Thursday, September 29, 2016

A short tale of Lies and Truth

Centuries before the dark ages there were two beings on earth. One of the beings created things in truth and the other created things in lies. They were not Gods, yet they were basic instinctive beings of nature, no different from negative and positive energy. One day they faced off in a garden.
"I will make a deal with you Truth, if you can convince man to listen to you, then I will fade away and give you dominion over this planet. If man fails to listen to you and follows me, then you must never again try to convince them of the truth," Lies said as truth refused to shake his hand.
"I do not trust you. You haven't achieved anything on this planet that has not resulted in destruction and you have taken everything on the planet and twisted it for your own good. You're selfish and only say things that will benefit you," truth replied.
Lies pointed to his creations, "What have I done to con anyone. Everything I have created comes from you."
Truth began to get upset, "You're a con-artist, I create good fruit you create fruit that kills. I create love then you create hate. We're completely opposite."
Lies sees that he is getting under Truth's skin, "Well, if I'm so bad, then why is everyone afraid of you? Look at the majority of your truth tellers, they're single and most of them are alone. Would one rather get off believing in me or would one rather suffer believing in you?"
Truth stands up straight to plead his case, "There's nothing but good in me and in the end you will see that everything I say cannot be undone, because everything I say is true. If I'm so bad, then why do my people still stand and why are your people so weak and naive? Look at your people, they're strong in the beginning and weak in the end."
Lies began to get angry and walked out of the garden.
"I will never tell the truth, even if it's the death of me!"
After making this statement, disease and death followed lies everywhere he went, while, honor and strength followed truth everywhere he went.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Melvin the Generator

Melvin Garret graduated at the top of his class in college. He had so much going for him that he almost seemed untouchable. Shorty after a huge dissertation on electricity and how it's generated, his addiction to achieve took ahold of him. Melvin was challenged by an underground group of graduates to create a machine that could make people invisible. When Melvin got the challenge he gave up his whole life, everything he had was no more. Day and night he stayed and slept in the basement of his new lab trying to defy the laws of physics. After Father's Day, on a sunny summer day underneath the ground, it happened. He took two lab rats and sent almost twenty-five thousand volts through them both. In real time it seemed as though their flesh was burned, but Melvin noticed something strange when they were being fried. He noticed different colors of electricity.
"I need to know what those colors are. I need to trap them," he explained to his colleagues.
One of his top engineers began to scratch his head, "And how do you plan on doing that?"
Melvin took a dry-board marker and started writing on the board, "In the midst of the electric shock, we need to freeze the test subjects and capture pictures of the electricity. If my hypothesis is correct, we should see their spirits merge with the electricity. I need to see the colors."
Fixing his shirt collar, Emmanuel, who was the head of the engineering department began to have some doubts, "But sir, you've already broken every law in the book already. What do you want out of this?"
Melvin slowly put down his marker, "If we can figure out what color the spirit is, then we have found the invisible man. Once we know where that energy comes and goes, only then my friends, will we get to the bottom of this."
Winston, who couldn't help but home-in on the conversation, began to give his input, "Well Einstein, you're missing some vital pieces to the puzzle. How can one comprehend reality, without the tools that offer what reality is?"
"What is reality? How do we know that what is real, isn't  real?" Melvin begins to pinch his skin, "How do we know that this is real?"
In his statements, Emmanuel began to rub the cross around his neck. After months of the laboratory losing power and hundreds of lab rats being ordered, Melvin had finally put all of the pieces in place to face up to the challenge. With the help of seven engineers and three physicist, Melvin stood in the middle of two beams of light that would turn him invisible.
"You would think he would have saved money just creating a vibrating suit," one of the engineers assigned to the project, said with a smirk on his face as all of the spectators sat around to watch the unthinkable.
Sitting center stage, everyone in the room watched a man pump almost twenty thousand volts of what he called "static energy" into his brain. Disappearing in thin air they all felt the static electricity touching them. Melvin had tricked them. The center piece was to protect him and steal all of their energy and inject it into him. He had found a way to take the colored specimen of electricity and inject it into another species, while being able to convert their energy into one species, which was him. Feeling every vibration of nature he sizzled through the door, while the smell of burned flesh filled the air. He felt as though he were hearing voices. Everything that he touched disappeared including the floor as the core of the earth sucked him straight through the ground. Melvin's experiment had not only worked but it elevated him to become non-existent. Melvin had become nothing but static electricity flowing through the thoughts of everything he touched, never to be seen again with the necked eye. If you ever get shocked and feel a tiny bit of intellect in your thoughts, the rumor is that Melvin is in your brain.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The givers of Baptist Creek

