Sunday, July 30, 2023

The Good News

 After more bad news, I almost let my blessing slip away. I almost forgot about God’s grace. I almost forgot about the good news. 

Thursday, July 27, 2023


This piece is written to help you, not insult or harm you, if you’re a victim, then this piece should humble you enough to warn other people before they too get burned. 

Warning, I’m graphic, I don’t discriminate, and the person who has me, rarely tells. What am I?

I’m lurking in between, and I ruin your fantasies. What am I?

I bring you to your knees. What am I?

Just when you think you’re secure, I break in and ruin your day. What am I?

Ha ha ha, you thought the devil was visible with the naked eye, I’ll eat away at your entire body while the pure at heart watch you die slowly. What am I?

I’ve taken down mighty men, warriors, and powerful women. What am I?

Those hiding behind their mask keep forbidden secrets also. Their affairs cause sudden deaths. What am I?

I take down presidents, CEOs, teachers, and even dictators. What am I?

I infect athletes, prostitutes, lawyers, police, and even criminals. What am I?

I don’t discriminate, I even hang out at flashy rainbow pride parades. What am I?

I’m an equal opportunity infection. What am I?

Ha ha ha, I don’t ask and I don’t tell. What am I?

I’m the micro balance of nature, the reminder of human fault. What am I?

While you’re thinking you’re invisible, I creep in like a thief in the night. What am I?

The doctor can only hold your secrets for so long, you played your husband, your preacher, and even your God. You didn’t expect me to be your outcome. What am I?

As you beg for forgiveness, I’m the wrath that itches away, burning you and dragging you into the eternal fire. 

Ha, ha, ha, you played the player’s game and the invisible servants of the alien race merged with your DNA to eliminate the entire planet of your sinful passions. What am I? I even infect filthy slave masters and pimps. I infect spoiled teens and adults looking for their quick fix. I show no mercy to those who step away from pure passions. I have no laws or guilt, I am the punishment for the lie that he or she told. I am the dare that so many take. I am the forbidden fruit and the law that you broke. Soak it all in, eat it up, you’re all guilty so beware of your lustful desires. 

I am the scary movie with no happy ending, I am the STD. 

If this poetry was too much for you, forgive me. I love everyone so I do my best to tell the truth. It’s true love.

I’m older, wiser, and I’m spreading wisdom.

Monday, July 24, 2023

Born to be a Hero

This piece is personal.

Read it with a little imagination.

As a child, a male child, should I say, I had to find out the hard way.

Yes, I serve God, but sadly I had to learn how to fight.

I did choose to walk away at times. Yes, even after nearly being stomped to death by someone I thought to be a friend.

I admit that walking around with a black eye is enough embarrassment to last a lifetime, but it’s real.

One of my biggest challenges was finding out that I was born to be a hero.

I literally watched my mother step in front of a gun to save her siblings, so, yes, it’s in my bloodline. It’s genetic. 

My cousin was and still is a day to day street hopper, but when my entire family was held up at gunpoint he spoke up and talked the shooters down.

He also stood up for me at times.

My hardest challenge was watching a bully literally torture the entire class with his goons. I literally pissed my pants standing up to them in the bathroom.

That was a hard pill to swallow, being out numbered with no help from the people you’re standing up for.

I admit that my life has been a mess, but I’m an optimist, so I’ve made the best out of it.

I’m also a little moody at times and I seem to get energy from my dreams.

I guess that’s my special ability.

Friends, some things in life make you wiser with age, but being born a hero has taught me one thing and that is the fact that you can sense unusual vibes and you have to deal with the fact that you can’t save everyone. The reality is that some people just don’t want to be saved. At times you can barely save yourself. This sense eats away at your psyche. You can also feel a force guiding you into the fight for stability. At times you do feel supernatural. So supernatural that you’re even hard on yourself.

I’ve come to learn one thing for sure and that is that I have to believe in a higher power, and the more I yearn to save the world, the more I learn it’s a process that takes shape over time, I can only make it better, and be a volunteer of the process. 

Bravery can take a lot out of a man. It can eat away at a person’s mind. It’s like climbing a tall building a thousand times and looking down. You don’t anticipate a fight, but it becomes you.

When you see a fellow person wasting their life away or in pain, or you see a dead body rotting away because someone killed him or her, it makes you bitter inside.

Being born a hero makes you physically and mentally drawn to yearn for a better world.

