Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Let me warn you, this is a deep description, some will understand it and some won’t.
How a person lives could possibly explain their intellect over time. I once tried to understand the reason behind life and death. It’s a challenging study, I questioned immortality and people who define themselves as gods on earth. It’s not that these people are evil or foolish, but they’ve tapped into a part of the human conscience that many do not understand. How would you respond if you visited a place and watched important people jumping off of a mountain, only to die. Let me inform you that it would be foolish to assume that these were stupid people. Some choose to die early because they’ve reasoned with the fact that death is inevitable. Some just don’t like it here and some delight in testing the waters or putting their finger into the electrical socket. In their intellect they’re testing the geometric laws that govern the universe; many choose to challenge these laws or convince others to. It’s like a good race car driver that understands aerodynamics and a poor person that understands hunger, these people have mastered an art that few people understand, sometimes unwillingly. When a person has tested these laws and becomes certain of the afterlife, they lose the fear of flying. In testing the laws of life and death one can master the fears of mortals. This may sound crazy but those who test these laws believe in immortality and usually would rather die young than to die old. This wisdom is what defines a daredevil. They play with the laws of the universe and are not afraid of what you may fear the most: death. To live is only an illusion which dwells in the temple of the brain. When the vessel dies the soul goes back to the source. Those who’ve mastered this art know that the universe is infinite ♾ and life is to. They are certain of this belief. When you leave your vessel you wake up to an eternal cycle that never ends. I would dare you to test it out, but I love you to much and I enjoy our time here, so please don’t try to test these laws. Haven’t heard of anyone who returned to confirm the answer and even if they did, not to many people believe them. It’s like telling people the god of the universe visited earth because he’s fascinated with his creations and dares to come down and play with them. I dare you to believe that. One of the hardest things about life is watching someone you love pass on, it’s hard to let go. The dare takes time.

Friday, January 24, 2020

The Dictator

It started with laziness, partying and violence.
The preacher in the pulpit talking about God’s wrath.
He watches it all, women being raped, wives cheating, then he snaps.
If you don’t reason with an Alpha, you will eventually make him evil.
In his eyes he is sent to heal the wounds of his people.
He is sent from God.
He is God in his own mind.
This is the mind of someone who is afraid of hunger.
This is the mind of someone who sees no justice in those who don’t listen to him and him alone.
This is the mind of someone with no feelings or compassion.
He deprives his people of knowledge and weapons so they don’t rebel against him.
He keeps a watchful eye on the babies being born so they don’t grow stronger than him.
Common sense is his, he is all that matters.
He kills, he delights in his power.
He feels that justice is in him alone and he rules with an iron fist.
He draws crowds because in him his people see strength.
Fragile fathers give him their daughters.
His followers feel that he is their savior, they know no God.
All of his wrath will awaken those whom are considered the infidels.
They run and hide.
The evil eye watches as the clock ticks away and now time is spent fleeing for safety.
Look in the eyes of a slave and you will see nothing but pain.
No will of choice, complete surrendering of all.
No soul, no life, they belong to their master.
For those who know evil, who’ve witnessed it, leave signs to warn the masses.
For they have been victims.
Their blood is in the fruit you eat, the water you drink, it’s in the land.
Such evil will make you honor the light of day because the screams at night won’t stop until the dictator is dead.
Some say that evil has its purpose, those who believe that usually are not victims.
They watch and take comfort in their safety, speaking of their blessings, getting fat off of the land.
Their knees are sore because they’re superstitious.
Some of them see purpose in the dictator.
Be watchful friends, the dictator rarely sleeps, when he does, he watches and waits for his time.
He alone is the goad of civilization at least that’s what he believes.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


