Friday, April 30, 2021

Help Wanted

It took weeks for Ryan to find a job.

It took years for Ryan to own a business.

In a field full of hunger Ryan filled out the application.

He was called crazy, but he was working, due to fear of starvation.

Ryan didn’t have a clue, the earth began to shake, the bombs began to fall from the sky but Ryan kept working and no one knew why.

His wife cheated and left him for dead, his best friend slept with her and then grew dreads but that man Ryan kept showing up everyday for work. One of his best customers even called him a jerk.

His father’s leg fell off and he literally watched the church he attended his whole life burn to the ground but he clocked in as though he were lost and found.

He eventually ended up owning the place, while learning the ends and outs he ended up purchasing more space.

He was made from the dust and never knew he would be called to do anything, but little did Ryan know was that his hunger led him to fulfill the American dream.

His work ethic and ability to show up was the fuel that his people needed. 

Most of them had become lazy and heavily weeded. 

Ryan, oh Ryan, what have you done? You’ve stirred up the crowd who rather enjoyed having fun.

You’ve outworked the whole nation that failed to remember that gruesome cold feeling of hunger and starvation.

Ryan, oh Ryan, why did you apply for the job? Was it really that bad for the other workers who quit and just didn’t want to be involved? 

Ryan, oh Ryan, now you sit in an honorary position because you believed in the dream and stayed away from superstition. 

You’re vision lit a fire under the next generation, all because you showed up to work even after your graduation.

At the end of Ryan’s journey his message was clear, you’re never too rich or to poor in a world filled with spears. Spears that are sharp and they stab you when least expected so stay on your toes and encourage those who’ve been neglected.

Ryan was dumb but he saw the light, he showed up for work and did his job day and night.

They laughed at him and called him names all because he applied for a job that brought others shame. 

In the end, Ryan became a legend, for the God fearing dummy worked his way to heaven.

At his gravesite in a field full of heroes, people til this day still come to visit just to be reminded that ones are greater than zeros.

They all remembered the day when Ryan first applied now because of him the help wanted sign is still alive.

The moral of this story is simple: Fun in the sun doesn’t get the job done.

Help Wanted.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

I know why the honeybee stings

A field full of flowers, who will help them grow?

As sweet as a honeycomb, how will it flow?

A bear’s meal and a sticky human’s thrill, a wonder in a world still yet to be revealed; places unseen and yet to be discovered, but what would you do if your kingdom was in trouble?

In a hexagon shape, lost in the human race while glancing at the wonders of space...

Trials and tribulation, mass incarcerations...

A cycle never ending, is the next species in line pending?

Why does the honeybee sting?

Wax for a burning candle sitting on a wooden mantel...

If the queen bee is killed, won’t the colony be left to rebuild...

Will the flowers still grow? Will the sun still shine tomorrow? Will the honey still flow? 

Does the buzzer only know?

Is that why the honeybee stings?

How simple of a weapon, like the thorns on a rosebush protecting the beauty of nature...

It’s as simple as writing your defense plans on paper...

I know why the honeybee stings.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Fresh Fries 🍟 Please

 After a long day of protesting for fifteen-dollars an hour wages, Robert showed up late to work and also noticed that the drive-thru was filled to the end of the parking lot with cars. He quickly clocked-in and put on his headset, “Thank you for choosing Burger Depo where we take pride in constructing your order, build your order when you’re ready.”

“Umm, I’d like three orders of fresh skyscraper fries 🍟 please. And can you make sure they are fresh.”

“You’re order blueprint comes to a total of eight-dollars and ninety-nine cents, please pull around.”

After waiting in line for a whole thirteen minutes, Covina paid what was due, received her order, but after driving away from the drive-thru window as a courtesy to the other waiting customers, she soon noticed that her fries were far from fresh. Holding a greasy bag of cold fries, she was pissed. She was so upset that she sped around to the front parking lot and was eager to get her money back. In a rage, she took notice to how packed the place was so she stepped on the gas and drove right through the front entrance of the fast food restaurant. Her rage didn’t end there, in the midst of all of the screaming and chaos she managed to get out of the car. Bloody, with her bag of cold fries, she went to the back of the now empty building and dropped her some fresh fries. 