The feeling makes you afraid to merge with bad vibes and susceptible to being annoyed by confusion. It can be hard on the nerves, and it makes it very hard to trust. 

As a man battling his own demons, it’s taught me how the conscience works.

It’s taught me how the mind works, and it’s taught me that no one is perfect, even me.

Noah was a drunk.

King David had an affair that cost him his honor.

Moses married out of his own will.

King Solomon sat in the presence of other gods.

We’re all born with gifts friends, and I’ve come to accept the fact that I was born to be a hero.

I dream of saving as many people as I can.

I’m addicted, and I yearn to do the right thing, even if it requires me having to better myself.

The End

I was in deep thought when I wrote this piece.

I was yearning to feel some better vibes.

I was soaking in some words from biblical stories.

Whatever force guides us through this life, I believe the purpose is to do better.

I can’t help being born to see the good in people.

I hope this message finds you well.

I wrote it in a neutral corner with my thoughts shifting from left to right only to find peace in the middle.

I feel better now, I’ll fly away, with my wings of glory onto the next disaster.

Born to be a hero, friends, there are many more like me, with hidden dreams of saving the world.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Shadow & the Ultimate Sacrifice

 “Mom, why did you name me Shadow?” 

Shadow’s mom smiled. “Because your father loved his country so much that he put you through school serving it,” Shadow’s mom Lori replied.

“What does that have to do with my name?” Shadow asked while folding up the chair that he was sitting in.

It was the end of his birthday party and a girl that he was interested in kept making fun of his name so Shadow couldn’t help but probe his mother with questions while helping her clean up.

“Your father was great enough to be President. Your father was great enough to rule the world, but he stayed in the shadows. He never took a leadership position because he feared the dark forces. The higher you go up son, the more they will try to stop you. Your father was like a shadow god. He was so powerful that the shadow warriors haunted him until his death,” Lori explained.

Shadow soaked in every word his mother said, “So I’m cursed.”

“No, you’re powerful beyond measure, so powerful that the gods fear you,” Lori replied in certainty.

At that moment, Shadow began to understand why his mother stood by him through it all. Now a grown man at the sensitive age of eighteen, Shadow excelled quickly in life. Like his father, he served the country and it almost seemed like everything he touched turned to gold. Every move he made his mother’s humble message stuck in his mind, but his power unleashed a deep dark hatred that an unknown force was stirring.

“Shadow, our country needs a guy like you to run for president. We need a leader like you. Do what your father refused to do,” Shadow’s friend Isiah randomly said while they were working out at the gym.

“I will think about it,” he replied.

Watching his friend battle with uncertainty another man stepped in as Shadow watched him gracefully give a speech that Shadow wrote in college.

It was his old friend Ronald. 

“He stole my speech,” Shadow said to himself zooming in on Ronald’s new found spotlight. Slow to anger, Shadow felt something eating away at his psyche.

“Shadow, the dark lords are after you. You’ve awakened the shadow gods. They won’t stop until they consume you, but you can’t give up. Good people need you. Even if you don’t run, the Alpha Omega God will protect you, we’re with you Shadow,” Shadow’s friend Isiah said.

“Isiah, are you delusional? What are you talking about?”

“I’m speaking as though I were a fiction writer. We’re like family, so hear me out. Read between the lines. What or whoever killed your father was not for good, it’s because they hated him just like they hate you,” Isiah explained.

Shadow’s phone rang. Grabbing it off of the kitchen table he walked to the other room.

“What do you mean she’s not going to make it?” Shadow asked while Isiah sat listening in the other room.

“Come on, we have to go.”

Rushing to catch up with Shadow, Isiah turned off the television, “It’s your mom isn’t it?” He cautiously asked.

“Yes, now come on.”

He and his friend Isiah rushed to the hospital only to receive word that he was too late. Barging into his mother’s emergency room, Shadow got the news that his mom sadly died on the way to the hospital.

Falling down in disbelief, Shadow could hear his mother’s voice over and over again.

“Mama!” He screamed. 

“Why didn’t she tell me she was sick?” 

Shadow was livid. His mother was all that he had left besides his friend Isiah. After his father died in the war when he was a child his mother raised him with every dime from his dad’s survival benefits. 

Just like his father, he kept all of his family business secret, away from the outside world.

The ambient sounds of the hospital resonated in Shadow’s mind while looking at his mother’s lifeless body.

“Mama, why didn’t you tell me you were sick,” he said while rubbing her still hand.

