Monday, September 26, 2022

The Devil has A.I.D.S.

Why can’t we see the unknown?

Why do we need a microscope?

Did God bless us with a tool to see his wrath or is he showing us a miniature version of hell that could spread and kill all humans?

What aura protects us from a virus or disease?

Why would a prophet need one stick while the powerful possessed the gifted scientist?

Did the prophet not show one miracle on a floor with magical snakes?

Should I question myself if I’m sure?

Fair friend, if I did nothing wrong all my life why fall victim in one night?

I’m innocent, yet failed when it mattered the most.

I’m human, that’s what made me do it.

I’m a victim, so I now have to blend in with the rest.

Why does a smoker need so much oxygen?

Do two of the same sex not cancel out?

It’s obvious that a creature with the power to destroy has so many amazing gifts.

He’s clever…

He’s convincing, and he looks like he’s as pure as a plate of raw organic spinach.

Go and try to enjoy his company, and if I double dare you, I’d be cursing you.

You really think you’re having fun?

Beware, he has tricks that last a lifetime;

Candy that rots the teeth;

Treats that eat your insides.

Why does a teacher provide an apple and a lesson at the same time?

Why does a spider have venom?

What child will dare eat what’s good for him or her?

What is a doctor doing with all of that blood?

Take a second…why is the medicine grown and then processed into a pill?

How many people did you sleep with?

How many lives did you ruin?

You still don’t get it do you?

If eternal life has no end, then where are you now?

Are you playing with fire?

Where do viruses and diseases come from?

Did not one preacher convince his sheep to drink poison?

To walk into the underworld and survive, then watch the people that you warned fall victim to the flames makes you a savior with foolish followers. 

I’m a practicing poet so listen to my words, I mean you no harm.

Dig deep into my philosophy because I’m showing you the way.

I’m giving you the answer.

The Devil has A.I.D.S.

He wants to destroy you from the inside.

He wants to make you suffer.

Beware, choose your partner wisely, there’s a good chance that you have something that he or she wants.

Beware of what you wish for, it could be your curse.

Beware of those who advertise in broad daylight, their minds could be programmed to convert you.

If the chemical makeup of an explosive has something to do with splitting atoms, you too, can be deceived…split in two.

The wicked have two eyes just like the poisonous plants that look like berries. 

How did it happen?

It happened because you let him in.

Spin around and you may see two preachers, look too deeply into the light and you may see two colors of a picture painted of God.

Stick to the fundamentals and eventually you may see things clearly.

Too much mixing could change the colors of the rainbow.

Is it not a symbol of God’s promises to man?

Our reflection could possibly affect the shining sun.

Do whatever you can to stay on the right path.

The Devil has A.I.D.S.

Friday, September 23, 2022

The College Nest

I studied until my brain went numb.

I went through quiz after quiz and test after test.

My college debt ballooned to $80,000.

My life, my situation, and my circumstances seemed like they would never change.

For some reason when I graduated I kept thinking about an eagle. I kept thinking about the essay I wrote on how the bird literally tosses it’s kids out of the nest and if they don’t fly they die. Receiving my degree, I kept imagining myself with no choice but to fly. I was so desperate to pay down my college debt and get a job that I applied for every opening that I could think of. I even built a computer program with the intent to get rich. Falling out of the nest I held on to my mother’s leg because I couldn’t afford a house or apartment so I held on. Looking down I noticed a flock of students in the same position as me. As my mother shoved my tight grip loose, I fell into an entire generation of college students in debt and searching for the things that made sense in life: A car, a good job, a family, and a place to call home. Feeling my pain, they caught me and saved me from falling. We were all stronger together and began to use our skills to fly and save the next generation. We began to work on our troubles and solve our own problems. Picking each other up we all learned how to fly with the little wings that we had. Eventually, after a huge storm, we soared like eagles.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Rocket Show

The clumsy leader promised a show.

His country’s most brightest scientist gathered to display their most powerful rockets.

After the count, the rockets launched into the sky only to explode, destroying everything in sight, including the clumsy leader.


The Rocket Show

Tuesday, September 20, 2022


There are two worlds to comprehend in this life. In one world there is cryosleep. A world where the only worries a person has is food, shelter, and water. In this world there is little knowledge about the true political affairs taking place. The people in this world live day by day and some do what ever they please and many get off scot free while others get caught. 

The next world is complex, a world where there are some very hard decisions to make and one false move could get you in danger. Most people living in a woke state cannot go back to sleep, once you’re in—you’re in, and the only way out is death. This is the case because the woke crowd literally has too much information. This is the crowd where all of the big decisions are made and not too much religion exist. The woke crowd is in a constant state of awareness, this crowd knows the key players and obtains the majority of the wealth. To understand these two worlds is like having a classified document in your closet. The woke crowd knows how valuable it is while the person who is in a state of cryosleep would probably not. The hardest part about this analogy is grappling with the mindset of each individual. No one truly ever knows how each world ends because you don’t know what you don’t know and once you know there’s no turning back. Some people stay sleep, never to wake up. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Nothing is what it seems

My grandfather was an old crippled Christian who enjoyed smoking cigarettes; he stole a lighter from the supermarket.

