Friday, March 27, 2020


Some days you’ll feel great, some days you won’t.
Some days you won’t feel good enough, some days you will.
Some days you’ll see death all around you, some days you won’t.
There are some things you won’t know, and some things you will.
One day you’ll be a winner and one day you won’t, it’s life.
Just keep going and keep your cool, do what you can in your lifetime.
It’s unpredictable at times, it’s frustrating, and it’s all good, it’s life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


All my life I’ve tried to be perfect only to learn a lesson.
Some people make a great moment look so easy.
I guess we all have dreams, visions, and hopes...
Like a kid wanting to be a rock star.
I’ve made mistakes only to see dark clouds come...
I’ve had feelings of love only to have those feelings fade away.
Try getting your heart ripped out and waking up the next morning, it’s embarrassing,
Everyone standing around watching the tower fall.
What’s the purpose?
Is it the good guy facing the bad guy?
Is it god and the devil?
In the heat of the battle, ten men fall to their knees, in hopes of making it home,
Some see light at the end of the tunnel, some don’t.
No will to win, no more strength to fight.
Left behind, while the others carry-on without me.
It’s dark, I see disease and people dying all around me.
I must be here for a reason.
I don’t think it’s to be rich and famous, I think it’s to rise every morning and shine like the sun.
That’s my purpose; to shine, even with nothing left...
To shine...
Even with no audience, just me, the moon and the stars.
Head held high through it all, as tall as the pyramids reaching to the sky...
Every day of the week, right on time.
My purpose is to shine like the sun.
Amen, Amun and Amon, I rise.
To fall down only to rise again the next day...
To shine like the sun.
Do you see your purpose...
You too can fall and rise again, better yet, let’s rise together.
Our purpose is to not stay down.
Let’s fight the fight...
Our purpose is to get up.
From night to day,
Our purpose is to shine like the sun.
We fall...
We resurrect...
We rise...
We shine...
That’s our purpose.

Monday, March 23, 2020

The Dancer

People called her kind.
The truth is, the people were just stupid, she was a dancer.
She taught the stupid people how to dance because that is what made her happy.
Dancing was her profession, that’s what she was designed to do.
She charged those who could afford and those who couldn’t paid later.
Dancing was what she loved, the profession got her in tight situations but she danced her way out.
In hard times, she danced.
In good times, she danced.
She soon developed a reputation for being too kind so she put a sign up on her wall that read:
You are you who you are and I am who I am.
I can’t change that.
When you come to me to learn how to dance we make a deal and when you take over the world don’t forget who taught you how to dance.
It seems that once a person develops a reputation, people often think they’ve figured them out.
This is the part of the story that is complicated. The dancer soon got in another tight spot and she was older now with aches and pains. She needed money and no one would dare bail her out because they couldn’t. She put a gun up to her head and came to the conclusion that she was going to kindly kill herself. Suicide can be very interesting. It’s a moment when a person has pretty much reached a dead end. Strange things happen at this time and time usually clicks in seconds until the suicide is complete. As she sat there with the gun, her clock alarm went off and it was her favorite song. She put the gun down and with her aches and pains got on her dance floor and began to dance. After her moment, she sold everything she had and got out of debt. She lived to the golden age of 58. At her funeral, everyone she was kind to showed up. When the music began to play, she jumped out of the casket and began to dance. Everyone she was kind to started screaming and got the hell out of the building. She was the new Jesus story, she resurrected. She did her favorite dance the sea walk all around her casket. By god she was walking on water. It’s a good thing the funeral parlor had mirrors. As long as there was a tune she could live forever. When the music stopped she got back in the casket and got some rest until the next song came on.
The πŸ’ƒπŸ» Dancer πŸ•ΊπŸΌ

Saturday, March 21, 2020


Two birds are fighting in the middle of the street, they must be tweeting.
A nurse and a doctor keep looking at me, it must be because I have an RNA DNA shirt on, they feel the connection.
My phone screen is cracked but it still works, hey look, I’m touching broken glass.
Today, tomorrow, then next month, maybe next lifetime. She’ll never answer.
Why, what and when? She’ll probably never call either.
This guy is walking across the street with his pants falling down, why does the guy in the car next to me look like he wants to hit the gas?
I stayed on the phone with a customer service representative for three hours and still got a shutoff notice.
Her dog is lifting his leg with his tongue out and he’s waging his tail. Ha.
Umm, ahh and oh, is that a virus sitting on the counter?
Just when I thought the world could be figured out, I was wrong:
It’s Random.

