Friday, February 27, 2015

The Dictator and his quest for Supremacy: Method 8 History Project 9

His name was not of that amongst the normal, for he was named after a brutal man who ruled before him. Whenever the name Korari was mentioned, it struck fear in the hearts and minds of the people. When Korari was in college he studied the law and it became him. Korari felt that kindness was a weakness and that people preyed off of kindness. Korari made the decision that he would rule with fear, for he believed that it was the only way to get people to work. Korari also studied supremacy. It was his belief that a pure bloodline could create a race of people that would dominate the world and reign supreme in the universe. To the people Korari was the devil, but to his followers he was the man chosen to lead. On his quest to purify the world he was deemed unstoppable. He destroyed any enemy that was not his ally.
Spoken with authority he would often tell the people that he himself was the law and that when they saw him they would see justice. Every time the people tried to find a flaw in Korari's leadership, the more it would lead to death and brutality.
"The face of supremacy is the face that looks like mine and acts like mine. I alone was sent by the Gods to rule with an iron fist," Korari proclaimed.
It almost seemed as though the more he killed the powerful he became. No one understood him because they were afraid of what they would become if they did.
"The world belongs to those who control it. It is a place that must be organized and cleansed with the blood of ignorant and foolish people. And I am the chosen one to cleans it by establishing one race of people," Korari explained in his quest to take over the world.
What was this man? Was he even a man? Who could be so cruel and brutal, that they would kill so many people and sleep well. On Korari's quest he faced an obstacle when he sent his forces to the Black and White Nation. This was a mixed country with many verities of people and laws. Korari saved it for his last quest in purifying the world because he felt this Nation alone was so unclean that once he cleansed it, he would be immortal.
In his speech before his invasion he spoke these words, "In my quest for supremacy, I know there is no goodness in any being that does not look like me. Me and my people are the chosen people. We will destroy and eradicate the world of immorality and injustice. Once my people conquer and kill all who oppose my plans for global justice, then I will sit at the thrown as ruler of the world."
When the Black and White Nation heard this message, it was the calling of historians who knew that if this being was not contained or killed the world itself would be no more. As they prepared for the last battled they watched as their Black and White flag flew in the wind.
"We are a nation with no leaders! We are a nation of free beings and we must fight for our freedom! And brothers and sisters when we claim this victory against this devil we will go down in history as the Black and White Nation who saved the world. Brothers and sisters, 'yes,' we are not supreme but we are chosen," these were the words of the battle captain. When the Black and White Nation defeated Korari's army and slit Korari's throat, the world was set free. When the most brutal being in history was eliminated, a peace was in the air. Once he was gone there was peace. Once he was gone, war was history. Thanks to the Black and White Nation.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The woman who saved History

Jackie had just got a new job as a history teacher. While preparing her lesson plan she noticed a pattern in each lesson. Jackie had noticed that history repeats itself. She had also noticed a lot of common characters that emerge each time. Jackie got her students together and told them that she was going to put a ripple in time. She decided to have each student place smiley faces everywhere they went and every time someone saw something negative, Jackie wanted the students to do something positive. After about two years of doing this, Jackie noticed an increase in productivity throughout the whole country. She also noticed that all of her students had passed her class and were getting along. In her studies Jackie had found a way to control the course of time by planting events on her history calendar. Every year she did this, bringing all different types of people together and touching lives. Jackie decided that she wanted to take her knowledge to the next level and get her Ph.D. When she got home something had happened. She looked at her wall and saw all of the certificates and articles about her work. Jackie paused for a second, her whole life had been dedicated to history. One thing Jackie never realized was that she was making history. She also realized that she was saving history. Everything she had been doing was being recorded and someone somewhere would pick up where she left off. In everything Jackie had done, she had changed the course of time.
That is the story of the woman who saved history.  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dirty Dave and the Pyramids: Method 8 History Project 7

