Thursday, July 23, 2020

Ride it til the wheels fall off

I got my first big wheel brand new, I remember it like it was yesterday.
I knew my mother could not afford to get me another one so I road that sucker til the wheels fell off. “Literally!”
Up and down the street with so much joy and laughter.
I honestly could feel the wind blowing through my hair.
The feeling seemed like it would last forever.
No one could stop me.
I pedaled until my little feet hurt and the wheels fell off.
When they fell off, I kindly went to my mother and thanked her for the thrill and proceeded to the basement to try to put my big wheel back together.
Til this day I think about the day I failed at fixing my big wheel so in protest I use my legs and run through the park.
Even if my legs give out, I can always use a wheelchair.
At least til I die or the wheels fall off.
What a ride.😊

Thursday, July 16, 2020

No Slackers Allowed

Once upon a time a little man named Gary woke up and noticed that his wife was still sleep and the house was a mess. Having twelve kids, this angered Gary so he took matters into his own hands. Not only did he invent his famous golden magic whip, but he used it. He got everyone in the house out of bed and showed them pictures of lazy ass people rotting away. He also showed his family pictures of drunken, lazy, smoked out, no good ass heathens also. Gary’s family knew he meant business when he made his daughter cut the grass with scissors and had his wife scrape the dinner plate with her fingernails. He took it to another level when he smacked his neighbor in the face for watching and not helping him lay new cement. Gary never heard of a vacation, he never heard of golf neither. I think what drove him to his breaking point was when he saw the ancient pyramids and the tall buildings in New York City and only saw trash piling up in his town. It was evident that Gary was allergic to slackers and no good “lazy ass” people. When Gary lead the construction crew to build the first skyscraper in his town, to honor him, his family built a huge statue of him with his golden magic whip and his children on his back in the front yard. Gary never owned a slave, nor did he ever have people working for him, every piece of help he got building with his hands was because he motivated people to help him just by doing it himself. The construction crew that helped him build the skyscraper would have never come together if Gary had not drew up the blueprints himself. His neighbor still has the hand mark on his face that motivated him to help Gary lay cement. Just by smacking and motivating his neighbor, he healed him of COVID-19. Gary’s daughter used her finger to write these empowering words on the cement: “No slackers allowed.”

Monday, July 13, 2020

I opened the Eighth Seal

One night almost seemed like a century, I woke up to a bright sunny sky. I felt old and worn out so I dozed off to an audio bible on a new bright sunny day to at least give me some form of spiritual growth. No matter how hard I tried, for some reason I could never satisfy my mental state. All I could remember was hearing some verses about King Solomon and his voyage after King David, then I was out like a light. In my deep sleep I saw billions of people searching for wisdom, for answers, but for some odd reason it was like a breaking point and everyone had been trying to get to safety. I can’t recall what was happening outside of the circle but some people were suffering while others were helplessly watching. I heard babies crying because they couldn’t get fed. In the midst of madness there was a king hanging from a cross in an open field, it appeared as though his people were preparing to set him on fire. I was worn out so my vision was kind of blurry. I just kept trying to take my mind off of how hungry I was. I don’t know why but I kept hearing a voice talking to me. The voice seemed very strong, like an angel or some form of guiding deity. The voice showed me the many seals that leaders used to obtain power and strength. On the eighth seal there was a symbol that almost looked like an Egyptian Ankh, it had two wings on it with an infinite ♾ symbol pointing to the heavens. The voice told me that there were steps to infinity. I then began to examine the mathematical symbols on the seal, but for some odd reason it was fueling my hunger while I was thinking. As I began to comprehend, I noticed an eye 👁 watching me. The eye saw my most shameful moments and told me I’d been forgiven. I then tried to touch it but couldn’t because I was blinded by my own self image. The voice then told me to let go of myself and save the people. When I turned around, I felt sweat dripping from my face, there were no clouds in the sky. At this moment, I didn’t know what to do, there was too much pressure on me so I dropped to my knees. The voice got stronger and clearer; I was so hungry, everyone around me was hungry. The voice shouted: “Open and eat what’s in the eighth seal before it’s too late!” Seeing that the people were hungry around me, I opened the seal and began to feed them what was inside instead of feeding myself. The voice stopped, I heard nothing, everything stopped; nothing moved. It was like I was outside of my own mind, my own body. I felt myself exploding like a brand new star, never to wake up in a human body again. I left one dying planet and became a whole new galaxy. I shined so bright that I gave life to new planets.
For I alone had been chosen to open the Eighth Seal.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Laws of Nature

Takisha had just got her record deal, she was on top of the world until she pissed off Mother Nature. She traveled all over the world doing her two step and shaking her you know what. Every man in town was at her shows, married, cheating and tossing them dollars. This was real so I can’t sugarcoat this tale. Takisha could do it all, she could even pole dance, but she kept forgetting to sing and dance for Mother Nature. She also had the habit of throwing her trash all over the earth with no respect. When Mother Nature saw this, she swept her little a$$ away with a tsunami wave to show her who was boss. Mother Nature shows no mercy and when you show her no respect, eventually she will get you. After the death of Takisha, all of her fans got the message, Mother Nature sent them all to church. She converted every last one of them leg bouncers into housewives. Til this day when they hear Takisha’s song playing, they feel the wind from Mother Nature blow them back into their natural place. When they witnessed what she did to the Statue of Liberty, they once again fell to their knees. The wrath of nature, better yet, Mother Nature, is the law of nature and she shows no mercy. Keep her home clean and her creatures healthy or she will get you. She has all authority to wipe that twinkle in your eye off of the face of the earth. If this tale offends you, don’t blame the writer, blame the Laws of Nature. Beware, when you least expect it, nature creeps in and takes your glory like a thief in the night.
The Laws of Nature

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Why stop now?

Everyday may not go right...
Everybody may not like you...
You may lose over and over again...
You may get choked, slammed, beat and left to die...
You may be old, gray and counted out...
Some days the world may even seem to hard to carry and the land you walk on may be collapsing under your feet.
If you believe in eternity...
Why stop?
Somewhere...some place... some stage... some audience... is yours, you just have to speak their language.
The message is clear, but can’t be heard until everyone sees it from your perspective.
Even if no one shows up, there is air in the room and stars in space.
Don’t stop, because if you believe in eternity, every moment, and every feeling last forever.
Why stop when there’s no end?
Why stop now?