Thursday, December 26, 2019


What are the odds of humans taking over as the dominant species after the dinosaurs?
What are the odds of war breaking out for the dust to settle later?
What are the odds that the rich too can become poor and the poor too can become rich?
Sometimes it hurts me to believe in God when you love humanity and have to see them suffering, even as a man I cry sometimes when the odds don’t go the way we people on earth plan them to.
What are the odds of me hearing a comforting voice telling me that it’s a win-win situation, a voice telling me that everything will be okay?
When you believe in something much more greater than yourself that voice will guide you.
It’s okay to believe in God, sometimes it’s better to believe in something rather than in nothing at all.
A story of suffering creates a story that inspires others to become heroes.
We scream for help because we’re wired to believe in hope.
The story of heroes gives others the ability to believe that miracles can be done;
Miracles can be created.
Hunger soon turns into pain then the flesh fades and the soul floats into eternity only to rise in peace never to starve again, what are the odds of that?
I would rather believe in something than to believe in nothing.
My chances with God increase when I believe, the odds that I too will rise again give me a 50/50 chance.
But when I’m certain, my odds are 100%.
I hope this poem increases your odds, it usually happens when you have nothing to lose.
What are the odds of that?

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Little Cuddies’ Christmas Adventure

This is a child’s tale, so the magic of Christmas will always stay alive. All it takes is one Cuddy.

It was a cold winter night and all of the little Cuddies were tucked in. Belief had somehow left the hearts of all of God’s creation so he sent angels to the little Cuddies.
“Oh my, Blue Cuddy, what is that light at the window. Ooooo, it has wings,” Green Cuddy said in excitement.
Gray Cuddy woke up in all of the chatter, “Is it time for the Cuddies to power up already?” He said wiping his face.
“God has called us Cuddies,” Black Cuddy said.
White Cuddy jumped up, “Oh boy! We finally get to celebrate Christmas.”
The angels began to smile at the Cuddies and they talked with them also.
“I want you to go to God’s creation and bring the joy back into the Christmas season, somehow they’ve stop believing in the true magic and spirit that has filled their hearts for so long. They’ve become scum bags,” the angels explained.
Power Cuddy got offended by the angels description, “I hate scum bags,” he said.
Purple Cuddy got in on the excitement, “Scum bags ruin the Cuddy way.”
All of Cuddy kingdom got together, family is what made the Cuddies great. They had no way of living but to show love.
Hip hop Cuddy, grabbed his drums. “Aahhh yeah Fam, it’s time for a Christmas showdown,” he shouted.
“We will go to God’s people and we will put the magic and joy back into them,” Poem Cuddy said as all of the other little Cuddies powered up.
“Cuddy power!” They all shouted flying out of the clouds to save Christmas. Santa Cuddy had found a purpose, he sent showers of love and gifts from the sky. Christ Cuddy put joy and redemption back in everyone’s heart. When the Godless tribe and the scum bags tried to ruin the holiday spirit they were no match for the Cuddies. The Cuddies were love professionals. They welcomed the Godless tribe and the scumbags and converted them with the power of Love Cuddy. With all of the positive energy from the Cuddies the humans had somehow learned to fly. Love had made them weightless.
Joy Cuddy got excited, “We did it Cuddies, we saved Christmas. There’s so much belief in the air, my joy meter is off of the charts. Share Cuddy was overwhelmed also, he began to share all of his gold Cuddy bonds with the humans. With these gold Cuddy bonds there will be plenty of love to share all year round. As the Cuddies finished their mission, Belief Cuddy confirmed that God’s creation was back on track, they then disappeared back into the clouds back to Planet Peace where all of the other little Cuddies lived.
“We did it Cuddies, we saved Christmas.”
The Sun stood still that day, but the Cuddies left just enough clouds in the sky to make it snow. A new life began on Earth and the magic and joy of the holiday season had filled everyone’s heart again.
“Cuddy Power!”

Thursday, November 28, 2019


I could free a thousand slaves, I still have to work...
I could run 20 miles in 10 seconds, I still have to work...
I could win 800 trillion dollars, or just enough to buy the national debt, I still have to work...
I could lose all my limbs and get half of my brain blown off, when I wake up the next morning, I’ll still have to work...
I could get married and fly away to the mountain top, I still have to work...
I’m left alone in a dark room with half my brain depending on medicine and I barely can breathe but I still have to work in the morning.
Thank God for Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Workman’s Comp, Federal Taxes, SSI, reparations, the lottery, Food Stamps, and overtime. They all remind me that even when I’m dead and gone, I earned my spot in the ground.
Thanking God for work even when I meet him, for that I’m forever grateful. On day eight, he made work and I sang a song and got the job done, ready to do it all over again the next day.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


The lions roaring, the children playing, there’s peace...
Humans with wings flying like angels, I can hear them speak...
They sing songs of glory, songs of eternal love...
I’m no longer confused, no longer afraid of my consequences, I’m at peace...
The colors of rainbows reflect perfectly off of the streets of gold and I’m cured of all iniquities...
I humbly kneel at the altar of peace, my mind is at ease, I rest in divine comfort...
For I am forever welcomed here, I’m at home.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Upside Down

Oh, what do I do?
Is the teacher the student?
Is the student the teacher?
Is my father my dad?
Oh, where do I go?
Is history the truth?
Is someone coming to save me?
I wrote about it, who will read it?
I woke up Sunday morning and thought it was Monday.
Am I on planet Earth?
Is the Earth flat?
Have I landed on the moon?
What a story, I spent my last dime serving the poor.
Oh, get off of the ledge, it’s Christmas time, Halloween is over.
I may need a stage to write this script but who will act it out?
Poor babies, bad weather, free lunch.
Oh, what a world...
If only science could heal me, give me one more day...
What would I pay to keep going?
What would I pay to keep her happy?
What would I pay to please everyone?
Oh, look at the mighty hand of government...
They’ve lost their way, the people can’t afford them and they can’t afford the people.
I better shut my mouth and be grateful, it’s just unusual, I guess...
It’s just upside down...
I better try and fix it...
Or maybe not...
I’ll just write about it instead.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Artist