In the age of the moon and the stars there was the sun. There were also messages using hieroglyphics. These messages were for the supreme beings. At that time these supreme beings were considered deities and are still on earth today. As time passed by there was one who rose in the afterlife. His name was "Horus" and his enemy was "Set." Horus was favored by the deities and was worshiped. In the underworld, there was not yet an empire, until Set defeated Horus to rule the night. When Horus resurrected the sun became the son, the spirit became holy and the father became God. It is now present day and the story of Dirty Dave and the Pyramids begins:
Mika was a clean girl. She was considered royal until she met Xavier. He was from the X sect. Xavier's bloodline was that of the Pharaohs and Mika was that of Hebrew. Xavier was born in a culture that did not know the truth and Mika's family understood the genealogy of man. Xavier's sect was known for having hard hearts, yet, they were still royal and that could not be taken away. Mika's bloodline traced all the way back to the tribe of Judah. When Mika and Xavier met they had a son and they named him Dave. For some reason their son attracted dirt. His great grandmother would always say it was because his great grandfather was a mummy in a dirty tomb. As Dave grew older his friends called him, "Dirty Dave." When Dave first met his father after he and Dave's mother separated, he introduced Dave to his Aunt Rose. She told Dave that everything he would see in his life, came from a place that is still on earth. When Dave heard this, he was without knowledge. When Dave got home, his mother then told him the truth about his father and how her ancestors believed in monotheism or the one true God, who lost favor in the Pharaohs because of their hard hearts. She told him that she believed that he lost favor because the Pharaohs became possessed by the god of the underworld, "Set," who hardened their hearts. She also explained to Dave that once her people gained favor with Horus he freed them from the Pharaohs and when they were disobedient they lost favor with Horus as well. When they lost favor they became cursed until the age of enlightenment and truth. She warned Dave about how there were still many tribes of people and some still possess the spirits of unknown power. Once Dave heard this, he was enlightened and he began to be favored by the deities. Dave saw that many of his friends used drugs. He became curious and asked his mother about their habits. His mother told him to read the book of wisdom and it would tell him that some trees and plants in the fields were not meant to be touched for they were put here by "Set" the ruler of the night. She explained to him what would happen if he ate from or touched those trees and plants. As Dirty Dave became filled with truth and knowledge he then followed the signs that the tribes had taken from his people and became clean. One day Dave got in an argument with a friend about what his family had told him. It was a fierce argument that led to a fight. It seemed that his friend had lessons about history and was explaining to him about how brutal it was. Dave was trying to tell his friend the truth about why history was so brutal and his friend would not believe him. When Dave's friend asked for proof, Dave showed him the pyramids in his history book. They then became at peace and shared their knowledge with others. Dave stayed to himself and always wore a hood. He found his love in spray paint and started a graffiti club. His club was filled with friends who had knowledge and were not war type people, they were of all faiths and they wanted to enlighten people with art. Although Dave was an outcast who wanted to fly planes, loved music and wore hoodies, he was still a great person. He was haunted by history just like many of his followers. It was the goal of the boy known as, "Dirty Dave" to make the future brighter and feed people with the only knowledge he had. For Dirty Dave knew the truth and the truth no matter how dirty he was, made him clean:-)          

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Principle who Saved City High School: Method 8 History Project 6

Johnathan Roswell was an apathetic man. He was also an atheist. His motivation and inspiration came from reading fiction stories about superheroes fighting for justice in small communities. Johnathan at times could be described as a distraught man with little integrity. In deep thought on a corner bench Johnathan met a woman named Jill Ramos. She was very articulate and passionate about art. Jill was also a biblical scholar and a very distinguished woman, but her appearance was that of a singer or musician. While sitting on the bench, Johnathan made his move. He hadn't been with a woman in years and was impressed by her selection of colors for the day. Maybe she could help him be a better man, so he spoke to her.
"May I ask you what your name is," Johnathan ask trying to keep calm.
"Excuse me," she replies.
Johnathan giggles and asked again, "What is your name?"
Jill looks at her watch and then answers, "My name is Jill. And yours?"
"My name is Johnathan. Pleased to meet you," Johnathan says while straitening up on the bench.
They are both quiet for a second.
"I see you like rap music. Is that what you do for a living? Are you an artist?" Johnathan ask.
"I am an artist and yes I do like music. I am versatile. I prefer many types. I like rap music because it is creative and brings out the true nature in people," Jill says in deep thought about his questions.
"I'm a principle. My school is last on the list when it comes to academics, but we have a good sports program," Johnathan explains.
Jill looks at her watch again while responding to his comments, "Hum...Did you ever wonder why your school is last on the list?"
"I don't know. It could be a number of things. In the community where I teach the people are very poor. It's hard to appeal to poor people when you're wealthy. I may be out of a job if I can't get the school off of the failing list," Johnathan explains.
He then got Jill's full attention, she loved solving problems, "You know, early philosophers never understood the importance of religion. It was a mystery to the world and still is today. You need to make learning a religion, even if you have to use the bible as a tool. After all, it's just a book, you know. It can be used for academics, don't be afraid of it." Jill explained getting up to head to her exhibition. As she walked away Johnathan sat on the bench and thought about her argument, which, he could not rebut against because of her swift departure. Who would have thought that a woman dressed so provocative could be so intelligent. Johnathan then got up and got to work. He read the bible, changed the school curriculum, and code of ethics. After reading the bible Johnathan had become convinced. He then proposed a new plan and presented it to the school board at the beginning of the next physical year.
 "Good morning, I want to first start this meeting by explaining how delighted I am to be here today. My goals are simple and will take a collaborative effort. I feel they can be accomplished fast if taken seriously. I want to start by saying that learning must be practiced. It has to be a craving to want to know what makes the world work and how it works. I want to make my school into an academic religion. Everyday the students will practice the fundamentals of pursuing their desired profession. Each month the parents will have to come and observe their progress. If they miss school, then they will have to take makeup classes at the end of the year to graduate. I will enforce an overtime list for the teachers who want to extend their learning schedules for voluntary students who want to improve their grades. I will extend my art programs and enforce teachers to make the students do reports on their favorite artist. Although my list is long, I feel that learning has to be far from ignorance. I feel that learning has to be a pursuit to professionalism and a thirst for knowledge. And once that knowledge is achieved I want my students to know how to use it wisely."
After his speech, the board was moved. Johnathan was a changed man. Jill had made him a thinker and a believer. When City High School moved from last to first within two school years, Johnathan Mathew Roswell, went from a failing principle to a successful well respected man. After all of this he still felt something missing, so he often went to the bench where he and Jill had met, hoping that she would be there. He had almost given up on his happy ending until he went grocery shopping one night and saw her standing in line. When he approached her she had no clue who he was until he reminded her of the conversation they had on the bench years back in City Park. Jill and Johnathan became close friends and soon got married. It was the beginning of a new life for him. His happy ending began the day he was introduced to religion and the belief in God. Johnathan had found his purpose in life. He found the purpose to find passion in making other people's lives better.
 That is the story of the principle who saved City High School.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Nathanial the Great and his Mighty Prophets: Method 8 History Project 5

