Monday, November 30, 2015

What is a parody?

A parody is when someone's style is imitated in a comedic impression. This is often done on late night shows especially in politics. Many well known comedians have made a living off of imitating people, artist, and many other genres.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What is the AEA (Actors Equity Association):

The AEA is a professional union for actors and stage managers. The AEA's job is to negotiate contracts, regulate pay scales and monitor working conditions for professional performers.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The thankful servant:

He cooked.
He cleaned.
Thankful he was.
He did it all for himself.
He did it all for nothing.
He swept.
He dusted.
Then he walked away.
Worked himself to the bone.
At the end of his journey, he went home.
Thankful for all the years he served.
After all was said and done what was left is what he deserved.
A burning candle no one in sight, for he had worked all his life.
With all of his savings and all of his dues.
He was just thankful for some good news.
He found a hobby until his death.
The man was so thankful that when he died he had nothing left.
He served until his last breath.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Advice for aspiring authors who want to write about history:

Every writer has their calling, but some writers just have to be skilled and well educated about a certain topic. When writing about history the best advice for the writer is to find credible sources and make sure the facts are solid. Checking facts assures that the topic is accurate and doesn't cause confusion.  Stories are told over and over, which can cause events to be misinterpreted. Historical events can often be fabricated and can damage the future if the literature is inaccurate.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

3 Tips on what can cause your DSLR to malfunction:

Although the DSLR camera has revolutionized the film industry and film making in general, there's some things that can cause the camera to malfunction. Here are a few tips and solutions to what can cause the DSLR to work improperly:
  1. DSLRs require special SD cards that can accommodate storage capacity, depending on the brand or type of DSLR you have. If you're getting a message on the monitor that stops recording or won't record at all, you may have the wrong memory card or the memory card is not formatted properly. It's important that you follow proper procedures when transferring data from memory card to hard drives. The instruction manual is the best resource to have when dealing with proper handling of data transfers and storage issues.   
  2. If you're recording outside and the screen is all white, this occurs frequently when the sun is shining. The solution to this problem is a camera tint (filter). You may have to purchase a lens that allows you to attach a tent or (filter) to the camera. If the image is too dark, you may have to adjust the ISO settings.
  3. One last tip to keep you problem free with your DSLR is to be aware of heat. Heat can cause camera's to overheat. When this happens the camera can malfunction. It is important to keep the camera cool or carry accessories that can keep the camera cool. The trick is to mount the camera on a tripod and try to keep the sun from beaming down on the camera. Anything that can cover the camera and keep it cool can work. Certain custom technics are only required if you can accomplish them without damaging the camera.  
One bonus tip is: It's always wise to join online discussion forums when you purchase a DSLR or any product. These forums provide unlimited solutions and ways to overcome situations that may occur with the purchase of your new camera or ideal venture.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Thankful Ricky and his Professional Smile;-)

There once was a boy name Ricky
His girlfriend gave him a hickey.
He was knocked down and pushed around when he figured out life is tricky.
"Woe is me, woe is me," Ricky cried out loud, never getting his way.
Ricky soon learned that even bad things happen on a good day.
With not a friend in sight Ricky was always lonely.
He took a trip to Paris and the people called him bony.
"Woe is me, woe is me," Ricky cried out loud never getting his way.
Then a bomb went off and Ricky ran for cover.
Watching the bomb take the life of his lover.
Ricky cried that day and would never forget what a lonely spell it was.
He then joined a crusade to save the world with a dream and hope to be.
When he woke up in heaven he saw the victims were not in pain but set free.
He was sent back to earth never to be lonely again.
A thankful man he was and his woes were no more.
A dream of hope and a vision of life would soon set him free.
To understand that life on earth was just a pathway to a new hope.
And no matter what evil did its effect would always be revoked.
Ricky smiled more as time went on, thankful for everyday.
In times of sorrow and uncertainty, Ricky learned how to pray.
The sun came out and the world went on.
Everyday a new challenge.
What tomorrow would bring Ricky would never know.
Every lesson in life gave him a new chance to grow.
"I have a professional smile that will never leave my face," Ricky proclaimed.
The more he smiled the more people remembered his name.
"I am thankful for just being me. I may not have much but thankful I will be," Ricky said jumping for joy. Then the world grew stronger as Ricky gave out toys.
A happy man he was, even in troubles. When things got tough Ricky smiled double.
He smiled in rain, sleet, and even snow.
What a joyful man he was.
After thirty years of laugher, the world became happy two.
This is a message that Thankful Ricky told me to give to you:-)

