Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Memorial

In a different state of thinking, I asked God a question.

Afraid to use the word why. It was obvious that he already knew my thoughts.

Looking in the mirror I felt something come over me.

King after King, nation after nation, til this day prays for his power, and his spirit. My fulfillment and obligation seemed so complex, I was just a piece of dust in his infinite universe. Who was I? I needed to be remembered. I wanted to be.

“Do I matter God?” 

He didn’t respond.

“My army is hungry, how will we eat?

Can you feed us?”

He didn’t respond.

I started a war and destroyed entire nations to prove his strength.

He didn’t respond.

I wanted him to come to me, I was determined. I wanted him to remember me. His unique, one of a kind child.

I did everything for God and in the end he finally gave me a message. 

I got his attention:

“Me and my brother are evenly matched, we both rather enjoyed your company. We also enjoyed watching your fellow men laugh and belittle you behind your back trying to carve your place in history. My child, you came to the right place for attention. My brother has big guns, and his army is wild, but he doesn’t want you for his kingdom, you’re mine. You came to me. Memories on earth fade in time my child. People come and go. Soldiers, doctors, historians, lawyers, and even common men, but I am all of them. I see all that you have done just to please me, even when I was silent, and all you want is to be remembered,” his holiness said.

Feeling his power, a blazing fire came down from the heavens and he took me up from my army and turned me into a giant war monument. He put my face on a lion.

At first sight soldiers began to run for cover. Nothing like this had ever been seen before on the battlefield. Nations began to kneel, the war ended and peace was felt throughout the world. The word of God spread all because of me. Til this day my face sits on a statue by the great pyramids. He gave me what I asked for. On earth, throughout every generation. I’m remembered, but not to many people know who I am. I’m just there. 

The Memorial

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

P.O.W. I love big fat American Women

 I see their smile.

At night when I’m cold I think of them too.

I’m a little man with big dreams of confident fat women.

I had to DJ a cheap graduation party and I saw all of the skinny women complaining and being stuck up. 

The big women were happy and smiling.

There’s something special about it, I love them.

Big girl magic baby.

They have so much confidence and they smile for me.

I then called my mom.

I said, “Mom, I’m starting to love big women and if the government shuts down, I know they will take care of me and keep me warm.”

Maybe even cook me a good meal.

I’m spending my Memorial Day with big fat American women. Of all races creeds and colors.

If King Solomon is my dad then bring on the 700 fat wives.

They will fight for me.

God Bless.

God Bless America.

God Bless big fat women.

This poem’s for you.


To my Republican fat women, keep fighting to lower the debt, I love you too. To my Democrat fat women, keep spending, I love you too. Thanks for voting for slavery and making black men look like head cases. Good luck with paying those American bills. Russian fat girls please fight for peace. I love you too.

Big girl magic baby. 😊

Monday, May 22, 2023

Here comes the sunshine

It’s been cold.

It’s been raining.

It’s been windy.

I’ve seen floods and people begging for some sunshine.

Well friends, here comes two weeks of sunshine.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

The Voice of Reclamation

 “Evander, what do you see?” a voice asked.

“I see evil all around me and there’s not much I can do about it. Enter me, and have your way.” Evander responded.

“I will, but first you have to solve a problem. The eye sees what it wants, but fails to see what’s good at times. If you see evil, then your mind must want good so let’s continue. Two people are left alone at night, a male and a female. The male is well studied, yet the female is broken. With all of his fine gems and achievements, the male forces himself on the female only to feel blood flowing out of his mouth. Defending herself, she stabs the male and receives some prison time. How did she end up in the room Evander?” the voice asked.

Evander looks down at his feet, “I don’t know.”

“Now I will tell a tale of the rich and the dumb. Never assume while I’m talking okay, or surely I will push you off of the ledge and you will die a thousand deaths. Two men discover a pot of gold and become wealthy, an old fool falls in front of their fortune after his wife tries to divorce him for being poor. He tells a priest that his wife was possessed by a demon and tries to sue the two men for their gold after breaking his leg on their property. Whose fault was it Evander?” the voice asked.

Evander remains quiet.

“Whose fault was it Evander?” the voice asked again.

Evander eases his way off of the ledge and decides to deal with his own problems. Convinced that he was a good person he starts reading books that he believes will feed his conscience mind. He feels that these books will change him. He begins to fall in love with biblical theology and biblical stories only to find out that the physical world is filled with tricks and voices that never go away.

“Whose fault is it Evander? The voice asked again.

“It was my fault, go away. Please! It was my fault, and I’m sorry, I will live with my faults, I’m sorry. Whoever you are, whoever that is talking to me, I cannot undo my wrongs, but I can make the future better. I’m sorry. If you are God or the devil himself, I’m sorry.” Evander said begging for the voice to go away.

For a second it became quiet. Evander then heard sirens. Emergency services along with police had his apartment complex surrounded. Someone dialed 911 when he was on the ledge. He rushed to hide all of his alcohol and drugs but it was too late. 

Eyeing his gun, he heard the voice again, “You should just kill yourself now Evander. You’ll never recover from this one, it’s back to the jailhouse for you.”  

Surrendering to the authorities, Evander lived the rest of his life fighting with his conscience mind only to get out of jail ten years later in the same position, but this time it was karma he had to face.