There was thunder in the sky on a cold September night and that is when it happened. Alexis was struck by lighting with a child in her womb. She fell to the ground in pain as the prophets came to assist her.
"Alexis my dear, your child is the one," Solomon explained.
"Yes, he will save us and build us a new future," Mortises confirms.
When the child was born she named him Nathanial. He was a slow learner but was very quick. After many hours with the prophets many doubted that Nathanial was the chosen one. All of the people had given up on Nathanial.
"He has no courage. He can't even spell. Our leader is a failure," they complained.
It was time for Alexis to address the council as she assured them that she knew her son could do it.
"Yes, my son may lack basic skills, but if you believe in him, I promise you, he will not let you down," Alexis proclaims as many left complaining with lack of belief.
As Nathanial grew older it was time for him to face his destiny. He only had eight mighty prophets left, for many had abandoned his legacy. One day the Phoenix Tribe had rebelled against the union.
"We will conquer all of the villages and establish our own independent nation. Princess Cassie has given us a new vision," the lead councilman of the Phoenix declared.
Word had got to Mortises and soon to Nathanial.
"Give me eight men who will follow me and I will destroy the Phoenix Tribe," Nathanial the Great explained, "These men must have no fear and they must not rebel against me. They must follow my lead and most of all they must believe in me."
The council listened to him and brought to him eight worthy men and two volunteers.
"Do you believe in me?" Nathanial asked them before they went into battle.
The men said nothing.
"I said do you believe in me?"
When one of the men stepped forward, they all stepped forward and they proceeded to the battlefield.
That very day the Underdog Tribe defeated the Phoenix Tribe with eleven men. The Phoenix Tribe had outnumbered them fifty to eleven. When word had got to the surrounding villages every man wanted to be a part of Nathanial the Great's movement. As he gave speeches on his vision of the new empire all of his men were convinced.
"I see a new horizon, I see a new nation ruled by the people, where we will no longer be underdogs but mighty worriers led by God. We will conquer our enemies one by one. We will be one nation," Nathanial the Great proclaimed to his new army of believers. After five years of battle and gaining territory with good prophecies Nathanial wanted to strike the East.
"I do not see this battle with victory," the prophet Mortises explains to Nathanial the Great with disappointment, "The East is just to great Nathanial," Mortises says.
"Do you not see all that we have done Mortises? Am I not greater? Does my name alone strike fear into the hearts of my enemies. If you do not believe in my greatness it will spread like fire. Do you doubt me Mortises? Our God has promised us an empire and as his servant I will have it," Nathanial the Great explains as Mortises became quiet. "You are a coward Mortises, leave me. You must learn that in death there is life."
No one could understand why Mortises doubted Nathanial the Great, some felt maybe he was jealous or just tired, but once they conquered the East, Nathanial the Great stood on the thrown of peace. Mortises went into exile after the great victory and many wanted to hang him for his doubt of the great leader. The legend of Nathanial the Great was told through the ages after his death. The unique thing about Nathanial is that he always stood alone, even amongst the people. It was as if the Lord himself walked with the people to bring peace to the nations. After centuries of war that is what he did. When the prophets laid him to rest, as Nathanial the Great was at peace, the world was at peace. That is the story of Nathanial the Great and his Mighty Prophets. "Believe in peace and it shall be done in time. Believe in a man of honor and all people with honor will believe and once the dust settles the air will be clear and things will be great." These were the last words of Nathanial the Great spoken on his death bed.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Panther, the Klan, and the Rebel: Method 8 History Project 4

