Friday, May 29, 2015

Defining the Quartet:

A quartet is a group of four singers performing or four instruments being played.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Understanding ISO Sensitivity on Digital Cameras:

Digital cameras offer a wide range of capabilities, some cameras zoom in, while others may have photo and video features that allow the operator to expand his or her ability. ISO sensitivity gives the camera the ability to adjust the amount of light coming in the lens. Most cameras that have this feature will let you know the minimum and the maximum amount of ISO sensitivity allowed on the box. It is important to note that ISO sensitivity is recommended when an image just seems to dark or the image needs more light. This feature will allow you to capture your videos or images at a comfortable pace as the lighting situation changes.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Some helpful things to know when finding investors for your film:

It's not hard to get people to fund your cause or film project. The hard part is following the rules when you go after big donors. If you are filed as a non-profit you can get grants and donors if your film is combating a cause, a documentary, or a PSA. When your production company is filed as a sole proprietor, you are fully liable for your project. If your production company is filed as a corporation, your assets are protected because the corporation is considered a separate body. In partnership agreements each partner just has to make sure they have a mutual agreement etc. It's okay in the investing aspect if you are getting support from family and friends; there are even special websites for that. It can get complicated when you start getting big donors. It is important to note: if you have legitimate papers as a production company that you should file with the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission). Most big corporations have to do this anyway; in this case, filing helps you understand the rules. One last thing to do when you set up a production company for filming projects is to have a bank account for the production company. Good luck on finding funding for your project and remember to use good practices when dealing with money.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The purpose and use of Color Gels:

Using lights to set the mood have been around for a long time. Color gels have advanced from the old uses of silk or wine colored bottles to set the mood at performances. The purpose of color gels are usually to set a type of mood that an original white light cannot set. Color gels usually come in many different colors and the material is usually a wax paper or a gel type plastic paper that can withstand high levels of heat. It is important for people to monitor the color gels because they are often worn out because of the heat from the light. Keeping color gels limited to just the main event and minimal rehearsal use can really save the material from wearing out too fast. The amazing thing about color gels is that when they are used in performances they can expand the creativity of not only the director's vision, but they can also enhance the performance experience.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Wall

After the Civil War a group of American scientist went underground to save America. They slept at Sister Jackson's, who had been housing refugee soldiers trying to escape the draft. Sister Jackson ran an abandon safe house with all types of people living there and for some reason only people seeking help would come to her. Above ground was the norm, but what was going on in the basement was what made things interesting. With the help of James Johnson, the scientist managed to open up a portal. When the portal was opened many soldiers started disappearing off of the battlefield. This irritated the government, because no one had a clue what was going on. One night Sister Jackson was asleep and she dreamed of a black wall with names on it. When she touched the wall she awoke in a field with over eight million people surrounding her in the field. She stood up and noticed a dirty old American flag flying. "Is this the concentration camp?" she asked. "This is the wall," one of the people responded, "But you're all alive. How is this so?" the man looked at her. "We're alive because you remembered. You were the key to the portal. All you had to do was remember. Mrs. Jackson, because of you the war is over. Now go back and rest we can now Passover." God Bless You.
POW*MIA You are not forgotten.

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Angels of War.

