “ Terry sweetie, who are you talking to?”
“Ahh. I’m just saying my grace baby...just saying my grace...that’s all.” Terry replied.
Terry began to sweat, his thoughts began to race as the sun beamed down on him with not a cloud in the sky.
“Karah, who told you we couldn’t eat any of these precious tomatoes?”
Karah went from singing a catchy tune to concerned.
“I was just being sarcastic honey, now come closer so we can enjoy this beautiful day together.”
“Don’t listen to her Terry, help me. She knows that if you save me, the truth will come out. Don’t you want to know the truth. Who needs a beautiful wife and family when you can see the truth. Now save me so I can be human again. All you have to do is eat a tomato and your eyes will be open.
Under pressure, Terry turned to his wife,
“Karah, let’s get the hell out of here, the tomatoes are alive.”
In a calm voice, Karah gets up, after she had made herself comfortable on a blanket spread out on a patch of grass beside the garden.
“I know the tomatoes are alive baby, they’re alive so we can be fed. So we can eat them. We planted the seeds and then they grew. Stop being so silly, she walks over to her husband and picks Amos from a patch of tomatoes and takes a bite.
“Now you have some sweetie.”
Trusting his wife, Terry takes a bite of the tomato then Amos’s spirit enters his body while Terry’s transfers into a tomato.
Unknowingly, Terry and his wife fell into another man’s trap, Amos was a lost soul who lusted for an innocent man’s wife. Being Terry’s neighbor, Amos asked a witch to help Terry’s wife fall in love with him. The witch turned Amos into a tomato and put a curse on him. The only way he could have Terry’s wife was if he were eaten by Terry. She told Amos that as long as he didn’t eat any tomatoes from the garden, he would replace Terry but only a tomato from the garden and true love could stop him from having Terry’s wife. Amos spent 3 days in Terry’s body trying to fulfill his lustful desires but after the third day Terry’s wife caught on, she knew something wasn’t right. Reflecting on the day in the tomato garden, she began to add things up. Figuring it had something to do with the tomatoes, Karah went into the garden and picked every tomato she could find and made tomato soup. Even a newlywed knows her husband so one day when Amos came home, Karah wouldn’t touch him.
“Is everything okay sweetheart?” Amos asked, noticing a different mood from Karah.
“Oh, I’m fine, do you want to try some of my new soup? I got it from the grocery store,” Karah said.
Hungry and yielding to Karah’s cunning charm, Amos began to eat the soup only to turn back into a tomato.
Back in his body, Terry and his wife fell deeper in love. Seeing that she caught on to another man’s tricks, Terry knew that his wife truly loved him because she saved him from the wrath of spending the rest of his life as a tomato. Amos’s trick only lasted three days and got him nowhere, while Terry and his wife lived happily ever after.
The End.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Derrick had a story to tell, he just didn’t know whom to tell it to. A combat veteran, and often alone, one night he encounters a spirit with seven rings.
“Derrick, I’ve come to talk to you. God sent me, he’s heard your prayers,” the spirit said.
Derrick wakes up and sees no one. Sweating, he grabs his crutches, then hobbles to the bathroom to take his medicine. The life of a war veteran can be strange in the middle of the night. Memories are usually what keeps a vet up. Noticing his bandage falling off, Derrick starts screaming at the mirror in rage.
“Do you give up? Old friend.”
“Who’s there? Leave me alone,” Derrick said, looking around only to see no one.
“I’ve come to talk to you, to give you a message from the other side. Tomorrow you’ll find one of my rings on the floor. When you put it on, all of your pain will be healed. You made it through the war for a reason Derrick, but you have one more war to fight.”
The voice then fades away while Derrick tightens up his bandage and grabs his crutches, only to fall to the floor in pain.
“Somebody help me! Somebody help me please!” He shouted, with no one answering.
“God help me, please.”
Feeling his medicine kicking in and tired from all the pain, he falls to sleep on the bathroom floor. He then begins to dream. In his dream he sees his ex-wife.
“Linda, Linda, is that you?” He asked, but she pushes him away.
When she pushes him, he begins to fall. The falling wakes him up. In another cold sweat on the bathroom floor he notices a ring underneath the toilet, it looks like his wedding ring. It had to be about three or four in the morning because the house was still dark. In agony, Derrick slowly picks the ring up and puts it on his finger. After he does this, something magical begins to take place. He’s healed and feels no more pain.
“Oh my God, it’s a miracle. I can walk,” he said, out loud.
The floor screeches as he feels his feet hitting the dry dirty wood. In the midst of his excitement he notices a face in the mirror hanging on his closet door, out of the corner of his eye, he can see it while standing still.
“Who’s there?” He asked.
“It’s me, the man with six rings. I want you to keep my seventh ring, it looks good on you,” the man said.
Derrick straightens up.
“What do you want from me? What do you want in return, for healing me?” Derrick asked.
“Derrick, I want you to be happy. Do what your brothers on the battlefield would do if they were to live. Do what’s right and I promise you, you’ll never feel pain again. I want you to stop having so many regrets, just use what you’ve learned from being alone as a force to help you be the best man you can be. That’s the war you have to win. In forty years, I’ll be back to check on you.”
The man then fades away.
Still in disbelief, Derrick opens the doorway to his closet and sees nothing but black, he mistakenly steps in and begins falling again, only to wake up in another cold sweat.
Feeling no pain, he looks at the clock on the wall, gets out of bed and realizes that his dream was real. He then takes a shower, puts his clothes on, eats breakfast, brushes his teeth, and heads to his doctor’s appointment. He feels refreshed, in light of the fact that he was able to do these things for the first time in a long time with no pain.
“Derrick, where are your crutches, and why did you remove your bandages?” His doctor asked, examining his healed wounds.
“Something happened to me last night.”
“What? What happened? You look like a whole new man.”
“I had a dream, a dream that I was falling. I don’t remember much before that, I woke up and now I’m healed,” Derrick explained to his doctor.
Derrick’s story soon spread throughout the whole world. Headline after headline made the news about a fallen forgotten solder who was miraculously healed in his dreams. Derrick had given every veteran and active duty soldier something to believe in. The country was on the brink of collapsing until he had come back on the scene. Derrick had done everything right, he lived his life and forty years later the spirit came back while Derrick was asleep on the couch.
“You did it,” the man with six rings said.
“I did what?” Derrick replied.
“Because of you, they’ll never forget another fallen soldier again. You alone gave them the strength to remember. My work here is done. Carry on soldier, you won the war,”
the man with six rings said beginning to fade away.
“Wait, will I ever see you again?”
The man pauses and looks Derrick in the eyes.
“You dreamed that you were falling, but now you rise. When your life is complete, you’ll be like every soldier who falls down so that his country can face the ultimate test of remembrance. Me and your brothers will be waiting for you on the other side. Thanks for putting my ring to good use. One day it’ll be your halo.”
The man with six rings solutes Derrick, then fades away.
Derrick later remarried and lived the rest of his life as a family man. His story still lives on in every soldier fighting on the battlefield today. A story about a fallen forgotten soldier who got back up and pulled off a miracle. On his tombstone it read: “You can only learn to get back up after falling.”
The End.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Extreme Scripted Democracy