Grandma Stevens was old. She had marched with about every movement you could think of. One day after work she decided to take a break and lay down. She finally decided to do something she wanted to do for a change. As soon as she got comfortable she heard some strange noises outside. Sounded like something was on fire. When she looked out of the window she saw a burning cross in the front yard and three men throwing rocks. One of the men had a pet panther.
"Get the hell off my property," Grandma Stevens shouted.
She then went in the house to grab her rifle and shot up in the air.
"I been marching all damn summer and I'm tired of this 'BS'. You folks can't get along for five damn minutes," she proclaims shooting in the air on her porch.
When the men heard the gun shots they started running. At that moment Grandma Stevens realized that no matter what she had done folks would be fighting until she died. The next day after explaining to the fire department what had happened, Grandma Stevens came up with a plan. She gathered all of her rebel friends together and decided to put an end to all of the madness.
"I got something for all them bastards you hear. I'm gone build a time machine and stop all of this," she explained to her friend Holly.
The next day Holly stopped by to check on Mrs. Steven's progress. When she arrived Grandma Stevens was gone. Not a sign that she had even lived on the property. No one had heard or seen the granny rebel since the meeting. It seemed as though she had disappeared. When Holly got home she settled in, then went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she looked in the mirror she noticed that she was green. She started screaming. Holly then ran to her neighbors house to get some help. When her neighbor answered the door, she was green too.
"Oh my God what is going on?" She screamed.
She then noticed green people jogging up the street. Two green panthers were eating dinner on the curb with a Klan of green men.
"Holly what is going on? You okay?" her neighbor asked, with a puzzled look on her face.
"I don't know, but I'm assuming Grandma Stevens has something to do with this. After about three months of peace and quiet Holly decided to go see if the house that Grandma Stevens lived in was still empty. As she arrived she noticed there was a party going on.
"Come on in Holly! Welcome to the new Woodstock. I shut down all of their crazy asses," Grandma Stevens shouted to Holly over the music.
"My goodness what did you do?" she asks.
"I went back in time and crossbreed the human with the turtle. Now we can finally live in peace."
Holly can't believe what she is hearing as she realizes that everyone in the room is green.
Grandma Stevens rejoices and says,"No more burning crosses in the yard, Holly, here have some green juice."
That is the story of how the world finally achieved peace. All because of the Panther, the Klan, and the Rebel.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The First Class and the Graduation: Method 8 History Project 3