In early times the people of earth were good. They were peaceful, because the heavens were peaceful. The people did not feel and there were no toxins in the air. Life was pure. The fruits and trees where made to eat. In reasoning the meaning was to please God. To give him thanks for the day and the night, for he was and still is a good God. The Shepard Angels then gave the earth elements, these elements then grew and from those elements the almighty began to speak things into form. For all things are created from him. He is great. In his creations he was well pleased for he moves through the spirit of all his work. Without him everything is meaningless; the wisest king once quoted. As the lord began to create he noticed that even in nothing there is something. How is that so? As the angels saw this they concealed their thoughts, for when they thought, the creatures of earth thought; the angels had a connection with the creatures of earth. Where there was nothing there was opportunity and this opportunity was worth fighting for because it had power. Power created want, want created need, and need created conflict. In this "nothing" only God could fill the void. This created choice. When the Angels saw this they formed an army to protect the choice. When God saw this he saw wisdom. For his creation was like him so he gave them the ability to remember. The angels saw this and proceeded to bring life in all of God's creations. If life itself is meaningless then only God would have meaning. "Who will fill their nothing with my spirit?" God said speaking to the angels. The angels then began to work and build a place on top of all thoughts within the heavens. Each being has it's place. The Angels of war saw the many choices the beings of earth were making and they were content with the heavens. The heavens were peaceful and every creature lost there opportunity of peace when they broke the laws of God. Those laws where to understand that he is all that needs to be remembered. To remember would give them a sign that eternity is forever and the angels would always be there to help them remember. When the Angels of war saw this the angels of peace would clean. When the thoughts of nothing were filled with strife and war, the angels of peace would come after the angels of war were summoned by the beings. The angels of peace would give them the spirit of God to remember. When they remembered the war would end and God would fill the hearts of the beings once more. When God entered the hearts of his creation the heavens would dance and a new tune would be created for the woes of the people. The soldiers of war would then come home and make babies while the prisoners of war would live on through their loved ones and family. To this day because of the empty spaces they will always be remembered.
POW*MIA you are not forgotten x-}

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Warriors of War

Facing an army of one hundred soldiers, we were ten strong. Each of us had a mass workout plan, we were in the best shape of our lives. There was no turning back from our decision to invade. After a cargo plane was shot down the woes of war were starting to seep in. We were low on supplies and the enemy was gaining ground. After running out of ammunition, we had no choice but to use hand-to-hand combat if we wanted to come out alive. It was hot and we faced off in a sand storm. When the enemy saw we had no weapons they didn't attack. They decided to take us in as hostages. As they were preparing to take us in, Commander Bows decided to make a move. He grabbed one of the insurgent's and snapped his neck. When we saw this we began to fight. Sargent Johnson choke-slammed one of the insurgents and crushed his spine on a rock. I heard a gun go off as I tackled one of the insurgents to the ground. I punched and pounded his face until there was no life left in him. The beast had come out of me; with bloody fist, I pushed one of the insurgent's eye sockets in as he reached for his weapon. In a matter of ten minutes we had annihilated the enemy with our bare hands. We now had food and ammunition because of our strength. After we punished them we had confidence. We then found a place to hideout and rest since we were too far from base. We had proven to be true warriors and because of our dominance we had the enemy on the run. This was a day to remember. I wonder if our country will remember what we accomplished today. As we moved into our next mission we noticed that the nickname the villagers had given to us was: "The Warriors of War."

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Prayers of War.

Innocent people have been dying my lord.
Why are they dying?
Babies in the womb, young men going to pray or get something to eat.
Everything belongs to you, yes I know.
I love people. I care for them. I like the spirit of every creature and I can feel their spirit even when they're not around.
My Lord is there meaning behind all of this suffering.
Is there meaning behind the killings.
Why won't they stop killing.
Is it because they want to prove that you exist, or is it because evil is real.
Will there be peace Lord?
Will you come and free us from this madness?
What did we do Lord?
Did we forget about you?
Have we forgot our place in life?
Help us Lord.
Free us from the fears of war.
Make us brave so we will be prepared for this evil that is all around us.
Give us thoughts of happiness in such troubled times.
O Lord our god we have not forgotten you.
I pray that we will never forget the prisoners of war.
I pray that we will never forget those missing in action.
I pray that we will remember war and replace it with peace.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The God of War.

The cause of this was me. It is I who desires balance upon man. Do you see the nations? Do you see the power that they yearn to have? A common being does not want to control the world. Those who want power, those who want to count the crumbs of the people, call upon me for strength. The land drips in blood. The fighting and shooting from millions who want dominion over the land. There is no peace, there cannot be. There has to be war. There has to be killing and corruption. Come to me with your woes, come to me with your anger and I will justify every action. I alone can feed the earth with blood. The men who invented the bomb, guns, and weapons of war; where do you think they got their power from? They got their power from me. There is no mercy in my power. The angels of peace look at me and clean up when I am done spreading my wrath. Will the people remember the soldiers who pray to make it home? Will the people remember the soldiers who don't? I alone keep them safe. I alone keep them on the battle field. In their pain the people will be justified. Is it fair for them to fight? Is it fair for them to go off to war while the people dishonor the land? Will you remember my warriors I will bring justice to mankind. I alone can cleanse the earth. I am the God of war. Keep peace in your heart and I will stay away. Ask for war and I will give it to you.