Friday, November 13, 2015

The reason why you or the people listening assume you cannot sing:

Have you ever wondered why when you sing other people's songs the people listening think you can't sing? The trick is to learn your own vocal range. Once you learn your own vocal range, start singing your own songs or other people's songs in your range. You will notice a slight difference in tones. If you do this over a period of time, you will also notice your vocal ranges getting stronger.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

One important tip when watching entertainment:

People may hate to believe that the mind usually sees what it's trained to see, but this has proven to be true in many situations. This trick of the imagination is critical when watching entertainment. One important tip is to watch the same film or entertainment program a few times on different days or even years pass and you may see things differently. You might even find out that a program that you didn't like may turnout to be okay or vice versa depending on what your mind is trained to see or what you have learned over time.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Keisha and her thankful last free music lesson

"Well Keisha this is your last free lesson," says Mr. Vanguard escorting Keisha to the door.
"But I don't have the money to pay and this is something I want to do," Keisha replies losing her grip on her jacket.
"Keisha there are a million teenagers who want to take over the world with their skills and I am running a business. My advice to you would be to get a job and find a way to support what you love."
When Keisha heard this her heart skipped a beat. Then a song with a simple tune popped in her head. Everyday Keisha heard songs but this one had to be sung. Keisha was determined to play the guitar.
The next day she went to the library, where she often hung out at. She loaded up on books. After three weeks of cramming her little skull with knowledge she pawned her gold cross that her dad had given her. It was the only thing he had ever given her. She got three hundred dollars for it. She then took the money and bought some material to build her own instrument. She called it the Kitty Kat. It took her two mouths and eight days to build, now she just needed an audience. Keisha didn't have many friends, but there was a church down the street from where she lived.
"If I could just get a chance to play in front of people, if I could just find me an audience," she said to herself putting the finishing pieces to her instrument together. In a total of three months and seven days, she had thirty three songs. She tried everything to get people to hear her song. When she went to the church she didn't feel welcomed, when she went to the bar she was underage so she tried the only place she knew would let her play. Keisha went outside of the VFW. She sat in the parking lot for twelve hours playing some of her best songs. The first day she got three listeners. Then the next she got ten. After she made the twelve o'clock news she became an overnight success. This was uncommon in the real world. The amazing thing about this story is that Keisha was no different from any other musician trying to find an audience. She was very unorthodox, but she had a different method. She had her own method. She had her own vision. She didn't understand why she wanted to play so bad. She didn't even know why no matter what she did, she would hear a tune. Sitting at the VFW everyday and playing became her calling. Thankful veterans were just happy to hear her play, one veteran gave her his whole benefits check and bought her a stage. Keisha had become a savior. Her songs where so real and she sung from the soul. It was amazing. It was truly a miracle. What Keisha had learned from all of this recognition was that sometimes one thankful music lesson and one nod to the door could stir up a part of a person that they didn't know existed. Keisha's will to work for her joy gave her a place in the world. Keisha's will to work for joy gave her a song. On her last visit to the VFW she sung her own version of the national anthem. It moved the veterans so much that they built a monument of her and placed it in front of the building where she loved to play. A lost soul with no hope and no place in the world had found her joy and others who were lost where found when she played. Keisha just wanted someone to listen and as the years went by she toured every VFW she could with her songs of joy. At the end of her journey she went back to where it all started. She went to see Mr. Vanguard who was sick and on his death bed.
"I'm assuming you have come back to get your revenge," Mr. Vanguard says as Keisha enters the room.
"Actually I came back to play you a song. This was the song I had in my head when I last saw you," Keisha explained as she began to play.
When Mr. Vanguard heard the sound he felt a breath of life. He got up out of his bed and started singing. Keisha had resurrected the old man. The song added twenty plus years to his seventy year old soul. After hearing the song he started a seventies band and partied to his death. Keisha sang at his funeral. Everywhere she went she had a crowd of people around her. She was a star. Then she faced her last challenge. She herself had to become a teacher. Keisha had to pass down the legacy of Mr. Vanguard, but now Keisha had to find a way to make sure that every child was thankful for their last free music lesson.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The tales of the great Inspector Duck and the Thankful Turkeys