The uniting people movement just ended and people like me finally get a fair shot at graduating. My mother Cathy Russell and father Jim Russell, made sure I got a good education, so I know this means more to them then it does to me. I've spent my whole life waiting for this moment, and no body is going to take this away from me. This is it, I'm in the first graduating class of Central High.
"You ready Stacey?" Jim shouts up the stairs, getting things in order for the ceremony.
"Don't rush her Jim. Give her time to get ready, this means a lot to her," Mrs. Russell says as the phone rings.
"Get the phone Cathy."
Cathy picks up the phone in the other room. She comes back in the living room and her hands are shaking.
"You alright Cathy? You look like you seen a ghost or something. It was another threat wasn't it?"
"Yes it was, but we got to see her walk across that stage Jim. No matter what," Cathy replies as her beautiful daughter walks down the stairs all dressed up for the ceremony.
"Ah, you look so beautiful. Doesn't she look beautiful Jim?" Mrs. Russell says.
"Yes she does, now let's get a move on it, before we're late."
While driving up the road to the school, my dad kept looking out of his rearview mirror as if someone were following us.
"Just keep on driving Jim. Just keep going," Cathy says.
When I looked at my dad I knew something was not right. I had this funny feeling inside, paranoid, as if something was about to go wrong. The car was quiet the rest of the way there. When we arrived, my dad rushed me in the building as though he were trying to protect me.
"Is everything okay dad?"
"Everything is just fine, now you worked hard for this Stacey. Now you just get that diploma and cherish it. This is the first class. All you got to do is touch it and you made history," Jim explains as they enter the school building.
I sat in the last row, this is where most people like me had to sit for some reason. I was just happy to be here. I had done something with my life. As I sat there I realized how hard it was for me to get here. People spit on me, stole my books, and even set my locker on fire. I don't know why they did all those bad things to me, but it's okay, as long as my mom and dad are here. As I looked back to see them that's when it happened. Booooom! Someone set off a bomb in the auditorium. My ears rung for a few seconds then I stood up slowly, my mind went blank for a second. People were screaming. There was blood everywhere. When I saw this, I just stood there as everyone scattered. My mom and dad were gone. In the midst of all of the chaos I went up to the table where the diplomas were and I wiped the dust off of mine and did what my dad had told me to do. I accepted it and graduated.
I am now seventy five years old and still remember that day. Every since then I have dedicated my life to seeing people graduate. All the money I have earned in my life has went to the graduating class of Central High.
I was a part of the First Class.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Fat Boy and the Boom Box: Method 8 History Project 2

It was a fine day for a jam session, and everybody in town knew where they had to be. Jay-the-Kid and Toe-Jam was all hanging out at Big Teddy's. As soon as I got my clothes on, I would be there to. You see, Big Teddy had the baddest beats in town, you dig. And I ain't jiven with you man, this boy was bad. I don't know much about his past, but when it came to jammin on the street, everybody turned to Big Teddy.
 As the crowd gathered around, it was almost time to get down. Toe-Jam went and got the cardboard boxes we needed to breakdance. They was all laid out on the street. It was not to long before Big Teddy came out of the house with his "boogie-down-kit." Big Teddy was the man. Once the beat started, everybody got in the groove of the mix. It was so hot outside, Lil Tina ain't have much on, but it was just fine with me, as long as she was getting down on the boogie you dig.
 "Hey Big Teddy, drop that beat you had on yesterday," Jay-the-kid suggested as he noticed a slow down in Lil Johnny's groove.
 Once Big Teddy dropped the beat it was a breakdancing extravaganza. Folks was spinning on their head. Two-Time-Mike did this new thang with his hands and jump up in the air doing the robot. For some reason this day was much better than the rest. We had new faces in the crowd and Big Teddy had more beats. It was something real special. After electric sliding across the floor I heard Lil Tina screaming to get everyone's attention.
 "Here come the Police," Tina shouted.
 Nobody moved though, they just kept on jammin. As the beat played I saw Big Teddy run in the house. He must of heard her. After about four minutes, he came out with this huge rectangular looking thing, some records and two turn tables. When the police got out to break-up the session, Big Teddy hit the play button on the rectangle and started mixing on the turn tables. When the cops got in the center of the circle, Jay-the-kid started poppin up and down. The cop then started poppin with him. It was unbelievable. This was no jive session my man, this was legit. Then Big Teddy pulled out a green, red, and black flat board and did the fat-boy-belly-wop to this new beat he had.
 After jammin for hours non-stop, I went over to Big Teddy and asked him what he called all that stuff he had, sweating from the showdown, this is what he said, "You see young blood. This here is my Boom Box. I made it in my great granddaddy's kitchen on 8th street. And these here turn tables with the records, is what I use to mix the beats, you dig. This here green, black, and red board is what I use to get down and the colors represent where um from. This is my green card to jam the nation. NO DOUBT!" After we got done viben, Big Teddy gently gathered up all of his items and went back in the house. I tell you, that fat boy had style and all the ladies digged him. As me and the jammers all walked away, Lil Tina explained why we never saw Big Teddy on the street, except at the jam sessions.
 "The reason big Teddy don't come out, is because it take time to make those dope beats, you dig," she explained.
 And that is the story of the Fat Boy and the Boom Box. To this day, the police officer that be gettin down in the jam circles is known as "Po Ice" and his hommie is known as "Lil L." Jam on Big Teddy, Jam On.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Message and the Slave: Method 8 History Project 1