ADHD could be described as an angel sent to earth to liberate or free his or her people. Many people suffer until they hear or see something that gives them hope. I didn’t understand what this meant until I became one of those people. It doesn’t take much to paint a picture of freedom, it may give someone with nothing left a reason to pickup something to ease the pain until the feelings are mutual. Let’s hope it’s a paint brush, a pencil, a pen or something to draw with. If it’s the mouth, warning, you may not like what you hear.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Last Option

I was lied to the whole time but a part of me wanted the lie to be true. I really wish some superhuman being was going to come and rescue me and my people from our stubborn state of thought. After I came to that conclusion, I realized the last option, I had sat and watched everything around me crumble so I gave the order to ignite the bomb to purge the world of our enemies. Surrounded, realizing that I tried to make peace, I convinced myself that I had done nothing wrong. I was left with no choice. It’s much quieter now, the biggest news of today was how we have to move forward with the cleanup and who’s going to pay for it. There goes my reelection.
The Last Option.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


I was about 20 years in, I felt like I was on top of the world. Untouchable. After about the 10th year, I noticed that I was getting older. Never a big religious person, I often wondered why most older people spent most of their time searching for the fountain of youth or some form of inspiration. You may not care but I was robbed the other day, I thought someone would save me. Inspired, I later invented the ambulance truck and won the noble peace prize. I made that, I always told myself, looking back, always in the spotlight. I saved trillions of lives with my inventions, only to realize that I too must die. I made billions and often found myself feeling empty inside, something was missing. I just about read every book until I realized what fueled everything. I gave up looking for answers, I had to come to one conclusion: something or someone was and always has been guiding me. Pushing me, giving me strength. The current in electricity giving infinite power and generating more life. He was too great to see in my invention, he was there the entire time in my years of service when I almost died. He talked with me, he walked with me, he was inside of me and no man or woman could take that away. He keeps his promises. Blinded by his greatness, I could not see his face. When I thought it was over, my life had just begun.
It never ends, it’s infinite, it goes on and on. When you die you just go back to where you came from. The source.
The square root to -1.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Camera Wars

They may have been poor but if nothing else, they knew cameras. It started with a contest and lack of the right equipment. This state of mind could drive a cameraman insane. Determined, Craig turned to his crew, even with a full time job, they all took notice that they couldn’t afford the good cameras so they snapped. When people snap, ideas flow and people do desperate things. It was safe to say, they’re desires had slowly turned them into criminals.
“I say we rob the camera store,” Craig suggested to his crew.
“No, I think we should work our way up,” Marlee said, interrupting Craig before he continued on.
“I say we make a movie with our cell phones and make it with the best content we can find and use the earnings to buy the good stuff,” Marlee said as she continued adding her feminine input.
“There’s no way we can compete with the big dogs! No way! They’ve got everything: the money, the tools, and the man power,” Craig replied, gaining everyone’s full attention.
Craig had the most influence on the team and Marlee knew that so she played the wise owl. The next day when she noticed them in handcuffs for trying to steal cameras, she followed her first idea and turned something into nothing. She filmed a whole documentary about unfair practices in show business with her cell phone. She used her friend’s situation as weight for her point. She filmed everything and even got the camera store to not only drop the charges but to allow her to use their camera footage in her documentary. She titled her documentary: “Camera Wars.” Marlee took confidence in her idea and she made something out of nothing. She also turned less into more as she took notice of the attention that her documentary had gained, giving her the full attention of her crew. She took everything earned from her work and invested it into the cameras that they used to not be able to afford. After many failures they now had success and they learned that sometimes to get what we want in life, it’s better just to let others know the truth and then build off of the truth to change things for the better. Marlee’s vision gave everyone a voice and gave those with more the motivation to give back to those with less.
The End.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Write it down

A word may come to you in your dreams...write it down.
Something may go wrong... write it down.
You may hear a song...write it down.
Think of a place or another world...write it down.
Use a pencil or a pen, if it bothers you enough, you can even try writing with your chin.
No matter the time of day, no matter what people say...
Write until your hands turn blue, every thought, every word, whatever you have inside of you...write it down.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Gun

While everyone was enjoying themselves, one little man was suffering. No one would listen to him, he was left alone most of the time, even after being a giver for the majority of his life. Why would he desire to take the best gift of all? Why would he decide to take life away? He went here and he went there, by God he went everywhere. No one would listen to him so he went to the only friend he had, he went to his gun. In this lesson we often learn that life is precious, especially for the giver. Don’t forget to say thank you and I appreciate your time. Don’t forget to say hello. Don’t forget to say Happy Birthday. Don’t forget to write around the holidays and most of all, don’t forget to say, I love you. The key is to mean it...This man’s heart was broken and he turned to the gun to heal it. Bad choice but one genuine friend could have prevented this.

In memory of those lives changed by guns. I wish there was a better way so I write to ease the pain.
The End.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Nowhere to run

Well, I don’t know what to say, but it often feels like someone’s chasing me...
I ran in the house, through the back yard and into the park...
I ran as fast as I could, I ran through the grass, dodging trees...
No time to rest, they’re chasing me in my dreams...
What do they want from me?
Could it be just a part of my imagination?
Every time I feel like I’ve taken two strides, here they come, right behind me...
Just when I thought I saw the finish line, I wasn’t even close...
I’m afraid to look back so I keep running, I’m certain that someone’s chasing me...
Staying in my lane, I realize that I’ve been running in circles...
I’m getting exhausted, tired, so tired of running...
Why won’t they leave me alone?
I stop to take a breath, I’ve got nowhere to run...
I look around to face my opponents, they’re not even close.
I take a look at my watch, I’ve hit record time.
The race is over.
1st place.
Nowhere to run but to the gold.

