Thursday, April 30, 2015

The King, the Sacrifice, & the Orphan

"Your majesty what has become of these great beings?" asked the orphan.
"I do not know. In light of your words, for I have found that many do not appreciate the good that I have done for them. We must find a sacrifice," the king replied.
"But your majesty, you died for them once, will you die again?"
"For I have compassion for my people. I have shown them mercy but I must find a sacrifice to remind them of my compassion for their ignorance and disbelief. Sweet orphan it seems they have forgotten. I desire to know your name orphan. You have permission to speak."
"My name is Judah," replied the orphan.
"What a great name. It reminds me of something. I want you to find me a sacrifice to purify the people."
"I will do my best great king."
Judah searched all over the land. She loved animals but she knew that this was a hard catch. What animal could be so great, to purify the people of their woes. Judah went home and saw her bunny rabbit sitting on the counter.
"Oh bunny I love you so and the king requires a sacrifice. What shall I do?"
She stared at the bunny. Then she heard a voice telling her to offer her dearest pet. Judah loved her bunny rabbit but if it was for the will of the people it had to be done in honor of the most high.
The next day she took the bunny to the king.
"I desire to see the most high," she asked the servants as they let her in.
"What a timely return sweet Judah," said the king.
"An angel of the Lord told me to give the animal most dear to me. Great king, I will offer my bunny rabbit for the people."
"Oh sweet Judah, your heart is enough to save 10,000. The spirit of all mankind is in you. For your compassion and faith I will give you what you desire."
"But great king I desire nothing. I just want to save the people."
"Judah, these people killed me once and your parents left you to be raised by an orphanage. Why do you want to save them?"
"Because I believe they can change, your highness."
The king looked at her as tears fell from her eyes.
Judah had sacrificed her heart to save the people.
The king granted her wish as Judah left with her bunny rabbit and went home.
The next day the sun came out and all the people brought her gifts and love.
To this day Judah's name is known all over the world.
She is the brightest star in the night sky. So bright that day never ends.
God bless you holy Judah.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Business or Holy Marriage

Good day everyone and welcome to the wedding of Marsha and Randal.
Marsha do you take Randal to be your lawfully wedded husband and Randal do you take Marsha to be your lawfully wedded wife.
After they said I do we went behind the scenes to see what was really going on at home and in this amazing love relationship:
Marsha had been with Randal for almost five years and their relationship had been on and off.
After they got married, they were at peace for a little until Randal started his own photography company. He was flooded with clients and started getting heavy into taking pictures of women.
Marsha soon started getting upset once this happened and then everything started changing.
Once Marsha saw this was affecting their marriage she demanded that Randal shut the business down or change his platform. Randal had to ask himself a million times how he felt about his wife. Did he love her, was the question on everyone's mind. After a while it became evident that he did. Randal had to find out what was more important to him, his holy marriage, or his business. When he decided his marriage he became a better husband, but the question remained in his mind, "What would life be like if he had never gotten married?" Randal is now the father of three and seems to be happy with his family. He has good kids and he and Marsha's love is consistent. This is a decision that most people have to make in the real world. Sometimes people just have to figure out what is more important to them. In Randal's case family was more important.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Holy reality

The Flamboyant conversation:
The boy had a dream, you hear me. I said the boy had a dream.
Yeah, he dreamed of a girl.
He said she was holy.
For real...she was holy?
Yeah, he said she was holy and she looked just like the girl that he was in love with in high school.
Who; Jennifer?
How did you know?
Because he was in love with Jennifer but she was far from holy.
But listen, she may not have been holy in this world but she was holy in his dream.
Well what about him, he don't seem too holy neither.
Look if you can't be holy in this life at least you can be holy in your dreams.
Wait... what is holy?
Devine I guess... untouchable.
Yeah, so untouchable that everybody wants to touch you.
I guess that makes sense.
It only makes sense if it's real.
So let me get back to what I was telling you.
In his dream she was untouched and he yearned for a girl so much that Jennifer would appear every time on several occasions.
Now that is weird.
Why do you think he kept dreaming about her?
Well, he hasn't been with a girl in a while.
Do you think he is going crazy?
Is he obsessed with her?
I don't know.
Maybe it's God giving him his dream girl in a dream, so he can face reality.  
Maybe, because just like you said, "Holy is untouchable and this is reality."
Okay it's offering time, let's go out in the hall until they finish passing the collection plate around then come back in and sit down and I will finish telling you the rest.
Wait I got some change.
You also owe me money.
Yeah we better skip out on this one.


