Friday, December 30, 2022

The New Year’s Ball

Running through a field of drunks, drug addicts, and dead people, I now found myself trying to catch my breath on an abandoned bus. “What a crazy year,” I say to myself sweating getting chased by the devil. Trying to recoup, I end up running into a crowd of masked people and in the distance it looks like a bunch of construction workers in a food-line. I felt so alone until I started floating. Somehow my book-bag got caught on the New Year’s ball and they unknowingly raised me to the sky. Shaking, I look down. I’m stuck here until they drop the ball New Year’s Eve. What a way to end another crazy year. Throughout all of history, I’ll be known as the man running from the devil only to be rescued and noticed trying to escape a ball being dropped to bring in the New Year. I count my losses, at least I made it out alive. I start counting down to stay ahead of the eight ball. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2022


 I saw my brothers fighting and killing over it.

As a tormented depressed king I felt it seeping into my thoughts. 

“Greed cannot free our people,” I screamed, lonely and lost, searching for love.

I, like them, needed love.

Broken hearted and watching everything I loved ripped away by the woes of the world I decided to give it all away.

I gave them love for free and if they did not take it then they too would learn.

Money has its limits, currency does too, but love is spiritual it last for all eternity.

Let love guide you into the new year.


Sunday, December 25, 2022


I had the greatest job in the world.

I could show off and I was making real money.

I accumulated real assets.

I left everyone and everything around me behind as my career took off.

I no longer needed God, friends or family.

My head became so big and everyone knew who I was.

I was the envy of the town, talk of the neighborhood and I was looked up to by my peers. 

Everyone literally waited patiently for me to fall off of my pedestal; many of them would give everything to see me hit rock bottom.

I no longer sat at the same table as them or ate the same food they ate, I was considered an upperclass snobby fake rich kid who left his people for money, fame, and fortune.

Counting my next paycheck to pay my bills, I got the call.

I watched the market crash and my boss kindly gave me the boot. I was fired. I could no longer afford my fame and fortune and the life I’d gotten used too was no more.

Considering suicide I finally understood the concept of believing in a God. It’s just sad that I didn’t yield before I went speeding on my oneway street, but just like everyone I had to learn. With or without me, the world moved on. Standing in a food line with my family, my number was called to be drafted. This was the life we all fought to avoid yet it got all of our attention.

Losing everything changed me. I now loved my country. Rock bottom made me more successful internally because in the end I learned my lesson. I learned to be humble and say thank you, but most of all I learned that hitting a brick wall is a better test of faith than being handed an elite position at the top of the food chain.

Getting fired somehow made me stronger. It helped me become a better person.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Holy Blood

Abraham and Isaac.

Joseph the dreamer.

Kings and queens.

Dynasties and Monarchs.

Angels and Demons.

Osiris and Seth.

Zeus and Buddha.

Prophets and Saints.

Love and Hate.

Islam and Christianity.

Jews and Gentiles.

Have a good holiday season everyone.

God loves you all.

Holy Blood wash away my wrong, ease my pain and for all of eternity because of your mercy, I can get up and try again.

May peace follow you into the new year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Christmas Combat

Alex and our elf combat team had been called in to clean out a sinner’s camp. There was a high level of fornication going on in Young City. This was a high level sting around Christmas. Drugs, infidelity, abortion, drunks, and uncleanliness. Every level of sloth and sexual malfeasance. The hardest part about this operation is that the enemy was heavily armed so we packed for Christmas Combat with some of us preparing to not make it out alive. I called my team Santa and his Elves. We entered to kill every form of evil and demonic presence that we could find. I smelled this kind of evil before when I had to battle with a porn addiction at an early age so I was hungry for retribution. I also felt eager to eliminate the drugs from watching my whole family fall to their knees from addiction. Somebody had to clean up this mess. Seeing my drunk mother made me even more vengeful to burn down the illegal alcohol cells. As soon as we went in there was gun fire. Bang! I shot an armed prostitute firing from the stair case. No turning back now, it was on; she fell to the ground while my team confiscated her weapon. Shots then came from the 12 o’clock direction. I noticed a girl who I liked growing up in one of the rooms strung out with a needle in her arm. This was a high level bust. Sinners and demons in every corner of the house. Kicking down a door we noticed naked women fleeing the scene, Bang! My elf Johnny caught a drug lord firing at him while using one of them as a shield. My thirst for a pure holiday grew more intense when I noticed my cousin being consumed by every level of uncleanliness that you could think of. Black lips and slobber falling from his face he was no more. Once a warrior for God and now a drug junky. I counted my loses and kept fighting until we got to the top level. On level nine I couldn’t help but seek God’s forgiveness in my life as I noticed a dear friend off in the corner trying to burn bags of drug evidence. Bang! He shot at me so I aimed for the kill. At the top level it was like roaches scattering. I saw everyday people, many of whom I would have never thought would be in a place like this. That’s when I heard machine gun fire. It had to be an AR-15. We’d reached the source. The kingpin. Bullets were fired in every direction and one of my top elves had been hit. This was Christmas combat. The killing rage was real and we were fighting for goodness sake. Shortly after the raging drug lord had taken out as many of my elves as he could I heard one shot from a distance, then soon after the sound of the firing AR-15 went quiet. My sniper Ralph took out the KingPin. We made it out alive, I thanked God for another day and took a shower to wash myself clean of all of the filth that we’d just terminated. I began to look at my own sins and fell to sleep by the Christmas tree listening to God’s word. I needed it. I’d lost so many people in the battle, I needed to be rejuvenated. 

Merry Christmas, when I awoke the next morning, I lit a candle for all of the peopled that I’d lost in the battle.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

The Poor Servant

 I stepped into the classroom with one gift and that was to learn. Over the course of five years my brain had become numb with knowledge. I’d learned about everything. My favorite book in class was a fiction novel called: “The Poor Servant.”

The book was serious, it spoke on things that were dear to my heart like religion. The main character would place himself in situations that the average person could not get out of. My favorite chapter had a lot to do with Christmas. The character Henry Steele purposely accumulated debt to see who would actually help him out when he needed it the most. This character idea was awesome. There were times in the story where thugs had beaten him and people kicked him off of public property because he had nothing left. The most amazing part about the story is how he played the poor role for so long but really had over one billion dollars hiding under ground. The story then went to another level when Henry decided to turn the tables after finding out the true nature of people. He served while poor and took a beating on purpose only to find out that the people who helped him were the people he least expected. The story ends with Henry finding out that without a belief in something greater that life is meaningless. He finds his greater belief learning how to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. The most fundamental principle learned from the book had a lot to do with thinking. Here was a man, Henry Steele, who took a beating for about half of his life to make himself stronger. He watched as people wasted everything and lived it up only to have to answer to him in the end. The most amazing part about the story is that after everything is used up, he ends up rebuilding the town with the money he collected and stored underground at his mother’s old property that she left him when she died.

 This holiday I pray that we all take the time to believe in something greater. Something divine, something that turns poor servants into unlikely heroes. 

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas 

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Triumph & Victory

Down, confused and frustrated with my loses this holiday season I heard a voice. Deep in the pit it whispered in my ear. 

“God has already come down so that you can be born again. Why are you beating yourself up, just give it all to God, you’re good, now get up, clean yourself off and try again. 

With God there’s triumph.

With God there’s victory.”

The voice explained.

Win-win with God.

Triumph & Victory

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas 

Give it all to God and try again, it’s all good.

With God you can’t lose.

The fundamentals of triumph and victory come with a belief in something bigger than life.