Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The child who wanted everything

He stole what he wanted.

He blamed the rich for all of his problems.

He wanted everything and would do anything to get it.

He’d spent everything that he had trying to get more only to end up with nothing left.

The child who wanted everything 

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Tapped Out

Just got done reading the paper, God and the Devil are still fighting it out.

I guess I’ll go sit in the park and watch the birds for a while, the devil hit me with a low blow after killing little children again.

I’ll remain neutral and sit this one out today.

I’ll get back in the fight tomorrow.

Tapped Out

Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Dark Superhero

This concept is a bit amusing.

What if there was a superhero who was not liked by some and called a fool for his heroics.

A superhero that was literally laughed at for trying to save people who didn’t want to be saved or didn’t even know that they needed to be saved.

A superhero with so many abilities that he was invisible to his own people. 

He was a joke and everyone laughed at him for saving the people that he decided to save.

A superhero that even saved criminals. 

A superhero who everyone loved to hate because they perceive him to be an idiot for saving people who did not want to be saved.

A superhero who wasted every God given ability and superpower trying to save a world who was so blind to his capabilities that they literally treated him like trash.

A superhero who had so much information that the people he saved were disconnected from the bigger picture.

Happy Memorial Day to the Dark Superheroes, if you feel alone, keep flying, some people just see what they want to see but once you’re power leaves, eventually they will need it back.

The Dark Superhero.

What’s the point of saving the day?

Thursday, May 26, 2022

This one’s for the worshipers

 In a moment of tragedy I see a crowd…

As a child my grandmother would say, “Sing out loud!”

“God can heal you,” she would say, you may not understand now, but I too will be gone home someday.

It is my duty, as an old lady, to teach you how to worship, so you too won’t go crazy.

On that day, I did not understand, but as I lived life and grew into a man, I too, had to comprehend, that no matter how hard we fight, at the end of the day, we’re all just a part of God’s plan.

We can only dance for so long, but in times of sadness, we must go on.

We can live it up until the morning dew, but there is a force that connects me and you. It eats away at our spirits, it calls us even when we don’t want to hear it.

When we feel we’ve got it all figured out and try to stick to our own plans, something stronger helps us understand.

This one’s for the worshipers, I say, because in times of hardship they always find strength to kneel and pray.

Even in the worst of the worst, a true worshiper knows, that even in acts of evil, God’s power burst and grows.

It spreads through those who believe that there is something greater to assist us in our time of need.

He saves the day.

The worshipers are freed.


This one’s for the worshipers.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The Great Sun

In all of my years of living I’ve never seen something so spectacular.

The great sun rises,

While we spin on planet earth orbiting around its greatness, we’re comforted with a magic blanket of colorful rays.

The sphere of fire is abundant, it’s like a well oiled machine that keeps providing light.

How amazing to shine for billions of years.

It has been the source of energy for every creation and outlasted every species.

Through it all it still provides, how great.

While every mystical creation fades the sun still shines.

It’s full of wonders…

It’s full of mystery…

It’s the great sun.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Sex Education

I was born to reproduce...

I can't stop thinking about sex...


In the morning...

In the evening, and even on holy days.

God made me to love women.

I sit in front of the TV, Computer, and even phone waiting for a woman to appear in reality.


Am I a porn King?

Am I a pervert?


I am a man who needs a woman.

I am a man that loves to be in the presence of a woman.

Am I a sinner for the natural emotions of lust?


I am a man drowning in the attraction of being blessed to spread my seeds on planet earth.

I can't help the way God made me.

Sex is good for my brain.

It feels good and the more I crave it, the crazier I become.

Why battle with this desire?

Why hold it all in, only to explode like a bomb?

Why be deceived by my own natural human needs and wants?

Why be held down like a wild animal for wanting to hold a woman until we reach the climax?

What is this beast inside of me?

Why do I need to control it?

What does it want, and why does it always want it?

To hell with you who fool me into temptation.

To hell with you who degrade me for wanting to know more.

To hell with you that hold me in prison for being a man.

I'm doing my best to do it safely, but I crave it.

Stop teasing me! Stop it please! 

I need it.

And I want to know more about it...

I feel better now.

Let's all stop fighting and playing games...

Let's have more sex.

Sex Education. 

Friday, May 20, 2022

The Sun & I

Dear Sun,

I appreciate your hard work, I know you’ve been shining for a long time.

Hey bro, don’t feel bad about shining, thanks for coming out today.

You really warmed things up for me and I was able to wash a car because you were out.

Sun, you’re a very dependable friend. When I’m too hot, you call one of your cloud friends, and when I’m too cold, you’re always there shining. 

The women really like you too.

I also like the way you balance things out and even provide some night glow lights from your moon friends. 

You’re my star, sun, without you, I’d be nothing.

You never complain or get upset, you just shine.

That’s what you do.

You can’t help but shine.

You’re my sun, you’re my star, and I appreciate you shining on me and for me.

I love you sun!


Don’t get too close, stay right where you are, it’s better that way.

You’re Hot. 

Thursday, May 12, 2022


 “Now Anna I want you to go to the store and get me some bread so we can have dinner okay,” Paula said while preparing dinner.

“That store is closed Pa, Jimmy said he saw the store man setting the building on fire, haven’t you heard the news?” Anna explained.

“Oh God, how are we going to eat without bread? He must have fallin behind on his bills like the rest of us.”

Anna looked in the fridge and noticed not much left.

