Wednesday, October 26, 2022


Caught in a brutal storm there was something better brewing, something a little more calmer… something a little more quieter. 

Marriage and relationships are not bad, it’s great when two people fall in love, but one disagreement can be fatal. Down the road though there’s just something about the feeling of peace.

It’s the sweet sound of a settling wave. No sounds of radio vibrations leaking through wooden walls. It’s amazing. The feeling is complete silence…rest. The calm wind blowing through the trees, the breeze of cool rain drops on a hot day. Peace is another level, it’s time standing still, it’s a long quiet walk and a brief second to think.

Turn it down, be quiet, hear your inner voice…

Be well my friend… take a break, and be sure to find some time for peace.

No conflict, no strife, no war, just you and a good book…peace

Monday, October 24, 2022


There was a moment in time when I needed friends…

There was a moment in time when I rather enjoyed being alone…

There was a moment in time when I couldn’t stand looking in the mirror…

There was a moment in time where I found myself extremely religious…

I guess there’s a moment for everything…

Some moments I’m loved and some moments I’m hated…

I’ve just come to accept everyday as it is…

There were moments when I’ve had to take orders from people who were not qualified, there were moments when I didn’t feel smart enough or ready…

There were moments when I felt at the bottom of the pit, lifeless, spit on, shackled, but finding a happy thought to hold on to.

Frowned upon…

Beaten and left for dead at times and even made fun of, for some reason I’m still here.

I’ve had to train my mind to be like the sun, shut up and rise everyday until my time is up.

Each experience has made me nothing but humble.

It’s okay, I can take it, I’m still standing.

I’m Humble.

Friday, October 21, 2022

The day the Sun God came down

 “King Odoo, we need rain. Everything is dying. The Gods have left us,” Teezu said pointing to the hot sun.

King Odoo, laced with gold gems stood strong.

“Man has used up what they thought to be infinite, there is no more electricity. Nothing. Our only hope is the sun. It still shines. Tell my servants to collect as much gold as possible, we must make a deal with the Sun God,” Odoo explained.

After his servants collected all of the gold that they could find King Odoo began to cut his arm.

“Great King, what are you doing?” His servant Kutu asked.

This is my sacrifice to the Sun God, watch, he will heal the land.

What about the Christian God, will he not deliver.

“Kutu, do not let your books steer you away from what you are. We can see the Sun, we can feel its rays. It has outlasted everything. It is our only hope, it is the Christian God. Look at history, such mixed up stories have left our people wondering in the wilderness alone with false hopes, we must rebuild our dynasty. I have been given a dream, blood of my blood and flesh of my flesh. We are all that’s left,” King Odoo explained.

“But Great King…” 

“Quiet!” King Odoo said as his blood dripped on the gold. 

“The Sun God is here.”

The wind began to blow. The great people of Kazan watched as Shekinah Ra came down.

The people had never seen such a sight. They all began to bow.

Josiah began to read the scrolls.

As Shekinah Ra stepped foot on the ground new colors began to emerge.

“My children, I have come to give you new life.”

No man could take the Sun God’s presence, he was too strong.

If they looked, they would be blinded by his light.

The people began to cry and speak in different languages.

“My God, it is the Christ!”

Some said confused.

“He has come to save us. He has returned.”

Some said certain.

Ezra, and Sasha began to scream as women gave instant birth to his children.

King Odoo’s pupils turned bright orange, he then fell to the ground bonding with the gold.

Two Cherubim started singing holy, holy, holy.

Everyone witnessed a new beginning.

The Sun God spared his creation.

He returned to grant eternal life.

The day the Sun God came down, was a new beginning, a new birth, and a new nation. It was the first day.

King Odoo’s skin shined like Gold with hair locks like a Lion.

“He has returned to give us new life. Internal life. We shall forever be in his presence as the people who called upon him. For we are his people,” King Odoo said.

The people joined hands the day the Sun God came down. Peace filled the air, the language of the Sun God spoke an abundance of life into a new world.

“Amen, Amun, and Amon.”

And that’s the day the Sun God came down.

The beginning of a new dynasty; the beginning of a new story.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Just do it!

You know you want to shoot the ball. Just do it!

You know you love her, put a ring on her finger. If the marriage fails at least you tried. Just do it!

He hangs out with other girls, find another friend. His mind is made up, so make your’s up. Just do it!

What’s the point of wearing name brands create your own. Just do it!

You’re collecting welfare, take that food stamp card and open up a food mart in the ghetto. Just do it!

You can save the world with an education. Just do it!

If the political system fails you, run for office. Just do it!

Out of a billon sperm you made it to the egg, what’s the odds of that? My friend, why waste your life, do something brand new, create a new world, create a new culture. What are you afraid of? Just do it!

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The Orphans

 I saw a child today.

Yes, the child had behavior problems but the child will never know his mother or father.

The child was an orphan.

The child is lost and for some reason is still on my mind.

I don’t know why I keep seeing this child’s face.

I can’t save the world but here I am complaining about what I don’t have and this child has nothing.

This child wanders through the night lost, not knowing where he or she came from.

Feeling for this human, I fall to the ground asking God, “Why?”

“Why put us here to suffer?”

I had a choice to sacrifice everything that I had in my possession for this one child and I did.