Fade In
MIKE: So what’s the word boss?
CRUZE: The President just choked the Surgeon General on global television, we’re at war with each other in the midst of madness. What else is new?
(CRUZE gets up and walks to the window.)
MIKE: Well, he fired everybody last week. What can we do? He’s the President.
CRUZE: Get on the phone with the leaders of the shadow government.
MIKE: No ones heard from them since the virus started spreading.
CRUZE: Damn! Everything’s falling apart. You know MIKE this job used to be simple. You came in, took orders and then got things done. Now the laws are all upside down. Everyone just does whatever the hell they want to do.
MIKE: Well, do you want to pull out (MIKE pauses and slowly grabs his brass knuckles out of his pocket) the “Whatever Act?”
CRUZE: Hell yeah, let’s do whatever the hell we want to do for a change, then when things get better and the dust settles, everything will be back to normal. Everybody for themselves.
(MIKE and CRUZE leave the room and start saying and doing whatever the hell they want as they enter a press conference.)
MIKE: You know CRUZE, I never liked you.
(CRUZE pushes MIKE into a reporter and smacks him over the head with a flag pole.)
CRUZE: I know this is what you reporters have been waiting for, so we’re going to give you what you want. A real congressional, aggressive, state of the union brawl and debate for your viewers.
(CRUZE begins to choke MIKE right in the middle of the conference. He takes MIKE by the hair and puts his face up to the camera.)
CRUZE: Hey! Jennifer, you work for CSB NEWS right? Get that camera over here, I have a message for the country.
(Jennifer gracefully puts the camera on the action.)
CRUZE: My fellow countrymen and countrywomen, the “Whatever Act” is in full effect. We’re going to do whatever the hell we want to do because the whole world has done whatever the hell they want to do with your tax dollars.
(CRUZE takes MIKE by the head and shoves the “Whatever Act” paper in his mouth.)
CRUZE: And to all of you new citizens, welcome to the Wild-Wild-West!
(CRUZE then takes MIKE’s head then puts it to the camera again.)
CRUZE: Spit out the “Whatever Act” and tell the people: “The stimulus money is on its way.”
MIKE: The stimulus money is on its way.
(A lawn chair comes flying through the window.)
Fade to black.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Little Willie

