Thursday, December 31, 2015

How to say "Happy New Year" in Afrikaans

English: Happy New Year
Afrikaans: Gelukkige Nuwejaar

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Kwanzaa the Koala Bear

"Mother why is Pa so sad?" Kwanzaa asked.
His mother Matta looked at him with compassion and replied,
"It's because he is concerned about your sister Gina."
Kwanzaa takes his seat at the dinner table as Matta sets the table.
"Pa must really love her, but I'm sure Gina will be okay. She will be okay won't she Ma?"
Matta places Kwanzaa's plate in front of him at the table,
"I sure hope so Kwanzaa."
"Well, in a book I read yesterday the author simply stated that as long as the sun comes out we have another day to make things right," Kwanzaa says with a big smile on his face.
Matta smiles, "That must of been a good book. I just hope Gina apologizes when she gets home. She said some pretty harsh words to Pa."
"But that's what family is for Ma. Sometimes we have to be upset to learn what it's like to be happy," Kwanzaa says as Matta pours vegetables on his plate,
"I guess you're right. Now eat your food before it gets cold."
Gina burst in the house and gives Pa a hug.
"I passed my exam with flying colors Pa!" She says with a big smile on her face.
Kwanzaa looks at Matta, "See Ma, I told you. Look at Pa. It's like she forgot all about her punishment."
They both smile as Gina and Pa make up. It almost seemed like Pa had never put Gina on punishment for her grades. All it took was for Gina to realize that she got a good grade to make Pa happy. In the little time they were apart, each of them had been working on a way to show that they both cared. Gina just needed to show Pa that she was not trying to let him down. Once Gina saw Pa's smile she felt much better and Pa felt much better knowing that she cared all along. Kwanzaa was right, sometimes all it takes is for family to be sad to appreciate what it feels like to be happy.
Happy Kwanzaa from Kwanzaa and the Koala family.

Monday, December 28, 2015

New years wisdom:

One second at a time, one minute at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time, and one year at a time.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

What you may not know about Christmas and the Bible:

Did you know that the Bible as a book is an all time best seller? Maybe that is why they call it the "greatest story ever told." With all of the unknowns about Christmas, I hope someone volunteers to share a piece of the Christmas story this holiday season. 
Seasons Greetings from Method 8.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to enhance your imagination around the holiday:

When looking in space you'll see stars that look like Christmas decorations.
When looking at house decorations from far away they look like stars.
When looking at a city from a distance the lights almost look like space.
The traffic lights can even pass as Christmas lights.
This alone proves that the imagination has no limits.
This is an understanding of arts infinite ability.
The imagination is so great that we can pull ideas out of our thoughts and create just like the creator. The possibilities are endless.
Where there is nothing, there is something.
Where there is him, there is her.
When you fall, you get up.
When you forget, you remember.
When you lose, you win.
Where there is hunger, there is food.
As long as there is something greater, there is something to believe in.
Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What is a cue?

If you've ever been on any set and heard a director mention remember your cues then you have some idea of what a cue is. To simplify what a cue really means you have to think about where do you start. A cue is a line, a signal, or a gesture to get you in the motion of the performance.

Monday, December 21, 2015

How using a backdrop can save time and money:

Most of the time in theatre and movies you will see things in the background that look real. This real image is often a painting or a picture placed in the background to project a real setting. The image is called a backdrop. Backdrops save directors a lot of time and money because they don't have to pay for a location. The director doesn't have to travel either. Backdrops are used in almost every production. They often look so real that the eye can't tell the difference.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Camp West and the North Star:

For some reason I keep seeing death. It's like someone is trying to stop mankind from living. I see this place, it's like a camp of people with nothing left. They have nothing. I don't know how to help them because I have no money or resources all I have is love. Every night they get down on their knees and they pray as though God has given them a promise. I look around and I see people with everything and they seem happy but I keep seeing this camp of people. Some of them are black and some are white. I don't know if they have anyone left. It seems all they have is each other. They don't even have a symbol, or a face to show them what God looks like but for some reason their heart is in the right place. I don't know why I keep seeing this, maybe these people are my ancestors. Maybe they're trying to tell me something. I may just be like them. They have this look on their face as though they are waiting for something or someone. That is what I keep feeling and that is what I keep seeing. I don't know how to help them. There is only one star in the sky.