Thursday, October 10, 2019


It’s late, temptation usually creeps in about this time. I found myself searching the web, then I saw her. Clear as day, she caught me at first sight, my thoughts were controlled. I had been caught in the dark web. I clicked and she was being defiled and I couldn’t help but click again. Oh God help me, I’m stuck in the webs web. Every click led to another, by now my eyes were hurting, I had now seen so many beautiful women that my deepest desires in this life had all but been fulfilled by just clicking and browsing. After hours of searching, I found myself trapped on a one way street. Every move they made, my eyes followed. I, like them, had become defiled, and I had to look in the mirror and admit that I needed help. I now know why I have to break this habit, I have to teach my second man that there is more to life than this. I won’t let him win, he’ll destroy everything if he goes unchecked.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Best Part

The average person fails over and over until somehow they manage to get it right. The best part is watching them try over and over again until they feel it’s perfect. I guess that’s why they ask the perfect question: “How did I do?”
Keep trying, eventually you’ll get it right.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Humans, Aliens, & Animals

Deep in the heart of a small town there were spies. These where not just any spies they were animal spies.
“They’re out of control,” Peter the sparrow said ranting to his mother.
“Who, Peter? Who is out of control?” Linda, Peter’s mom asked.
“The ‘human aliens,’ they don’t even put bird feeders out for us in their yards anymore. We need to get rid of them, they’re not keeping their end of the bargain,” Peter replied frantically.
Peter’s mother stopped stirring her stew, her son had now gained her full attention,
 “Their not keeping their end of the bargain with whom, Peter? Whom are you talking about son?
“I fly by this building up the street and I see them ‘human aliens’ in there worshipping this big lamb and a lion, they promise him their life and promise to take care of everything and everyone. They even put paper and metal in a dish and drink out of shining cups. Steven and I fly to various locations, we’ve even seen some ‘human aliens’ on their knees worshipping the sun with huge shining rooftops. It’s scary momma, many of them all do these things at the same time at a certain time of day and it’s frightening. We’ve even noticed some dressed in all white, picking other ‘human aliens’ off of the floor shaking like they’re passing out. They’re crazy momma and we’ve got to do something before they start eating us,” Peter explained.
Peter’s father Jeff came storming into the kitchen, “He’s right Linda, we have to fight back, those ‘human aliens’ burned Tina and Ed’s house to the ground. They’re savages.”
This got all of the animals revved up to take action. Peter took center stage, “It’s time friends, it’s time for us to come together and take our rightful spot as owners of nature. We will fight back with everything we’ve got. Friends, at this point, we have nothing to lose.”
In all of the unifying and chatting, Shanna the squirrel puts her tail up, “Hey, how will we fight back Peter? Do you need John’s stash of buckeyes for ammo? He has plenty, we just have to find them,” Shanna says as John gives her a weird look.
“No Shanna, we will attack them psychologically, we will have fireflies carry Fred the lion and Zeus the big lamb out of the mountains like they’re flying out of the night sky. I’m 100% sure that if we do this, we’ll get their full attention. They’ll know that we mean business,” Peter explained while all of the animals and insects of the forrest came together.
Peter’s idea was genius, he knew that this was what most of the human aliens were waiting for so he and the animals just had to find a way to communicate and give them what they’d been waiting for. To Peter this was the only way. Fred the lion never understood why his brothers and sisters were often killed for their fur and never invited to the worship events but instead locked in cages so other human aliens could watch them. For Fred the lion, this was payback.
The next day their plan was in motion, they bailed Fred the lion out of the zoo and managed to smuggle Zeus the big lamb off of the farm. It took 8 million fireflies to carry them into the night sky. When the human aliens saw this and heard the elephants blowing like trumpets, they were shocked, and many fell to their knees, some even passed out. The animals all watched, assured that this was their time. Boy did Fred the lion and Zeus the big lamb put on a show. They explained to the humans everything that needed to be done to get things back in order. The humans were so pumped up that they even promised Fred the lion and Zeus the lamb a golden zoo with plenty of fresh food and royal rugs.
Peter’s father was so proud of his son, all of the sparrows were overwhelmed with joy. They were now the top birds that ruled the sky beside the eagle. The animals had now gained power over the human aliens with Fred the lion and Zeus the lamb as their spokesmen. Shanna and John the squirrels couldn’t believe how fast the animals got things back on track when they were able to speak clearly with the human aliens. Ted the bear even found out that they sold honey at the local market. Instead of stealing it, he just went right in and bought it with the money he now earned cleaning the woods. The new world was much better now with human aliens and animals working together. Now that all of the humans and animals were unified, Noah became Peter the sparrow’s favorite story. With unity, everything was not only good, it was all good.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