It was a cold night on the plantation, but something was in the air. Sissy had saw somethin cuz I ain't nevaaa seen that look in her eyes befoe. The next mornin when we got up to tend the fields I went over and asked her what she had saw and this is how it all began:
"Boy it shoo is cold this morning," Tilly says stretching.
"Yeah, and I don't feel like doing nothing today, nothin at all," Poe replies.
Poe gets up and opens the barn door. He notices something strange is going on.
"Everything alright Poe?" Tilly asks, as she gets closer to the barn door.
"Good lord what don happened out here?"
"I don't know Tilly. Don't know at all," Poe says looking at all of the blood in the field.
Poe runs over to the house to see where everyone was.
"Hold on Poe. Hold on now wait for me," Sissy hollers trying to catch up.
Poe opens the door and sees Massa Fickle dead on the floor. He and Tilly hear someone singing in the other room.
"Go see who it is Poe," Tilly says.
They walk slowly over to the small room next to the kitchen and find Sissy on the floor singing the Star Spangled Banner holding a knife with blood all over her.
"Oh god, Sissy what you don done?" Poe says as Tilly tries to comfort her.
"It's gon be okay Sissy, it's gon be just fine you hear," Tilly says.
"I's got a message and when I got that message I's brave enough to do it. So don't y'all look at me as no bad person. I's did what I was told."
Tilly grabs her, "Sissy, what you talkin bout? What message?"
"Someone came to me last night and told me that I ain't got nothing to lose. The voice told me to kill Massa Fickle."
"Sissy you don lost yo mind," Poe says.
"I ain't crazy Poe, I ain't crazy at all. Peoples need to be workin together and we don't need to be slaves, you hear. Somebody got to stand up and stop this. So I just listened to the voice. All we got to do now is spread the message and save as many slaves as we can."
Tilly can't believe it, "Sissy you serious ain't you?"
Sissy gets up slowly, "I's know what I heard, now all we got to do is be brave enough to do it."

At that moment in history, the message was clear and spread on every plantation. When Sissy heard the line, "Home of the Brave" the message in her head became clear to her. Sissy was the beginning of the term "Freedom." To this day people all over the world hear that same voice and are brave enough to fight for their freedom.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Genesis Conspiracy of the Love beings:

 In the beginning of time there were two beings on plant earth a male and a female, they were called the Earth Beings. These two Earth Beings had no knowledge of love. One night there was a strange light in the sky as the two Earth Beings slept. Strange sounds and vibrations filled the air as a shuttle landed in the fields where the two Earth Beings were sleeping. The two Earth Beings woke up and realized there were two other beings standing over them. "Greetings we are the Love Beings," one said. The Earthly Beings could not believe what they were seeing so they ran and hid. "Do not be afraid of us, we have come to give you a gift to populate the earth. This gift will save Earthly Beings," the male love being proclaimed. "Yes this gift was given to us by the Much Love Beings and we want to give it to you. We produce many children with this gift and we want to share it with the Earthly Beings," says the female love being. The male earthly being walked slowly over to the two Love Beings as they handed him the love gem. When he received it his heart started to beat as he shared it with his wife. The Love Beings saw that it was good so they left the Earth Beings free to love. As they looked from the window of their shuttle they responded, "I feel we have done something good we will bless them with smooth and groovy love as well." Then the Earth Beings' minds became influenced by each other and they began to populate the earth. They saw that everything on earth was good. This was love in the form of man and woman as it is written: Love created them and love would save them. Cool beings and much love |;-)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lil Lisa the mother of love:

Hi I am Lil Lisa these are my thoughts:
Yesterday I met a man, after I shook his hand and said hello he started to follow me. I didn't know why so I went over to another man and shook his hand and said hello. When I looked behind me the other man had vanished. After about seven days of this same thing happening I started to wonder why men where attracted to me. Was it my body or my looks, because honestly I don't think I'm attractive at all. Maybe it's because I'm friendly. I'm now at work and this guy keeps staring at me. Hum...this is strange. I feed the poor they smile, I donate they smile, I come to work they smile, everything I do that is pleasing to them they smile. I wonder if they would smile if I didn't do all of these things...
Well I went to the doctors today and he told me I was pregnant. It's funny because I have never been with anyone so I don't know how I could be pregnant. This has to be a mistake, I will go back in a few weeks. Oookay this is scary I went back and I'm still pregnant. How could this happen I haven't even touched anyone.
I've been sleeping for hours worrying about this. I think I'm in depression. I better do some research to figure out what is going on...nothing no progress. Let me figure this out, I'm a virgin and I am it because of my looks? Is it because I give to the poor? Could it be because I cry when I see people hurting? Yes I do see these things and think about them but I have never been in any of those situations. I have never been in the shoes of any of those people, all I do is give. Oh my... I love them. I guess that's why I'm pregnant...hum...I'm the mother of love. Woe how divine.    