Monday, May 18, 2015

War Week.

It was April twenty second and I had just joined the military. I had nothing to lose. I had no friends, my girlfriend was a mess so I volunteered. I was going to die on the streets anyway, why not join the military. What were the chances of a war? When I went in I began to feel different. Almost like a horse in pain. I yearned to be home but this was it. This was my new life. Everything that I thought was dependable was not. This was hell. As soon as I got in, the base was under attack. Explosions everywhere. It was a disaster area, shrapnel, fire, alarms, dust, bodies laying on the ground with no life. I saw the men who were training with me running to get away from the attack. One didn't have an arm. I heard someone screaming as I looked over and saw one of the men I had been training with on the ground, he lost his leg and looked lifeless. I then saw a streaming rocket fly right past my ear and boom my ears started to ring. I didn't know what to do. I was only training, I wasn't even confirmed. The drill instructor came running into the platoon with rifles. He looked me in the eyes and all of the other recruits, "I want all of you little sissies and fuck offs to get your shit together right now! This is war and this isn't a place for pussies, take these guns and protect yourselves. You have no friends and if you thought you had a girl at home who loved you, forget about it. No body is going to wipe your ass and facebook isn't going to like you. It's kill or be killed. Do you little maggots understand me?" When I heard his ruthless chant I knew it was time. I knew what I had started could not be undone. I had to man up and put my life on the line for my country. I was not afraid of death. This was it. No more porn, no more momma's boy. I had no one to call. There was no time for prayer or Sunday service. No more parties or late nights with Teresa. I was in hell the first month of boot camp. Everything flashed before my eyes. All the freedom the people took for granted had begun a whole new conflict. I guess this is why we have to fight. I guess this is why war exist. People have to use the memories of war to remember what is most dear to them and cherish peace. After this  is done and if I survive. I pray that the people will never forget. I pray that they will remember. Oh god, will they remember? Will the flag still fly after this is over? Will we win? As I grab my weapon I get on one knee and start to shoot. I feel a hot shell graze my shoulder. I go for cover. I fall to the ground. Is there a God? I start to pray. Then I see the light. Where am I? Is it still war week? Reality sets in. Are we still fighting or am I dead?    

Friday, May 15, 2015

Brief description of a Falsetto:

There are many different vocal tones. One unique vocal tone is the falsetto. The falsetto is a vocal measure that requires movement of the mucosa, similar to swinging doors. The sound is prepped by male vocalist by using inner strength from the chest to repel a sound of male tone but a feminine sound in some sense. It is a very unique sound that is special, in regards to every person having different vocal ability.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The three types of musical tones:

The three types of musical tones are Pitch, Tone Quality, and Intensity. Each of these three tones can be adjusted for different types of sound.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Defining an Article:

An Article is a small section of clauses or sentences mainly used in non-fiction material such as: newspapers, magazines, or other forms of media outlets. The article is usually a synopsis or summation of an event that happened in real time. Articles are mainly used to get to the point of the matter, especially in contracts or agreements. In this sense, they simply state that if we are agreeing to a deal, then these words simplify our agreement.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What is a Chronicle?

A chronicle is a sequence of stories, usually told in order of events. There are still many stories told in this fashion. Chronicles are interesting to write because they bring the reader into the sequence of events. A good example would be: if a story is based on the world coming to an end; the reader would be so in to the story that they would actually believe the world was about to end. If written in chronological order then the writer could make the ending having nothing to do with the end of the world and letting the reader know that it was all a hoax that began in the first book. That is what a chronicle is, it's a fashion of stories written in order of events.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Understanding the basics of why the decibel system was created:

Forms of wire make a big difference in sound travel. Some wires lose strength depending on their length. A good example would be to notice how even wireless signals have a maximum distance of service. In the creation of communication devices, many well known telephone engineers realized that sound had limits and needed to be understood. The decibel system was invented to measure the capabilities of many different types of wire materials in which sound travels. Although it is one step in measuring sound levels, it is not the only way to measure each section of the sound spectrum. A good example would be frequency; which, is measured in hertz. As you advance in audio engineering and manipulation, you will notice that there are so many different ways to measure the levels that pertain to audio. The decibel system is just the basics.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The difference between an Epilogue and a Prologue