Fresh Fries 🍟 Please 

Friday, April 16, 2021

Afraid to Fail

 It was in the spring of 1996, Sa’Riya’s first time ever on a track. She could literally smell the clay. Her first experience ever running was from a doctor when she was just a baby and too afraid to get a shot. Stretching, she searched for her mother and father in the stands but only noticed her best friend’s family who never missed a moment. The first phase of childhood is overcoming your fears, this was Sa’Riya’s moment. Nervous, she dreaded the thrill of competition, it was like a rollercoaster ride that she’d been too afraid to participate in until now. Her race was next and still there was no sign of mom and dad. Nausea started to set in, right along with doubt and how she would be talked about like a dog if she lost. Overhearing the announcer call last call for 800 meter runners, she felt her heart drop. The butterflies in her stomach were flying wild. This was it, her first race. Lacing up her track spikes, she noticed that most of the runners in her heat had no socks on while she’d been trying to make a fashion statement. This showed her lack of understanding when it came to wind resistance. It also proved which team had been well coached, but the fear of failure could drive any young kid to victory, and could drive anyone afraid of it to want to be successful no matter what they had on. Her heat was up, she stood tall on the track while her teammates looked on encouraging her. She nearly tripped while being called to the line, “Runners to your mark...get set...” POW! They were off to the races. Off to a slow start, Sa’Riya held steady in fourth place, she regretted wearing heavy socks because she could feel them weighing her down. Breathing in her nose and out of her mouth, she eased her way into third place while approaching the second lap. Her eyes were heavily focused on the front runner. Keeping her pace well into the second lap, she knew she had to pick it up. Her fear of failure gave her a second wind, right along with another ounce of strength to be neck and neck with the runner in first place. With one-hundred meters to go, she kicked it in down the home stretch and could literally feel the energy of the home crowd cheering her on... she won. Vomiting on the grass, and overwhelmed with anxiety, her fear of failure drove her little body to the max. She fell face first in her own vomit and didn’t move until her teammates rushed to pick her up. Noticing her dad’s face out of the corner of her eye, she quickly straightened up. She did it, she faced her fear and officially became a runner. Her fear of failure brought the beast out of her. Her fear of failure turned her into a champion. First place prize for Sa’Riya in her first race, this very moment caused her to never look back. She faced her fear.

Afraid to Fail.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


 “Today’s meeting is all about grabbing the customer. Our marketing has to be based on their needs and wants,” Larry explained.

Jacob couldn’t help but notice Jeremy on the ledge outside of the window of the building while they were having their annual sales meeting. 

“Umm, Larry, I think Jeremy is trying to kill himself,” Jacob said while Larry proceeded on with the meeting.

Rob noticed also, “Yeah, I think we better try and talk him down.”

Larry wiped the sweat off of his face due to the air conditioning budget being slashed, “If you were smart you would focus on these numbers, Jeremy was out partying last night while his wife was at home sick with COVID-19 and if we don’t straighten this company out then we’ll all be on the ledge too, now focus on these numbers and let the fire department and church counselors do their job. I’m too ashamed to tell you what else he was doing,” Larry said, gaining his team’s full attention.

Realizing that Jeremy had flushed his entire career down the drain, Jacob and Rob closed the blinds and proceeded with the sales meeting. Larry then took his dry board marker and went to the next chart. Comprehending that they all still had a job, Larry’s message was clear. Somehow, someway, the bills had to be paid and the business doors had to stay open.


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Say no to drugs

 I met a poet today—moved by her words I could tell by the title of her poem that she was scarred. Her poem was called “Bodies,” she intertwined her message around all of the bodies that she had to walk over because of drugs. Relating to her message my eyes began to water. If no one has ever lost a loved one from drug addiction the truth is it’s real and very hard to dodge. Hearing her pour out her poetic vibes, she gave me inspiration. I’d lost hope in the battle to stop the drug war, and like her, I’d saw body after body piling up. After finding out that she was struggling with the habit herself I’d come to the conclusion that physically I had to stay strong. When she stepped off of the stage I proceeded to greet her. She shook my hand and asked me what body was I tripping over. I smiled and told her about all of the people that I’d lost due to drugs. Sadly after purchasing her book, I later found out that she’d lost the battle also. Depression consumed her and the street life was just too much for her to handle. She died of an overdose. Seeing another body, I reflected on the very last day that we spoke. Here I was, saddened by her loss and still trying to battle with my own demons. Reading through her poems, I noticed that she left a message by where she signed her book. Her message was clear: “In this life, all I’ve ever had are my words, my only hope comes from a pen and a pad. Fall down, get up, and say no to drugs.”