Baptist Creek was a small town but the people there were all very cheerful and known for giving things away. The amazing thing about Baptist Creek is that the people didn't have much but they kept on giving. Everything they worked for they gave away. No one could understand why they kept giving but it was starting to become a national problem because people kept taking. Even the people who didn't need anything just kept taking and taking. Through it all, the people of Baptist Creek kept on giving. On a late September afternoon the small town next door was attacked by invaders. The invaders came in and grabbed as much loot and hostages as they could for ransom money. It turns out that eight little girls from Baptist Creek were in the mix of the chaos.
"Annie May, step forward," one of the invaders said amongst the nine children. When this happened all of the little girls from Baptist Creek stepped forward.
At this moment in time on any other ordinary day, people would not have given their life to save anyone. How valuable was Annie May's life. Once the invaders took everything they needed and even all of the precious little girls, the town's people were in sorrow. In disbelief and uncertainty about the loss, the people kept giving. When a famine hit the land, Baptist Creek's wells somehow were filled with water; when life was lost, Baptist Creek's wives somehow gave birth to more life and when things seemed impossible, Baptist Creek somehow made it possible. To this day no one still has a clue on how this small town was able to do so much with so little until eight little stars emerged from the sky after the only sun that the earth had, had burned out. Once the eight little stars emerged to give the earth more life along with heat, the gates of Baptist Creek closed. Eight little lilies grew at the gates of Baptist Creek and the eight little girls that sacrificed their lives for Annie May returned home with Annie May. It turns out that the invaders fell off the edge of the earth and died with the dying sun and once the eight little girls returned to Baptist Creek, the people of Baptist Creek got in their spaceship and flew away and their was no one left to give. Once the people of Baptist Creek went away everyone on earth started to suffer because no one would give.
"What is going on, our sun has been replaced with eight stars but we have nothing left. Baptist Creek comeback please we need you!" Shouted the people of earth. After their spaceship vacation the people from Baptist Creek returned and started giving again, but this time the surrounding people said, "Thank You." For the people of earth now knew what the world would be like without the great givers of Baptist Creek.
The End.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Zombie Apocalypse and the Story Teller

"It's my obligation to tell you what I know to be true and if it's not true, then I refuse to write about it," Sir Angelo explained to his comrades and readers, seeking their advice and help.
Judge Peters slowly stepped into the room.
"Please Sir, explain your story," one of the readers asked.
"I was in deep thought last night and I swear something was in the room while I was writing down what I was thinking," Sir Angelo replied as he took a seat.
Judge Peters then walked over and took Sir Angelo's jacket, "Get comfortable, if you're going to share a story with us at least get comfortable."
 Mr. Jackson emerged from his typewriter in the far back corner of the room to listen.
Sir Angelo continued, "Something was in the room and it began to speak to me."
"Could you see it?" Mr. Jackson asked, easing into the conversation.
"Listen, we're all different races and I come from England but whatever it was it was invisible. It was in my thoughts and had no form or color like us," Sir Angelo said taking a sip of water that Judge Peters had poured for him.
"So you're saying that something was in the room with you?" Mr. Jackson asked grabbing his pen and pad to write down the explanation.
"Were you afraid?" asked Judge Peters.
"Any man in his right mind would be haunted by such a vision. This thing told me that foreign people would infect our great citizens of this free country with drugs and all sorts of perverted things. I swear this is what the thing was trying to tell me," Sir Angelo explained as he started to sweat.
Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he went on, "It was God awful, children's minds being taken over by lights coming out of a screen and all kinds of drugs being passed out on the streets."
"My God!" Judge Peters replied almost falling out of his chair.
"Heathens everywhere, using words that only the devil would speak and all I kept hearing was, 'give me money, give me money.' I was scared to my knees! Do you hear me? I was a grown man in shock," Sir Angelo emphatically implicated.
"It was an outrage! The great people of this country had all become zombies. Rehab clinics everywhere!"
"That's absurd!" Mr. Jackson replied.
Sir Angelo, nearly falling out of his chair then grabbed him by the shirt, "If your ancestors were slaves, how could such a vision be absurd? I swear there is something trying to warn us about the future. We must do everything in our power to stop it!"
The crowd of readers started to boo him as the room became filled with objections.
Judge Peters escorted Sir Angelo to the door, "I don't believe in fairytales. I think you really need to go see a doctor Sir. Angelo."