We're all human beings searching for something to believe in.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What does the Artistic Director do in the Business of Theatre?

The artistic director choses the plays and the people who will bring the play to life within a particular non-profit theatre. This person oversees the creative aspect of the theatre and makes sure that each production has some form of artistic quality. In many theatres the artistic director may even direct some of the plays.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Little Myisha and her holy language:

Myisha was a strange kid, she was very energetic. It was a Thursday evening when Myisha's mother noticed something very strange. Myisha was up in her room listening to music, but it sounded like she was speaking another language.
"Myisha are you okay?" her mother asked.
Not hearing her daughter reply, she burst through the door and pulled the plug on the radio. Myisha sat there on the floor shaking filled with some form of spirit. Almost as though she were speaking in tongues. Her mother went to grab the bible and noticed that this was the exact same thing in reference to ACTS. Myisha's mother had to test the water so she started playing certain music around the child to see what Myisha would do. Whenever Myisha would hear a spiritual note or a certain tone in the singer's voice, Myisha would start shaking and speaking another language. Around Christmas the family got a kick out of this, so they started using Myisha to go caroling. When they started to sing, Little Myisha would get excited and start speaking  in tongues. Everyone loved the way she ushered in the spirit around the holiday. She started developing a mass following on social pages. Little Myisha was the best thing since Michael Jackson's moonwalk. Churches paid her millions to come visit because everywhere she went the spirit followed. It was a phenomenon that no one could explain. In time Myisha's ultimate test would come when the terror started around the holiday season. When Myisha's mom saw the news she just knew she had to get her daughter involved. There was death everywhere.
"Okay Myisha, we have to test out this gift that God gave you. We need you to bring back the holiday season," Myisha's mother said to her daughter dressing her up as a candy cane with a glittering star on her head. We have to present our own anti-terror attack. We will call it the "glee counter terrorist plot." She took Myisha and put her in the middle of the shopping mall when Myisha started to hear the music she started moving around speaking in tongues. People started praising God and passing out on the floor.
"Oh my God look at how beautiful she is," one lady screamed.
Myisha's mother's plan was working as people soon forgot all about the terror and more about the spirit of the season. Little Myisha saved the world. Everyone from all over started speaking in tongues around the holiday. Myisha ushered in the real spirit of the holiday. Her gift to usher in the holy spirit was evident, but most of all it was revelation. Myisha was a holiday savior, but most of all she reminded people of the savior.
The End

Monday, December 7, 2015

Notice all of the art this holiday season:

Although all of the pictures and art work you see around the holidays are far from facts you can learn how to enhance your own imagination. All of the festivities and magical themes can show you how art is a big part of every culture. You can also see how people get ideas and how diversity and research plays a big part in how people interpret history and how art has influenced the minds of every being. One amazing thing about art around this time of year is how people decorate their homes. This proves that art plays a big part in our everyday lives. If people can paint their image of God maybe you yourself can create what you think God looks like. That would not only be an interesting art project but it would be a peaceful way to liberate your own artistic impulse and who knows maybe you may even find favor in the heart of a forgiving God, if you believe.