Seeing the state of the country, support for Shadow poured in. 

Shadow’s family had grown bitter and divided over time so Shadow had a small funeral with just him and some friends and family members who were close.

He informed his family of the conversation that he’d had with his mother when he was eighteen, questioning her about his name. His punchline, while comically reciting her response was, “You’re not cursed, you’re unique.”

After losing his mother, Shadow took some time to reflect, but his new arch enemy, Ronald, would not stop.

As Shadow sat in a room with Isiah, Ronald took to the campaign trail, clowning the only man that he knew could beat him. In interviews, he refused to hold his tongue.

When asked why Shadow would not endorse him, Ronald had a cut throat response.

“He’s a coward. He’s just like his father. He gets off on being loved for his kindness, but deep inside he’s afraid to get dirty. If that makes me the bad guy, then love me for being honest. I want to bring the beast out of good men who sit at home with their families while I’m putting in hard work. They should learn to like a guy like me. I make the world better,” Ronald explained to the reporter with a straight face.

After this, things took a sharp turn. Ronald had now grabbed the world by the neck with his comments. He had a lot of support because of his stance on critical issues. This was now a bloodbath for the most powerful seat in the world and the only man that stood in the way of Ronald’s victory had just been called out. This was a race for the presidency.

Shadow, the country needs you. If that man becomes president, a lot of good people are going to suffer. 

Feeling the pressure, Shadow would have to leave everything behind that he had worked for just to even come close to winning. 

The words of his now dead mother played over and over again in his mind.

Ahh struck by his new found popularity, Shadow turned to Isiah for advice.

“What makes a good man good?” Shadow asked.

“I think it’s when he sacrifices everything for the greater good of the world,” Isiah replied.

Standing tall, Shadow threw in his hat to run for President.

The man gave up everything to win. His wife left him. His mother was in her grave, and like his friend Isiah said, he’d unleashed all forms of dark energy just by being alive, but Ronald stood his ground in heated debates about Shadow’s past. He was criticized for being a goodie two shoes and too weak on foreign policy. Too weak of a soul to be president and not presidential enough. Ronald even called him a pervert that felt on girls while they were asleep when he was a child. The hardest part for Shadow was facing an opponent who he grew up with. He was even criticized for his ethnicity, and laughed at while opposing supporters held black faces of his father at rallies. 

“Who are you to dare run against me? You’re a bum that sits in the shadows masturbating with the tax payer’s money. You’re a fake, who escaped poverty because of your rich father. Now go back to the ghetto where you belong,” Ronald said in a battle to the finish. This race was a bloodbath and Ronald was not backing down.

“Great citizens, today we look at a country that is a mess because of the people Shadow represents. I mean does he even speak proper English. He won’t even play basketball with me and I grew up on his lonely token street. The world needs a leader who will fight for the people who work. The people who don’t run to Uncle Sam to solve their problems. The world needs a leader who puts his country first. Not a man who sits in the shadows painting a false picture of hope,” Ronald said revving up the crowd at his rally.

Things had now gotten personal between Shadow and Ronald. If Ronald did one thing, he did bring the beast out of good people like Shadow, but his friend Isiah stood by his side.

With his back against the wall, Shadow knew he didn’t have much left. His campaign funds were dwindling and he needed the majority support. Ronald was on a tear. He belittled a part of the country that his opponents were afraid to debate on. His debate tactics were cunning, as he mocked the working class for not working hard enough. It was almost like the guy wanted to be hated. He criticized poor voters for not knowing enough to vote. The guy was livid, but this is what his supporters liked. They wanted someone to shoot first and ask questions last. Shadow was no longer in the Shadows. If he didn’t win, Ronald would take over the world. Seeing how wild this race had gotten, this was no longer a two party fight, this was something different, it was a bloodbath on the political stage and talking points had driven innocent people to commit suicide, but there stood Ronald, fueling the flames. It was like debating the devil, he was cunning, smart, brave, and didn’t care what he said until the microphone was in Shadow’s hands.

