Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The importance of the MC/Mic controller or Master of ceremonies

When a rapper embraces the stage it is important that he or she deliver the words of the song so that the audience can understand the purpose of the song. The importance of an MC is to get the message across. Although there are many types of artist, there are certain artist that emerge at a time when something in particular needs to be addressed. Some MCs take on topics of race, while others take on police brutality etc.. In the history of Hip Hop and many other forms of music, the role of an MC was that of a hero: "Do not be afraid to say what needs to be said and be ready to die for it if need be." In comparison to a reverend in the pulpit calling out sinners, most successful MCs were the most hated within the normal because of there bold stance on certain issues. Although misunderstood at times the role of the MC is still important at making pivotal changes in modern society. The purpose for most MCs is still the same: stay in love with the art and create music for the fans who embrace your style. At a party or event it is the MC's job to keep the crowd entertained.   

Monday, March 30, 2015

Latasha the Cheerleader and her Lucky Tumble:

The Method 8 Squad football team seemed to be in good condition to win the game until a field goal late in the second half. The team had already battled back in the game with a touchdown late in the third quarter. It was an ugly game but the team who came out on top would be in the playoffs. The score was only 14-10 with the Method 8 Squad having the lead and the other team driving in the last 2 minutes of the game. Off in the distance you could see cheerleaders flipping and shouting for the home team, then that is when it happened. John Boss the quarter back from the opposing team dropped back in the pocket but for some reason one of the cheerleaders caught his eye. Latasha Winfield and John had a thing for each other even though she had been a cheerleader for the Method 8 Squad. In the middle of the play she flipped and tumbled then fell smack on her face, while John was passing the ball he noticed it out of the corner of his eye and threw an interception. Raymond Jackson ran it back for a touchdown and did his two step in the end zone as the crowd swarmed the field. The Method 8 Squad had won the game all because of Latasha and her lucky tumble. The crowd went wild as eight balls were thrown on the field and everyone spray painted the goal post with black spray paint. As John went to the bench upset, Latasha ran past him and celebrated with the Method 8 Squad. "Give me a 'M' you got yo M you got yo M, give me an E.........." 

Friday, March 27, 2015

What you need for your own Music Studio:

Here is a list of what you should have for your own Music Studio:
  1. A good microphone
  2. Audio interface or mixer to adjust sound levels
  3. Control surface
  4. About 40 audio cables, mandatory: 10 stereo 5 mono and 5 stereo to mono 5 XLR cables
  5. Computer and two computer monitors with a good sound card or fire wire system.
  6. Two Monitors for instruments and two smaller monitors for vocals
  7. Sound padding and foam for the both and sound room.
  8. Audio Snake to plug in the microphone to the audio devices etc.
  9. A good microphone stand.
  10. Patch bay just in case you have to hook up more audio devices.
  11. Surge suppressor for electrical plugins.
  12. A studio command system, preferably a Big Knob.
  13. Hard drive for memory
  14. A good computer mouse.
  15. Audio Software 
  16. Beat making software
  17. A production keyboard
  18. Pop filter for the microphone
  19. Some USB cables and adapters
  20. And a studio engineer if you are not one yourself
  21. There are other things you can add. Consult with your local music store for additional items like keyboards etc.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Art of Animation:

When thinking of animation a few key topics should come to mind, such as: drawing, sequences, graphics, frames, or images. These topics relate to animation and the art of animation. Whether through pencil or paint etcetera, animation can come in many forms. When referring to drawing, we have to focus on the image and how it is drawn. Once that drawing is complete you put the image in sequence and each frame provides the potential of motion. Once the frames move through a projector or digital device, then watched while providing motion, you now have animation. A simple example of animation would be: _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_. If I take this example and move it, it would almost look like a train track or tire tracks. If I put some sound with it, I would give the illusion of a train track or tire track, depending on what I am trying to portray to the viewer. The art of animation doesn't involve a lot of skill, but it does involve consistency to improve your craft. When taking one drawing or computer image and putting it in play, you have to want to improve your product. Some other forms of animation include clay figures being photographed simultaneously in order, so that people can watch and see the illusion of the figure moving. 3D and 2D imaging are also relevant when making imagery seem alive and real. There are also forms of mechanical animations as well. The art of animation can take anything and put it in motion. The trick is to give people the idea that a drawing of a mouse can stand up and walk and talk just like a human.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What is a PSA or Public Service Announcement:

A PSA or Public Service Announcement is a small segment of safety or information that can be useful in life. An example would be if a local doctor were giving free classes to help the elderly fight lung cancer. This doctor could take out a PSA on any media outlet to promote this service without being charged. Anyone who is trying to inform the public of a service or a safety hint can call any media outlet and obtain the privilege of a Public Service Announcement.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to find an Editor for your Manuscript:

When you develop the idea of writing a book the process starts once you finish your manuscript, then you have to find an editor. An editor is someone who has pretty good grammar skills and can make your work presentable to the public. Good editors are in the category of having an English degree or language degree depending on the language of your book etc.. This process takes some searching around, but chances are someone you know may be able to help you out. Keep in mind that editing is the longest process when aiming towards a published book. There are also many websites and companies that cater to aspiring authors. These websites have fees that you must pay for an editor. Most writers don't have a big budget so they find someone at church or someone they grew up with to help with the process etc.. The publishing process can be challenging and many authors self-publish to maintain control and work on their own schedules. If accepted by a major publishing house, chances are they will have editors on staff. In some cases if the writer is well educated he or she may edit the book themselves. I would not recommend that, but some authors do. A second opinion is always a good tip. A good thing to do when publishing a book is to have a few proof readers before you go to print. It's also important to get better with time and remember no book is perfect. Fail, get up, try, and fall down until you get it right; then you write about it. Good Luck:-)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Titter and his Lucky Pen:

"Titter you mustn't live in your imagination all the time, so stop writing and get to bed," Mrs. Pen says to her son, who will not stop writing down his thoughts.
"But mother, writing frees me from reality. It gives me energy," Titter replies.
"Well I don't think it is healthy Titter. I don't think it is healthy at all."
Titter gets in the bed and snuggles up close to the wall, then falls to sleep.
"Titter Pen," a voice calls.
"Who's there?" Titter replies receiving no answer in return.
He looks at his hands and one hand is green and the other is yellow. Titter can't believe it.
"Don't be afraid Titter, I am here to give you a purpose."
Titter sees nothing but clovers and green trees, then he hears his alarm clock. He gets up out of the bed and checks his hands.
"What a dream," he says to himself as he gets up and gets ready for school.
On his way to school his mother explains to him how the world is coming to an end and no one can save it.
"I have no money left Titter and someone has got to pay the bills," she explains as they arrive at the school and Titter gets out of the car to get to class.
When Titter enters the school he notices a few people in the halls, usually the halls are filled.
"Excuse me Ms. Hall, what is going on? Where is everyone?" Titter ask.
She takes Titter's hand and says, "Titter, when education becomes useless only a new vision to teach can save it. You showed up for school. We need your vision, Titter."
When Titter heard this he felt something in his heart.
"Use your gifts Titter and ask us teachers as many questions as you can to save the world."
Titter was moved and when he got to class the teacher taught and Titter learned.
"Here is a pen for coming to class today Titter. Now I want you to give it a name," says Mrs. Ramos.
"I'm going to name it Luck. This pen is going to teach me how to be the best writer in the world," he replies.
Titter graduated at the top of his class. He held on to his lucky pen for as long as he could. One day Titter desired to enter a writing contest that would give him millions of dollars if he won. Titter was afraid to enter the contest because he thought of what would happen if he won. While he filled out the papers, his pen ran out of ink.
"What are you doing Titter? Have you forgotten my promise to you?" Titter hears a voice.
"Who's there?"
"I gave you a gift Titter, use it wisely," the voice says as Titter notices his hands are green and yellow.
Titter wakes up out of his sleep, hot and sweaty.
Titter then took his pen and wrote as many books as he could. In the evening he wrote, in the day he wrote, and even on the weekends he wrote. At the age of eighty Titter had written so many books that he became a world figure. His writings had inspired so many people and his pen was still with him. So many people had passed and gone but Titter was still inspired. When Titter died he lived on in the lives of so many people. His green and yellow pen of luck stayed in his vault only to be discovered by the next generation of writers. When they found it their thoughts were open and they too wrote. Titter's legacy lived on. And that is the story of Titter and his lucky pen:-)

Friday, March 20, 2015

What is a Stanza?