80 Tickets

Summer can be hot sometimes, I guess that’s why the seasons change. My first show in my hometown was a flop, a dud, a disaster, no one showed up but a few cast members. I wanted to stop doing what I enjoyed for a moment or two. I reflected on the lonely nights on that ship in the middle of the ocean, I reflected on my divorce that no one cared about. My mother warned me at an early age that the men in our family have to guard their heart. She told me that it’s our secret weapon that eventually gets us into trouble, at least that’s how I took the warning. Most of my uncles died of a broken heart. I spent everything I had on that show, I couldn’t even pay my rent. Although I failed my first time, I still felt the magic. Upset and on my last dime, I did what I loved to do: “sleep and dream,” in my dream an angel told me that the gift to create comes from inside, he told me to get up and try again. The angel’s voice was clear, he told me that it’s never the amount of people that show up, it’s the message, the will to keep the show going. The angel told me he would send me some people with the passion to sell 80 tickets. When I woke up the angel was gone but he gave me the energy I needed to get up and print out 80 tickets. The next day I met ten people, I put them in the cast and we were ready to make a miracle. We argued, we laughed, but we kept creating the magic for a good show no matter how many tickets we sold.
“So West, how much are you going to charge for the tickets?” James asked.
I paused for a moment, “Twenty dollars, with dinner and a movie, the whole cast splitting the earnings 50/50.”
The stars were bright, we put on a show, and the place was like a starry sky at night. There’s something about a dream that makes life go on, their’s something about a dream that makes the show go on. I think God speaks to us all, I think he loves us all. Every veteran, every lonely child, I know he hears us. Even when we do some of the craziest things. Everyone has a different show to put on, everyone has a different picture of God, some people just stop believing, but whatever angel came to me in a dream at my lowest point, he gave me a good genuine crowd and a good show. I didn’t even have to ask, God knew my heart the whole time, he was even merciful enough to send me some help. We inspired a crowd of 80 people to create something themselves. Eager to see the angel’s face, I fell fast to sleep after the show, only to dream of a hand written note that read: “If I were to show you my face then you would look up in the sky and see no stars at night. I would hate to give away the end of your show. I’ll see you when your run is over.”
The End,
80 Tickets.

Friday, September 20, 2019


It was about midday, don’t ask me how I made it past the cotton candy protestors but I did. Megaphones filled with depressed people wasting their time trying to prove a point. For me to call them stupid I must first look at myself in the mirror. I can’t see from their eyes. “Ouch!” I just bit my tongue. They’re everywhere, searching for love, feelings and emotions, as soon as I escape to my man cave, I realize that I’m surrounded. I turn on the radio and I hear them, people expressing themselves from all walks of life. I open up a book and their voices levitate through my eyes. They’ve even made it on TV, crying, spilling their feelings out to the masses. There’s no escape, I’m surrounded, even when I’m alone I can see them online. Guilty, even me, people talking as though they’ve never done anything wrong, they just didn’t get caught, I guess, but they sure sound innocent. They’re the ones to blame for turning everything upside down, wait I’m guilty too. Or am I? Democrats, Republicans and Independents, who will be the last one standing. Wait I hear someone blasting their music, “Oh god they’re everywhere, liberals and conservatives, Jews and saints.” Drunk history teachers, telling children how great con-artist posing as intellects used to be even now in present day. I then hear a knock on the door, could it be a bill collector? I lock myself in the closet. I could have sworn I just heard a politician tell me that relief was not too far away. I’m a check away from being homeless. Once again I’ve been lied to, long live the lost and forgotten, there’s no escape from reality, we can only run so far until we finally realize that we’re all surrounded. They’re everywhere and they want to be just like their idol. I’m surrounded, no escape, they got me, I walk outside with my hands up, only to drop a smoke bomb from my mouth and escape through the sewer. I survive another day only to realize that my freedom is now even more in danger. I’ve just added more fuel to the fire. No surrender, I’m on the run, I’ve gone rogue and there’s no turning back now. I’m innocent.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Volunteer

I can’t say I wasn’t thinking, because I was.
I can’t say I had second thoughts, because it was clear that I was certain.
If I were not afraid, I would be lying to you.
My heart is telling me this is the right thing to do.
After this life, some will say I was crazy,
Some will say I was stupid.
I decided to take the path less chosen.
I don’t know where I’m headed.
If bravery describes the decision that I just made then so be it.
I volunteered, no turning back now, my eyes are open.

Saturday, September 14, 2019


I walked into a nursing home and the residents were putting wrestling moves on the aids. Hmm. Could they’ve been watching too much wrestling?
I look on the playground and I notice bullies being handcuffed. Hmm. I wonder what’s going on where they live?
I walked into a city and noticed that all of the races of people in the city were still practicing segregation. Hmm. They must not get out much.
My one friend gets upset when his wife doesn’t cook. Hmm. Could it be because she’s a construction worker or was never taught?
Times have changed, I guess that’s why the sun comes out everyday, we have to have something to look up to. I can say that the sun is one of the few things that does the same thing everyday. Hmm. Could the universe be just a big machine with astronauts messing up the gears?
She wears a pillowcase on her head because the doctor told her it would help her sleep better. Hmm. Did she read the instructions right?
He comes out of that church and always thinks the world is coming to an end. Hmm. He must of got the message.
Influence...influence...influence... When will I learn?

Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Bad Habit

I can’t stop thinking about it.
It’s calling me.
It won’t stop talking to me.
It wakes me up out of my sleep.
I get through a day or two and the craving gets stronger.
It’s like it’s chasing me.
It’s embarrassing, I hope I never get caught in the act.
I can’t shake it.
A day would be perfect without it.
I’ll continue to count the days on the calendar until it’s defeated.
I can’t beat it.
It takes control of me.
It’s clear, that I’ve got it bad.
I’m human after all, I have a bad habit.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Melting Pot

In my verbal speech to the diverse nation, I digressed. Bang! Someone shot me for expressing myself. It was my duty to serve and protect, yet I had been shot by the people whom I had sworn on oath to serve. In contempt, I sat in the hospital and watched as they patched up my womb. I soon realized that I had lived in a place where nothing makes sense, the women are easily deceived and I had fallen victim because I wanted to do what was right. Conflicted, and eager to get well, I looked around the room as the media slithered their way into a story. Someone even knocked out the air conditioner to protest my actions. I believed in my vote and now I’m a victim. With no air conditioner, I watched as protesters stood outside the hospital, some had stop climate change signs and stop the violence t-shirts. In deep despair, I climbed on the ledge of the old hospital window, wounded and all, I shouted into the melting pot, “I, my family and all who’ve served beside me, have given everything for the will of the public, and this is the thanks we get. Open borders, gun violence and even dead children in the womb.”
The nurses rushed in to save me, but it was too late, for I dived into the melting pot and none of the citizens that I’d spent my whole life serving bothered to catch me.
The Melting Pot