“Take cover! Take cover! Now! We got gun shots 12 o'clock. Get down! Nobody fire until my order,” Captain Winslow shouts.
Boom! Shrapnel flies everywhere.
“Captain Winslow, I just pissed my pants. I need someone to cover me.”
“Robinson, what the hell!”
Dickerson takes a closer look, “Robinson that ain’t piss; that’s blood, you been hit.”
Captain Winslow covers his ground, “Get a medic over here, where the hell is Louis?”
“We’re taking heavy hits, sir, we may have to regroup,” Louis says, rushing in to get Robinson to cover.
“Sorry Captain, I let you down,” Robinson says being carried away.
Captain Winslow is too occupied to respond, “Okay gentlemen, we have to get the enemy to push back. Another unit should be coming in soon, plus we got a fly over missile attack coming to quiet things down a bit.”
“Brigs, this is unit Alpha, Charlie, I need info on where the enemy drone is...” a bullet goes straight through Grey’s head.
“Oh god, they just took out Grey.”
Captain Winslow sees the two-way radio laying on the ground next to Grey’s body.
“Jamison, pick up that radio, and see if we got info on that drone attack from the enemy. All units get ready to fire. This is it fellows, after today, home is all we have to look forward too, so use that hope to stay alive. On my order we unleash the beast. We give them everything we’ve got, to push them back.”
“Captain, if I don’t make it out of this hell, tell my son that his father fought for his ...” Bullet shoots right through Peterson. His last word was peace. The WAR went on with many casualties, and all those on the battlefield carried on with Peterson’s last words as their motivation. WAR changes things and bullets are fired to kill. Good people die in WAR. Not to many pills can cure the memories but home is always the hope to get back to. WAR is painful, WAR is scary, WAR is the opposite of PEACE. Try to make it the last resort, better yet, try to end it, it really brings people down to earth really fast. WAR is not fair, it’s hell on earth. The things that you take for granted are often appreciated in one word:

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


If I say yes, I’m the best in the world.
If I say no, I’m the worst in the world.
If I say yes, you love me.
If I say no, you hate me.
If I say yes, I could be leading you down the wrong path.
If I say no, then it’s because I want to help you.
Life is filled with these tough choices everyday.
If I say yes, then there won’t be enough left for the ones who deserve it.
 If you hate me, then hate me, I don’t care, earn your yeses like everyone else.
Get out of my face and let me think about it.

Monday, January 20, 2020

The Water Fountain

Dirty, yet clean, I’ll walk away so I don’t make a scene.
But wait, this is my stage, this is my Dream, I’ll drink from each, the dirty and the clean.
 Let freedom ring.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Drug Zombies

Once upon a time, in a town called Cranberry Valley, there was a mad scientist. He experimented with every drug known to man, then it happened. So many people were on drugs that they turned into zombies and started roaming the streets dismantling everything. He had turned the people into savages. They were everywhere and only Judy knew how it happened.
“Richard, you did this, now please fix it!” Judy said, pounding on Richard’s door to do something.
“I can’t, it’s too late, the damage is done,” Richard replied.
One of the zombies had climbed the stairs of the duplex apartment where Richard was hiding out.
“Richard, let me in, it’s got my leg, let me in, please!” Judy screamed. Richard made sure the door was locked and hid in his closet. Cowardly, he curled up by the closet door, crying and shaking. On display was his miracle cure for pain. He had desired to make money off of his discoveries, but his miracle cures eventually didn’t work. He just sat there shaking as he heard Judy screaming while the zombies ripped her apart. Til this day the old town called Cranberry Valley is a ghost town where no one dares to enter. Richard’s miracle drugs had ruined everything with no happy ending, only a lesson learned. To scared to face his disaster, Richard injected himself with an overdose of a local anesthetic, never to wake up again.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

My speech describing “Evil”

I walk onto the stage to give my speech, I then speak into the microphone:
Hello everyone,
I’m going to talk about the word evil today, I even googled the 10 most evil people of all time. Frightening results by the way. My understanding of this word “Evil” deserves some attention so I decided it would be a good topic. Over the course of my 37 years of living, I’ve witnessed myself and the people around me do some very strange things. I’ve often wondered what’s the true definition of evil. The description can be developed over time in how a person responds when they can or cannot get what they desire. Evil can also be a complete disconnection from what a person views as right or wrong when reaching for their desires. Don’t confuse evil with religious or political evil, these are different types of evil, it’s like security at a place of worship or guards making sure an evil dictator survives. It’s confusing and makes no sense, so don’t try to figure it out, I tried, and got no where because I’m good. The last basic description of evil can be defined as someone with no conscience. As time goes on and people become more aware of their surroundings, they often think that discipline is evil, but discipline often prepares us to escape real evil, so don’t get too comfortable.
After my description I take my speech, fold it up, and prepare to exit the stage, because I have a conscience, I’ll say:
 “Thanks for your time,” and you, as the stage manager, will say:
 “Are you thirsty?” I’ll reply:
 “I’m good.” You will say:
“Huh?” And I’ll say:
 “I’m good, damn, it’s the opposite of evil. What more do you want me to say? I’m good, I’m going to sit my big as$ down, sh$t, I’m tired, studying evil has worn me out. I’m too old for this sh$t. You may need that water to put the fire out, sh$t, it’s hot as hell in here.
The audience claps,
I’ll then say: “Oh Sh$t, is this thing still on?” You then proceed to turn on the air conditioner and I go sit my big as$ down.
Everything is now all good.
I got a standing ovation, I guess every coin has two sides.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Still Standing