I took the child in and spent my last of everything training this child to be a decent human being.

I invested everything into this child.

First it was one, then two, pretty soon I had an entire orphanage full of children and on my death bed I had an entire army praying for my survival.

It was hell raising them but in the end they finally got the point.

One man saved an entire world all because of one child.

At first I thought it could not be done, I thought it was impossible, but in the end I found out it could.

It could be done and it was possible.

The force that led me to believe had to be divine, it had to be supernatural, it had to be God.

I had everything, yet still had nothing without others to share with. In the end my life was saved by

The Orphans.

They gave me a reason to live and once the papers were signed I couldn’t turn my back on them. 

They brought me to my knees at times but in the end they were on their knees for me.

I guess love truly cannot be bought.

It’s supernatural.

The Orphans

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Determined to Write

When my first girlfriend dumped me, I wrote about it.

When I got in my first fight with the class bully, I wrote about it.

When I failed my first class, I wrote about it.

I was so determined to write that I followed an English teacher to her house to teach me. I’m sure her daughter took me as crazy, I wrote about that too.

When I got divorced, I wrote about it.

When I got cut from the team, I wrote about it.

When my family and I won our first sports title, I wrote about it.

I was so determined to write that I paid a church English teacher to edit my chicken scratch. I’m sure she took me as a joke so I wrote about that too.

Every thought, every dream, every rhyme and reason gave me the passion to jot it all down.

At the end of the day all I’ve ever wanted to do was write so I wrote about that too.

Monday, October 10, 2022

Dancing with Liberals

 I’m two faced, I’m a hypocrite, and I’m a know it all arrogant bastard. I’m everything but a drug dealer, hard cold killer, pimp, man hoe, womanizer, wife beater, but still my own people are stuck in utopia; some of them love me and some of them hate me, but that’s life. I’m called a nice guy, too proper, too professional, and I watch them dance, I even dance with them. I love women, but my tender heart can’t take what they will do to my loving passionate mind. I admit that I’m scarred but I’ve humbled myself to admit that there are things in life that I like and I do not like. I love a good joke, I enjoy good company, and I do not like to cheat. I give my time to people of all races creeds and colors. Sometimes I even feel like I’m worth more than the hand that I’ve been dealt. One minute I’m happy and one minute I’m sad. I wake up often knowing that there is no place for me to run, I’m stuck. Every dollar I make I have to hold on to because everyone around is hungry, even me. When, and if I shed a tear, I choose to be alone knowing no one can take my pain away but God. This is the code that I live by. I often find myself fantasizing about women so I fight my second nature to keep me from turning into a lust filled sexual maniac. I consider myself a conservative hard headed American but the truth is that I’m dancing with liberals. I’m a lost soul siting in the pew waiting for God to come save me. I’m human, and when the sheep scatter, I’m alone in a field with a black coat and no shepherd. I have no choice but to fight. Surrounded, I begin to dance in the ring. God help me, I’m surrounded, I have nothing to lose, and I’ve done nothing wrong but just be myself. I’m dancing with liberals wondering what I’ve done right and what I’ve done wrong.

I’m human after all.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

The Autumn Memories

I could hear the crickets calling it a night. The creepy sound of the air blowing through the cracked window that you used to keep open even on cool autumn nights. Shifting gears I recall you always trying to catch the blowing fall leaves with your hand hanging out of the passenger side window. What is this feeling that overtakes me when I think of you? I recall our very first autumn night, we laid on my now empty living room floor and watched movies. That was our moment in time. I also remember my first love letter to you, wishing that love could last forever. Today would have been our twenty-first anniversary. I recall us sitting by the burning logs in the fireplace planning our wedding. What happened to our plans to bring the world back to love? What happened to our plans to revive the institution of marriage? Did we fall short? At night, laying in my bed alone I can still feel you at times. The autumn memories are enough to purge my dying heart slowly. I don’t know why, but out of a billion women, I need only you, come back home.

The Autumn Memories

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Autumn Sunshine

I watched the sun melt away in the distant sky, it was a beautiful sight. The smell of simmering rain drops fading away on a heated grill was confirmation that it was now autumn. The golden brown leaves fell slowly from a nearby tree, we’d been caught off guard. Thinking we’d barbecue on the first day of autumn was a mistake, I could hear my wife calling me into the house. She was occupied in the basement, I could tell she’d been spinning wet clay, because I could smell ceramics burning from the kiln. The fall brought on new colors and a new mood. Answering her call, I ran into the house, my friends and I had gotten caught in the rain. Running and grabbing as much stuff as I could, I could feel the droplets of water soaking through my shoes onto my socks. Yes, it was now autumn. Sadly, my wife and I had just been laid-off and had so much free time, but maybe this was God’s plan. Maybe we needed some time together, some time with our family and friends. Turning to shut the patio storm door, I saw the rain slow down to a drizzle, it was officially autumn. The sound of the cool breeze brushing up against the tree branches, the fading to orange and brown maple leaves. I couldn’t help but pause and notice a reflection of my wife’s beautiful brown curly hair in the back of me. I could smell her sweet feminine perfume overtaking the smell of burning clay. She put her arms around mine as we both watched a beautiful rainbow emerge from the autumn sunshine setting in the distance. We were going to be alright.