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Crying Babies

Once upon a time; hold up, give me a second, someone is in the room. It’s a human baby crying. I don’t know what to do. I can feel the baby’s pain, he’s upset about something. The child is teaching me a very hard lesson about life. I then take my shirt off of my back to comfort the child. He stops crying, I smile, I think the little fellow likes me. Let me get you to understand where I am. It’s late, I’ve given some girl a ride home and she lives in some pretty harsh conditions. But with her smile, life isn’t so bad but why does this feel so strange? It’s better when you show love, I guess. I start pondering... this kid could grow up and give me a reason to keep living someday. It’s too bad he’s not mine. This little fellow could be the only friend I have, I guess that’s why babies cry. This is where we get to the end of the story, because I just took my shirt off of my back to care for someone’s child. For some reason this story has to be personal because strangers can end up at the wrong place at the right time. I go down stairs and his mother is gone. She abandoned him, as hard as this situation is, I think his mother knew the whole time what she was doing. This was a setup from the beginning. For a moment I feel sad...I’m in a very awkward situation. I review my own life, my heart skips a beat, I’ve been played. I slowly walk into the room confused and angry. Don’t ask me why but the kid fell straight to sleep in my shirt, I pause for a second, the little guy reminds me of myself. This must be my crossroad, this must be the time when I have to sacrifice, the time when I have to be the good guy in a story so I take him in.
Seeing him attend his graduation 17 years later made it all worth it. It’s been a tough road and I just about have nothing left but this is a good day. I’ll accept it, I have no regrets. Divine law gave me a choice to raise a child and the son came out the next day. Oops, I mean the sun came out the next day.   This was the story that saved my life, I felt sad so I started typing away. The story of crying babies. In sorrow and pain they somehow have a way of throwing back a lifeline to someone having to deal with reality. We never know how the story ends we just hope for the best.
The End

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Lady of the night

In high school, I worshiped this girl. I used to see her walking home in the evening hours past curfew. She had this look in her eyes, her face was filled with sorrow. One of her friends told me her story, it turns out that there was a reason why that glow in her eyes was no more. Her step father had an eye for young attractive women and at night he would do things to her that would turn her into a different kind of girl. Some say that once a girl loses the purity of not being touched, it changes her perception of life and sadly she becomes a lady of the night, searching for the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Many men end up trying to save her but usually end up caught in her web. The tunnel is dark, it’s better just to let her find her way home. One look of desire could destroy everything.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

All I have left is a dream

It’s 8:08pm and I’m at a crossroad, don’t know which way to turn. I’ve run a mile headed for two. I’ve lost so many people along the way. A voice in my head keeps telling me to call it quits, the world  is too big to discover. One mind cannot overcome obstacles that add more weight by the minute. Grandpa, Uncle Jim and Uncle Johnny and so many family members and friends are gone. Heartache after heartache, standing at the food kitchen with a book all alone. “I shall finish this book, I shall finish this book,” I keep reminding myself for motivation. For the many times that I’ve fallen, I somehow get back up with less than what I had before. I’ll take my little camera and tripod that I bought at a thrift store and make a miracle, all I have left is a dream, for reality has failed me.

Monday, July 8, 2019

The Letter

It was my birthday, the 8th day of July. I waited all day for her to call but she didn’t. I checked my email and got nothing, so I checked the mailbox, woe, wow and oh God, she wrote me a letter instead. Old school love is the best love, what a great birthday, I got a letter in the mail. The Eagle has landed.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

District 13

“What happened to all of the people that used to live here Mommy?” little Willow asked in the midst of a night filled with explosions.
Her mother Catherine began to cry while wiping the dirt off of her daughter’s face. 
“Man has done something really bad sweetie, really bad,” Catherine replied, trying to keep her daughter safe from all of the chaos. 
The idea of peace was the only thing that helped the citizens of district 13 sleep at night. One writer wrote that there was no hope for mankind. There was no good left in his soul and he was cursed by his own will to win. The people of district 13 flocked to their bunkers when they heard of the last order to drop the bomb on them. Children walked through the streets like zombies searching for toys, women screamed as the evil desires of men roamed free. The structured system had collapsed, the next morning as the sun rose over what was left of district 13, little Willow crawled from under the ground only to be consumed by the soot that filled the air. The government had failed its people, no one survived, there’s no joy in war, only sad memories of death and destruction and the victor usually becomes the oppressor. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Good Song

Oh, when I heard the tune, I got up and did my dance.
I did my two step and my signature spin.
My lady friend felt it too, she backed that thang up and parked it right in the middle of the dance floor.
I moved my arms to match the beat.
I sang my favorite part with all my heart, I was on top of the world for 3 minutes and 24 seconds.
As the song came to a close, I sat down, realizing that the DJ gave me the fix I needed.
I was satisfied for the rest of the night, that’s really all I needed.
The good song.
If I get lucky he’ll play it again.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Second Chance

Some say addiction is like a virus, a virus that spreads. You find yourself going in circles until it's defeated. In the midst of this challenge it becomes your crutch until you snap. You go to it over and over again to heal the pain. I couldn't find a cure until I found a weapon to fight with. To kill a cancer you have to kill every bad cell. I killed the dealer, I killed the exotic dancers, I killed everything that I felt killed everything that I loved. On the end of my killing spree I sat in a room alone with no recipe to feed my cravings. I had no one to act out the sex scenes in the videos. I had no one to cook up the drugs, no one to get drunk with and no one to smoke with, I killed everything that was killing me and somehow I found justice. After I realized what I had done, I looked in the mirror and I felt better. I washed my hands of all of the blood in the dirty sink and when the cops came I turned myself in. With no more bad cells I cured the cancer and I alone was responsible for relapsing and killing myself. I now had no choice but to be clean. Hearing a crowd of addicts cheering was all an illusion because the only cheering that I heard came from those who took their second chance and never looked back. I became the hero that told my fans, "Don't try this at home."