Friday, March 20, 2020


The goal of the writer is to give you time to wonder and not wear out your physical ability, but to feed your mental state so you can relax.
From birth we have to somehow learn, we have to equip ourselves to survive.
Some thought is given and some thought is earned.
Think, take a different look, a different point of view...
Take another angle, focus-in, and you might see things differently.
I was once warned of a force, a force that breeds pestilence and filth.
I was once warned of a place, a place of eternal torment.
Who shall dare challenge such a force?
What champion will face off against this enemy?
An enemy that kills while you sleep.
An enemy that steals and feeds off of the innocent.
In the battle of comfort, one must be reminded that there’s not much rest in the wild.
You can run, and you can hide, but the reality is that the jungle is a hostile place.
Take notice of the enemy... he watches you.
Take notice of old stories about the blood on the door so he passes by.
How easy it is to let your guard down—even in good times, he watches at that time too.
His job is to kill, steal, and destroy.
In religion he or she is known as the devil, with many other names.
In ancient Kemet he’s known as the god of murder and chaos, Seth, to balance out the natural laws of nature, leaving mortal thinkers to ask why.
Even in Egypt all power was in the hands of those in charge yet Moses did the impossible.
Even when all is figured out, the old stories never change.
Even in miracles, one must keep an open eye.
Be mindful of those you curse, be watchful of those you scar... even in death, even in disease, the enemy never sleeps.
Things must be balanced and those you call lazy, careless, good for nothing cheaters are probably his servants.
Some old writers call them the enemy’s sons and daughters.
A fair thinker who can only take so much, must build a bridge over the bottomless pit and outsmart something that never sleeps, while keeping purpose in mind. Wisdom is immortal because a seed is small but it somehow grows to give off fruit. It makes no sense to fight the enemy with a force that he knows all so well.
Be wise in times like these brethren, do not wear yourselves out fighting the enemy. Take some time and rejoice in your labor. If you create enemies, keep working, their only goal is to see you suffer and stop your work. Rejoice in the fight, and leave some of the battle to the supernatural powers. No one person alone can save the world with flesh and bone, elevate your thoughts. This is the force that creates miracles. Does all knowledge come from man alone? If you look back you’ll notice that a step at a time gets you to the top floor and even a mistake can prove a genius wrong. The builder had no clue that his invention would help you escape the enemy.
Keep climbing, heaven awaits you at the top floor; where the enemy can’t enter.
On your journey never forget:

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Why cry, there’s so much to see...
Why be depressed when you can climb a tree...
Take a walk...
Read a book...
Find some time to peek and look...
Be positive...
Let your heart be light...
A bitter soul can do nothing but fight...
In your down time, plant a flower or a tree...
And if you think no one cares, you’re wrong the sun shines for free...
Discover it’s colors that seem invisible...
Discover the light that keeps you warm...
Discover crop circles made on a farm...
Don’t hold back,
Discover something new...
Discover even when time leaves you no clue...
Discover a rose in the cement...
Turn an assumption into a fact...
A whole new world, discover a shack..., find out why the sky is blue...
Most of all, discover a new side of you...
Take a break, make something right, who knows you might even find a new star at night...