Monday, April 27, 2015

A Friend

Two, four, and six are even numbers.
Two sets of numbers that are equal is a tie score.
A friend.
A mediator between enemies equals peace.
Someone to talk to when family is not around.
A friend.
When there is fire, there is water to put it out.
When falling down you help me up.
A friend.
A call, a text, you try to be there so you respond.
In confusion you make things clear.
A friend.
When my heart is broken you find a way to get my blood flowing again.
When I need company your around.
A friend.
When I give, you give back.
When I don't know you show me how.
A friend.
When I need holiness you pray with me.
When I am hurt you find a healer.
A friend.

Friday, April 24, 2015


In remembrance of the father you are free.
All debts are forgiven on behalf of his glory.
In glory and truth, we must testify our belief in the Lord so that we may have peace.
Do not be upset with our brothers for we must remember our holy father in heavan so that we have no strife.
All slaves must be set free for this is the year of jubliee.
Praise God, for he is good.
Let us not forget our purpose here on earth.
Let's not be bitter about our woes.
For it may hinder our future blessings.
Rejoice in this moment to remember all that he has done for us.
He has given us air to breath, food to eat, and another day to rejoice.
Holy is he.
In his presence there is peace among the brothers and sisters who represent him.
In our times of trouble we will come together to get through.
We will not harm one another.
This is our bond with you O lord.
For this is our jubilee.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


The pastor has just given his last sermon.
The trumpet sounds as the ships dock.
All guns and war machines are molded into a statue of a bird.
All prisoners of war go home.
The jailed are free.
The police are sent home.
Currency is no more.
People exchange labor for labor.
Men rejoice with their loved ones.
The airwaves are silent.
All devices are no longer needed.
There is a calm in the air and the oceans become sky blue.
The birds sing to the purification of nature.
Love is shown on every corner.
Good day my friend, how are you?
Wonderful day out would you say, peace be with you my friend.
The people greet each other with joy in their heart.
Living is worth it.
No drugs, narcotics, beer, or liquor are sold.
The streets are clean.
No death is in the air.
A sense of life makes sense.
Peace is alive.
Every soul on earth is feed.
Peace is real.
It is felt.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Hum...let me make a planet today.
What colors will I use?
Let me get my material.
Let me start off small.
That will be big.
What will be big will be small to some.
Hum...I have to make this make sense.
It has to make sense.
Some things have to live.
Let me find some clay.
No...No I will make this from the dirt.
I am too great, let me speak these things into existence.
Space, heaven; look at that.
This is good.
Man, woman, trees, plants, snakes, animals, apples, peaches, and pears.
Rhythm, harmony, elements, seconds, hours, locust, motion, days, weeks, fact, fiction, practice... practice...practice...
A season, a land, darkness and light.
Mixing and matching rhymes and hymns.
Good ones and bad ones.
Girls and boys
Gods, devils, spirits, and trumpets.
What a world.
Let me take some time to rest.
I will come up with a name when I get up.
Woe it grew while I was asleep.
All by itself.
Hum...I will call it Earth.
I wonder what they will call me...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Servant

O what a day my lady.
Why do you look so sad?
Let me lift you up with my words.
The sun came out just for you today.
Here let me give you a flower for your thoughts.
You look tired sit down.
Did you have a long day?
Rest your feet.
God is pleased with your work.
Did you paint that picture yourself?
O I love it.
Let me rub your back a little.
I want to thank you for what you did for those kids yesterday.
Your such a great person.
Would you like for me to turn on the TV for you?
I love your smile.
I cooked, are you hungry?
Here let me grab that for you.
Relax you don't have to do a thing today.
I am here for you.
Let me wash your feet.
Let me bless your thoughts.
I will hold you my lady.
I will give you what you need.
I am here to serve you.
For I am The Servant.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Rainbow