“Yes, I know my story, I know who I am, but I also know what I want. I want a country filled with three words, ‘Trust in God.’ Ronald is a man fueling the flames, but I am a man with nothing left but God’s grace. If you vote for Ronald, I promise you that you will live in a Godless nation and no man can win without God. I have a proven record of service to this country. Yes, I too have skeletons in my closet, but I know who I am. I’ve repented of my wrongs and I trust in God. So I want a country where we all trust in God. So, I, in my speech, knowing that even if I lose, God is with me. If this is a nation that trust in God, then who would vote for a proven atheist like Ronald? A proven dictator who holds a bible for votes. There is no ‘we’ in Ronald. In his world it’s just him. At this moment we need something supernatural fighting with the good men and women of this nation, we need someone devoted to pleasing God. Someone who turns to him for guidance and strength. Yes, my family has stood in the shadows, but great people, where there are shadows there is light. I am stepping into the light to bring this nation back into the shining sun because we have been sitting in the depths of evil. And if Ronald wins, we will remain in the darkness and be consumed by the beast of hell. So I say, not, I, nation, but In God ,we, Trust.”

After these sincere words, Shadow stood his ground throughout the entire race. He had little to work with and he and his friend Isiah fought to the end. The mention of God in his speech confused Ronald’s team. Running as a proud democrat whose message was far right didn’t make Ronald seem like an authentic candidate, but now Shadow had turned the tides. He sounded more real, more graceful, and gave the people a belief as if something more powerful had been watching over the country. This last speech had given Shadow mass support from other God fearing republicans and democrats. After Election Day, Shadow did what his mother spoke into him from day one, she told him to get the inheritance that his father and God had left for him and he did. He emerged from the shadows and went all the way to the underworld to fight with the forces that made him feel cursed. Shadow stepped into the light. He won, and he made the ultimate sacrifice to do it. Now all he had to do was lead.

The End.

Monday, July 17, 2023

The Bombmaker & the Hook

 “If it isn’t Lil Dash. What brings you to my laboratory, my friend?” Professor Oppenheimer asked.

“I have enemies. They’re massive and growing. If I don’t stop them we’re all going to die,” Dash explained.

“Ohh, and what business do you want with me? I’m just a professor.” Oppenheimer replied.

“You’re a professor who makes bombs. Teach me.”

At that moment the room grew silent. The hook that played over and over again in Professor Oppenheimer’s mind was, “Teach me.” Here stood in Oppenheimer’s classroom, a boy yet to become a man, looking to do some serious damage. Oppenheimer was not a bad man but this moment in time shook him. This kid, Dash, didn’t even ask him how he was doing, nor did he ask about his family. Dash wanted to destroy his enemies. Unsettled by what had become of his passion, professor Oppenheimer dropped his pen that was being held in his right hand. He looked Dash in his eyes, “Today, if you make a deal with the devil do you think you can live with the outcome of a complicated mathematical equation? Because once it becomes you and you replicate it over and over again one million people just like you will be created until there’s nothing left. I am the father of the bomb, son this is the hook. Once you receive this bate a million gates will be opened. A million gates that you won’t be able to close. A million black holes will be created and a million things and people will get sucked in and spit out while their souls float back to the source.”

Dash showed him a picture of his young college friends studying in foreign countries. 

“They are no longer my friends, they took your teachings and killed my family. I have to make them pay before they kill more people. If you can’t teach me, how do I stop this?” Dash asked.

Professor Oppenheimer slowly gets up after picking up his pen in the middle of their conversation.

“Here’s a riddle. A child finds a book under his bed. He believes the book will save the world while also knowing that everything and everyone eventually dies. What does the child really want?”

“Just teach me, please, before it’s too late.”

Watching Dash take the bate, Professor Oppenheimer reels him in and gives him several nuclear physics equations.

“Chemistry is the doorway into everything. What you didn’t know was better for you, but what you’re about to find out will blow you away.”

The Bombmaker & the Hook

Friday, July 14, 2023

The Shawnee Rebels

 “Calvert, why are you angry?” Hardeep asked.

These were times of triumph. Hardeep and his tribe had just won a war, but something was brewing in his son Calvert, Hardeep sensed another war about to begin.

“Krishna chose a man from the Seminal tribe. She slept with him.” Calvert explained to his father.

“I assume that you had feelings for Krishna.”

Hardeep could see what a fatal attraction was doing to his son.

“I will kill them, I will kill them all. I told her that if she left our tribe for their’s that none of them would live to see tomorrow.”

Hardeep did everything to calm his son down, but it was too late. Krishna had broken his heart. She’d been a part of Calvert’s life since he was a teen and a woman’s betrayal could cause any man to rebel.

Calvert had turned into a mad man. He saddled his horse and planned an attack with his tribe.

The rage in Calvert’s eyes was like that of a bald eagle. He burned like fire cooking a hot steak. 

