Saturday, January 29, 2022

Real Estate

The land was marketed as heaven on earth.

This land made the average real estate agent rich, instantly.

Rumor was out that anyone who walked on this land would instantly become wealthy also.

I mean people had to have a place to live, right?

People were flocking to this land like ants on wet sugar.

The price was so high just to live on the land but people from all over the world kept paying, they had to come to this land.

Even poor people spent everything they had to get here.

The land became so crowded that people were everywhere.

Poor, rich, and people stuck in the middle. 

When the land could no longer hold the weight of the people it began to sink into the ground. Gravity then ate the people alive while the people who owned the land flew to safety in their helicopters. 

Once these real estate investors consumed the entire earth, they then went to another planet to reproduce their kind. 

The grass always looked greener on the other side for their clients.

Real Estate.

Thursday, January 27, 2022


Which one will I choose?

Why will I choose it?

It has character…

It has spunk…

There’s something noble about this one though and I really like the beautiful calm colors.

This one has a nice button-up lacing.

This one looks good for my little cousins.

I guess I’ll pick the one that gets the job done, plus it’s in my price range.


Monday, January 24, 2022

The Concept of Evil

Hmmm 🤔 what will I write about today?

I guess I’ll give the word evil a shot. That’s always a good writing exercise.

Some good and powerful philosophers saw something unusual and came up with the concept of evil.

Let’s ponder on this thought because wise people often study.

And it could turn out to be a good topic.

When we think we have it all figured out, in reality some things just don’t make sense.

Look deep into a person’s eyes and we might even see their soul.

Trying, trying and trying again to fix a broken clock ticking in the other direction to be able to tell time.

And when time is up, the concept of the word evil is still there, but we have to keep going.

We’re problem solvers.

We have to keep trying, we have to be the goad that keeps things in motion because some people will not make it.

A mother crying because unstable men killed her only son.

Your best friend describing how it felt having sex with your wife after the wedding, he played the role very well as the best man.

A faithful priest molesting little children and sending pictures of his body parts to a nun.

Was he possessed or just nasty? The concept of evil.

Where is that inner voice coming from?

To some this piece may seem Rated R but I’ve picked my words with good intentions so let’s continue.

A good person can be left for dead, hurt, tortured and left to masturbate, drowning in sexual fantasies and frustrations only to become numb in repentance.


What does this all mean?

Men coming to arms to stop over four hundred years of slavery, rape and brutality.

Young boys being killed by grown men over drugs that alter the mind.

People smoking and drinking themselves to a higher state of numbness while making the lives of others worse than they were before.

Multiple people all in a room having sex in front of a camera, it feels so real.

It’s stimulating. What a stimulating thought. They’re having a good time exercising with sex.

The ups and downs while sweating, let’s watch and play with dopamine.

Why marry only to be cheated on and tortured with a divorce?

Put the gun down, trust me it will get better.

Life is a risk worth taking so let’s keep going.

We all could use some motivation.

Why give in? Why give up on redemption?

So let’s keep going deeper with this topic.

Some masters literally beat their slaves, had sex with them at their own leisure, then left them for dead. Freed them with nothing… Nothing.

Kept them dumb for a reason and gave them their own altered Bible so they wouldn’t rebel.

People owned by people, take it in, I know you want to feel good but I have to get you to understand this concept. This idea. The concept of evil.

It’s a wild topic. 

It’s like watching the very person you love, the person you depend on getting tortured right in front of you.

It’s like going out to sea and enlisting in the military only to come home and forgotten.

Left in a room with no legs while the world goes on without you.

It’s a mind breaker. It’s evil and it won’t go away.

It’s like knowing everything and having to pretend like you don’t even exist because the knowledge that you have could bring some very powerful people down and you could possibly be killed for what you know.

This is the concept.

Some books say that there has to be balance, is that why good boy Henry is being watched?

Is that why good boy Henry is hated so much?

He’s the talk of the town, the apple in his mother’s eye.

Is the development of the conscience mind the true nature of our mental state?

I mean how wealthy can we get?

How good or evil can we become?

If there is some divine force does it reward those with good intentions?

Is a hero a concept of literature that comes in and saves the day?

I mean how many heroic stories are there?

Let’s keep pondering on this topic.

One writer said that good men dream of the things that evil men do.

Is this true? Does evil exist?

Let’s talk about this very dark topic, we’re at the funeral of a slain man, it’s worth a thought.


Let’s open the mind a bit. It gets wild in a prison cell so tell the story spread it out to the masses to stimulate their thoughts a bit. They have to know about this concept. It will wake them up so they won’t be afraid because it never sleeps.

People hiding, burned in ovens, tortured, whipped, raped, slaughtered and screaming for help.

Innocent children never getting a chance at life.