To each has its promise.
For that I give you.
A covenant to man with colors to not forget what is true.
A symbol in the sky, that is not to be broken.
A band of colors speechless but spoken.
Tokens of light, reflecting from above.
That cannot be touched but seen on high.
I give you my promise in the sky.
When you see it you will be amazed.
And shown that anything can be accomplished in time and days.
A ray of hope, a ray of colors.
Banding together like sisters and brothers.
Only holiness can display such a sight.
That is why the rainbow is in the day not the night.
Focus my child and remember my promise.
I am the God of all things.
I gave you gifts like birds that sing.
Be fruitful on earth and enjoy your time.
I will soon return so be content and shine.
Like tall trees and honey bees.
Like flowers and amazing grace.
This rainbow is a symbol of my face.
My spirit is in everything.
I am even a part of you.
Be faithful in everything that you do.
I God
I man.
I woman.
I am.
I promise to you and the Rainbow is proof.

Friday, April 17, 2015


The crowd watches, as she sits at the piano.
She turns and sees the faces of twenty thousand people.
She is nervous and one of her fingers mistakenly hits a key.
The crowd goes wild.
She starts to shake.
A voice inside of her head is telling her not to play her hit song.
She remembers her grandmother.
She remembers a gospel song that she use to play.
The microphone is in front of her face as she starts to sing.
This is what I was made to do.
This is what sets me free.
This is why I am on stage.
Every ancestor in my bloodline prepared me for this moment.
It is my heritage.
I will use this piano to unite.
I will use this piano for the glory of all mankind to come together in peace and harmony.
This is my weapon.
This is what I do when I am sad.
This is what I do when I need a fix.
This is what protects me.
This is my tool.
This is my praise.
As she plays the crowd sings along.
Every negative spirit has left the building.
The beings that God created come together in unison with him with no strife in their hearts.
All are healed by the music.
All begin to praise.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wisdom and I

Everyday I learn something new.
Every person teaches me a new technique or view of life.
It's amazing how going to different places and seeing different things can make you wiser.
What man can believe that he knows all?
What woman can believe that she has all of the answers?
The air, the trees, and even the sky are yet to be discovered.
There is value in everything.
What I know I don't know.
What I see is not there.
Watching kids play, watching them go through things that I once went through.
Seeing people come and go.
Noticing the trends and how people forget good memories so fast.
I once stressed over not having enough.
I once stressed over not being good enough.
I even have some overdue bills.
I guess that is what life is about.
I am here, I exist.
I guess my purpose it to live.
I'm alive.
Some days I win and some days I lose.
Some days I'm holy, some days I'm unclean.
Then when my time is up, the energy passes on to the next generation.
I wonder if I will miss this place when it's my time to go.
There is so much to discover.
So many ideas.
I guess wisdom is reason.
I guess wisdom is knowledge.
I guess wisdom is letting go and understanding that it's in God's hands.
Just when I thought I figured it out there is a different way.
I guess that is the process of wisdom.
Wisdom and I

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Bible

I believe I know what this book is capable of doing.
It definitely can cause a debate.
Interesting how one book can form so many different opinions.
Maybe that is why it is a bestseller.
The stories draw you into historical questioning and many wonder if they are real.
They have to be real, there is evidence in the east.
It's like asking if a tree falls in the forest how do you know it fell if you were not there.
So many people have never read this book but still they rip it apart verbally and physically.
The book has saved people and created a world of thought.
The book has value and wisdom that takes time to comprehend.
It takes practice to be like many of the characters in this book.
Many question the ultimate goal of the characters.
Maybe that is the purpose of this book.
Maybe that is why it was written.
The writers may have wanted to keep the imagination eternal.
They say it's like a sword.
They say it's like an amazing journey that requires study and research.
This book takes you to places that are still on earth.
It takes you into holy realms of majestic feelings.
It is a book of royal words and divine principals that merge thought with holy living.
When it comes out people feel something inside.
If you read it in public people watch and gather around.
Some women bring their children closer.
Some people get away as fast as they can because of its influence.
This book has power in every verse.
Preachers use this book every week, dissecting it cover to cover to give all forms of messages.
What an amazing piece of work.
What a historical masterpiece.
This book is called the Bible.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Offering

