Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Doing something & Doing nothing

The day was brand new and the world had almost seemed like it was coming to a complete end. Generals were out to war and amateurs as always were aspiring to be professionals. Here’s a story about Peter and James.

 “I learned something today,” Peter said to his friend James.

James had just got done burning books because he’d rather waste his time watching TV.

“What did you learn Peter?” James asked.

“I learned how to publish a book,” Peter replied.

James took the pages from his ashes and blew them into Peter’s face. 

“Peter, I’ve sat in one spot watching TV for my entire life doing nothing. Everything I’ve earned, I’ve been given for free. Haven’t you learned yet? When you do nothing it’s much easier because when you decide to do something the world hates you because they didn’t do it the way you did. 

In denial Peter sat there and watched his fat friend James burn the book he’d just published and then boastfully sit on his lawn chair laughing. In total rage, Peter threw a fit then told James the truth about himself and they began to fight.

Out of shape, James fell to the ground wheezing begging for help.

Peter sat and watched his friend gasping for air. 

“This is bad James, really bad.” Peter kept saying frantically searching for James’s inhaler. 

“Peeettteer, hhhhhhuuu, do something,” James said falling to the ground.

Peter couldn’t help but remember how James had just told him to do nothing so he sat there and watched him beg for help until the ambulance came. James nearly killed himself breathing in all of the smoke from the ashes. 

At the end of the day James learned his lesson and decided to be more like Peter. He started doing something and accepted the hate, it made him stronger, especially after he nearly died doing nothing. 

The End.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

The Book of Emma

 Four feet wide and two feet high stood the box which held Emma’s inheritance from her great grandmother. Stockings and dresses. She was born into what was considered a heathen culture, but her bloodline traced all the way back to the Hebrew Hittite tribe. Her mother was a prostitute, but Emma had never been touched. She was put up for adoption at the age of 7 and was separated from her sister and brother after being taken in by a rich family. Fairly uneducated before being adopted, Emma, by divine will became obsessed with learning. Living in an age of sin, corruption and disobedience, God began to speak with Emma in her dreams. He told her to go find her real family so he could use her to cleanse the land.

Basking in the warmth of a summer day’s breeze, Emma could feel the sudden energy of pure divine purpose in her veins. 

“Emma, I have prepared a way for you and your family, now I need you to find them and teach them all that you have learned,” God explained to Emma in her dream.

“But God, I still feel like I don’t know enough,” Emma replied.

“Be certain of one thing Emma, that with me you can do anything. All you will need is just one book where I am sending you,” God said.

At the ripe age of 18, Emma left the comfort of her foster family and headed to the city where she was born.

She drove 500 miles in obedience to God only to enter a city filled with gang signs and prostitution. An angel disguised as a janitor led her to her family. 

“Emma, come with me,” he said escorting her to her sister.

“Who are you?” Emma asked.

“My name is Phoenix. I will take you to your sister and brother, but I’m sorry to tell you that your real mother was killed some years back. Your older sister ended up having to raise your younger brother,” Phoenix explained as he and Emma walked up the stairs of the building housing her family.

The building was filthy, the floors had been covered in old dirty foot tracks and the walls were embedded with graffiti. Emma could barely see the street lights shining through the dirty glass windows.

Approaching apartment 32, Emma turned to ask Phoenix if he had any help cleaning the building but he was gone. 

She glanced around the dimly lit hallway and could smell the funk of human waste. Positioning herself to knock on the door she noticed a large rat running across the hallway floor out of the corner of her eye. Knocking, she felt herself filled with anxiety and a lost for words at the very moment her sister opened the door.

“Emma! Oh Emma! You came all this way to see us,” Ester said embracing her sister. Tears of joy fell from their eyes as they hugged.

“Where is Terrance?” Emma asked before he came rushing out of the back room to get a glimpse of his sister. 

“You drove here all by yourself?” Terrance couldn’t help but ask noticing her car keys in her hand. 

At this very moment two worlds were colliding and a bond that had been broken had somehow mended back together in a matter of days. Emma and her siblings talked for hours catching up. The moment Emma touched down in this small city, God began to use her in so many ways. She founded a school to educate poor inner city youth and with the help of her brother and sister she also founded a home for women caught up in the web of prostitution. It was evident that something divine had been guiding Emma because every time she opened the book that God gave her a change would occur. The book of Emma was a void that could only be filled by her. The magic of it all was that Emma never looked at her people as heathens or a lower part of society, she loved them just as much as they loved her. Every new venture she took to lead her people to a better standard of living was inspired by every instruction written in her book. In this story you see a process because once Emma’s work was done an entire city had been transformed and the Book of Emma became a reality. 

Education has no limits, only standards to make the process easier. In Emma’s case she prepared herself with the belief that God was guiding her to create miracles.

There’s alway hope when one baby leaves the jungle and returns home with a book. 

The Book of Emma.

The End.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

The Spell

 It was a late Saturday evening and I had just got done talking to a Bible scholar about King Solomon and how the world needs better people, then I saw her. Her beauty did something to me. It entrapped me. She literally took my thoughts and I became her subject. The complex physical attraction literally had me under a spell. She said three words: “Come with me.”

At that very moment I was at her command, I couldn’t see or feel anything else but her. You can learn a lot from this story because I couldn’t fight the force. It was too strong, she literally had me under her spell. How did I become so important? What did my life mean to the world? I did everything I could to snap out of it but it was too late. The next morning I woke up and took a bullet hole through the head from her husband. It was like I had no self-control. She trapped me physically and blew my mind.