“Are you going to fight with your son?” Lord Shiva asked.

“Calvert believes that our women are sacred. Some time ago he told me that he had a dream that if the Seminal tribe got ahold of our women that they would use them to defeat us.” Hardeep explained.

“Was he certain?”

Hardeep pointed to the smoke from a distance, “Certain enough to rebel against a peace treaty. Because of Krishna we must prepare for another war.”

Calvert’s rage fueled him to rebel against the entire Seminal tribe. He and his people slaughtered all of their night warriors and scalped Krishna in a brutal execution. Carrying the heads of his enemies he sent a message to the women in his tribe and they understood. After the war, Hardeep saw the mighty hand of his people in his son. Krishna caused a rebellion. Krishna unknowingly created a rebel.

The End.

Monday, July 10, 2023

The Overdose

Did someone lose their mind? I think someone had a plan that went terribly wrong. I’m sitting in a room wondering where everyone went. They’re all gone. Is this a movie? Living zombies roaming the streets. Brainwashed people finding their God in a neighborhood infested with drugs. Everyone I know. Everyone I love. Did a doctor discover the wrong cure? Did a drug dealer go mad? I asked God for peace of mind not for a dope fix. I’m slowly feeling my conscience fading, someone, or something is trying to kill us all. I take a seat, my only outlet is a pen and a pad. I’ll write it all down, God help me, everyone around me has gone under. Drugs, weed, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, and even pain medication. I’m not perfect, but this is like a slow mental death while facing an enemy that blends in. Writing helps me fight the addicts, deep inside I’m a little man wondering what went wrong. Drunks and addicts all around me, no one seems stable. After they get their fix, they somehow look normal. I had no clue that growing old would be this painful and lonely. Whom do I trust? Where do I turn too? I can’t give in, I can’t fail, I don’t know who’s doing this to these people. I guess they’re doing it to themselves. I guess they’re dragging everyone down to the underworld with them until we all face the drug master. I guess something or someone wants us all to eat off of the forbidden tree. Eat until we overdose and die. That’s why I have to be wise. I have to be stronger. I have to be a deity of life. I have to speak life into existence or everything will die. I have to overdose on positive things so I don’t go under. I have to be the light of the world. When I fall, I have to get back up and finish the race. The world needs me. Everyone needs me. I have to believe this in order to survive in this crowded drug infested jungle. In learning my history, I know who I am. I did not do this, but an unknown enemy did. An enemy in a room counting money while everyone around him or her dies from an overdose. 

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Raw Knuckles

 It was pouring down raining and I could feel a fight coming. Karah owed me money, but I’d kept quiet. We were in year three and I noticed she’d found a new friend. You see, I have always been a peacemaker, but some mess I can take and some mess I can’t. I needed some help with a serious matter so I asked Karah if I could get some assistance at a baseball game and the girl literally spit in my face. I would never hit a girl so I took it as a loss, but her boyfriend for some reason got very bossy and literally punched me in the face. A vivid reader of the Bible, I wanted to walk away but it was too late, he struck first. Standing tall after I soaked up the punch, I checked my foot work and kindly went to combo one; swing low, watch him open up the face then uppercut, bam, direct hit. He staggered in shock. He went into attack mode and tested my left hand by attacking my right side. I expected that, so I went for the left jab after he left his jaw wide open. Connected. Another good punch. I then noticed blood. I pissed him off so he charged me with his body weight. I used it against him though by stepping aside and pushing him to the ground. It was all raw knuckles from there. After that the crowd watched a fight that technically I didn’t want to have but I guess some people just never learn. Feeling someone grab me, I flipped over their head, it was security,

“That’s enough!” He said.

“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t want this,” I replied. 

“We know, he asked for it, now get out of here before things get out of hand.”

Noticing witnesses everywhere, I knew this was just the beginning of a never ending fight with karma and alpha males fighting for their respect back. I awaited foolishness because that’s all that comes out of a raw knuckle fight. 

I went home, took a shower and prepared for the next fight. Sadly, someone videotaped the whole incident. I refused to pick up a gun, if they were not going to bring the raw knuckles then I would forever win.

The End.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023


It was Willie’s birthday and he had nothing to do.

He went to the amusement park and lost his shoe.

Riding up and down the rollercoaster way, he found his fun let come what may.

“I’m going to ride until I’ve ridden them all.”

He road every rollercoaster big and tall.