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dan the weather man and the season of love:

This is the story of Dan the weather man and the season of love:
I am he, who am I
Y.O.U. can't you see,
I am he.
Dan the weather man O wee whoopee.
In the morning there is snow, in the evening up to your toe.
What a world of magical trees but when it comes to weather I am he.
He who?
Dan I am.
I tell the weather down to the bone, just like a dinosaur with a cozy museum as his home.
No time for rain, let's make it snow.
How about some ice Oh wee O no.
The sun will make the flowers grow but with no clouds, what will happen... who knows?
Only I can tell, maybe cast a spell for sunshine all day, Oh wee how swell.

"Dan wake up!" Betsy screams at the top of her lungs.
"What, what is it?" Dan responds sitting up in the bed.
"All of the trees are dying we have to do something," she explains. 
Dan wipes his eyes, noticing how bright it is outside; he jumps up and runs to the window. He looks outside and sees no clouds in the sky. "I will get right on it," Dan then hops in his car and zooms to his weather center.
Elijah his assistant runs to him on arrival, "Dan what do we do? There hasn't been a cloud in the sky for three weeks straight!" Elijah tells him pointing at the monitors. Dan can't believe what he is seeing on the screens. "Oh no what do I do," he says scratching his head, "If we don't see clouds we will all be dead."
"Ah ha!" Dan zooms past Elijah and rushes to the phone. "I need everyone to start hugging and giving out plenty of love. There is no time for anger or fear we need all love and cheer." Dan demands. In an instant everything came alive and a new season of love was in the sky. Dan had done it, he saved the day. Who would have known that love could control the weather but Dan, "Hurray!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fighting for love:

I heard what you said.
Is everything I do not good enough for you?
I gave up everything for you and you didn't even show up.
Everyday I'm here, everyday and what do I get? Nothing.
You don't appreciate anything I do, do you?
I cook and I clean for you, what do you do for me?
What, you think I can't do it?
You think I'm ugly don't you?
I put my time and my money in this relationship and you just gone walk out of my life.
You think this is a game don't you.
If you didn't spend all of your time chasing the streets you would be home.
That job is all you think about.
What about me did you think about me?
That is all you talk about.
Look at me.
Is that damn ball gon pay the bills?
You haven't touched me or spoken to me in three days.
Where were you last night?
You spend more time with your friends than you do your own kids.
Is money all you think about?
You think them people give a damn about you?
You care about that business more than me.
Do you think I'm fat?
What are you looking at?
Why won't you come to bed?
Are you coming home?
When do you think you will get here?
I saw you over there.
I miss you, did you miss me?
I wrote you everyday and you didn't even take the time to call me.
Do you like what I'm wearing?
Did you cheat on me?
I called you five times and you didn't respond.
Don't leave me here alone.
Please don't go.
Look at me.
Do you love me?
Just tell me yes or no... please just tell me?
I do:-|

Monday, February 9, 2015

Fiddle and the story of how she invented Love:

Once upon a time there was a seamstress named Fiddle. Fiddle was very gifted and her sewing abilities were endless, but she didn't understand the ability and the feeling of love. One night while sewing Fiddle had a vision of a new hat. She figured she would take the design most dear to her and put it on her hats. Fiddle didn't socialize much, she spent most of her time sewing, so one day she decided to wear one of her hats out to the grocery store. While walking the aisles of the grocery store she noticed people where smiling at her and she couldn't understand why. She didn't understand the feeling. "Why are these people smiling at me and why is everyone so happy? This is unusual, they should be working," she thought aloud. Later that day she notice her hats where selling out in her stores. When Fiddle got home she turned on the radio and the host was explaining how she got a date because of this new hat out on the market, it was the hat Fiddle made. Fiddle felt something inside, it was a strange feeling. She then turned on the television and people were wearing her hat in the audience and on stage talking about how her hat had saved families and marriages, it was unreal. She then checked her mailbox and all types of letters from new people filled her box. Fiddle couldn't understand it, what had she done. She sat back in her chair and looked at her hats observing. She then looked at the design that she had sewed on the hats, it was a design that she created for her father when she was a child. The design was a face smiling and the eyes where two people hugging, those two people were Fiddle and her father. Fiddle realized something that she did not know. She realized that she loved her father. She then sat there pondering, while pondering Fiddle felt that feeling again. Her father was alive again. "So this is what it feels like," she said softly to herself. Fiddle then got up and put the design on all of her clothing, this was a feeling that she had never felt before. Fiddle felt great. She realized that because her father loved her she had made something for everyone to love and spread love, but most of all Fiddle herself learned to love. People all over now wore something that Fiddle didn't understand or feel but now did. Fiddle had created a masterpiece but most of all Fiddle had invented Love.
The End:-)