I oppose because I have nothing to give.
I object because I have nothing to offer.
Who made these rules?
Does man really hear from God?
Does man make his own cause?
What do I give you in my time of need?
Will what I give change my circumstances?
Superstition drives every creature, so what is a blessing?
If I give will the sun not still shine tomorrow?
If I give will I be considered a good Samaritan?
What if I place myself in your shoes will you give to me?
This game was not for me.
It's too confusing.
Do we not all need love?
Do we not all need a friend?
A king is someone who cares.
What do I give to someone who gave their life for me?
What do I give to the widow who has no husband to care for her?
What do I give the orphan who has no parents?
I have no money.
I have no cream and green colored note from the government.
So what do I give?
I see their pain and even my own.
I can feel the hearts of man if I have too much.
I can feel the hearts of man when people show me love.
So tell me what do I have to offer?
What do I have to sacrifice?
I do have gifts.
I do have ideas.
All I can give is my life because I have nothing left to offer.
Take me Lord I am a sacrifice to heal the hearts of man.
I am the offering.
That is all I have left.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Confession

Yes, I often fantasize about being with many types of women but I guess that's manhood.
I feel at times that half the things people participate in makes no sense but I guess it's okay if that's what they want to do.
Sometimes I wish I ruled the world, then again I don't. Oh boy, what is my life going to amount to?
I am guilty of liking things my way and sometimes wish people would leave me alone. I guess that's normal.
I feel unstoppable when my confidence is up, then I get knocked back down to reality.
I sometimes lose control of my content thoughts. I'm okay now though.
My thoughts drift at times to be selfish and greedy but I maintain.
Sometimes I do get envious and wish I could hog the basketball and score all the points but I don't.
I fantasize about leaving the game with the cheerleaders and having fun with them but it never happens.
I often think about Vegas and leaving with all of the gambling money and giving it to the church but that is a lie to myself.
Sometimes I'm even in church and think about the girls who have little clothing on and want to tell them to get out of the way so I can listen to the word, but I just stare at them instead. Sorry.
I wish I could discipline spoiled people but I'm sure they will figure it out after awhile.
Sometimes I fantasize about telling people to get off of their behind and get to work but I just do the work for them. More wisdom for me I guess.
I often watch people spend money on stupid things and wish they paid me for the service instead. I guess I'm human.
I wish everyone did the right thing and I do get troubled when I see people get away with murder but everything happens for a  reason I guess.
I get upset when I see people hurting when I know what caused it, I guess that's what healing is for.
Sometimes I feel like I don't know enough.
Sometimes I want to rap and do a little dance from time to time.
I feel good sometimes and sometimes I feel sad, but I'm okay now.
I'm getting old.
Man, I could go for a Vitamin B smoothie.
Well thanks for letting me get things off my chest I feel better now.

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Baptism

Relax let your mind be free.
Think of a place as calm as the sea.
Under the water leave your sins.
When you submerge a new life will begin.
A life without troubles.
A life without pain.
Don't be afraid it's a tradition that some do in vain.
Close your eyes and hold your breath.
Feel the water flow on your chest.
Arise a new creature for you have past the test.
You chose the water to cleans your soul.
All it requires is to represent God and be bold.
Many gathered to watch you become a new creature.
Now spread the word with zeal like the preacher.
Filled with the spirit from the father with light.
Be joyful and happy as God will give you good rest in the night.
Use this time with God to give you sight.
This baptism is a symbol of life.
In the spirit of good it will make everything right.
Whenever you fail or fall down.
You will rise like a kite.
For people of God rarely forget.
This moment in time.
Makes it legit.
All that is good and holy belongs to you.
Now get out of the Baptism Pool you're through.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Apostle

What can we do with no money Jim? You can't run a church with no money.