It was clear that she’d never intended on losing the battle, that’s what hurt me the most. The only hope of winning the drug war was to say no to drugs, in a room filled with dead bodies from overdoses and drug dealers hustling, her message was clear.

Say no to drugs.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

The Race

 Old man Jerry had been running and losing his entire life. The man was a solid 140 pounds and never gave up on his vision for a photo finish. At age 60 all of his competitors had literally tapped out but old man Jerry was still running. Feeling the urge to compete, Jerry noticed an ad for a death race in the paper so he entered it. The odds of old man Jerry winning were very slim. The conditions in this race were harsh—people were passing out, falling, and even quitting. The temperature stood at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and somehow someway the fire had still been burning in old man Jerry, he ran the death race neck and neck with a 45 year old man who would exchange leads with old man Jerry the entire race. Noticing the finish line in sight they battled to the finish of the four mile race. Losing by an inch, old man Jerry dived breaking the tape at the finish line and won the first race of his career. He’d done the impossible, his entire life he was labeled the fool who just wouldn’t stop running but somehow he was the last man standing from his generation. Old man Jerry had now set the standards and had 60 year olds all over the world trying to beat his record. Old man Jerry beat his opponents with longevity, he out lasted them all and won at the exact moment when everyone needed a winner. He never gave up and smiled for the camera at the finish line. The grand prize for the winner of the death race was free Medical Care for the rest of the winner’s life. The old man did the impossible.

The Race.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

On the 3rd Day

 I see you’ve failed...

Get up and try again.

I see you’re unclean...

Find some water and wash yourself off.

I see that you’re lost...

Follow the brightest star and I promise you’ll find your way.

I see your troubled...

Take a second, I know the world is moving too fast for you to keep up.

You’re afraid, and alone, drowning in your own state of a conscience battle.

Here is a pen and a pad, on the third day of your sorrow and pity I want you to create your own world through some form of art then together we’ll rise.

Together we’ll resurrect.

Together we’ll create a better world. 

Why give up now? 

We’ll get it done on the 3rd day.


Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Truth about Good & Evil

The philosopher’s diary:

Balance is a law of nature; at times it may be wise to take a second and think before you act, for we all can fall victim to insanity. Deception is clever.

Evil is blind in some sense because it kills, steals, and destroys at will while taking joy in doing so without a care in the world, never seeing or showing mercy to good. Evil is blinded by evil. The insanity of evil is a mental condition that traps a person inside of their own madness in which many people feel they have to protect themselves from, which is understandable because it’s logical to have some form of defense to protect oneself from evil.

Evil will ruin your day.

It’s hard to understand, it’s confusing.

There is a lesson to learn from such a force.

Good people repent, good people forgive, good people congratulate, love and care.

Good people watch as days go by and are humbled by the opportunity to have a chance at life.

Sometimes good people cry and even take joy in standing up for good. 

When good people find themselves in unusual circumstances they desire to be treated fair and good because good people feel they are worth more to the world than the evil they have to deal with.

Justice weighs heavily on those who take pride and honor when it comes to legal matters, no one is immune to the law especially if we don’t know what rules to follow. Justice is a web that good people get tangled in because of evil, but eventually the dust settles. 

Good people study and practice good habits because they have enough wisdom to know that evil can creep in any day and take good joy away in which only good people can restore.

To show more attention to foolish and evil ways is why many good people cannot comprehend life, because at times this may seem unfair.

Why should someone who has been good their entire life and who also is an asset to the people around them fall victim to an evil and unjust deed? That answer we may fail to comprehend at the moment when evil creeps in, but in time we somehow begin to understand. The fact is that we all must die and return back to the source from which we came, but to lose sight of this one fact would be like detaching our mind, body and spirit from reality. The truth is stay on guard, be ready when you have to fight for more life. Look evil in the eye and defeat it with the forces of good, don’t be foolish and think you can win with a smile, bust a move, make whatever evil that comes your way want to be good. Is a stray tiger your friend? Hell no! It wants to eat you, so either fight or run like the blazing wind. Life is precious and sometimes we lose and sometimes we win, so find a way to improve your odds. This is true, it’s reality.

The truth about good and evil is simple; one should have enough sense to recognize the other and the other is blinded by one thing: “Hate.”

Show love, have a good day 😊

The truth about good & evil.