Little Willie knew what he wanted, but everyone else wanted the same thing, they just kept it quiet.
They all sat at the dinner table waiting for their moment.
Little Willie’s chances of getting what he wanted were very slim with everyone else wanting the same thing.
Being disabled and watching the look on everyone’s face, Little Willie knew he had to move fast.
He soon realized that some bodily functions couldn’t be controlled and once something is in high demand you got to run like the Easter bunny to get it before someone else does.
So what did Little Willie want?
Well, let’s just say when he got it,
he felt as good as a chicken laying eggs.
That’s a real story about Little Willie.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

35,000 Years in the Dark

She was dark brown, wool like hair with rainbow eyes. She was tender, very loving, unique—she could see in the dark, and Tubs had been her only friend since he met her 12 years ago. Her name was Magdalene Jones and oddly, Tubs had never touched her. I guess women have a story too, but Magdalene had a secret to tell and only one man was patient enough to listen.
“Oh, I won’t tell your secret, I swear,” Tubs told Magdalene.
She smiled, assured by his words.
“35,000 years ago I was pushed back and resurrected into the dark. I was told by God that if I woke up in the light, I would die instantly. I don’t want to live in the dark anymore Tubs. The people who live in the dark are foul creatures, it’s like they have no soul, they’re lost. It’s scary what people do in the dark Tubs. I have not felt a day of mercy until I met you. I wish I were never resurrected. I’ve watched over the people in the dark for 35,000 years. I’ve been raped, sold for porn, and even robbed working the night shift, how do I passover Tubs?” Magdalene asked.
Tubs looks at her in deep sorrow, “I’m sorry to hear that Magdalene. It sounds like the only way to pass over, is you must go into the light.”
Magdalene began to cry, “I’ll die Tubs, I’ve lived in the dark for 35,000 years. I’m afraid of what’s on the other side.”
“Magdalene, you can’t continue to live like this. I’m the only man that will tell you the truth. You’re not a lady of the night anymore. I won’t let you believe that,” Tubs said.
“If I go into the light, who will be here for you?” Magdalene asked.
“I’ll go into the light with you, I’ll save us both from this pit that we live in,” Tubs replied.
They both went to bed for the first time together at 9 o’clock and still Tubs didn’t touch her. They awoke to a ray of sunshine. They both walked into the light only to be reborn, never to walk in the darkness again. They were saved, the weight of living in the darkness with needles, prostitution, criminals and rapist was over. No more suffering. After they crossed over, the stars were born. How merciful of her to leave something behind, Ms. Magdalene Jones.
35,000 years in the dark.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Judah The Gentle Lion