Spinning in circles, twist and turns, Willie even road the Big Worm.

Before he left the park he found his shoe, and when asked if he wanted lemonade he said, “I’ll take two.”

Leaving to go home, he felt so refreshed that he had to personally get something off his chest. 

He heard the owner’s name was Sue, so when he met her he couldn’t help but say, “Thank You.”

Monday, July 3, 2023

Charlie & the Independents

Running from a supermarket robbery Charlie was afraid.

“It almost seems like the world is coming to an end,” he said to his cousin Lucia while explaining what had just taken place at the store.

“Don’t worry Charlie, God will send us angels from heaven. It will be like our very own encounter with aliens. All we have to do is trust him Charlie, you just wait and see,” Lucia replied.

The next day at midnight, Charlie got up to get a snack when he heard a loud noise in the back yard. Peeking through the window he noticed people outside near his pool.

“Hey, it’s him.”


“It’s him. The kid that asked us for help.”

In a ball of light the voices and rays from outside appeared in Charlie’s kitchen.

Afraid and shocked, Charlie ran to hide in the bathroom.

“Yo, kid, it’s us.”

“Who?” Charlie asked.

“The heroes you drew in art class. The Independents. That’s what you called us.”

“Wow, Lightning Jack, Charger Tracey, and X-Ray Mike,” you’re my characters. I made you to help me bring stability back to the world.

“And that’s what we’re going to do kid,” Lighting Jack replied.

“My cousin was right after all, wow, look at your wings,” Charlie said, observing his heroes.

Lightning Jack stood tall, “Did you really think that your trust in God would let you down?”

“Yeah, now tell us what you want us to do Charlie, we’re here to serve you,” Charger Tracey explained.

“Well, I want to get things back to a balance. Give people some hope. We’re losing hope and it’s killing us all slowly.

“Hey, Charlie, I see right through you my man, we got you covered,” X-Ray Mike said pumping up his sneakers. 

“Before we go out to save the world little President Charlie, as the independents we can’t unite until you put on the unity ring. Then we go shake things up bro,” Lighting Jack explained.

Charlie put on his unity ring and watched his independents shine like rays of light, bringing stability back into the world by fighting crime with pure vibes of powerful rays.

The rays were so powerful that the sun’s energy began to magnify slowly killing the negative energy fields.

Charlie began to feel all of the world’s pain.

“We have to unify,” he shouted, pointing his glowing ring to the independent’s unity balls.

“Each ball will destroy the demon vibes Charlie. We will unleash the positive gamma rays at your command,” X-Ray Mike said while preparing to annihilate the demon droids that were eating away at the human race.

Lightning Jack bolted through the clouds creating glowing rain while Charger Tracey began to charge the atmosphere.

“On your command Charlie, we will unite to blow like fireworks on the 4th of July.”

Seeing the clouds forming in the night sky, Charlie felt the Shekinah Glory. He felt his entire being filling up with positive energy.

“Independents Unite!” Charlie shouted as a huge ball of light blinged from his glowing ring into the night sky.

At that very moment, Charlie and the independents opened up the heavens and watched an army of angels destroy the evil forces and in the end, after the dust settled, there was peace.

“Well little President Charlie, our work is done. Anytime you need us, just put on the unity ring and we’ll come running. For our first battle together we’ll call it Independence Day.”

Charlie’s cousin Lucia was right after all. All he had to do was trust in God. By trusting in God all things were possible.

Charlie & the Independents

Saturday, July 1, 2023

The 48 Laws of Work

1. When you get laid off, go do a job that nobody else has the courage to do and take over the company. It’s hard work to rebound, so let the layoff teach you how to tightrope with no safety net.

2. When you feel like you’re going to pass out on the job, take a legal break, then work til close.

3. When the people that you’re working for take expensive vacations and try to lock you into a terrible contract, take what you have left and go work somewhere else, because there’s a good chance that they’re making contingency plans without you on those phone calls and long expensive vacations.

4. If you own a business and do all of the work, sleep at your business from time to time to make people think you’re psychotic, it will teach them to work just as hard as you.

5. Never be afraid to work until you sweat, it will tighten up those abs and keep you healthy. Give your doctor a break, he or she will have time to work on something else.

6. If you’re married or in a relationship, clean up after yourself, brag about work, and if it snows shovel the persons driveway. I promise they will miss you when things need to get done. 

7. If people are in church on Sunday go outside and cut the grass and listen to the audio bible so when they try and bring you into their religion you can be prepared. Always remember God loves work.