"After some serious investigating I found that the human species is not human at all. I decided to get word to the turkey after witnessing mass genocides. I was left speechless when I saw one human petting a cow then later slaughtering him in broad daylight. My research on these creatures goes all the way back to their creation. They have grown to dominate the planet. They do very strange things with their time. I just can't figure it out. Well Pete, I'm going to fly out of here; we will meet again tomorrow. We have to figure out how to save the turkey and all of the other creatures from this savage beast," Inspector Duck explained to Pete and his colleagues.
As he flew above the land he could not understand it.
 "I have to get to the turkey," he said to himself flying as fast as he could.
When Inspector Duck got to the farm it was too late. The turkey was on the dinner table and the humans were feasting and having a good time. He peeked through the window with tears in his eyes. "The devil," he said to himself flying away.
Looking from above he saw selling, trading, and big ships with mass imports. The humans had taken over.
"This is not right. Are we here to cater to them? Are we not birds of the sky? Do we have a purpose on the earth," Inspector Duck says in frustration to his colleagues.
"It will be okay inspector. As crows we have found a weakness in the humans," Dr. Crow explains catching Inspector Duck's full attention.
"A weakness?"
"Yes they have emotions. The ones who care don't care and the ones who don't care they kill or lock them up. We cannot have emotions when dealing with a beast like this. You see inspector, we are objects to them. We don't matter. They just need us to stay alive. It's a game to them and we are aliens. If we want to survive we have to treat them like they treat the turkey," Dr. Crow explained.
"This is war my friends; this is war. We will attack at dawn," Inspector Duck replies.
At dawn the birds set out. It was a massacre. The birds had attacked so many humans that the only words to describe it were: insanity, mayhem, but most of all, terror.
"This is payback for years of slaughter," one of the birds tweeted in rage.
The birds had lost it.
The humans would not go down without a fight but the birds had nothing to lose. The humans could not out fly them because every plane that they created came from studying the birds. At the end of the battle the ducks stood upon the rocks of the swamps with the last human.
"Tell me what you feel human? Tell me what it feels like being our thanksgiving dinner?" Inspector Duck says kicking the human in the swamp.
"Do we not feel the power?... 'Birds of the air!'... Do we not feel the victory?" Inspector Duck shouts in victory, while the crows pecked away at the last human.
"Wait my friends. Wait one minute. We shall let the turkey have the last bite," Inspector Duck says clearing the way for the turkey.
As the turkey pecked away at the beast, the birds could feel freedom.
"Are we thankful? Are we now at the top of the food chain? We are the flying redeemers," Inspector Duck quacks in triumph.
The turkeys couldn't believe the new road ahead.
"I am so thankful...I am so very thankful," the turkey says crying in tears of joys.
"This is our world now birds. They showed us no mercy and we showed them none. We are the new future and I am the Great Inspector Duck!" 
"All hail the Great Inspector Duck!" all of the birds tweeted in victory.     

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Legend of DJ Conservative and the Thankful 5

A long time ago in a place far away, there were two turntables. The God man had not formed anything but a turntable and some records. Then he created Amon; Amon was given a place to scratch and utilize the turntables. The God man birthed Amon into existence on earth. This is where Amon would mix and play the sounds of nature. When Amon mixed things came alive. In his sleep he could hear nothing but tunes. The God man placed him in a boxed room with a stage that contained the boom. He was placed here until the mother ship arrived with the five beings. Amon was to prepare tunes for eight generations until the five beings were brought to earth. Once Amon prepared enough music for eight generations the mother ship landed with the five beings. Keisha, Keyla, Nina, Tina, and Nicole were given to Amon to groove. When they grooved, the God man gave them birth rights to another generation. The God man told Amon to use the turntables wisely and to keep the music clean or he would curse a generation of grooves men. Once earth became good and in the mix of Amon's tunes, Amon was given a name by the five beings.
"We will call him 'DJ Conservative'."
 This name was only for Amon. He was given the name because the music was clean and filled with groovy sounds that the beings loved. Amon found love with the five beings and they produced more generations. There was no strife in them only harmony and tunes. Amon scratched and mixed sounds just like the God man had commanded him to do. After Amon populated the earth with tunes. The God man tested Amon. The God man created different beings to rock the planet. These beings created soul and sprite music that would add strange vibes in the midst of earth. Amon became challenged. The earth was not just grooving to his tunes but to the tunes of others. The five beings soon left Amon to go groove with the new DJs. While Amon was alone, the God man came to him in a dream. "DJ Conservative, I have a new sound for you. This sound will not only mix divine tunes but it will make you a redeemer amongst the five beings," the God man assured him as he handed him the tune master, "the tune master will give you all of the sounds that you need to keep the party in motion. This sound will be a mixture of your divine lyrics."
DJ Conservative could feel the power.
"Aaaaah yeah!" he shouted.
 When the mother ship landed he was placed in the center of the earth. This is where he was given not one, but four turntables, a microphone, an amp, and some super ultra sound speakers with a dropdown monitor to mix the sounds. DJ Conservative stood above the crowd. When he played his tunes, the five beings came running back to him with their generations. Craving the new sound, they all began to move in ways that they didn't know the body could move. The five beings became thankful for DJ Conservative and they broke bread as he gave them good clean music for the generations.
They came to him is loose attire and confessed that they were thankful for his tunes. When other beings saw this they became filled with good thoughts. The beings created a holiday proclaiming thanks for the sounds that moved the globe. But most of all, when the God man saw this he was pleased and his creation was good. DJ Conservative gave the earth form and it was good to the God man so he danced. When the God man danced not only did the sun shine but the moon as well. "It's all good," declared the God man, "It's all good.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Chester the Honey Bear and Rock Forest's first Thanksgiving