Now out of jail, he found himself roaming aisles at the store and an old case that he was involved in years before soon caught up to him because a member of the victim’s family spotted him and chased him through a busy intersection. Running through the street, trying to save his own life, he ends up getting hit by a car.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Evander screams while waking up in a hospital bed.

Now paralyzed, sitting in front of a bright TV screen alone in a nursing facility, Evander refused to give up on life. Feeling a form of vindication, the victim’s family celebrated his downfall. Now consuming television lessons and reading every book, he suffered slowly in the thoughts of man’s law and intellectual displays while trapped in his own body.

“I have to do something right,” he kept saying to himself. 

Thinking, but suffering while unable to move, he told one of the nurses to take a picture of him and take every dime he had to show the world what had become of him, a once most wanted man. The nurse took his advice, and Evander became the face and consequences that everyone feared.

Now feeling his own vindication, he battled through it all and died alone in a nursing facility. He’d done some terrible things while living, only to face the voice on the other side. 

“So how was your life on earth? Do you want to try again?” The voice asked.

Evander, who was now just a spirit, finally stood face to face with the voice.

It was himself. He’d spent his entire life fighting with himself.

Dying, and entering another life, he found a picture of his face on every billboard.

And they all read: “Don’t be like me.”

The nurse followed his instructions and after 100 men followed Evander’s message and lived a better life than him, his soul was finally laid to rest.

He was finally allowed to entertain the company of angels.

He had become the face that haunted the minds of the conscience living.

As his flesh became dirt an apple tree grew on his grave 2,000 years later and his last living relatives ate from it to survive a bloody war. His voice led them to it.

The End.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023


 Honestly, I don’t know what came over me. Competition literally turned me into a monster with no audience. I’d been producing professional grade work with little to account for it. I’d mastered my craft. That’s when I heard the song. The words and rhythm captivated my mind and thoughts. The song literally took control of my entire being. The cords grabbed my emotions, I’d been hypnotized. In a state of euphoria, I had to snap out of it. My mind shifted from work to being brainwashed by a hook that literally enticed me to fall in love. 

Floating on a musical high, a late notice in the mail brought me back down to reality. I had to pay up.

The euphoria was just a feeling that felt too good to be true but it was far from reality.


Sunday, May 14, 2023

Thanks Moms

Thanks for the encouraging words in hard times.

Thanks for being good friends.

Thanks for finding fathers when fathers are not around.

Thanks for giving us new abundance of life.

Thanks for being so nurturing.

Thanks for not giving up.

Thanks for beauty, smiles, and comfort.

Thanks for everything, through it all, in good times and hard times, it’s because of you the people in the world show mercy.

If I forgot something, I still have to say

Thanks Moms for everything.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023


 Too much light…waaay tooo much light.

I close my eyes before I go blind.

The computers, the cell phones, the LED lights, the LCD lights, and even the sun.

I need to take a break from all of the lights.

I shut them all off, the computer, the phone, everything. I then fall onto the bed in a pitch black room.

In need of some eye rest, complete darkness eases the pain…

I fall to sleeeep.

I wonder what’s best for my eyes, bright lights or complete darkness?

If I can close them and still dream I guess it’s 50/50 so I rest.

Thursday, May 4, 2023

100 Raptors

I sat at the table with 100 religious scholars. While engaging in conversation I noticed that many of them were talking about the same things, same needs, and I had to hear the word God mentioned over 1,000 times. One minister even called me and asked if I could help him with some work, he sounded very tired. 

I then heard a voice,

“What do you believe?”

Realizing that it didn’t matter what I believed, annoyed, I returned home to write down my thoughts. 

My late English teacher always used to say, “Kid, optimism is the key characteristic in life. An optimist can overcome anything just by being optimistic.”

I then heard another voice,

“What do you believe?”

Sitting in a room alone, I then spread out my arms only to notice a huge snake in the form of a woman laying on my floor.

It was a woman snake and I had nothing to fight with. Realizing that my key was in the other room, I was trapped. I was alone. All of the people that I’d helped could not save me. All of the religious scholars could not save me from this snake. As it got closer I soon realized that I had to fend for myself. 

For some reason I kept hearing an inner voice,

“What do you believe?”

Feeling the snakes venom splitting my blood cells, I, the main character was no more. The snake killed me and as my soul left my dead body, I then awoke in the very place where I came from, the source of my entire being. 

Refreshed and reused in another body, I found myself in the room with the snake again, but this time I was prepared. I was more ferocious. 

And once again I heard the voice,

“What do you believe?”

Frustrated and fighting to ensure that the snake did not kill me, this time I screamed.

“I believe in second chances!”

Seeing my old body dead, I caught the snake while she was digesting my old flesh and I had just enough time to strike.

While watching the head of the snake fall to the floor, I spread my wings, only to notice that my soul had now become an eagle.

In my lessons, I’d died a thousand slow deaths as a homo sapien only to realize that I had the wingspan of a dominant bird that ruled the sky.

Having flashbacks of another life with 100 religious scholars, I now soared through the sky with no fear of falling. My journey with God never ended, I was now being used for something else. 

Seeing the plane with 100 religious scholars crashing, I flew in with my flock of 100 raptors and the world watched 100 hundred eagles land a plane.

It was labeled a miracle.

I guess my English teacher was right, only an optimist can be optimistic, because in all honesty, only an optimist can believe in second chances.

Only an optimist can write a happy ending.

The End.