8. Remember the art of work is always at play, it will teach you how to cook, clean, act, build, and even be educated, so work, especially in your spare time.

9. Teach your children how to work and they will think of you while working with slackers. They may even bring you up while teaching others what you taught them.

10. Get mad at yourself when you’re not working hard enough.

11. Eat and work to burn off the excess nutrients. It will make you hungry. And never lose your hunger, even if you have too much, a person who has a lot to work for keeps working.

12. If your right hand is broken use your left; if everything is broken use your mind. You never know what you’re going to need to work.

13. Powerful people may be powerful, but powerful people are not powerful with no work.

14. When you dream about work wake-up and live out your dreams.

15. If someone says you’re a hard worker, thank them and get back to work. Word of mouth is everything.

16. If you’re working, you’re showing the world your method of work. They’re always studying.

17. Take pride in your time sheets, save them and even frame them, that way if someone tries to cheat you or call you a slacker, you can show everyone the proof that you’re not. Especially if you worked overtime.

18. You have to think that if you’re not working nothing is getting done. It will help you feel needed and wanted.

19. If you get fired, learn how to work for yourself, you will feel more appreciated and it will force you to work harder.

20. Sports is just a fancy word for work, play, but learn the rules, because even coaches have to work, and you never know when your number will be called.

21. If you love talking about work, write a book about it, it’s still work.

22. If someone tries to get free work out of you be ready for a fight later, no work is free, even if it’s training, it’s your time and your time has to pay for how you like to spend it.

23. If you’re a soldier, keep all of your uniforms, you will also need them in the civilian world to work in while serving veteran organizations.

24. If you believe in God, trust in him and he will bless your work, keep you safe, bless your pay, and give you strength.

25. Good work is a mystery, it’s like life and death because in life things have to get done and in death your soul probably latches on to something else that works. Who really knows? Energy has to go back to the source.

26. If someone tells you that you can’t work your way into heaven because you’re working so hard, there’s a good chance that they’re working for a clergy. Give them your professions business card, they may need your help.

27. If you were bullied as a child or treated bad, take it out on your work. It will help you work harder.

28. If you like to have sex or do devilish things, occupy yourself with work to learn how to better use your time.

29. Never treat a worker bad, eventually you will become a victim of bad karma. Everyone complains to someone.

30. Nothing can get done without work.

31. When you’re working you’re not guilty of doing nothing.

32. Ask the person responsible for a party if they need help cleaning up afterwards, it could land you a job and keep you safe if something conjures up outside the party. It may even land you VIP tickets.

33. Even at amusement parks, take pictures, play games, and scream with joy while riding the fun rides, it takes a lot of work and planning to build amusement parks, and keep them up and safely running. You’re keeping the workers working and the park in business.

34. When a politician runs for office and makes laws, make sure that they’re not plotting to keep you from working. If they are, then vote for someone who understands work.

35. Don’t be so quick to sue, be quick to work, because if you sue, you may shut people out of work, and there’s a good chance that you won’t know what to do with all of the money. Heck, someone might turn around and sue you.

36. Learn how to work safely, it will help you work longer.

37. Be kind to your fellow workers, it will make the working experience better.

38. Concentrate on work, it will make the time go by faster.

39. If you work at a factory, the assembly line is either you or a machine, try to out work the machine so it doesn’t replace you.

40. If you work fast food, never quit because you may need that job later on in life.

41. If you feel that you’re being treated unfairly while working, go work somewhere else.

42. If you hate the people you work for, go work somewhere else.

43. If you work for the government and you don’t like it, remember, they know where you live, they know everything about you, and it’s the taxpayer’s money. Be ready to die on the job or work until you have no choice but to resign or retire. If you quit, trust me, in the end, you still have to answer to them.

44. If you have to become a whistleblower, learn how to work with the law, you will have a lot of new enemies so remember, heroes are surrounded by victims and villains.

45. Independent work is the hardest because everyone else maybe used to the industry. Your workmates will learn one thing from being independent, and that’s to stand on their own two feet.

46. If you work on a very hot day, you will appreciate water or something to drink. You may even dive into it.

47. A worker who is never tired has mastered the art of skillful labor or just may not be working hard enough.

48. On Labor Day, read the 48 laws of work and if someone steals anything from you or even your passion to work, kindly wash their feet. If karma is real, there’s a good chance that they will need you when everyone goes on strike.