This is what happens when a gentle lion brings a gift to a wild tiger.
“You’re kind.” Willis the tiger said to the gentle lion.
“I’m kind because I believe we can share the jungle, and live peacefully together,” Judah, the gentle lion replied.
Seeing these two talk gave the animals in the jungle hope for peace, but everyone knew Willis could not be trusted. Judah was often made fun of because he was a kind lion, probably the kindest the pride had ever seen, at least in their lifetime. Some of the animals felt that he was sent from the God of lions because of their mercy to the animals. Willis saw his kindness as a weakness and wanted slave labor in the jungle. In a power struggle he went to the bats.
“Willis, what brings you to our cave?” Felix the bat asked.
“I’ve come to make a deal.”
The other bats flocked over to hear the conversation. Felix stood tall representing his flock.
“What deal does a tiger make with a bat?” Felix asked.
“I need your saliva to release a fatal disease to kill off the lions so I can take over the jungle. We can attack them at night, all you and your flock have to do is bite them when they’re asleep, they won’t see it coming.” Willis explained.
“What do we get in return?”
“I’ll give you full reign of the night.”
Felix and his flock were overjoyed,
“We will take your offer and help you destroy the gentle lion and his pride.”
Zion, the jungle crow, who was the most cunning out of all of the birds in the jungle, overheard the conversation and saw an opportunity to make a deal with the gentle lion.
“Judah, I bring news to you,” Zion said.
Judah began to walk with Zion, the jungle crow.
“What news do you bring, Zion?”
“Willis the tiger has made a deal with Felix and his flock. He wants you and your pride dead so he can rule the jungle and make us all his slaves,” Zion explained.
“He has taken my kindness for a weakness,” Judah replied.
“Yes, and I want to help you for a small favor,” Zion said.
Judah stopped in his tracks, “What do you want?”
“I want my family back from the dead. The birds of the air say you can raise the dead and we want to help you rule the sky.”
“It is so, Zion, lead Willis to me and you and your flock handle his army of bats then after I defeat him in battle, I’ll bring back your family so you can spend the rest of your life with them. A bird that desires his family is a good bird, a bird with a heart, noble enough to rule the sky.”
Zion took Judah’s word and led Willis to Judah, Willis had no clue that Zion and Judah made a truce.
Willis planned to attack Judah and his pride in the night, when he reached Judah and called for the bats to bite it was too late, Zion and his flock of jungle crows trapped Felix and his flock in their cave.
Judah stood tall, “You would betray a gentle lion.”
Willis didn’t back down, “I betrayed you because you’re weak. I was made to eat flesh not live in peace with a gentle pussycat.”
Willis attacked Judah with the assumption that he would be an easy win, but Judah was far from weak, he ripped out Willis’s eyes and left him blind in a field of wild leopards. The leopards spared Willis because Judah had promised peace unless an animal became hostile. Judah also resurrected Zion’s family. He kept his promise. When all of the animals saw this, they now knew that the God of lions had sent Judah. Seeing that he had performed a miracle in the midst of darkness, he stood tall on the top of a hill and roared. No one ever took his kindness for a weakness again.
“I would rather serve a gentle lion, rather than an oppressive wild tiger any day,” Zion, the jungle crow concluded.
The End.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

What cured Brandy Lou

“Has anyone noticed good old Brandy Lou; by George, I don’t think she’s ever been sick?”
David said, closing his book, preparing to spit.
Everyone paid no attention, outside sitting on hay; David was teaching no one, safe to say.
Then Tasha coughed and frightened everyone away, it was no later than noon, probably about midday.
“Germs are bad Tasha and you’re always sick,” Teresa said, smacking her with a stick.
“You just coughed, oh my,” Brenda replied.
Brandy Lou laughed and waived goodbye,
“I run, I jog, I walk, and climb, my body is in shape and I believe I can fly. My mind is clear, I eat berries and fruits, unlike you pigs who eat trash and artificial roots. You take medicines with harmful side-effects and drink alcohol until your liver bleeds, I jump and climb mountains and look at the top of the trees. When you see something big, you run and hide, but I’m so in shape, my body glides. I fight the fight because my immune system is intact, while you give up the guts, I laugh because your immune system is wack. No need to hate, just do what I do, and I promise you’ll conquer any disease that kills. I’m here to show you a trick stronger than pills.”
          Everyone began to follow good old Brandy Lou with all of her vitamin C, she was so healthy the sun reflected her vitamin D. The doctors smiled when she walked by, for they knew healthy, it’s what made them spy. Good exercise and a good diet, that’s the secret weapon to Brandy Lou.  If everyone were like her, the doctors wouldn’t have hardly anything to do, for they would have to take all of their medicines and find the flu. You see, death and disease are one in the same, but a good healthy body is what cures the pain. Look at how she glows, that’s what cured Brandy Lou, and when the virus came she hadn’t a cough in sight, her immune system was so strong that it won the fight. The virus didn’t stand a chance, the natural laws of nature just need to be obeyed, Brandy Lou was so smart for she was cured in days. Exercise, and good eating habits are what cured Brandy Lou, I dare you to try it, I’m giving you a clue. A clue to treat your body right, not only in the day but also at night.
Like a farmer and hay, like a baby turning blue, by George, good habits are what cured Brandy Lou.