Friday, February 6, 2015

A God of Love:

My definition is attractive.
 I am that I am.
All you have to do is want me and accept me.
I am perfect in every way.
I am a force that can move in the night and day.
If you don't feel me it will drive you wild and when you do it draws a crowd.
Slowly, fast, or smooth once you feel me, I will change your mood.
In death I give you life.
In sorrow I give you hope.
In pain I give you pleasure.
In sadness I give you smiles.
At end I give you beginning.
In discipline I give you obedience.
In war I give you peace.
In failure I give you success.
I created everything for you.
I will not leave you.
In woman there is man.
In thought there is wisdom.
Give me your heart and I will fulfil your needs.
Turn away and I will bring you to your knees.
Fear me because I created you out of love.
I know your every thought.
In generations I watch and hear your prayers.
All I ask is that you care.
Spend time with me.
Thank me for what I have done.
I am in you and you are in me.
When you were slaves did I not set you free.
When men charge you money I come for free.
Be merciful, as I am to you
Forgive, as I forgive you
All I want is for you to understand that I love you so much I became one of you,
 in the form of a man.
I am in everything.
I am everywhere.
I am a God of Love.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Mystery of the Underground World:

Even in the times of the messiah, with his wool hair and eternal phasic there was an underground world. Casting out demons who challenged the underground ministry was common for the messiah and his group of future prophets. The underground world is independent from the assumed to be legit world because it's reality. There are no score keepers in the underground market, just passion and love for the field. Harriet Tubman, had a piece of this underground fever. Even the comic book world emerged underground. There is underground music, underground politics, underground agents, and even underground writers. Being underground is spiritual, supernatural, it is the real thing. You watch from the underground world as the girl you love craves for the illusion of the legitimate spotlight or the guy embracing the national stage takes his fame to the next level and buys an island. All of that pressure and excitement while you express your feeling of them in a character for a group of buddies who crave your next story. The feeling of underground is the real thing, there is no escape from what you wake up to everyday. The only money from underground come from those feeling the same way. There is hope in the underground market, there are true followers who will follow you until you meet the cross, and when you do they will keep the story of hope alive in the underground world. Jealousy, war, and envy have no place in the underground world, just passion and an escape from the system. Once the system takes over, the underground is no more. There is true fame in the underground world, there is life or death situations, but most of all there is resurrection and eternity in the end.
That is the mystery of the underground world.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What is a Prologue:

In literature most stories have an introductory plot. This introductory plot tells how the story began by laying out some details in the form of a separate story or in the beginning of a book. This introductory story may explain how a child was born with gifts and explain how he or she got those gifts. When a writer goes in depth on how the story began, in reference to a story, screenplay, or theatrical performance, it is called the prologue. Some  writers will put the prologue within the story, depending on their fashion of writing or revealing the details of the plot.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Basic Construction of a Hip Hop Song:

When arranging a hip hop song it is important to know the many important terms used in music. Some suggested terms to know before arranging a beat would be:
  1. Bar (Music)- a unit of measure of a beat or song usually separated in 8ths
  2. Tempo- Pace of a beat or song, can be slow or fast depending on the song.
  3. Chorus- The Part of the song that is catchy or sticks in your head. Usually repeated throughout the song.
  4. Break (Music)- When the other instruments including vocals stop but the percussion instruments keep playing.
  5. Hook (Music)- The part of the song that keeps repeating.
  6. Verse- The body or poetry of the song where the artist brings the words or subject matter of the song to life.
  7. Rhythm- The feeling of the song in regards to beat or instruments used when constructing the song.
Here is a basic format when constructing a hip-hop beat:
  • 4-8 Bar intro: usually a drum pattern or a simple rhythm to introduce the song
  • 8-16 Bar verse: this is when the poetry or vocals start, unless the artist added a few lines in the introduction
  • 8 Bar chorus or hook: These are the words or rhythms that grab the listener and stays in their head. Usually a catchy tune or phrase.
  • 8-16 Bar verse: this is the second verse of the song
  • 8 Bar hook or break, then a small 4-8 bar outro to fade out the song.
This format can be altered depending on the artist or producer of the song. The artist and producer also decide on which instruments to use when constructing the beat. Usually the producer makes the beat and the artist tells the producer what should be left in or taken out when recording the song. The engineer mixes and records the song. If the engineer is elite, he or she will master mix the song as well.