Saturday, March 27, 2021

Thou Shalt Love Women

Thou shalt love women was written for crazy women, smart women, handicap women, dumb women, evil women, good women, sad women and happy women, every kind of woman. Thou shalt love women:

Dear God,

 I found myself in a corner today trying to control my thoughts, “Help me Lord,” I can’t stop thinking about them, are you a woman God because everyday I’m thinking about women? Yellow women, black women, green women, orange women, white women, brown women, pink women, purple women—every color, shape, and size kind of woman. I know it’s normal because the Bible says thou shalt love women so it can’t be wrong for me to love women because without them there wouldn’t be anybody here. Men fight over women just to get a blessing from them. We look at them and it makes us feel alive, we talk to them and they make us feel better. If it’s wrong for men to love women then we’re all going straight to hell. Even when we sleep they’re on our mind, even when they upset us we still squint at their shine. If it’s child support that makes us men sad, I know there’s a woman who will make us feel glad. Forgive us men for being too hard, for if we kill a woman then we must be scarred. I’m amazed at how pleasant they are, you’re great God for giving us men women to heal our pain. Only a merciful God would be so great to give his most prized creation a help mate.

Thou Shalt Love Women

Thursday, March 25, 2021

3 Days of Grace

The curtain opens:

“I’ve shown you grace and mercy for three days straight, I told you that I paid that bill a few days ago. One day you’ll listen to me and stop treating me like trash,” Eugene said to his wife.

Feeling his rage, Evelyn gave up on her point, she then did the dishes as she always did before she’d cook, then she and her family ate together. After dinner she apologized to her husband and each of them kissed then consoled their differences. She knew she was right the entire three day argument but because of her grace she allowed her husband to make a fool out of himself after she paid the bill in which he told her that he’d paid.

The curtain closed.

The stage manager came out:

He thanked the crowd and introduced the cast.

They all came out and took a bow.

The audience clapped then left the theater with hospitality and grace.

The End 

3 Days of Grace

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Smile 😊

 In hard times, smile.

When you’re low on cash, smile.

Even when things are going so good that you have doubts, smile.

Smile at the funeral, smile at the park, smile when you lose and smile at the shark.

Smile when you win and smile when you sin.

Smile on your day off and when you go in.

Smile for the camera, smile in the mirror, the more you smile the more things become clearer. 

What is a day without a good laugh?

The more you smile the less you feel sad.

Smile 😊 

Monday, March 22, 2021

Amazing Island

⚠️ Warning, this story contains graphic content, but like all literature it’s worth a read.

The secret was simple, make them believe that the island was amazing and they would do anything to visit. The government of Amazing Island knew that if they could sell this one idea and the people believed it that they would come at any cost. 

What you have to understand is that the people on Amazing Island were not amazing at all, they just held the secrets of making people believe that the only way to feel amazing was to come to Amazing Island 🏝. 

It took twelve months to pass before people started noticing something strange going on because the people who would visit would come home and try to imitate everything they witnessed on this island. It was like a cult, because some people wouldn’t come back at all. If they saw someone making a movie on the island, they would try it, if they saw someone break dancing on the island, they would try it. It was clear that something strange was going on on Amazing Island. 

People would report about strange lights from flying saucers, walking octopuses and spying spiders. Dolphins 🐬  that could speak many different languages, trees with giant fruit and humans with purple hair.

After numerous reports of some people visiting the island and never returning, Paul decided to go investigate. What he found on his journey was like a gateway to another world. He found himself in a trance when the natives of the island 🏝 kept serving him the coca leaf. Too much to handle, Paul found himself passed-out naked on the beach while the natives tied him to an abandoned barge while chanting in front of a huge statue shaped like a goat. Every time Paul would scream the natives got louder. This was the secret of Amazing Island, that remained untold. Kidnappings, sex slaves and human sacrifices to awaken savage gods. Paul screamed but no one could save him. Paul had never believed in God, he was an atheist his entire life until he became a captive to be sacrificed by the natives of Amazing Island. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed tribal women dancing half naked. Paul screamed for God to save him as the natives began cutting away at his skull. “Lord help me please,” he screamed noticing the blood dripping from his head. Not long after screaming for God’s help his country’s Navy came in to rescue him. 

Once the story broke about Amazing Island 🏝 no one ever visited there again, but what ever gateway they opened, it could be seen shining like a bright purple light in the night sky from afar. 

Beware when you see or hear about amazing things my child because behind closed doors could be a secret that might be too much for you to handle. 

At their altar there was a table with humans singing hymns. They painted a picture of utopia and drank blood sacrifices in the name of their king. Beware my child, for the pictures on their walls have changed colors over time and their gods are stolen. If you need proof follow the historical art. An amazing secret 🤐 for an Amazing Island 🏝.

Saturday, March 20, 2021


 I was content until my mental state collapsed...

It was like a voice that spoke to me when I was alone...

But it was the truth, actually most people are miserable... searching for something to keep their blood flowing...

I was no different from everyone else, I was a woke lonely schizophrenic, wounded from being out to sea for too long.

I thought I could walk on water but slipped and cracked my fragile skull on the ocean ice while a sailor named Peter left me for dead to save the ship.  

The truth is that sailors have no way off the ship in the middle of no where unless a helicopter comes to fly us back to land.

Gunshots flew by my face cracking the ice while I was trying to keep my balance and hang on to the helicopter...

Rescuing me from terrorist the helicopter landed on top of a building...

Unsatisfied while reflecting on the mental state of my people I jumped from the building, it was a skyscraper...

Falling...splat...I hit the ground.

Everyone who waited for this moment, everyone who knew I lost it just stood there and looked at my lifeless body put itself back together and bounce back up.

They all ran like hell, screaming like they’d never seen a man fall 88 stories and put himself back together.

I bounced back up, went home, cleaned my basement and said “screw it,” I opened up my own business in the middle of the ghetto.

My life was a train wreck, why end it myself, I survived an 88 story jump... “I must be here for a reason,” I said to myself talking down the robber who stood up my store.

I kindly told this fool, “What in the hell you ‘gon rob me, Super Jim’s Mart for? Don’t you know I just survived an 88 story jump. Do you need a job?”

He put the gun down and filled out an application. I paid that fool twenty dollars an hour to secure my store.

The truth was that the fall made me better.

It made me feel like if I could survive that, I could survive anything.

I became grateful after surviving that fall...

Humble is a better word...

I bounced back up and lived forever.

In the end, I was the last man standing...

Jungle Jim, standing on an elephant watching the sunrise, the only man on earth to defeat death and live to tell about it.

Every time I hit the ground, I bounced back up.


Monday, March 8, 2021


Take a second or two to wonder why the rose has thorns.

Pinch a nerve and feel a section of the body go numb while another part becomes stimulated.

A gun, a dog, a bullet proof vest, and surveillance only for a sense of security.

Whom or what are we afraid of?

A child wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to sleep with mommy and daddy.

Is a wall made to be climbed?

Does a world of threats teach us to sleep with one eye open?

A military guard stands watch.

Bodyguards hovering over the people with plenty.

A pathway through a dark alley with the thought of reaching a safe haven playing over and over again in the mind.

Will it ever end?

Will we ever get to stop running and hiding from them, it, he or her?

What will it take to be comfortable?

Confusion in the wild.

Darkness in the wilderness.

Is security equivalent to peace?

Where did all of these enemies come from?

Saying no to feel safe.

The boss parking in the back.

The hard glass where the cash is.

All for a sense of security.