Monday, August 28, 2017

Mommy, how come?

Mommy, how come they keep raising money for cures and people still dying?
Mommy, how come those people in dad's drawer don't have no clothes on, does he like you, mommy?
Mommy, how come they talk about race all the time when the only one's who're running are trying to get away?
Mommy, how come you pray after you do something wrong but you won't let me play with the plugs? If I get shocked you won't have to deal with me anymore. Is that love Mommy?
Mommy, how come you play the lottery when you could've used the money for food? Did you win mommy?
Mommy, how come you have a job and you don't have any money?
Mommy, how come people keep giving all of their money to the people who already have it?
Mommy, how come those grown men dress in costumes to kill each other?
Mommy, how come when you try to get daddy to go hunt for food he say he need a license? I thought that is what he was made to do?
Mommy, how come those officers taking daddy away I thought he worked for the President? He just got the job.
Mommy, how come you keep telling me to shut up? That's not fair Mommy.

Friday, August 25, 2017

The Bomb

I hid, yup, that's what I did. I came outside, now everyone's gone. Those jokers blew everything up and I'm the only survivor. No more war, no more crazy games. Once the smoke cleared, it was just me left, oh man, I don't even have a name anymore. I ate off of the apple tree, yes I did, and no one said a thing because they're all gone. I can play my own music now and sing my own songs. Gee-wiz, what a solution, no more problems-not even pollution. I ran through the streets and took a swim, I feel great, I was not like them. I'm the only one left, only me. I'm free from the world that dropped the bomb, I'm the last one left. The world is perfect now, let me find a mirror, I can see my face. They blew up the world and now there is no more race. What a sad story. Why did they kill everyone, boy, I'm starting to feel lonely. Why did they drop the bomb? I'm the last one left. I have no purpose, what a mess. Am I even alive? Well at least there is finally peace on earth.
Maybe they should have found a better solution.
The End. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Secret Weapon

Tough, strong, weak and fragile. Bullets, death, nuclear bombs, life, survival, and fresh air. War, peace, win and lose. Power, rich and even poor. These are natural laws of physics, nature and almost every religion. Pain hurts and pleasure feels good. Good and evil; a common thinker knows that one cannot exist without the other. The cycle is eternal. Negative energy attracts positive energy and positive energy attracts negative energy.
Stay neutral.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Addiction

I came across a video today that proves that there is a force trying to not only save me but save my fellow man and woman. We as a human species battle to be perfect at everything we do in life yet we often fail. Being a victim, I can only write about what addiction can do to those of us whom have not come out of the battle a winner. In the midst of my own failures, I too, must battle with the beast. This message though is not about me, it's about what I've seen.
I came across a video today that proves that there is a force trying to not only save me but save my fellow man and woman. There are forces trying to save us. On our journey to overcome our addictions, we often see a small sign that tries to warn us to take a better path, some heed the warning sign and some don't. Life on this planet is important, but those of us whom of which are addicted to something will tell you that strange things happen when you're alone and in battle with self. This message is simply only for you to follow the signs. I too have been a victim and battle with my own demons but to overcome is the only true miracle. Good luck in all of your journeys and may the creator of life strengthen you to find a place of peace so that you will not become a victim.
Testimony: Not to long ago I had the privilege of doing a fundraiser for addicts. At the fundraiser I got a call from my teenage cousin, the strange thing about this call is that I had never heard from her until this point, ever. The odds of her calling at that time were slim to none. When she called, I stood still like a rod in the middle of a moving crowd of people. We didn't have a good turnout from the show but I learned something that day. I later found out that she had overdosed but was brought back to life. I do not know why God has made my life this way and to this day I have no clue why she called. So many of the people I love are in chains. If you finished this post then you will have some idea of what a man who sits in a war zone has to do to win the battle. I know I'm not alone and I cannot save the world, but this post is only intended so that just like me you too can come across something that may save you. Follow the signs, there is a force trying to save us. I just joined and I'm now addicted to being a better person for the rest of my life.  

Monday, August 7, 2017


The faucet is leaking, I can hear it while sitting in silence on the floor in the other room. The singer taking a bath must have flown away. I guess everyone sings in the bathroom. I'm worried about certain things that I cannot control. Outside of these walls the world is still in motion, while ten million thoughts flow through my mind. It's a big world out there, beyond these walls. My neighbor must think I'm crazy from all of the laughter that goes on in a one man apartment. In all that laughter the room then goes silent. I become sadden by all of the evil that I have to face outside of these walls. It won't stop. I often wonder about the world. I wonder about the people. I wonder about myself. I then drift into a state of carelessness but I keep hearing voices telling me that everything will be fine. They've been in my ear my whole life. Then there's silence. In the silence I sit in a small corner holding the wings of a broken angel knickknack in my hand. Is that what we are? Are we humans just broken angels trying to fight our way back into heaven. In the midst of the voices, I see a light shining through the door. I feel a connection to the music now playing down the hall. I feel alive, I feel like flying. I feel like an angel.