Second Chance

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Page 88

All my life I've tried to be a good person. I've tried not to lie, cheat or steal. One day at the library I found an abandoned book outside near the trash. It was a small book with no cover. On the first page was a picture of an open heart with light beams coming out of it. The first page quoted: "He who possesses the image on this page is able." Seeing that I was at a point in my life in need of some direction, I was drawn to what this author had to say so I took a seat by my bike near the curb and began to read this old abandoned book. I got to page 37, then I decided that I better get home because I couldn't help but notice librarians peeking through the big windows of the huge building as they prepared to close.
As soon as I entered my one room shack in the deepest part of my imagination, I sat on the couch and continued to read.
"Who would throw such a good book away?" I thought to myself as I continued to read. 
Yawning, I turned to the next page and noticed that it was blank.
"Where's page 88?"
Up to this point the book was so deep that I needed to know more. I could tell the author had a lot on his mind when he wrote it. I mean this guy had answers for everything. Up to this point in my reading, the author makes it known that there's a flaw in civilization and the women for some reason are bringing their children to this man's house but there's no page 88.
I turn to page 89 but I'm missing a key part.
"Why are all of these women bringing their children to this man?"
Curious, I look up information about the book on my phone. I also look up the author but find nothing. In frustration, I throw the book and it breaks the mirror nearest to me on the wall, then I hear a knock at my door.
"Where's page 88?" I whisper to myself looking at my reflection in the broken mirror.
There's another knock at the door.
I move one foot to look and see who it is. The floor creaks on the weight of one foot.
"Who is it?" I ask, but no one answers and I don't see anyone outside.
In deep thought I realize that I have to figure out what this book is really about, what is the author trying to say? I skim through the pages and I hear another knock on the door.
"Who is it?" I shout, sitting in my one room shack on a dirty couch reading a book with no cover. I then slam the book down on the bare floor to see who's at my door but still see no one. Now I'm starting to get freaked out.
"Hello, is anyone out there? What do you want?"
I get no answer.
Now I'm really getting freaked out. Something is wrong. I get a burst of déjà vu while noticing that the mirror is not broken this time and the book is not on the floor, it's on the couch. I could've sworn that I sat it on the floor. Okay, at this point, I've lost it. Hearing a knock on the door, I rush to look out of my small window. There are children standing all around my one room shack. 
I'm on page 88. Feeling my heart skip a beat I rush to the book on the couch and begin reading page 89.
Realizing my fate, I now know where page 88 is. I am page 88. I then open up the door and began to read the rest of the book to the children. I also notice that my one room shack is in a small corner at the library.
All this time I've been sitting in a small room reading to children enhancing their imagination. I then turned to the next page and the story goes on to the next chapter of the book.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The God of Roses

Oh my, what a pretty flower. The sun has allowed it to grow on my owned and paid for property. Have you noticed that I’m the only one growing this beautiful gift from the sun. How will I share it with my fellow people? Will I charge them? Will I take pictures and sell them? Oh look, it’s god has protected it’s beauty with thorns, how clever. This flower’s beauty comes equipt with a defense mechanism. It’s beauty is deceiving, I shall leave it alone until I find a way to kill it and remove it from my property. Hmm, is the God of humans trying to send me a message or is the god of roses trying to assume the throne? Could they be the same God? What a beautiful flower, I shall cut and and share one with my wife to show her how much I love her. Oh no, I’ve been tricked again.

The God of Roses

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The day when nothing happened

It was a rainy day and I had just finished making my signature peace t-shirt. I marveled at the black and white designs trimmed with fluorescent colors. After all of the hard work, I turned on the radio and noticed that nothing was on, it was just air. I turned on the TV and saw only static. I went outside and noticed people just sitting on their porches...
"What in the world is going on?" I asked myself softly not expecting an answer.
I then grabbed my keys and jumped in the car; driving down the street I noticed all of the city political leaders and justice officials sitting eating barbecue with gang members. I drove by the military base in town and say all of the ships docked. Every military plane was on deck.
"What in God's name is going on?" I kept repeating to myself.
Realizing that things had taken an odd turn, I was spellbound when I saw all the religious leaders of every faith in town sitting outside of a church playing corn-hole.
From a distance I noticed the local gun store had chains on it, everyone had given in, they all threw in the towel.
Submitting to the movement, I went home, put my t-shirt on and jaywalked across the street and had me a piece of barbecue with my neighbors.
There were no more clouds in the sky.

The day when nothing happened.