Just preach from your home. I've heard of stories where people preach from their homes all the time and grow to a church.

Jim you must think I'm crazy. If I do that, I be better off setting up an alter in the middle of the street.

Paul...look at you. Your falling apart. Do something different. Don't you think people are tired of hearing about things pertaining to scripture.

You a damn fool Jim. If you think I'm gone let you snake your way in here and talk me out of my calling you got another thing coming.

Paul I think your sick and I'm the only friend man enough to tell you. If you think some God is gone come from the sky and save us from this pit, than you just as dumb as the sheep you trying to lead.

(Rushing over to get in Jim's face.)
I will shove my fist so far down your throat, don't you talk to me like I'm some rookie preacher! You understand me boy?

(Punches Paul in the face. Paul falls to the floor)
Your a crazy old maniac...You hear me...Your a Jesus freak Paul and that is all you will ever be! A washed up, dead country boy with not a soul left to help you!(He walks out)

(Laying on the floor Paul doesn't know what to do. After sleeping it off he notices it's Sunday morning. He gets up and finds the nearest church he can and walks in while they are worshiping. He walks up in the pulpit and takes the microphone from the Reverend.)
Hello everyone my name is Paul. I got up this morning and I felt like preaching. I got knocked out last night but the word got me up this morning. My best friend left me. He told me I was a crazy old maniac and a Jesus freak because I wanted to preach the word of God. I want you all to know that God gave me a message this morning. He told me that when you got nothing left. When all the chips are stacked against you. When devils all over count you out. Get up and tell your testimony. Tell them about a God who will not leave you. Tell them about a God who can heal you. Tell them about a God so holy that he made a place for you to preach the word. I want you to listen to me folks. Any place I would have went in town. They would have dragged me out by now and called the cops. But because you let me get this far, because you let me say what was on my mind. I'm gone join this church and worship here until I die. Why, because I'm an Apostle for the Living God! Do we serve a living God?


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Parable

There once was a turtle who came from the sea.
He walked, he swam, but he could not see.
I will go to the lion and ask for mercy he explained.
When he did it left him lame.
I can see but I cannot walk, therefore I will stay in my shell and wait for a knock.
Every wish left the turtle under a different spell, so he locked himself into his great big shell.
The lion created humans and bees, but there was no better creation than the trees.
When the human was created war began.
Trouble all over in the form of man.
When the turtle came out one hundred years later, all that was left were a few trees, and an old beat-up respirator.
The lion came and knocked on his shell.
I will undo your little bity spell.
I have created a lamb to save the creatures.
For this lamb will have all perfect features.
The turtle was free when the lamb was born, and the animals watched as the earth was torn.
"I will leave now," the lion said and leave you with wisdom and birds instead.
They will have wings and a reason or two.
There will  even be animals that look just like you.
When I return as the sun in the sky.
You will have eternal light and power from high.
The moon I will place in the night.
There will be no end.
For you the turtle I will protect, you are my friend.
I will use you to shield creation from strong winds.
For you are a living rock.
Long life I will give you for you are my clock.
As time goes by and the Lamb is torn.
Each creature will have a chance to be reborn.
If you solve this riddle you will see that each creature is a form of me.
Who am I?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Gospel

In chains, we made songs.
In troubles, we made peace.
We marched together, remember us holding hands.
What a joy we had back in those days.
Everything meant for evil we made good.
I remember you, even when you hung from the cross.
I remember you, even when you hung from trees.
I remember you, at the concentration camps with numbers on your wrist.
Your stories are still told today.
People can do things that they never thought they could do because of your woes.
You are the good news now.
In suffering you rose.
You're the rose in the cement.
You're a treasure under the sea.
You're a smile in sad times.
Underdogs can win because of you.
Don't be afraid to smile now.
Look I made something for you.
Tell your testimony in times of trouble.
When your young cry, tell them how your ancestors survived the impossible.
Hope is in your blood.
Freedom is seen in your eyes.
When evil was evident, your testimony will now bring justice to the innocent.
Get up from your failure.
Arise from your pain.
Be a new testament of faith.
Bring truth to holiness.
Bring light into the darkness.
Write a song of hope.
Write a song of truth.
Even if it's all you have left all I ask is that you spread the Gospel.
For you are the good news:-)

