Thursday, January 26, 2017

He, the Trumpet Player & the Steel Wall

His specialty was the art of the deal. His life began with one-million dollars and a trumpet for his birthday. He, was also given a cheap cell phone for cleaning toilets. He, gained national attention when he played his trumpet in front of a tower owned by a snobby billionaire, who wanted him off of his property. Hearing his fate hollered in his face and the fact that the snobby billionaire refused his offer to play for him, He, the trumpet player, realized that one million dollars was not enough. Feeling belittled, He, the trumpet player, wanted the snobby billionaire to feel his pain.
"What shall I give you to stay off of my property with that pesky trumpet!" Hollered the snobby billionaire.
He, the trumpet player, slowly put down his trumpet.
"If you give me a share in your company, I'll have my audience clean your buildings, for free," He, the trumpet player replied.
The billionaire laughed.
"You're just a trumpet player, security, please escort this piece of brass off of my property."
After the security guards took action, He, the trumpet player became angry.
All of his audience then gathered around him.
"What are we going to do. Your deal didn't work," one of the trumpet player's audience members said.
He, the trumpet player stood tall.
"From this day forward, I'm going to call you all my players, and you will all play the game by my rules. I'm going to make that snobby billionaire an offer that he can't refuse," He, the trumpet player said, raising his trumpet.
The audience now known as players became confused and they began to talk among themselves.
"But sir, you only have one million dollars," explained one of the players.
He, the trumpet player, began to laugh.
"That, my player, is the art of the deal. I told you, I will make that snobby billionaire an offer that he can't refuse. I just have to find what he needs and make him an offer."
The next day the players overheard, He, the trumpet player, playing in his office. He had been hitting some pretty high notes.
"I found out what he needs," He, the trumpet player said as the players entered to listen to him.
"He needs steel. I want you all to go to the corporations and tell them I'll give them each five-hundred dollars per tonne for their steel until the million dollars is gone and then we will sell a portion to the snobby billionaire for two million. But before he buys it, I want you all to sign this petition to tax the corporations' steel imports so we can increase the price of steel. This will leave the snobby billionaire with no choice but to buy from us."
Once they caught on to his plan, the players got down to business. While they made the moves needed, He, the trumpet player, continued to play. After they made the deals for the steel, He, the trumpet player, went to the snobby billionaire and made him an offer for the steel that he couldn't refuse.
"You're back," said the snobby billionaire as, He, the trumpet player, walked into the snobby billionaire's office.
"Yes, and I would like to do business with you," He, the trumpet player said, holding his trumpet.
"I told you, there is nothing you can do for me, you're just a small time trumpet player with one-million dollars," replied the snobby billionaire.
He, the trumpet player, put his chin up and stood his ground. 
"I noticed you have a project on State St. that needs a tonne of steel to be finished, I have three-thousand tonnes in stock. If you let me have a share in the company I will give you the steel you need to finish the project," He, the trumpet player, explained.
The snobby billionaire sat-up straight in his chair.
"Oh wow, that's a good deal."
After he got the snobby billionaire to sign the papers, He, the trumpet player, went to tell his players the good news. In time, He, the trumpet player soon owned the whole company and had more than the snobby billionaire. This made the snobby billionaire angry.
"I've been tricked," he said, hurting his foot while kicking one of, He, the trumpet player's steel buildings.
The snobby billionaire then went and hired an army of soldiers to serve him.
"I want that trumpet player dead and I want his trumpet in my possession to prove it. Once you get it, I want a steel wall built to keep him and his players out. I'm going to meditate and I'm not coming out of my meditation until I hear the sound of that trumpet when the wall is complete."
Once the billionaire declared war with the trumpet player and his players, He, the trumpet player became upset.
"I made him offers that he could not refuse and now he wants war. This makes no sense."
Noticing one of his buildings exploding the trumpet player stood and watched from his window while the snobby billionaire's army stole all of his steel.
"What shall we do sir, they're not playing fair," asked one of the players.
"I want you to let them take the steel and collect all of the gold from my towers and put in on a ship,"He, the trumpet player replied. 
After this was done, the snobby billionaire's army built a steel wall with the steel that they had collected from, He, the trumpet player's buildings. Once the wall was complete the army went back to steal the trumpet, but, He, the trumpet player and his players were no where to be found. Mass amounts of people had lost their lives in the war created by the snobby billionaire. In the midst of all of the turmoil, He, the trumpet player and his players sailed away to a deserted island with the gold collected from his towers. The snobby billionaire became even more frustrated when word got back to him that, He, the trumpet player had escaped. Sitting alone in his office, the snobby billionaire's phone rang. The billionaire rushed to the phone in hopes that his army had retrieved the trumpet.
"Hello...Hello," said the snobby billionaire, waiting for a reply.
It was, He, the trumpet player on the other line.
"I hear you owe a lot of men money for building that steel wall so I want to make you an offer that you can't refuse."
At the sound of his voice the snobby billionaire sat-up straight in his chair.
As the story went on, the cycle continued, until there was no one left on earth to play the game and there was nothing left to offer.
The End. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Unfortunate Wonderland at a Quarter Past 11PM