I heard a female say she was leaving her mate because he was cheating; she later spent $1,200 on a gold ring for him.

I went to church one day and heard a preacher speak on marriage; he later threw his wife down a flight of stairs.

There was a girl who said she hated her father; he later died and she couldn’t stop crying.

I guess nothing is ever what it seems, it may be wise to check on those who seem well, they could be in need of what’s on the other end.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Attack of the Elephants

The story soon broke about people dressed up like donkeys that would go into the jungle and poke the Elephants. They were called the toxic donkey people, and they wouldn’t stop for anyone. They kept poking and poking until they got to Ebenezer. He was considered the head Elephant. Screams soon emerged from the jungle. One of the toxic donkey people was being attacked by Ebenezer, the head Elephant. He stomped and beat the ground with that donkey until he was lifeless. Ebenezer then turned to the other pokers after they all watched their friend’s lifeless body being thrown into the jungle brush. The toxic donkey people began to run, and when all of the other Elephants saw Ebenezer attack, they began to attack. After stomping the life out of the toxic donkey people, Ebenezer turned to his herd.

“Colleagues, and friends. My supreme desire was to only use force when necessary, but I was literally allowing that donkey to oppress me with its toxic policies so I took it upon myself to stomp that donkey into submission. I applaud you all for doing the same, now we Elephants can relax and live in peace,” Ebenezer said to his herd, assuring that they would never be bullied again as they all walked away from a pile of lifeless donkeys.

The End.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

A simple love story

Old and gray, love still seemed foolish to me…

Who dare would try such a thing?

That’s when I heard the wind blow…rushing to my door to see who it was, I began to have flashbacks of when I used to be in love.

I yearned for the day only to see her never to return.

Peeking through the door, it was just the wind, but I did notice my neighbors outside playing together.

They were young and having fun.

I rather enjoyed watching them. 

They were in love…

Some people spend their entire lives searching for a happy ending and one memory of love…even one thought, can bring a grown man to his knees.

Lonely cold nights reaching for no one can make anyone bitter.

Yet, one glimpse of love can turn anyone into a believer, one glimpse can make a blind man see, an athlete win…

What had come over me?

At that point I took a seat on my couch and continued to watch them through the window.

Something inside me began to bring me back to life again. 

I’d felt this feeling and suppressed it too many times…this one night I let it back in.

That’s what I needed, that’s what I was missing…

It was love, it was the only thing that could keep me alive and without it, I would become a mad man.

Letting the feeling take over me for that one moment…

My heart began to beat…

It was love. 

That’s what we all need.

It’s so powerful that we’d die for it.


Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The Flood Warriors

 Victor’s entire family drowned in Noah’s three month flood. The water engulfed everything around him. The liquid substance that covered about seventy-one percent of the planet left him bitter and alone. Washed up on a floating log while mastering the back float was how he survived. Victor was now determined to defeat the flood. In memory of his sunken family, he began to master the art of swimming. He traveled the world studying the ways of water and how it showed no mercy by literally smothering its victims until they became wrinkled and lifeless while also washing them away. Victor had two weeks to prepare for the biggest rain storm headed his way. His plan was clever and simple. His strategy was genius, he would use just two main weapons: sponges 🧽 and the sun 🌞. Watching the clouds roll in, he and his army of flood warriors prepared for battle. Each of them were armed with sponges and their battle gear consisted of nylon suits. Feeling the bitter warm rain fall, they felt the soggy torment of rain beating away at their finely oiled gears. They laced every corner of the town with sponges and began to fight the flood with every inch of energy that they had. One crew even used sump pumps to pump the water to dry land while the other crew transported wet sponges. Victor stood tall while noticing his giant front wall of sponges being penetrated by the raging river overflowing.

“Hurry, we need more sponge power before the dam overflows, call out the sand layers, have them head to the front wall. The wet monster is putting up a fight!” he shouted. 

Obeying his command, his crew moved fast, for there was no time to waste in a ravaging rain storm. Sea creatures also began to submerge. 

Victor stood tall on his storm tower, “Call in the marine crew, we have alligators seeping in, 12 o’clock.”

“This storm has lighting Sir, what do we do next?” Chance, his right hand man asked.

“We need the voltage to add more power to our generator, raise the lighting rod twelve more feet. Each bolt packs about 30,000 amps. We can then use the heat from the generator to dry up the damp sponges. Nature will then recycle the excess,” Victor said, while wiping his face with a hanging towel, rushing to get back to his tower after turning on the over flow valve. Things were becoming intense.

“A man that does nothing in a storm will surely be defeated by the wet monster, we must continue to fight, then afterwards, I promise, we will rejoice in another victory,” he explained.

Once the storm washed over, Victor stood tall with his flood warriors.

“Family, we have defeated one of the largest water monsters in our history, now we celebrate by drinking the water left over and urinating it back into the ground to fertilize the grass. Let’s rejoice, no one drowned and no one was lost in the battle. Flood warriors, we swim to victory and we soak up our victory by drowning in what we’ve just defeated,” Victor proclaimed as he and his flood warriors sailed away into the sunset preparing for their next battle. 

The End.