Got hit a few times but it’s good, I’m alright...
Almost got knocked down but I’m good; worth the fight...
Got my heart broken, but it’s cool, I got over it...
Folks come and go with plenty but not much to show for it...
Old friend looked me in the eyes then got me right in the back...
Taught me a lesson... yeah, that’s a fact...
Can’t back down now, just give me a second...
Let me reflect for a moment, please let me breathe, I rise like the sun, stand tall like the trees...
So much weight on my shoulders, I’ll stand through the worst...
No kneeling while I’m praying...
No, I’ll stand when it hurts...
Not down, still up, even in a hearse...
Dead-to Lose-to win, just like rebirth...
In this fight, I’m standing through it all...
Even if I have to crawl...
I’ll never give in...
Hit, head spinnin, wait let me finish...
One leg, two legs, grounded, hands to the ceiling...
Eternal champion, standing on the villain...
Wow, I did it...
I’m still standing, bloody, torn, rugged, at the clinic...

Still standing.

Friday, January 3, 2020

The BOSS & the YES MAN Script

BOSS: “Hey, let’s kill all of the people in charge of that country and give someone else a chance.”
YES MAN: “Umm, what do we do if the other regime messes up too?”
BOSS: “Then we take over.”
YES MAN: “Umm, who’s going to pay for everything?”
BOSS: “The tax payer.”
YES MAN: “You don’t think we should mind our own business? What happens if they decide to kill us?”
BOSS: “Oh, I didn’t think of that. Hey, pick those bodies up, put them in the car and push the car down the cliff.  Now read the script: ‘THEY DID THIS AND WE JUST GAVE THE ORDER, WE KNOW THIS LOOKS ODD WITH BODIES EVERYWHERE AND ALL BUT SOMEONE HAS TO CLEAN UP THE WORLD’S MESS.
YES MAN: “Umm okay, that’s a good idea, did you write this script yourself? Hey, what if?...”
BOSS: “No ‘What ifs’ just do it, stick to the script.”
YES MAN: Yes, BOSS. Hey, so we’re the good guys, right?

Thursday, January 2, 2020

No Doubt!

Who has doubted and seen glory?
Is victory achieved in one day?
My friends, to see the tops of mountains one must climb, one must dream of standing on the peaks.
The one who builds wings must never be afraid to fly.
There is much weakness in doubt, doubt is a sign of fear.
One hundred stories high and he looks down, one hundred stories high and he looks up, then he touches the clouds.
He believes it can be done because he now sees it;
But first he imagined it.
What leads men and women to victory? My friends, it is not doubt, my friends it is not fear.
It is certainty that it can and will be done.
No doubt!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The 2020 Jungle Analogy

It may shock you that some people view the world as a jungle, but it’s a fact that if you feed a dog, there’s a good chance that you and the dog will get along and you won’t get bit. The 2020 jungle analogy is like a different state of thought, it’s like spending all of your money on a homeless man only to find out that you’re homeless and now he’s not. The jungle analogy occurs in cycles, it’s the description of people who choose a $25 an hour job only to be let go when they get injured. In 2020 you’ll hear more about the jungle analogy because it has a lot to do with how humans spend their time. In the jungle you could have a gun up to your head to get you to stop smoking but would you stop once the gun is gone and you’re set free to make your own choices. The 2020 jungle analogy is a crazy way to view the world, like how some people see weakness in a kind person or why some people stay in an abusive relationship. It’s understanding human behavior and how some people are just disconnected from reality. There’s only one rule in the jungle analogy that could help a person stay off of the radar, that rule is:
Don’t fire the first shot.
If you fire the first shot, you'll spend the rest of your life trying to get out or hide from the cage. The cage is where they send people who fight back in the jungle. This analogy may sound brutal and untruthful to some but the highly educated go around the jungle, they only go in to recruit or experiment. They drive around with signs on their cars that say they don’t have time for stupid people or they feed you to get a vote then leave you stranded to fend for yourself. This may sound harsh but death is inevitable in the jungle, people die quite often and women often have no choice but to abort their children so spend your time wisely. Beware, one revolutionary mind could cause not only a riot but a war that drags on and on. Good luck on your journey through the 2020 Jungle Analogy, if you make it out, don’t look back and don’t fall behind, there are a lot of people treading water and sinking in quicksand, they can latch on to you quickly and bring you down. Keep in mind that this is only an analogy that exhibits a state of thought. It is not a proven fact.