Friday, March 29, 2019

The Love Story

Many writers approach the topic of love in a general fashion, some often fail to isolate the feelings between two people.
This story starts with a little piece of paper on the floor and two people less likely to fall in love.
One writer would say that love cannot be forced, it has to happen randomly, when two people need each other the most, then, with time, it will reach its fullest potential. They have to need and want love. Accept it, because they've seen enough so they surrender to the force that love creates. Then the story begins:
It was a rainy day and Ryan sat in his office chair falling asleep, tilting his head to the side he noticed an old piece of paper that had fell from the book that he had been reading on break yesterday. Noticing a familiar name on the piece of paper with a number, he picked it up. Ryan had been single for quite a while and this was a strange situation. The name on the paper was Monica, a girl that he had grew up with but never approached. Holding on to the paper, Ryan found himself in a new trance, all he could think about was the paper and the number so he decided to text the number to see if he would get a response. Hours passed with no reply so he gave up and went to sleep but like the writer said, love cannot be forced, it has to happen randomly to reach its fullest potential. The next morning when Ryan awoke, he noticed that he had a text message from the number asking who it was, but Ryan was too afraid to text back. Eating breakfast, he couldn't help but to keep looking at the picture of he and his ex-wife Karah on the wall. She broke his heart and he doubted his instinct to try again, so he didn't, he erased the text and threw the paper away.
Leaving to go to work, he hurried and grabbed the book that he often forgot to read while on break.
At work Ryan felt different, it was like a force of attraction that was pulling him in Monica's direction. He could feel something because all he could think about was a simple text message. He had some type of spell on him. Distracted, he spilled hot coffee on his arm.
"Ryan, are you okay?" Tina asked, noticing him trying to care for the burn.
"You might want to get some help, that arm doesn't look good."
Tina was the supervisor on staff that day and from the moment Ryan clocked in, to the moment she saw him spill coffee on himself, she noticed something serious was on his mind. She had seen that look before.
"Did you meet someone last night?"
"No, no, I've just got a lot to finish up. A lot on my mind, you know," Ryan explained, wiping off his arm and clothes with a paper towel.
Grabbing more towels from the break-room counter, Tina helped him clean up,
"Ryan, go home and get some rest, and make sure you see a doctor about that burn. I'll have Jim cover the rest of your shift. It's slow today anyway."
Hearing the phone ring in his cubical, Ryan's attention shifted as he slipped to head to his desk. Tina stopped him in his tracks,
"No, no, no lover boy, you're not going to make me look bad today. Jim will take the call. Go get treated, I'll see you Monday."
Ryan gathered his things and in a matter of ten minutes he was headed to emergency to get his burn looked at. The nurse wrapped it up and on his way out, that's when it happened. Ryan saw her and she saw him.
"Ma', Monica, what are you doing here?" Ryan asked, shaking like a wet duck.
"I just started this job yesterday. Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost."
As the conversation shifted to the text message, all doubt soon left Ryan's mind. This is how it happened. A man and a woman who've had so much heart ache in their lives, yet in the span of three days would have conversation and realize that they needed each other more than a doctor would need a nurse. It was simple. There was no hurry for touchy-feeling-bumping-and-grinding, just pure love. The two just met everyday and began to spend time knowing each other all over again. Five years later, at the altar, he kissed her with no doubt that he had made the right choice. Twenty years later when his son came to him with the same feeling, he asked Ryan about love. Tripping on his own shoe laces, he looked his father in the eyes and asked,
"Dad how do you know when love is real?"
Ryan put his hand on his son's shoulder, the one with the scar that led him to his future wife, and looked his son in the eyes,
"The force of attraction will be so strong and all of your feelings will surrender. My son, there will be no doubt, you will know."
In certainty Ryan and Monica would spend the rest of their lives together and have three children. Through ups and downs they would never forget the moment when they reunited. The key is that they would never forget to keep telling each other and their kids their own love story.
The Love Story

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Angry Dog

Today I smelled the grass and pissed on my owner’s favorite chair, and I don’t care. I do love her but she has to understand that I don’t like it when other dogs smell my spot. She never listens, I barked at her for hours, hmm, let me lift my leg up and piss again. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. You ‘betta ask somebody. She has no clue what I’m saying, I give up, let me piss on the chair one more time first, then, I’m going to lay down. Barking wears me out.

The Angry Dog

Thursday, March 21, 2019


Once again I’ve been left alone. This must be what it feels like. I’ve given away everything, I have nothing left but my grandfather’s discharge papers. This must be what it feels like... this is what being barried alive must feel like. I have nothing left. I sit and watch the devils of this world take credit for everything that’s good. I watch as the people flock to them while those suffering sit in the dark. In the shadows, like me. Prisoners of war in your own country. Pondering, I notice my left hand shaking. I use my right hand to comfort it. I then comprehend why I was made with two sides. Wait there’s almost two of everything. Everything goes hand-in-hand, but my left hand is weaker than my right hand. There’s two sides to everything. I look in the mirror at my reflection, pondering the fact that all my life my soul has been in the middle of two sides working together, inseparably, indivisible; United...if I lose my right hand, I must learn to use my left, so my left becomes my right, how ironic. Being comforted by my own thoughts and reflection, I thank god. My comprehension has lead me to figure out that those who sit in the shadows will eventually be brought into the light. I have no more regrets. I’m grateful, I see the light, the darkness led me to it.

Monday, March 18, 2019

The Crowd

It was my first real challenge, my first big crowd. Listening to my trainer, I acted like they were not even there. Before the fight, I recalled when I used to tell comedy jokes with small crowds, but this was different. When I heard the bell ring, my heart started beating really fast. I felt like a warrior angel had entered my body, I began to shake. What I noticed the most was how brutal the crowd was. I was there for a fight but they were there to see blood. Don’t ask me why my first professional fight was scheduled for the maximum rounds. I could feel the crowds energy with every punch and kick. The fight went the distance. I was dead tired, the one thing that remained on my mind was how I felt tired but the crowd still had energy. Feeling their rage, I snapped my opponent’s neck and they still cheered. Realizing what they turned me into, I fell to my knees, got up and walked out of the cage, never to fight again. Somehow the beast inside of me became human. They would sell their soul to see the beast. They would bet all of their riches to see a monster that I refused to let out anymore.

Friday, March 15, 2019


May the moments that we share carry-on into the next life.
Some days we get upset with each other and cannot bond, but in the end we all need each other.
It hurts when one of us must take this journey down a path that is dark and lonely without other family members standing watch. It hurts when one of us must journey into the afterlife but it’s something that we must accept, I guess that’s why we all must work together to keep our family brand alive.
The weight of the world may get heavy and at times we all may not get along, but in the end, it’s just family and whom we choose as friends. I guess it’s fair to say that through it all, we all are family in some way or another. From one comes many but only love can unite us when we separate or venture off. When we were all young, the moments that we shared carried on, although some of us have ventured off into the woods alone, never to return, blessed are the family members who remember and try to the death to keep us all united together. Much love, Family.