When reading a poem you will notice that the words are organized in a group, making art with words. These groups of words are defined as a Stanza.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The effect of the music Ballad:

Have you ever heard the DJ utter the words, "Let's slow it down for the ladies," at a party? Well, chances are he or she is going to play a ballad. A ballad is a slow simple song mainly used by extremely talented vocalist. Ballads are known for stimulating unknown emotions with a melody that can sometimes make people cry or fall in love. When heard, things can go from violent to calm and romantic. The effect of the ballad occurs once the tune is complete and heard by the listener.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What is a Stand-in?

When filming a movie directors need bodies. Chances are that if you look like any of the actors in the film, you may not be in the film but you will be useful. Directors need people who look like the key players because they need to dress the set. Directors need to adjust the lighting and make sure everything is in place to kill time before the actor is present. This killing of time and dressing cannot be done if the actor is not there, so they find someone who looks like, or has the same features as the actor. This happens in a lot of big productions with actors that are paid fairly well because they cannot waste time. Stand-ins are paid fairly well also depending on the production. A good example would be:
  • Imagine a surprise birthday party with a bunch of kids and you need to find one that looks like your kid because you want to videotape the moment.
  • To get a good shot you cannot use your kid because you need him or her for the real shot, so you use someone else, who looks like your kid to make sure the lighting and setup is ready for the shot.  
So now that you have some idea of what a stand-in is, you can now find other uses for them. Who knows, maybe they could end up playing the part instead of the assigned actor.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

Chase Candy and his Lucky Date for the school Dance:

Chase had good grades in school. He was the average nerd but it was okay, because he had confidence. The school dance was coming up and he couldn't find a date. He only had a few weeks left and the clock was ticking. Chase was in the office one day and a kid bumped him and knocked his glasses clear across the hall. While picking up his glasses off of the floor and getting up he made eye contact with one of the most beautiful girls in the school. Her name was Candy and she was new at the school. She saw Chase get bumped and was the only one who did not laugh. It was love at first sight.
"What's your name?" she asked Chase, who was too nervous to even stand up straight.
"Um...My name is Chase. Do you like me?" He responds, unaware of what he just said.
Candy giggles, "Well you are handsome and I could get to like you. By the way, my name is Candy. I just transferred here," she says.
Chase can't stop looking at her, "Are you going to the dance...I mean do you have a date for the school dance?" He ask, shaking like a wet dog.
She smiles at him, "I was going to ask you the same question."
"Do you want to go with me?" Chase ask in a cold sweat.
Candy pulls out a tissue from her purse for him to dry himself off, "Sure!" She replies.
Once they got to know each other they became good friends. Chase became smarter and Candy felt complete. When people saw Chase with a girl, it not only changed his reputation but it changed him. He became more relaxed and when it was time for the dance he became alive. Was it luck, that Candy came to the school just in time for the dance or was it someone watching over Chase to give him a place in life?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tips on how to get good sound when recording a video:

Every since sound has been implemented in film it has been a success. The ability to hear what is going on while watching, adds that much needed ingredient to a piece of motion magic. Here are a few tips on how to get good quality sound when you put on a production:
  1. Use portable audio recorders.
  2. Attach a portable audio recorder to a monopod (single legged camera stand) and you have  a custom boom mic.
  3. Use lavalier microphones that plug into portable audio recorders, and attached them to the subjects speaking. (Make sure the microphone is not visible if it is a film)
  4. Use the camera audio.
  5.  If you don't have access to wireless equipment you can use microphones with high sensors and hook them up to audio inputs that record to a computer.
  6. You can also use microphones with high sensors and hook them up to a mixer and control the audio levels as they come in. This is usually the recommendation for a professional setup. In this case you may need an amplifier or compressor to adjust the input levels. This assures good clean sound levels.
Well these are a few ways to record audio, it's also good to have quality audio software. It's important to know the terminology when dealing with audio, this eliminates confusion. When you get in the audio field, it can get pretty pricey, so make sure you do your research first hand and make sure you know what you're doing.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ethics in Theatre:

In various stage performances there are many types of fashions and cultural differences. You have the direct, actors, and also the people operating or assisting around the theatre. In many cases it is wise to respect each individuals cultural differences because if not it effects the tone of the performance. A happy character is a delightful character and pleasant to the audience. An angry character is often angry on stage, which disrupts the flow of the performance. Being ethical and respectful comes in many forms, but when done in good spirits makes the learning experience worth while. This ideology, in itself, helps relationships and creates a collaborative atmosphere within the performance.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What is an Acronym?

