Monday, February 29, 2016

History Leap day Love Story

He fell for her because she leaped into his arms after Valentine's day.
He loved her even through a rough history.
They took the time to pay respect to all of the people who made black history month what it is today.
Through thick and thin they loved and showed love to everyone.
Because they stayed together and didn't fall apart, they were left in history as the couple who was not ashamed to love.
On history leap day at the end of their journey they realized that all they had left was love and once the day was over their was no turning back.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Understanding the art of religion

Religion in itself can be an art that defines and creates many different cultures. Religion has quality when people can work together and discuss the diversity peacefully and not by inflicting harm on others because of different beliefs. Religion can be defined as an art form because people paint a picture in their mind of how God is to be represented. This representation comes in many forms. The danger of this representation is when people harm others when they don't believe in the same form as them. In conclusion, art is the only way to get people to understand that each individual perceives things differently. Art can be an interesting way to solve religious conflict. Once a picture is painted the observer sees the details and they live to critique the work afterwards with peaceful dialogue.  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Elijah Rock of History

Elijah, can you hear me?
The rock of all prophets, uplifted in the streets.
Feared by the man better known as woman.
Casted into heaven, history warns the souls.
I give you my words so I too can be bold.
Sold as a slave.
Rising from the grave.
Dying on a cross that hangs sideways.
I see between hieroglyphics through stories untold.
You save good people when events unfolds.
A chariot of men riding on waves.
Casting out spirits that hold us as slaves.
History prevails in a story so bold.
Standing in a field that grows and grows.
Elijah was a rock, casted into heaven.
It took many prophets, I counted 11.
Rise on the third day see what you can.
A bridge on holy water catch me if you plan.
Elijah was a rock, history repeats.
Falling from the heavens to save little sheep.
As time goes on and the cycle completes, Elijah will return and arise from the streets.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What does the word "onomatopoeia" mean?

When you use words to describe sounds you're using an onomatopoeia. Spelling out the sound of a dog's "woof" would be a good example of an onomatopoeia.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The history joke

Two friends are hanging out at a restaurant in 2016; one friend has light skin and the other has dark skin. One of the friends has a tattoo that says "time" the other has a tattoo that says "machine". Over in the corner at the bar there's a black hole. After getting drunk, the two friends mistakenly enter the black hole and end up in the same place but in the 1900s. They still look the same and they're still friends. Once they're sober they notice that everyone is on different sides of town and they're the only ones hanging together with different complexions in a black hole in the same bar. How did this happen?

Answer: knurd erew yeht

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Word tips

Finding the origin of a word can help you spell it. You will notice that words that come from the same origin have similar letters.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Story of the Last Slave

There was something unique about this slave. When he fell he got up, when he got spit-on he kept going. For some odd reason this slave never said anything, he didn't sing or even pray with the other slaves. He worked, then worked, then worked some more. He was solid and would always smile at the morning sun. When people talked to him, he just smiled and kept working. When one of the slave owners saw this he became upset so he beat this slave. He beat him so bad that he couldn't walk. Then he took a noose and he hung him from a tree. The slave hung there for hours and didn't move. He hung there until the sun came out and then he smiled. He didn't die. The slave owner's daughter took him down when everyone got tired of watching him hang. She fed him and when everyone on the plantation saw this they stopped working and took a break. This man was so bruised that he just smiled at the sun. He laid there alone in the field by the tree with a bowl of water next to him and a piece of dirty bread. He couldn't move. All the other slaves later picked him up and carried him off to comfort.
"What does this mean?" One of the slaves asked.
"I think this means that God has sent all mankind a savior. When this man dies we have to keep telling his story so that no man may become a slave again but will work for his keep," another slave replied. The next morning when the sun came up, time went on and a rock was put by that man's grave. Everyone remembered that slave and wrote about him in books when they became free and educated. A month after his death a beautiful tree began to grow by his grave. After the story of the last slave was published and forgotten, as time went on, a school was built on that old plantation right on top of his grave. The school had a library and somehow the story of the last slave ended up on it's shelf. A young kid read it and went from a failing student to the top of his class. He kept the book never to be a slave to failure again. The cycle went on until a city of gold was built on that plantation. When the city of gold was built. Mankind had become so filled with knowledge that the kingdom of heaven was now on earth. Man lived with God in the eternal kingdom of heaven never to be a slave to another man again.    