Seventy years after telling his story, the prophecy had come to pass. Drugs had soon made its way on every street corner and people had become so lazy and mentally challenged that it was unreal. There was fighting and chaos all over the country and the zombies were eating away at ninety year old Sir Angelo's door.
"Go away! Please leave me alone!" Sir Angelo screamed grabbing his shot gun.
One of the zombies burst in through the kitchen.
"Somebody help me! Somebody help me please!" Sir. Angelo shouted as he picked up the phone to call 911. Getting no answer he soon realized that his house was being surrounded by drug zombies, people with no brains and deranged children. He started shooting everything that entered his house until he ran out of ammunition. Running to the top floor he had no other option but to kill himself so he started to write a suicide note. On the note it read: "The End"  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Riot on Chapel Mountain

Eleven days had passed after a volcano had erupted on Chapel Mountain, but human nature was still human nature. A dark cloud of ash had darkened the skin of all of the people and the soot filled the lungs of everyone below. The people could not understand why the founder of the village would build a village right by a volcano. When they tried to flee the village they noticed that there were locked fences that trapped them in.
"HELP  US!" Echoed through the air, as the people cried out for assistance.
With no mirrors the people were afraid of each other and all of the ash and soot that had darkened their skin had made them all look the same but in their minds they were different. Quarantined from the rest of the surrounding neighborhoods, a loud gun shot was heard.
"Lord, he shot him dead," one of the residence screamed running out of the desecrated park.
All of the citizens of Chapel Mountain came running into the park and noticed a body laying on the ground with ash, soot and blood all over it.
"Who did this?" Shouted one of the citizens.
"I don't know, everyone looks the same now so we don't know who did it. I heard the gun and I came running in and found him dead," one of the village people replied.
Another gun shot soon was heard as screams filled the air.
"What the hell is going on?" Cried another citizen of Chapel Mountain.
"We're being exterminated!" Screamed a woman dashing out of the crowd of people.
"Run for your lives!" Screamed another woman.
With no one knowing what was going on everyone started trying to knock down the fence that blocked them in.
"HELP US! PLEASE HELP US!" They all screamed trying to escape the village.
After days of no help and no government or officials to save them the people started helping themselves. The ash and soot had soaked into their skin and they all looked the same.
"I guess we will have to govern ourselves," a voice emerged from amongst the crowd of people.
"They left us here to rot and die but we will prove them wrong; we will become stronger than them."
The people started building and becoming smarter and the survivors started reproducing and the babies came out glowing like volcano lava.
"We are a different people," a man explained.
"Since we are different, the others do not want us to mingle with them."
As the population of Chapel Mountain increased, the people tore down the fence and began to attack and riot the outside cities. Revenge was in the air as rocks and burning bottles crashed through the windows of the surrounding businesses. Screaming and violence was rampant.
"They will feel our pain. They left us in the mountain to die!"  A voice shouted amongst the outrage.
As the people continued rioting and fighting, it started raining. The rain washed the ash and soot off of the leaders of the forgotten people and revealed their true identity. The rain even put out the fire that was started by the riot. All of the forgotten people looked at each other and noticed all of the scars and bruises that had made them become what they were now looked upon to be. In this revelation, they stopped the violence and took all of their weapons and went back up into the heart of Chapel Mountain.
On there way back up, the other people who locked them away would not let them leave.
"We are sorry for forgetting about you. You still feel, you still love, and you still speak; therefore, we are all the same people."
In these words of peace the forgotten people united with the others and built an iron wall to protect them from the volcano.
"On this day we will never leave another citizen of Chapel Mountain behind," the mayor proclaimed as they all declared the anniversary of the tragic day a holiday.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pudukhepa and the One Eyed Giant King