Friday, December 4, 2015

The First Holiday

"How is he feeling? The enemy is on the move and we have nothing left.
Is he okay? He's all alone in there. Is he calling for backup? We need him to speak to us before battle.
Is he afraid? He has only but a few family members left but they're far from here, is that why he won't come out? We need to win this war. We need a word from him. What do we do?
The walls are caving in, tell him to hurry.
We're under heavy fire. What do we do?
Are you in there Chief, can you hear us?
What do we do?
The enemy has infiltrated our whole command.
Chief say something!"
The door slowly opens and the snow begins to fall. There's only one star shining through a cloudy sky. The chief comes out with bags under his eyes. He laces up his boots.
"We've lost everyone Chief, even your son. You're the only one left to lead. Lieutenant is gone. What do we do?"
Chief Phillips places his right boot on the ground slowly, "I joined because I wanted to face my fear. I wanted to believe in something. If our enemy is showing us no mercy then we must not fear what's on the other side. We must fight like we have nothing to lose."
At that moment, it was the first holiday. The battle was over and man understood that something more was in control. They put down their weapons and prepared the next generation for the next enemy. They created new ways for boys and girls to play. Women understood also how to raise their sons and daughters. At the first holiday they all ate and appreciated all they had on earth. Men and women bonded and the outside world saw something more on earth. Each man took a wife and a new code was written. The magic of the past, prepared a new foundation and a new tradition. Man now understood that loyalty to divine principles was the only way to survive and protect what was most important. When there was no mercy, man finally started to tell the truth and the first holiday was not only divine but it was holy.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

One known holy fact

Judas sits in a small room, he then looks at his watch "Hey Zeus how are you doing."
"Well I'm fine. I do want to give you one holy fact before we meet again brother."
Judas looks at his watch, "What's that?"
"One of us is going to die to live and the other is going to live to die. Good luck."
Judas can't figure it out. Once his brother leaves he starts to count his blessings then he counts his coins. He notices that the person on the coins is Augustus. He then looks out the window and sees a crowd of people.
"They're all going to die but who will save them," Judas puts away his coins then proceeds to follow his brother.
When he left, the room was silent for no one was present. When he walked through the crowd of people he looked at all of them. Then he looked at his brother. Walking through the crowd Judas noticed the sun was bright. For some reason it felt as though the sun was out longer this day. Once Judas fathomed what his brother had said, he was no longer afraid. Once Judas fathomed what his brother had said, he realized that the Lord's will is the only holy fact and no one on earth could stop it. He looked at his watch and his coins, "Good luck brother," he said to himself then he fell to sleep never to see his brother on earth again.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Lost Child

Today I'm given a chance.
Tomorrow I have no idea.
I am a creation just like anything on earth within the spirit of man.
My destiny is that of nature.
I give, I let go, I comprehend, I'm trained, I love, I hate, and I'm human.
Keep me aware of logics and I will think logically.
If I am blessed with wisdom then teach me how to use it wisely.
If I am blessed with spirit, teach me to share.
If I am just like you, teach me to not make the same mistakes you made.
I can learn to love, I can also learn to forgive.
As time goes by and those who have mercy give me a chance.
I can give them a reason to carry-on.
In times of sadness, I cry.
In times of happiness, I smile.
When I feel bad I wonder off into the woods to discover a new place.
If there are wolves after me, protect me.
If I awake in a bad mood, comfort me.
You were once me.
Dirty and in search of a good meal.
A hard heart may not know.
A soft heart may not understand but those who do...please teach me to comprehend.
On my journey through my own thoughts.
I have mercy on myself.
I pity my own sin in search of good health.
As an enemy approaches for no good reason.
Give me a chance to feel the spirit of the holiday season.
I'm lost and at times I may have no hope but if I believe in something it will help me cope.
When I grow old and pass on to heaven, I will tell the maker of man that his creation is good.
If he doubts to make more I will request that he should.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Willow Tree

Drooping to the forces of gravity the sun still shines bright on my branches.
My supply of oxygen and colors proves that I have a purpose on earth.
 Even though my branches fall to the earth I can still be lit by a humble hearted child in the holiday spirit.
My age of time shows within me as the years go by and one leaf blooms but my wood remains strong.
Maybe that child that once lit me at that time of year can use me to heat his or her home. On a special day I hope you all remember that it was a tree that held up a new born baby in the old days of September. Only I the willlow tree knows the truth.