Monday, March 16, 2020

The Deal Maker

Clever of him to call at a time like this.
I just got everything in order and his people need him the most.
Last month we exchanged a chicken for a cow, this month he wants my land.
Twenty million here, twenty million there.
He somehow keeps dealing me out of a good hand.
I get gold, he deals me beautiful women.
I get land, he deals me an army.
How does he do it?
When I say no, he always increases the offer.
A kettle for corn, a shoe for foot, he’s always making an offer.
His weakness is he can’t deal with the poor, I see, he only deals with someone who has something to offer.
When I have nothing to offer, my phone doesn’t ring.
When I have a lot, my phone rings and it’s him, what’s the odds?
I notice he always has people around him.
They must be afraid of losing everything too.
He often sits and waits.
Two days, three days, just enough to increase the stakes.
Some deals he makes in private, some deals he wants the whole world to hear about.
Could it be that the deal maker is only interested in one thing?
Could it be that the deal maker is only interested in making an offer that you can’t refuse?
On my last roll of toilet paper and a virus reported to be very dangerous, I somehow once again end up at the table with him, the deal maker.
How does he do it?
He just took my last twenty dollars for two rolls of toilet paper.
He just took my medical records in exchange for a health plan.
That explains how he knew my blood type.
The deal maker.
When you knock on his door, beware of the offer, it could cost you everything.
It could cost you your freedom and even your life.
The Deal Maker

Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Man on the Ledge

The man on the ledge is trying to save his life by ending the one he has. This is a moment in time when time stands still. At this moment he’s got everyone’s attention—the whole neighborhood. He’s serious about this, this is the ultimate protest. Oh boy, the news just showed up, this is live, he’s finally got his audience. We all get to be in a position that we’ve never been in before, it’s evident that he’s fed up. The negative vibes talked him on the ledge. This is his stage, he stood on that ledge for three hours until he jumped and failed at committing suicide. The crowd was stunned, the medics put him in the ambulance and sped off, he’s going to think about this in the morning. They patched him up, and sent him to the halfway house, I never heard from him again. I hope he got himself together, man, those negative vibes will try and convince anyone that their journey to the egg was worthless. It may be wise not to listen, every comedy club on the block would have loved to hear his side of the story. Maybe he should’ve taken that route, I’m sure he would have got a few laughs.
The Man on the Ledge
The End.

Saturday, March 7, 2020


I’ll put my pyramids in alignment with the stars...
Can you tell me why?
I’ll balance out the night with the day...
Do you know how to fly?
Don’t study for too long...
At times the answer is right in front of you.
Does a child with glasses have a clue?
Do twins like the same foods?
The data can only help you assume the odds; therefore, you should walk in circles to see if you lose your mind.
One, to two seconds in time...if I spin you the other way, is it like pressing rewind?
Study and read, I promise you’ll find the answers, but remember you’re only made to see, hear and touch, like finding the cure for cancer.
Soap suds, hormones, genius, glitter, and shame, one then two, it’s the feeling of fame.
What makes the clock tick and the world spin?
Chances are you’ll try and figure it out.
Is it the sun or a rainbow that turns the flowers blue?
Can science explain my love for you?
A day of doubt and a sleepless night...the symbols of math figures just to fly a kite.
When all else fails...
Will you care?
Some things are just meant to be...
Like a broken star, leaning at the top of a token tree.
Look at me and don’t ask why...
Sometimes you don’t have to even try...
A one and a two is all you need,
Til you later concede that science can’t possibly explain everything.

Monday, March 2, 2020

My prayer

There are many faiths here father, yet in Christianity Christ said: “Forgive them father for they know not what they do.” In all of the faiths in the world Christ is the only teacher that says this. There are many debates and wars that have been fought in the name of Gods and the prophets but I’m thankful that one teacher named Christ showed that even when we possess the power to move mountains and rise from the dead there’s just some people who seem to never get it; therefore, I pray the same prayer as Christ, forgive us all father, for we know not what we do. Help us God, help the doctors find cures, help the blind see and help the poor to seek knowledge and wisdom. Help us all father, for if it were not for the many books left behind for all of us to learn and find a way to seek your omnipotent help we would be lost and truly left with no hope. I too had no way out and you’ve kept your promise, now please God give the righteous in every nation the heart to perform miracles.
I have no doubt in my mind of your infinite power. Send angels to show the people of every nation that with God’s power it’s always a win win situation.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Sit Down

Everyone wants to do something special, most people can see one person jump and then they want to jump higher. Sit down before you pull something, read a book and maybe catch up on some house work. No one can last forever and no one can save everyone. Try it, only to burn yourself out in the end, haven’t you noticed by now that once people catch on, the competition is going to run you broke anyway, sit down, pay everything off, take off your shoes and fall in love with something or someone.