The Philistines were huge people, many of their men were beastly and only had one eye in the middle of their foreheads. On their quest to gain territory, their God told them not to attack the Hittite tribe. On there quest to invade Phoenicia there king was tempted to destroy everything in his sight. The God of the Hittite people had shown much favor to the children, whom all had been chosen to inherit the land. Pudukhepa, was in grave danger as the Philistines slaughter her parents. Her mother was eager to save her so she hide her inside of a huge smoke screen vase before the savages tortured her and killed her. At that time these vases were a wonder of the ancient world and an item cherished by the Hittite people. Disobedient to their God, the Philistine king tried to conquer all of Israel. This angered the God of Israel so once all of the adults of the Hittite tribe had been held captive by the Philistine army the Hittite children were left to fight. Pudukhepa climbed out of the vase and led the children of the Hittite tribe on a raging battle to regain their territory and control of what was left of their land. In a massive power crave the king of the Philistines took one of the children by the hair and attempted to sacrifice the child to the Philistine God. Pudukhepa saw this and took an abandoned sword and chopped off the one eyed giant king's head. All of the surrounding armies could not believe what had just happened. In this frightening battle, the raging monster king had been slain by a female child whose parents had been slaughtered by the giant Philistines. Having no orders and  no king, the Philistine armies retreated while the surrounding Israeli armies came to the aid of the Hittite people. In all astonishment the surrounding tribes had no reward greater to give a child who now had no parents but had saved the Hittite people of Israel. Pudukhepa was only driven to avenge her parents' death and now she was put at the center of everyone in Israels heart. The mercy shown by the people had pleased the God of Israel and the other nations would soon understand peace by the hands of a child avenging her parents. No one understood what had enticed the Philistine king to prove how powerful he was, but his rage had somehow shown the other nations that war was not a good way to rule anymore. Never again would the lands see war and the orphan child Pudukhepa would grow to be an honorable woman. She planted a garden in north Hittite and would die a virgin. Many of the Hebrew people believed she had been touched by the God of Israel. Other nations believed that she was the mother of a new world in need of better leaders.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Lost Boys

A bunch of lost boys searching for a friend, hanging upside down around the theater at ten. Most of them are looking for a place to live. They seem to want to feel alive, something to get their blood flowing, or maybe something just to get by. One word from the imagination is all that's left. Some of them save themselves and wait for God to relieve their stress. With no parents in sight they wonder why, hiding their tears and facing their fears. They sit and ponder about the natural laws of the universe, waiting for and giving out answers so things can make sense. Some are searching for money, some of them shoot guns and punch the walls crushing bricks, some even punch other people just to run and jump the fence. A drink here and there, a smoke, and some even hang around with prostitutes just to fuel the soul. Some of them despise polluted thoughts and many of them run around saving souls. Some shy away from inspiration because they've been let down and when they need love, no one is ever around. Some pump iron to pass the time. If only the next generation could pass the test but really nothing makes sense, at least they say, many of them in all actuality just want to have a good day.
Are these boys considered failures for searching for never never land? Their thoughts hang around and welcome other words of expression. A little girl sings a song and tears fill their eyes, thoughts of love fills their hearts as she looks them in the eyes. Images of being great or having someone wipe away a lonely tear as time ticks away. In search of a happy ending and standing up for whats right, flying through the sky at night; alone on the corner or sleeping in the woods; afraid of a shadow, in search for good. Walking by they hear a woman on the porch singing, she welcomes them in her home - takes them in and cleans them up, then becomes their friend. The lost boys disappear in the night, never to be seen again, flying away to a far off galaxy with other lost boys and a boy named Peter Pan.