Black bodies hanging from trees in broad daylight.

This concept is what keeps a lot of good people awake at night.

This concept has bothered me my entire life.

I too get paranoid, checking myself. Drowning in my own sins. My own dysfunctions. Trying to keep a stable mind while drowning in a mess. 

I, like many, fight with this concept every night questioning my own behavior and choices.

This concept has literally driven me to go above and beyond the call of duty.

This concept has kept me on guard.

I can’t let this concept defeat me.

It’s like a virus that spreads with no cure in sight.


Congratulations, we made it out alive to see another day.

I feel better now.

The storm is over for now but the concept has made us stronger. We’ll be better prepared next time.

I promise.

Stay awake on watch because the concept never sleeps. It’s spontaneous, it’s everywhere, we all fight with it.

The Concept of Evil.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Exterior

 Why are we here?

We go in to find the exit.

When we think we have it right, we’re wrong.

We live only to die.

We win only to lose.

Outside of earth is all darkness filled with gas lightbulbs.

Stars that burn holes in the sky.

Radiating and burning human flesh.

I’m running in circles for a reason.

I die searching for life.

I sit in a room waiting to be served.

I have no money to give a tip.

I find reason in one thought.

This thought at the moment is all that matters to me.

The sky is black!

I explain to the teacher.

She shows me the exit.

The exterior of the classroom.

In solitude I notice light from a nearby window.

Lightening strikes as night falls and the school goes dark.

The students sitting in the back of the class become enlightened by my knowledge.

The teacher then welcomes me back into the interior.

But I pay her no attention and decide to show the students another angle.

I take them to the exterior and point to the dark sky.

It looks solid black.

We’ve been blinded by a bright lie.

The stars are deceiving, they burn holes in the sky.

They burn human flesh.

Outside in the exterior where it’s cold the sky is black.

The morning is an illusion and once you leave your human vessel nothing matters.

It’s just darkness, silence… flares of lightbulbs in space.

I wonder who or what provided the spark.

The Exterior.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The Winter Snow

 Oh, the snow. It’s falling.

I better grab the shovel and get some exercise.

It may take sometime before we get another sunny day.

The Winter Snow

Monday, January 10, 2022

The Promised Land

My fountain was in a dark prison cell, and I didn’t know why.

I’d been fed what was left over, my cup was dry.

My inner pain came from not being able to receive the finer things in life, they didn’t play fair and they left me alone.

My mind is still twisted in what’s left of us, as hardly any of my family has made it out of the jungle.

I’m scarred. I’m in pain. 

My tears dried up when I left my lonely mother at the hospital and came to reality of what was left over from the war.

Thinking that the battle was over the true battle had just begun.

Holding hands with myself, I stood on top of a building and watched what was left of my dream.

I pushed the bootstrap line a bit too far.

Many seem to have forgotten, or some just stopped caring, but I’m an optimist so I kept marching.

Taking my last bullet to the head I saw little Tatiana in the distance with her people smiling.

She graduated and started her own business because of me.

They don’t see me suffering.

I took my last breath as blood dripped down my face and the God took me home.

Everything that I’d fought for was left with no will, no signature, only videos and audio tapes of a dream.

Although misunderstood, I painted a picture with my words of a better world.

As my body tipped over, the last thing I heard was people rushing to that picture that I had painted, the image of:

“The Promised Land.”


They don’t know what they’re doing.

They want to have fun.

They don’t care.

They only care about themselves.

They consume everything until there’s nothing left.

They spend, spend, spend and never save.

They deceive.

They fight.

They cheat.

They steal.

They use drugs.

They smoke.

They drink.

They party.

They don’t read much.

They want to be in control.

They don’t follow directions.

They blame everyone else for their problems except themselves.

They suck the life out of you slowly.

They don’t listen.

They kill.

They abuse.

They violate.

They’re everywhere.

Who are they?

Where are they?

What are they?

And why are they here?

Wild & Crazy

The sun came out today.

It seems like everything is okay.

I then turn on the radio and it appears like all hell is breaking loose.

I read the paper and notice the same thing.

I turn on the TV and get the same results.

Hum… I guess reality is actually wild and crazy.

That’s my conclusion.

I’ll just keep myself busy and rewind some old video tapes.

If the walls are caving in I want to be prepared so they don’t cause the whole house to collapse.

After I rewind the tapes, I better get to work on the foundation.

Wild and Crazy

Sunday, January 2, 2022


 I wake up, it’s quiet.

I get up to go to the bathroom and I see the dog stretched out on the bathroom floor by the heater asleep.

A huge brick then comes crashing through my window, I walk over it, avoid the glass then I decide to lay back down and go back to sleep.


Saturday, January 1, 2022

In God We Trust

 When all else fails, in the end, God is all that we have left.

“In God We Trust”