The Spell.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

King Tut

 “What is this? This is death, bring me something to lift a king’s spirit,” King Tut said.

The people then began to play good music and women began to dance.

The King was pleased and life was restored. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Have a Good Day

 For a moment I felt motivated to write about the end of the world, goblins and death angels, but the truth is that there is new life all around us. The moment you forget this you’ve already lost 90% of the battle. Everyday we awake there’s a new opportunity, a new motivation, and a new way to do something that many thought would never change. Have a good day.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

The General’s Handbook

 I’ve been in this war for over 40 years. Blood has been shed all over the place. Taxpayer money has been wasted and my enemy is still fighting. If there is a God of war he is teaching me something. My duty is to obey the orders handed down by my superiors for the greater good of my country all of whom I’ve served well. Cover your eyes and ears because I’m going to reveal a darker ruthless part of mankind. I’ve literally seen people die, to ease my own desires I’ve masturbated on several occasions. We’ve also had prostitutes come in and out to please our fleshly cravings. Some soldiers have even had sex with other soldiers. We’re lost out here, it’s hell on earth. Our eyes have been opened and some of us can’t even sleep. These people don’t want us here. We’ve literally witnessed little children stabbing and blowing up other soldiers. We’ve been sent here to die just to occupy and maintain a presence. If you can’t handle this and it’s too much for you to understand, then go eat at your leisure and enjoy your so called freedom while we’re all the way over seas suffering so you can drink cocktails and argue about the next election. On my way back to base I noticed a black flag. In war it means no mercy, while on the other hand the white flag means surrender. It’s evident that these people want to win and they’ll do it by any means necessary. My wife has just filed for divorce and my pleasure has turned into pain. The battlefield is all I know now. I’ll never be the same. The true nature of mankind has overwhelmed me. This is my fifth tour. I’ve been stabbed, spit on and left for dead only to get up every morning to a hot scolding sun. I’ve had to encourage men from every race to believe that they’re fighting for something, I also killed a man today. If there is a God of war he’s taught me a valuable lesson about life, mankind, and how much, I, as a general can take. The pressure is on me and at anytime I can snap. War is dirty, people die and most enemies will do anything to win. For some reason I had a dream that we evacuated and an explosion left a huge crater in the earth. I don’t know what that dream meant but things were very quiet after I awoke. I have to get you to understand what’s going on. We’re dealing in a war game that will never end. We’ve tried everything but somebody has to pay for every little piece of B.S. that has taken place on my watch because if I make it out alive I’m still going to have to suffer. I took down my home flag in my office today and raised my own little black flag. If my dream is a sign from God then maybe he’s telling me to keep fighting for the greater good of my people with no need to fear what’s on the other side because I’ve already tasted a piece of hell here in combat. Evacuating in a helicopter only to return showed me that peace is an illusion that people convince themselves to believe. This is a war that will never end until every enemy is dead and every taxpayer gets a return on their investment. Nothing is working and nothing will work until people can understand what kind of enemy we’re facing. As a general, I’ve come to learn that there is nothing good about war, nothing. When you’ve spent your entire military career preparing for it the enemy makes you stronger. To conclude my handbook, I have to confess that I have to think like a conqueror and I want to believe that people are naturally good, but this war has proved that belief to be wrong. Most people turn to God when they’re suffering and if there is a God of war he has confirmed that. In the end, if I make it out alive, I will ask him for one thing and that is real peace because this is hell on earth. War is not a fun game, and after you play it over and over again the white lines in your brain will eventually make your mind go numb. We all signed up for hell and eventually you will feel it too, because enemies are like evil termites, they are programmed to make you feel their pain. Their victory comes by making you suffer, making you surrender. Stand strong and try not to fall to your knees. They gain strength by seeing you defeated, it’s how they gain their momentum. A general’s life is centered around finding strategic ways to win. In all actuality he or she can never give up. 

The General’s Handbook.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Conscience Pleasure

 My father opened the gate, and I entered. Some say to save someone you first have to walk a mile in their shoes. Well, I had become so addicted to pleasure that I became numb to the fact that I’d been getting nowhere. And here it was, my meeting with the enemy. I took a second to let it sink in, everyone in the nude and a loaded weapon on the floor. I began to cry. I’d become numb to the feeling of pleasure. What force is guiding me? Who is that telling me to stop? I had seen so much pain through my eyes that I yearned to feel good. I needed it. In the end I had to accept that the loaded weapon could not heal me, so I walked away, only to find out that pleasure was getting me nowhere. The pressure to stop broke me. I needed to achieve something. I needed to be a better person. In deep despair, I took the path less chosen.

Conscience Pleasure.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

I’m in space

 No air… all I see is darkness, but it’s quiet. I must be dead because I keep floating. I’m floating into the light, the weightlessness feels like complete peace. It almost seems like infinite room, like the possibilities are endless. I must be in heaven, but it feels like space. 

I’m in space.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Black Paradise

At the last moment, I fled, I jumped in my ship and sailed across the ocean searching for an army. I landed on an island and created a new kingdom to conquer the world. Power became my friend, it was all I had left to display what God had bestowed upon me. Sitting in my ruling chair with the help of my new people, we brought paradise to earth. We took over everything and raised our 🏴 black flag. There was no more mercy left until our voyage was complete.

Black Paradise