It's a quarter past eleven in the evening and I hear gunshots outside. Looking out the window, I also hear police sirens in the distance. In a world of self doubt and pity of my own life, I call to make sure that the people I know are alright. I then drift for a second. I come to the conclusion that there are unfortunate people and events that govern a part of life that many fear. The fear is the hope that it will never happen to them. If life could only be explained with every individual living in their own universe of trained thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Each individual universe of ideas being shared daily with dialogue but the language must be understood for them to evolve. To the conservative, the liberal is the cause, but to the liberal, the conservative is the problem. Then there's debate. In the midst of that debate a helpless child is born. In this thought, I then hear the ambulance sirens so I take a seat and read the paper. The paper shows foreign conflict and a lost child in the midst of war. Articles with tribal clans of the unfortunate people along with those they call colored and minorities, don't ask me where these names came from but I keep reading. Young teenagers on the corner in street clothes fighting and confused in a gentrified society searching for answers. Progression is deep and resources are scarce. Those who make it out only come back to reflect.  Promises of jobs and walls are in section 1A. Stories of sacrifice in the editorial section. My thoughts start to drift...even if you make it out, the unfortunate are still there. No matter your level of success they're still there. Temptations of security and a worry free life give you false impressions of the people around you. Everyone is in their own universe. What do I have that they want? What do I have that they need? "IN SORROW WE MUST MAINTAIN LOYALTY TO THE COUNTRY," that's the last article I read. I start to shiver waiting for my kids to come back in the house. They didn't answer their cell phones. I put down the paper and turn on more news to pass the time. A man with no arms smiles on the screen in a commercial representing surviving veterans. I turn away from the TV and notice a book on the shelf that's never been read. How do I keep going on? How do I remain fortunate? The buildings are so high and people would kill to reach the top. I then see a bitter man on the TV screen in the courtroom, the reporter states that his wife has labeled him useless because he cannot provide for his family so I guess he beat her. The fighting made the news with her kneeling at an altar and her husband in prison. Let me guess, another divorce. I'm assuming payment will be due for the children later. I then see a story about unfortunate college students, I guess those who seek knowledge must also pay the teacher. I take a moment to look at the pictures of me and my family on the walls. There's no escape, but I must keep my head up. Even after a death, one must remain optimistic when they're left with nothing to lose. I shed a tear but I soon realize that I must move on. I hope the bullets that I heard at a quarter past eleven missed the heart. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Supreme Growth