Monday, February 15, 2016

Presidential Black Flag at Half Staff

Hook (Intro)
Eight billion souls sittin around me...sittin around me...sittin around me.
Votes on my mind; what do I see...what do I see...what do I see?
Presidents on swings; colors set free...colors set free...colors set free.
How many people do I I I see.
Veins filled with blood; people plotting on me...plotting on me...plotting on me.
Eight billion souls sittin around me...sittin around me...sittin around me.
Votes on my mind, what do I see...what do I see...what do I see?
The passage is clear.
A world filled with tears.
If neglect is pain, I must show no fear.
When death is certain, I'll hang low.
The flag is a symbol, I'm the host of the show.
If power is a passion, I must be cursed.
The people come together when I'm riding in a hearse.
Elections are the same but the pathway may change.
Show no mercy, but will my words be in vain?
Eight billion souls sittin around me...sittin around me...sittin around me.
Flying in the clouds, what do I see...what do I see...what do I see?
People far away taking pictures of of of me.
A black eagle flies by as I look up in the sky.
Policies of the past; faces on cash.
My wife is first, but will I be the last?
Only God knows, I guess that's why I was chose.
Bridge (Whisper)
If freedom is senseless and a liar is a witness, I will parish like remnants of a dead cricket... laws are the binding wounds of the soul, cleansed with innocent blood that flows,
through the rivers of sin-to the next of kin- that may be why I'm a human being with imaginary friends.
Eight billion souls sittin around me...sittin around me...sittin around me.
Signing bills, people plottin on me...plottin on me...plottin on me.
Rolling through history what do I see...what do I see...what do I see?
A load of presidents sitting behind me...sitting behind me...sitting behind me.
Speech (Outro):
As I swear at the alter of truth...I'm guided by forces's my supreme duty to serve...I only have so much time on this earth...forgive me for my wrongs...I'm a part of you...once it's revealed...we'll all see the half staff, when the black flag is will be the death of days...a new life will emerge...sailing on waves...the stars and strips, which I represent...will raise the dead...and all will repent...the white flag will sit by my side, in my back pocket as long as I'm alive...
Freedom and justice for all...
God Bless the Black and White Nation.

Friday, February 12, 2016

The definition of Love

An intense feeling that you get when ever you see someone.
A force of nature that define the laws of attraction.
Love is a phenomenal force that stops all ability to oppress it's power.
Compared to the power of magnetic energy it can attract masses of living things to it's power even by one touch.
Love can cure the common cold and can cause nature to fight back if the force is suppressed.
If love is not felt or created, living things die slowly and fight other forces to be felt.
Without this powerful element or equation nothing can live.
Good luck.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mrs. Coleen and the Cotton Hoe

Once upon a time far in the history of a divided country there was a plantation. On this plantation there were slaves and slave owners. Out of all the slaves Mrs. Coleen was the smartest and bravest. She got so tired of picking cotton that she ran away for three years.
"Anybody seen Mrs. Coleen," one of the slaves shouted.
"Hell nah, Mrs. Coleen don ran off into the woods. She don escaped this here hell hold," Sister Marl said scratching her head.
It was hot so everyone was moody.
After three years had passed on a hot summer afternoon there was a loud engine noise coming from a distance. Afraid of losing their life all the slaves and slave owners went running for the hills.
"Oh lord, that look just like Mrs. Coleen ridin that there ridin mower," Sister Marl shouted.
"That's because it is Mrs. Coleen. She don went and invented somethin. She gon put us out of work." Sister Earl explained.
When one of the slave owners saw what Mrs. Coleen had ran off and invented they freed all the slaves and sang hymns together honoring Mrs. Coleen.
"This here is genus," one of the owners said.
 Mrs. Coleen turned out to be a hero.
"This here is my Cotton Hoe, and when I ride I be pimpin all deez hoes in the field," Mrs. Coleen declared as she jumped off of the cotton hoe to free everyone. When all the other slaves saw this they went and invented things themselves. Soon after all the inventions, the owners of all the plantations didn't need slaves no more so they freed them all and put it in the Constitution.
"Weez free!" Everybody screamed.
Mrs. Coleen took her invention to every former plantation and even got a patent.
Till this day there ain't no more plantations with slaves all because of Mrs. Coleen's cotton hoe.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The old Iron and the peace keepers

Harriot, how is it that when you heat this up it gets out the wrinkles. That's interesting.
Lucretia, why won't they fight?
This iron is only sharpened with other iron.
Is that why you don't say much Harriot?
I think I know why they won't fight back.
I think I know why they won't say what they feel.
If one beats the other and the other fights back, will the iron get hot?
No because the iron isn't human.
What these people are facing Harriot isn't human; so why fight?
The heat from the old iron will teach them how to make a new iron better.
When you heat the old iron up it will cool down and it will iron out the wrinkles when hot just like the new iron.
If you make it hotter, it will burn the cloth.
If you make it cold, it will just slide across the cloth as weight.
Harriot you too will be old.
Lucretia you too will be old.
Is an old iron brand new to a new generation?
Watch them fight and then get tired.
Enjoy the peace and then get wiser.
Harriot you must be like the iron and save what you can so that others will know what iron can do.
Lucretia you must be like iron so when they look at you they'll be sharper.
A peace keeper must know that when an iron is hot it burns; when an iron is cool it's cold and you can touch it.
So how do you defeat what isn't human without war?
You must do what a human understands, because an iron does not know what being human feels like; therefore, it's not human.
A peace keeper must watch nature and understand that a human cares for another human.
When a flood comes, if you learn how to swim there's a good chance that you'll survive.
If a human acts like an animal then you must teach him or her how to be human.
If they can't be human then they're animals.
Is an animal the same as a human?
The peace keeper must do what he or she was made to do.
The peace keeper must be like a cool iron that becomes hot only when there's no peace.
The peace keeper must only fight for peace.
Then when there's peace he or she must teach the others how to be human again.
Then the old iron will become new.
I'm tired Harriot.
That is why I'm here to give you strength.
When this is over we'll feel human again...I promise.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Mr. Frank the history teacher