Chester watched as the humans put his cubs to sleep with a tranquilizer.
He became very upset; that's when Howard and Edward came to cheer him up.
"It will be okay Chester," Howard says patting his friend on the back.
"Yeah, you'll be fine, besides I know where they're camping out at. I saw their trucks right by the old honey tree," Edward explains getting comfortable on a patch of grass.
Chester gets up with a fierce look on his face, "I will punish them, take all of their honey and get my cubs back.
Chester then runs off through the forest to go find his cubs. His friends decided to stay behind.
While the humans were camping out, socializing and clowning around, Chester came bursting into their camp. They jumped to their feet panicking and screaming trying to get to their trucks. He then picked one of the humans up and choke slammed him on the grill. Chester roars in rage then picks up a roasting turkey and throws it at one of the humans holding the tranquilizer gun. The hot steamy turkey smashes the human in the face. The humans then flee to their trucks. Chester grabs his cubs and goes to rest by the honey tree. Before he leaves he also takes some of the sweets that the humans left behind. Sitting on a log he stuffs his face with honey. When his cubs awoke from their coma, they saw their father eating.
"Dad, what happened?"
"I punished the humans. This angry honey bear gave them every angry bone in his massive body. They won't be coming back here any time soon. I let them know I meant business. Here; have some honey."
 While they sat there eating together, all of the animals came from out of the forest and began to feast. Carl the squirrel loved the way humans roasted their peanuts, so he sat by the fire and ate.
"You're the man Chester. I'm thankful for you my man," Carl says stuffing his face.
Chester smacks the squirrel on the head, "I'm a bear, not a man."
Carl chokes on a peanut, "Your the bear, Chester. I'm thankful for you my bear. I've been wanting some of these peanuts for years. Humans are crazy but they sure can cook."
Well after all of the madness, it turned out to be a big day for the animals. They were all thankful that Chester punished the humans. They had turkey and Henry the hedgehog gave Chester a Medal of Honor for his bravery.
 "I proclaim this day a moment in history for us. Because of Chester's bravery, he saved his cubs and we will have no fear against the humans ever again. Chester, I give you on our first thanksgiving a Medal of Honor," Henry the hedgehog proclaims as all of the animals cheered. The humans had so much to eat from camping that the animals were stuffed. It was just like Pilgrims and Indians coming together, but this time victory belonged to the animals.    

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Thankful Truth

You may want to sing a song but will they allow you to be heard?
You may want a girlfriend or boyfriend but does it exist?
You may want to be on TV but the price is too much.
Even if you owned the world the truth just isn't enough.
A million dollars sounds fair but the season of giving is very rare.
Property on every street sounds so sweet.
A veteran looking for the norms but what will it really take.
Some say the truth makes real things look fake.
A lost soul on the corner unworthy is he.
Even the Lord himself is a part of me.
Never understanding what reality is.
Stereotypes come in all forms, even kids.
Stoned in broad daylight for speaking my mind.
Watching people everywhere live off of their lies.
Looking in the faces as I'm crucified.
Waiting for a soul to let me down.
After I'm dead will my bones be found.
I guess the reality is that I'm thankful for the thankful truth.
I will tell my story even to the youth.
If it hurts me to say what I really feel, I'm just thankful they gave me a chance to be real.