In a story there are such things as the beginning and an end. The epilogue concludes the story with a written speech, usually to bring closure to a piece of work; while the prologue introduces with a written speech (greeting) or gives more meaning to the story. Each form has its purpose. The epilogue can give hints of a sequel and the prologue can explain certain details as the story begins.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Casting Call Process:

A casting call consist of a production team looking for a person to fit a role for a film. Here is a list of things that are required at a casting call:
  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • Audition Script
The process is simple; the director or crew watch you audition. They then review the audition footage for the roles. The director then decides, after reviewing the auditions on who will get the part. Once the director decides on the role they call the person back.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Balanced and Unbalanced streams of sound and how they are affected:

When audio flows through a cable it can pick up noise. That noise comes from signals or other electronic frequencies already in the air. The cables have to be sensitive to be able to pickup sound so just imagine what other noise they will pickup. You will also notice some other things about cables that are used in sound. A regular cable (unbalanced), only has one wire wrapped in insolation. This cable is insolated to help decrease the effect of other noise in the air. That means that one wire is carrying the sound from one end to the other. The question remains: "Why would that one wire pickup noise?" Is it picking up noise because it's making noise? So now let's try two cables with insolation. One cable goes in one direction from positive to negative and the other cable goes in the other direction from negative to positive. Will these streams of sound even themselves out? These questions will lead you to understand how the wrapping, direction, and size of such cables are affected by all different kinds of conditions. Streams of sound can even be distorted by maneuvering the cable into a coil of some sort. These balanced and unbalanced measures of sound will give you an understanding of how certain types of cables can play a big role in sound quality.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Simplifying Impedance in sound:

Let's say you have a tube and you want to make the sound louder so you add electrical current to push the sound. Since current travels from positive to negative or negative to positive, you can use it to escort sound in a sense, as long as you have power. What you use to push the current would be an amplifier that controls the velocity of the power source. It's important to remember that you have limits on how much current you can push because the power is limited. After pushing the current at certain quantities, say you notice that the current is overheating the tube that it's flowing through. In this case, you need to slow it down. To slow it down you would need insolation or something to slow down the current. What you would use is a resistor or a capacitor. The current flows through the resistor at a limited rate depending on the type of resistor; the current flows through a capacitor like a bucket that fills the capacitor to the top then stops. This slow down of current is known as impedance because you can measure the effect that the resistor or capacitor has on the current that is pushing the sound. These adjustments in current flow are noticed when listening to the sound because you can hear the distortion.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Explaining Phantom Power:

Some microphones require power because they contain an amplifier within the microphone. That is why you will notice that most high powered microphones have three coils at the male and female ends. These microphones use 48 volts of power (depending on the type of microphone) to amplify the sounds through such audio devices. It is important to know how to identify microphones that use phantom power because Ribbon and Dynamic Microphones do not need such power or 48 volts to function. Microphones that require phantom power are called Condenser Microphones. It's important to know that phantom power is not to be supplied to ribbon microphones because it may harm the microphone. When you look at a mixer you may see a button that says phantom power, this button is to be applied to microphones that use phantom power. Please note that the reason why it is called phantom power is because the power supply is invisible because it is built into the mixer.


Friday, May 1, 2015

Tips on Balancing a camera:

When in production sometimes it can be hard to balance your camera, especially when shooting an action shot. Here are a few tips to make sure you have a good even shot without any shaking:
  • Use a tripod with a leveler.
  • On the tripod make sure the bubble balancer is in the middle of the circle.
  • When holding your camera lean up against something that is solid.
  • Sit Indian Style and place your back up against a solid wall etc.
  • Get on one knee, point the camera, and place an elbow on the top of the leg not bracing the ground.
  • Lay on a flat service while putting your elbows on the ground to balance the camera.
  • Place the camera on something solid that is not moving.
  • Sit on the ground and prop your knees up almost Indian Style and brace your elbows on your knees while sitting.
  • Use a tripod.
These are a few ways to use a camera and get good balance. These are also ways to get good shots with your camera without having the camera shake. Good luck.