“Are you scared Pa?” Anna asked.

Paula sat down and began to browse online. We’ll just have to order our groceries online. I’m sure somebody’s open on the internet.

Paula clicked and clicked away. Every-time she clicked a local store closed. No one locally could compete.


Monday, May 9, 2022


 What do I know?

What do I believe?

Standing still, so much has been pumped into my mind.

I’m on a one way street.

I have no clue what’s around me.

I’m brainwashed.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Mom’s Drunk

Men who’ve heard their mother being abused hear a voice. We don’t know where this voice comes from but even at an early age it’s strong. 

“Help her!”

When we jump in we face severe trauma, it’s almost like we spend our entire life making sure mom is alright. Once we grow up, we learn and come to accept the past, yet we never forget mom.

If mom gets up after a severe beating, not only do we jump to help her get up but we learn to get up too.

If mom gets drunk from depression, we too get depressed.

When dad is not around, we learn to provide.

When our wife is long gone, mom’s voice of comfort vibrates through our minds.

Mom is unbelievable, and when she’s gone or not around, we children all hear the voice. It must be God. If not, what voice gives us the power unseen but felt?

What voice gives us the strength to pickup our broken pieces and move on once Mom is gone.


Friday, May 6, 2022

The Poor

 I don’t obtain a lot of wealth but I still take the time to give to the poor.

Poor people have dreams, poor people have deficiencies and some are just unfortunate.

To fight with a poor man is like fighting with an animal, he or she risk their life for everything. 

They have nothing to lose.

A poor man is always hungry…mentally scarred. 

He or she understands pain because they’ve lost everything.

For a wealthy man to beat a poor person when they’re already down and out is a lesson. It’s a smaller scale of war.

It’s a thought process that when caught on camera is well developed. Consumed by the masses who can afford to watch.

Some combat veterans have always been poor and some will tell you that there are no bodyguards on the battlefield, but there is a legitimate reason why the bombs are flying and it’s usually because a poor person started the fighting.

At the end of the day, you can learn a lot from a poor man. Their code of conduct is in every book and many wealthy people were once poor and spend their entire life trying not to be poor again.

Every rich nation on earth was once poor. Most poor people have wealthy ideas. The eye of a needle was constructed by a poor working person. Patents were invented for poor ideas. 

Poor people built every nation. 

Egypt had poor people, and the Samaritans are Samaritan for a reason. 

Christianity even talks about the poor in miraculous ways, giving such a creation hope.


Give some poor men a book and they somehow grow to spread knowledge. 

There is character in being poor. It’s a brand with no name.

It’s a state of mind with no coordination. 

It’s a language with no vowels.

It’s a constant reminder to those stuck in the middle.

It’s a wheel of time that can happen in the blink of an eye.

The rich are rich because of the poor.

To be unfortunate is to find the greatest treasure hiding behind the clouds.

A living sun, providing heat, food, and shelter under a tree for free.

Who dare climb the rich wall?

Who dare sacrifice everything that they have for the poor?

Every wealthy person goes to bed every night protected from the poor and wealthy enemies.

In the end, we all are just yearning for a happy thought.

All knowledge, power and satisfaction comes from somewhere.

My trash is someone else’s treasure.

The Poor 

Thursday, May 5, 2022


There were two sides to this coin.

One side held the face of an accomplished lawyer and the other held the side of a corrupt city official.

“I am here to serve my fellow man, to make him clean like me,” he would say.

This official was appointed to represent the law but there’s more to this story.

The infiltration revealed a darker side.

Investigators found ties to enemy nations, affairs with prostitutes, and even abuse of power.

Sitting behind bars were all of the people that he’d put there. He was the face of the people. A sworn in leader.

After being re-elected, he faced off against the accomplished lawyer and lost.

In the end, he earned the title: A corrupt city official.

He’d been infiltrated and brought to justice. Proven guilty.

The End.

Monday, May 2, 2022

The Merciful Sun

I tried and I tried to figure it out.

The people were rotten, but the sun kept rising for them all.

Everyday at the same time.

On my quest to seek perfection I came to wonder…


Why does it keep shining?

It shines at no cost, the light is free…

Pondering on this thought, I guess there’s a purpose. 

Does not our rays bounce back to the sun?

Do we not shine as well?

In all of this the sun still shines.

Every day it rises, falls in the sky then rises again.

It shines on the dumb…

It shines on the weak…

It even shines on the blind and deaf…

Even after drying up everything 

The sun rises.

Life goes on…

The merciful sun.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Brave

When I was born I cried entering a world of wonders.

I barely made it, and the hospital that saved me now sits vacant in ruins.

I’ve had some good days and some bad ones.

I’ve been in the presence of chiefs and generals, somedays, I admit, that I’ve even cried.

1 billion Indians, dead.

1 billion blacks, dead.

40 something Presidents, dead.

1 billion white men, dead.

1 billion Mexicans, dead.

Billions of people wanting freedom and justice for all, dead.

Looking back, then looking forward, one day I too will be dead.

As a child, I admit that I was afraid of the bully and hunger made me bitter, but deep in my heart, looking back at all of the dead bodies defying a nation full of death and dreams I have to admit one thing:

“Through it all, even in present day, bravery is worth a try. It has a way of pulling us all in. Once you throw the first punch or shoot the first bullet, there’s no turning back. An Irish man probably would say, “Good luck!”

The Brave