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Sales Department

Good day, how may I help you? First let me inform you that this call may be recorded for quality control purposes. Oh, it's okay, I'll tell you everything you want to hear to get you to spend money. Let's laugh together, I was just joking, please subscribe to our services for $19.99, I guarantee the service will be great. You'll love it. Thanks for signing up, and thanks for the commission, I really need to pay my car payment. Don't forget about me on the survey.
Thanks for your call. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Coast Guard

From coast to coast there’s a mountain in the middle.
I decided to climb the mountain and slipped trying to reach the top.
Falling from the mountain, I saw the sky.
When I hit the ground, my soul began to fly.
I was no longer between coast, I became universal.
Thanks for the help.
I’ll see you again when lighting strikes.
Keep your guard up.

Saturday, February 16, 2019


forgotten...I wrote and I didn’t use the correct grammar.
I spoke and didn’t use the correct language.
I volunteered and I got laughed at and made fun of.
My world is upside down.
I delivered the wrong drill to my brother’s house, drove a long way for nothing, he called someone else.
I played the hero in the play and spoke up for the blind man and no one clapped.
I forgot to make reservations and there was no seat for me.
In a structured environment, I had to sit in the back.
It almost feels as though I don’t exist.
I sit and reflect on if I ever did.
Did I ever matter.
Have I lost it, have I gone crazy?
I’ve been forgotten, does anyone remember me?

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Thinking in a Chair

I tried three times, I'll try again.
Hmm, let me sit in my chair and think.
I think that no man or woman should be a slave.
I know we should all be free.
I'll sit in my chair and imagine what
freedom for all looks like.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

I Found a Song

Woe, I almost lost it.
I almost let go of this life.
I almost gave in.
Quit was on the radar.
Love was gone.
That's when it happened.
I Found a Song.
Another reason to carry on.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Say yes

No is too hard for anyone to accept.
No is not what people want to hear.
No is what creates violence.
No is what creates the hate.
No is what makes the girls cry and the men bitter.
No is what creates enemies.
Give it to me, make me happy for one day.
Say yes.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

So Help Me God

I will if you ask me. 
If you don't, then everything you know is at an end.
Is the way you live not proof that I've been with you?
When you are at the pit of filth and corruption, drowning in your own sorrows.
When power enters your heart and you rule with no knowledge of me, why beg for the mercy of your next generations?
Is it not I alone that provides?
Is it not I alone that brings intellect to the dumb?
Is it not I alone that proves with your own attitude and life that there is a piece of me in you?
Who codes your DNA?
Who codes the universe and can count the stars that you see at night?
Every victory will be your defeat, every smile and inkling of love and affection, the gifts that I give to the common man, I'll hold dear to myself as I alone have kept my promises throughout the generations. 
Without I, there is nothing;
in the depths of space there is darkness, 
I alone am all. 
I alone have given power to the weak and strength to those who ask. 
My spirit roams the earth, seeking hearts eager to be pure and divine. 
How easily forgotten am I to those who study the depths of the universe. 
How easily forgotten am I to those with plenty. 
How easily forgotten am I to those that possess unlimited power in a world full of light and darkness. Have I not shown mercy to the oppressed?
Have I not shown mercy to those with life and show no mercy at all?
Have I not provided for every bloodline, providing them all with free will?
Am I not real justice, all knowing, and all powerful?
Think, desire, and believe in me and I'll fill your heart, mind, body and soul with all that I am.
Like an artist, I alone, create the masterpieces that you see in life.
Like an artist, I alone, create miracles.
So Help Me God. 
I will if you ask me. 

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Business Plan

Dear Bank,
I'm a graduate of You can do it University and I need to borrow some money to open up You can do it Laboratories, where we examine and teach people how to do it. I would like to request funds in the amount of $300,000 of which $25,000 will be used to build a statue of me giving my customers a thumbs up. All my life I've never been afraid to try new things, so if my business plan fails then I'll try to pay it back the best way I can.

Thumbs Up!

Thursday, January 24, 2019


Confusion is how I got lost in a huge globe filled with water and dirt.
One day I was told that my mother was not my real mother and that I needed to eat ten grams of salt a day to stay healthy. 
The reality is that my mother is my real mother and I can choose to eat what I can afford or grow it myself. 
Confusion is how I got lost in a huge globe filled with water and dirt.
Who am I?...hmm. 
When I became certain, I decided to live with my choices while also accepting the consequences of my actions.
Confusion is how I got lost in a huge globe filled with water and dirt.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


I count every dollar, even the dollars that I save, that leaves me with just enough to get my driveway paved.
Cheap is like stretching the money that you have.
It's like leaving one hand free so you have one hand to grab.
It's not that being cheap is bad, it's just that saving makes me feel good.
I just used my last dime to buy a small piece of cheap firewood.
When a business post a sale for $1.99,
I take my one cent and throw it in my own wishing well,
then I drain the water out to wash my feet,
and later take the change inside the well to buy something cheap to eat.
My savings account is a wonderful idea,
but I'm so cheap, why use a bank?
I'll just put the money that I have left over in my gas tank.
When the price of gas goes over three dollars,
I'll buy cheap shoes and walk like a toddler.
My merchandise may fall apart or may not last that long,
but if cheap is right then how can I go wrong?
Cheap is not bad, it works for women and men too,
why buy a ring when you can't even afford a clue.
I'll buy a rubber-band at the price of 25 cents to put around my girl's finger,
why buy a ring that I'll pawn when she chooses to turn off her ringer.
When times get tough and I get scammed for trying to be rich,
I'll take my last dollar and bury myself in a ditch.
Look how much I saved on the funeral, what a day,
see what cheap does to you,
when you've spent your entire life having to pay.