Sunday, July 15, 2018

Laws and Rules of Greatness

When you feel great, great things happen.
Greatness can only come from greatness.
Once you become great, everyone around you will be great too.
Greatest, is another form of greater, it's a better way to be great.
Everything that's great must stay great to make more greatness.
Greatness is a great word that means great in a greater form.
Everyone is born great, but must practice greatness on a day to day basis to die great and be great in the afterlife.
When you wake up feeling great, the day will be great.
Stay focused on greatness, it will make others around you focus on greatness also.
Too much greatness can give people a reason to slack-off and lose touch with the miracle that's been shown right before their very eyes.
Greatness is the way, someone who builds a pyramid or a tall building can make greatness seem easy, these are the people that have mastered greatness, flock to them so that you too can be a part of something greater.
Don't get caught not feeling great or you'll lose some of your greatness.
Some people don't understand greatness because they lack greatness, it's up to you to rub your greatness on them to balance things out.
Two people can't be great at one time, some days one person may be greater than the other.
If you're not great when someone else is greater, work harder for a week and try again to be great, I guarantee that you'll feel greater and achieve greatness. 
A draw or tie score is a sign that there's a balance in greatness, this shows that people can be equal when attempting to win at greatness.
Even in war and strife, greatness can emerge, but the discussion of peace during the war, proves that even in war, people can still be great.
At mid day, if you don't feel great, take a nap and wake up, look in the mirror, and tell yourself that you're great.
Washing, working, confidence and singing are all forms of greatness.
When someone dies trying to reach greatness, keep their story alive, so others will understand what it takes to strive for greatness.
Greatness is good, when others don't understand greatness, it's up to someone great to teach them what greatness is.
You can lose greatness when you forget that you're born great.
Birth into a great world is enough evidence that everything is great.
When it can't be done, greatness shows that it can.
Does talking about greatness make you feel great?
Everything great—is great.
Anyone losing touch with their greatness, needs to be counseled back into greatness.
Greatness evolves with time and your heart must beat to the drums of a great beat.
Show people the way, emerge from the mountain with greatness on your mind.
Thou shall be great.
Thou shall feel great.
Practice greatness and you'll understand greatness.
Once you understand greatness, you'll feel and be great.
Greatness is good.
Greatness is great.