Friday, March 27, 2020


Some days you’ll feel great, some days you won’t.
Some days you won’t feel good enough, some days you will.
Some days you’ll see death all around you, some days you won’t.
There are some things you won’t know, and some things you will.
One day you’ll be a winner and one day you won’t, it’s life.
Just keep going and keep your cool, do what you can in your lifetime.
It’s unpredictable at times, it’s frustrating, and it’s all good, it’s life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


All my life I’ve tried to be perfect only to learn a lesson.
Some people make a great moment look so easy.
I guess we all have dreams, visions, and hopes...
Like a kid wanting to be a rock star.
I’ve made mistakes only to see dark clouds come...
I’ve had feelings of love only to have those feelings fade away.
Try getting your heart ripped out and waking up the next morning, it’s embarrassing,
Everyone standing around watching the tower fall.
What’s the purpose?
Is it the good guy facing the bad guy?
Is it god and the devil?
In the heat of the battle, ten men fall to their knees, in hopes of making it home,
Some see light at the end of the tunnel, some don’t.
No will to win, no more strength to fight.
Left behind, while the others carry-on without me.
It’s dark, I see disease and people dying all around me.
I must be here for a reason.
I don’t think it’s to be rich and famous, I think it’s to rise every morning and shine like the sun.
That’s my purpose; to shine, even with nothing left...
To shine...
Even with no audience, just me, the moon and the stars.
Head held high through it all, as tall as the pyramids reaching to the sky...
Every day of the week, right on time.
My purpose is to shine like the sun.
Amen, Amun and Amon, I rise.
To fall down only to rise again the next day...
To shine like the sun.
Do you see your purpose...
You too can fall and rise again, better yet, let’s rise together.
Our purpose is to not stay down.
Let’s fight the fight...
Our purpose is to get up.
From night to day,
Our purpose is to shine like the sun.
We fall...
We resurrect...
We rise...
We shine...
That’s our purpose.

Monday, March 23, 2020

The Dancer

People called her kind.
The truth is, the people were just stupid, she was a dancer.
She taught the stupid people how to dance because that is what made her happy.
Dancing was her profession, that’s what she was designed to do.
She charged those who could afford and those who couldn’t paid later.
Dancing was what she loved, the profession got her in tight situations but she danced her way out.
In hard times, she danced.
In good times, she danced.
She soon developed a reputation for being too kind so she put a sign up on her wall that read:
You are you who you are and I am who I am.
I can’t change that.
When you come to me to learn how to dance we make a deal and when you take over the world don’t forget who taught you how to dance.
It seems that once a person develops a reputation, people often think they’ve figured them out.
This is the part of the story that is complicated. The dancer soon got in another tight spot and she was older now with aches and pains. She needed money and no one would dare bail her out because they couldn’t. She put a gun up to her head and came to the conclusion that she was going to kindly kill herself. Suicide can be very interesting. It’s a moment when a person has pretty much reached a dead end. Strange things happen at this time and time usually clicks in seconds until the suicide is complete. As she sat there with the gun, her clock alarm went off and it was her favorite song. She put the gun down and with her aches and pains got on her dance floor and began to dance. After her moment, she sold everything she had and got out of debt. She lived to the golden age of 58. At her funeral, everyone she was kind to showed up. When the music began to play, she jumped out of the casket and began to dance. Everyone she was kind to started screaming and got the hell out of the building. She was the new Jesus story, she resurrected. She did her favorite dance the sea walk all around her casket. By god she was walking on water. It’s a good thing the funeral parlor had mirrors. As long as there was a tune she could live forever. When the music stopped she got back in the casket and got some rest until the next song came on.
The πŸ’ƒπŸ» Dancer πŸ•ΊπŸΌ