Monday, April 6, 2015

A Sinner

What have I done?
Have I done something wrong?
Is a bit of pleasure not good for the soul?
Does not too much work drive a person crazy?
Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do?
I do what I feel. I do what I want.
We all struggle, so why do you judge me?
Can't you see I'm suffering?
Why do you just leave me here to rot and burn in my sorrow?
Does not a man need a woman?
Does not a mother love her children?
I too need a place to go to free me from this crazy world.
I too need a place to feel at ease.
I don't want to always feel like someone is after me.
I don't want to always keep falling in the same pit.
Can't you see I'm hurting?
Can't you see that I yearn to be holy, that I want to do what is right?
Can't you see that I'm searching for a meaning to my life just like you?
After it's done, I cannot undo it.
After it's said, I cannot take it back.
Is that why I have to contain it?
Is that why I have to keep it all inside?
This evil, this filth, is a part of me.
It's like an animal that won't leave me alone.
Is that why Christ suffered?
Is that why I'm here everyday battling with my own thoughts?
Do I repent or do I go in alone?
I guess that is why I need love.
I guess that is why... I am a sinner and you are too.

Friday, April 3, 2015

A Blessing

Critical things seem frequent.
Yet a blessing seems uncommon.
If I smile, smile back at me.
If I tell a joke, laugh.
The water flows on through the streams until it dries up.
While it flows we drink.
If you say no to me, I will just wait until you say yes.
Is there not unknown places in the universe?
Does everyone understand holy practices?
Let me introduce you to a common word.
Let me introduce you to a smile.
Let me help you find a friend.
Does syrup taste sweet?
Does music calm the giant?
Is a lonely man happy?
Let me take away your bitter thoughts.
Please...please, let me give you a blessing.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Preacher

My job is to uphold the standards of God.
I pray, fast, and preach the good news.
I am often tested, watched, and hated because I have to clean that which is unholy.
I am a Levite by nature.
God made me this way.
If I make a mistake my sin will lead to my congregation's sin.
I often feel alone in the matter of holiness yet I know my duty.
Things that are displeasing to the lord, I have to point out.
It is my duty to welcome in the holy spirit and make sure the people of God keep his commandments.
How do I stay away from foolishness?
How do I remain pure at heart with a passion for the gospel?
How do I become more like the savior?
Am I willing to bear the cross?
Am I willing to listen to those in need even when they turn away and do wrong?
Am I willing to stand up for what is right?
Oh holy God help me.
Am I worthy?
How do I remain certain when so many doubt?
How do I remain certain when people only show me the good that they do instead of the wrong?
How do I find a word to preach when uncleanliness is all around me?
Speak to me lord.
Give me a word to make the people believe.
Give me a word to make the blind see and the lame walk.
Lord give me a word to preach.
I know what the Bible says; I know how people are and I'm tired, but only you O Lord can give me strength.
Only you Lord can give me the will and the faith to preach.
I am a representative of you and I will try my best to spread the good news.
I will try my best to be the shepherd to tend the sheep.
For I am a volunteer to serve in the kingdom.
I am a servant of God.
For I am a Preacher.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Chapel

I've been many places and have tried to feel at peace.
I've been through many things and have tried to figure out why they happen.
I often ask myself questions on why I yearn for something or someone.
I want to be holy.
I want to be clean.
I want to know all the mysteries of life.
Is that why the grass is green?
Is that why the sky is blue?
Is that why everywhere I look I think of you?
When I don't understand or can't figure things out where do I go?
In my times of hardship when I don't want to see anyone's face but my image of yours where do I go?
Are you here?
Can you hear me?
Where do I go to find you?
I guess that is why I'm on my knees at the Chapel.