The infancy stage is simple, the criteria remains the same. Formed out of the womb and observed by your appointed superiors, whom, are responsible for your productive growth. Be thankful as you grow and notice that even in sad times that I'm teaching you something. Take notice of simple solutions because even that which may seem difficult can be overcome with effort. In the shadows is where I will sit and watch until your time on earth is done. When things seem hopeless, I will give you strength. Believe in yourself and go back to the instructions when you stray from the path that I've already laid out for you. Remember, you had to crawl first, then you got up to walk second. If things seem confusing, I recommend you go back to the fundamentals. No matter what, always remember that nothing on earth is new when you've reached your fullest potential. Strive to grow and be a better person. The process goes on and on. You're designed to bring life into the world abundantly. You're taught to be obedient and you're designed to learn. From infancy, all of your desires were observed. When you asked to play, I gave you toys; when you asked to fly, I gave you planes. Vision alone gives you the strength to turn nothing into something. In your good times, I want you to watch the poor child with less play with dirty dolls because she too will grow and desire to be just like you. Observe and watch the small seed planted into the ground, it too will grow. In all that is left, there is nothing more honorable than to grow and learn. The instructions are simple: learn from your mistakes, and teach the next generation to do the same. I believe in you, just as much, as you believe in me.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Super Bowl Snap

The Brookville Ravens had finally done it, but it took hard work. From an outside perspective the team had been worked to death. The team had snapped and had worked so hard that they were in complete rebellion against the league and their fans, due to the price of winning. Spectators believed that the road to the Super Bowl had driven the team crazy. People started noticing weird behavior on the sidelines by the players. One player was beating his helmet on the bench and another player kept punching his shoulder pads. When the game started, people couldn't help but notice that one of the top players was sitting in the stands and right in the middle of the play other players soon joined him. Some of the players were beating up fans with their helmets and wrestling with referees. From an outside perspective the team had evidentially lost it. When people caught on to all of the madness, they tried to run out of the stadium but the owners locked them in.
"You want us to win? Is that what you want?" one of the players said, slamming a fan in the end zone.
The other team tried to run but the Brookville Raven's coaching staff started throwing water bottles as if they were footballs at them. "I still got it," was the words that came out of one of the coaches mouth. It was insane. One of the coaches was spotted drowning another coach in the drinking fountain. The Super Bowl Stadium had turned into a slaughter house. After the massacre, the team was spotted taking a knee on their logo in the middle of the field. No team ever played them again. Being undefeated had turned them into beast. It was the last game of the season and the last game for the Brookville Ravens. The demands to win had made the whole team snap. The only positive thing that came out of the whole story was that the team stuck together through the whole snapping process. The game was shown on national television and the ratings were through the roof.  

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Beating and the Path

It was two o'clock in the morning when the phone rang. It was Deasia, and she found herself in a tight spot again.
"Selah, I need you to come get me from Jim's house," her friend said, whispering on the other line.
Selah crept to the cracked door of her bedroom to see if her parents were asleep.
"Okay, I'm on my way. Look for my dad's car. He's asleep so we have to hurry," Selah said ending the call.
When she got back, her parents were awoke. Noticing that they left the door open, Selah trembled as she walked in the house. Defending herself and raising her voice at her mother, the old skill of discipline eased into her mother's mind.
Her mother grabbed her and beat her with her house shoe. Feeling the heat and pain, Selah's mother had put the fear of God in her child. At this moment in Selah's mind, everything began to add up. Selah now knew that there would be consequences for her actions and she was now prone not to make the same mistakes. As Selah grew older, she became successful, all because of that one beating. She knew her mother cared because her mother explained to her what life would be like if she didn't discipline her. Now that Selah was older, she was very grateful that her mother took the time to care. After that life learned lesson, Selah began to take advantage of every opportunity that she got to be a better person in life and make better decisions. When she became the first female president of her university, she went back and thanked her mother and they reflected on the past. Prone to make better decisions, her new motives were to follow in her mother's footsteps and hope that her children would not make the same mistakes that she had made. In every wrong path, she reflected back to that one beating and decided to take a better route.
The End.