I come and I go. I do things and I observe the past. I have a passion for knowing how events shape the present. I know that I someday to will be a part of my own lesson plan. The faces, the pictures and  the ideas will all fade away then be brought back to life in time because of me. Even if the past burns in the fire, I must search for the truth so that the generations after me will go on in time and make their own history. Although I am often forgotten, I am Frank the history teacher. It is my duty to enhance your memories with stories of the past so you won't forget that the future depends on you.
Remember me
Mr. Frank

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Boss, the Typewriter, and the shutdown of Black History Month

                                                     THE BOSS
                                       Johnny I told you to have my money.
                                       I'm sorry Boss.
                                                     THE BOSS
                                       You think this is some fun game don't you.
                                       You think you just gon come up in my
                                       business and not pay me my damn money.
                                      I'm sorry Boss I won't do it again.
                                                     THE BOSS
                                      I saw you moonwalking at the Groove last
                                      night. You wasn't sorry spending my money
                                     on all them damn Jessabelles. You know what
                                     Johnny, you gon keep wastin my time...Sissy
                                     would you stop poundin on that damn typewriter
                                     you gon give me a headache.
                                    I'm sorry Boss.
                                                      THE BOSS
                                    YO ass ain't sorry, you just as dumb as the person 
                                    shutin down Black History Month. You smokin
                                    that stuff ain't you Johnny...Look at me when
                                    I'm talkin to you damn-it.
                                    I'm sorry Boss. Yo ahh ahh...You see.
                                                     THE BOSS
                                    Quit stuttering damn-it and spit it out. You
                                    scared of me Johnny? I heard you tellin everybody
                                    on yo break that I treat yall like slaves. Is that
                                    how you feel boy?
                                    Nah Boss I would never say nothin like that. I love
                                    this place.
                                                      THE BOSS
                                    You a damn lie Johnny. Sissy what the hell you
                                    lookin at? Keep typin while I finish chewin Johnny
                                    a new ass.
                                   But you told me to stop Boss.
                                                       THE BOSS
                                   You two nuts gon give me a damn heart attack. They
                                   don't pay me enough to deal with yall's sorry asses. Clean
                                   this place up.
                                    I'll get right on it Boss.
                                                       THE BOSS
                                    And what's this I hear about them jokers shutin down Black
                                    History Month. Sissy get on the phone and tell Trina I'm
                                    gon be late for dinner because I got to go collect Tina's rent.
                                    Make sure you tell her I'm taken Black History Month off
                                    because I'm a broke black man waitin on his money.
                                    I thought you wanted me to keep typin.
                                                       THE BOSS
                                    Don't talk back to me, just do what I say and Johnny when
                                    I get back I better not see a lick of dirt on this damn floor.
                                    Bennie Carson is suppose to be stoppin by tomorrow and
                                    you bess have my money.
                                    I'll have it tomorrow Boss I promise.
                                    Yeah, I BET, you said that last time.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

How art keeps you alive.

Replacing a bad habit with a good habit is the best way to solve health issues. Art is a great way to release anger and frustration. Taking your thoughts and making a song or picture is the best way to control or let out what you're feeling. Writing is also a good way to escape the woes of reality. Some of the best artist use art to channel their frustration with reality. When all else fails, it's safe to say that art can help you live longer and in rough times can keep you alive. It may be the best survival medicine.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

An explanation of an ADC

Electricity plays a big role in television and broadcasting. You have alternating current (AC) or you have direct current (DC). Current is the flow of electricity. When electric current flows it choses the least path of resistance. This gives you some idea on how electricity can be controlled and regulated. An analogue signal and a digital signal are two ways to describe the flow of electricity. ADC (Analogue-to-Digital Converter) is a way to alter electrical current by adjusting the flow into current flowing in one burst of an on and off signal. To simplify this, imagine water flowing then slowing down with the turn of a knob; if you take this idea and apply it to electricity you have an example of how analogue signals work. Now imagine a bucket of water being splashed on someone with an on and off switch. This is an example of a direct current signal. An ADC (analogue-to-digital converter) is simply a way to convert an analogue signal to a digital signal.

Monday, February 1, 2016

A simple way to explain what a binder is in the field of arts and publishing

A binder is simply the additive substance in paint that allows it to stick to the paper or material being painted on. In the field of publishing the binder is the material used to hold the pages together.