In the English language there are many forms of writing and explaining things. An acronym is a form that takes letters of a word or phrase and transforms them into an abbreviation. This abbreviation becomes the nickname for the meaning of the original words or word. An example would be:
The United States of America; the Acronym is U.S.A.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Analyzing the Baritone Vocalist:

In the field of accomplished music there are supreme notes that only some vocalist are talented enough to sing. Some measures of music are very basic when organizing sounds and some are not. When referring to vocalist, complex sounds are segmented by talents or gifts, to be specific. When a singer displays their vocal abilities the sound amplifies their vocal strength in a categorized measure. A baritone is a male vocal, categorized as bass or a deep vibrate sound. The baritone vocalist gives certain songs a very calm or masculine feeling. To assess the baritone in further descriptions, you would have to analyze bass instruments. The male baritone vocalist should want to give the same feeling as the bass instrument in regards to vocal strength.  

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Prison Inmate who got his Lucky Break:

He fought, he tried, and he was guilty. Gregory Fox was innocent in his own mind, but to the jury he was guilty. It all started when his wife came home late one night. She and Gregory got in a tough fight. It went from shouting to throwing things. Gregory hit the floor after being hit with a glass vase that weighed about two pounds. When he got hit he thought about what his therapist had said about walking away but his wife would not let up. She then ran to go down stairs, Gregory got up and tried to catch her. When he grabbed her she turned around and said something that nearly ripped his heart out. When Gregory heard this he immediately grabbed her and she resisted and slipped on a step when he pushed her. As she was falling he tried to help her but it was too late. He watched as his wife fell backwards, hit her head on the banister rail, and broke her neck. She died before she even hit the floor. As he sat in his cell he thought about the case quite often. Gregory in his heart was innocent but the justice department didn't feel that way. There was little media coverage and Gregory had become a display and was shamed by all of his friends. People believed he was an abusive man. He lost his family and friends and fell into deep depression. While in jail he often painted pictures and drew faces of people he wanted to meet. He created things in his imagination to justify what had happened in his situation. Gregory felt that what he had done was not his fault. One day a man came to visit him. He was a time keeper and said he knew Gregory was innocent. This man said he invented a machine that could playback Gregory's thoughts and if Gregory agreed to test it out he would be set free. Gregory had nothing to lose so he tried it and when he did something strange happened. After hooking Gregory up to the machine he died. When Gregory died he was alive back on the steps where his wife was. He had deja vu and as she swung at him he ran out of the house. He ran until he realized what had happened. Gregory didn't kill his wife, it never happen. She sat on the stairs trying to fight but Gregory was gone out of the door and after a few days apart she calmed down and everything had changed. When Gregory died he came alive at the place that ruined his life. Gregory fixed his mistake. Was it luck that the man chose him for the experiment or was it divine intervention that repaired Gregory's future?

Friday, March 6, 2015

The making of a Theme:

Setting the theme requires an idea of what you want the audience to feel in regards to your show or program. The theme often comes with managing colors and music that gives your viewers the feeling that you want them to have when attending your show. Here is a good example of a men's exercise video theme format:
  1. Music: energetic heavy metal
  2. Colors: Dark metal gray
  3. Background: Steel Beams around the boarder of the video
  4. Setting: In a local gym
  5. Font: Impact or Bold letter font with hard colors
As you can see making a theme requires giving viewers and spectators the feeling of what is going on in the video, play, or song etc. Setting up a good theme requires experience on what the mood is like in a particular situation, event, or scene etc.. Another example would be if you're filming a scene at a wedding, the idea is to have everything the same way it would be at a real wedding. That setup is called the theme. Theme music is no different; you play the music that fits the mood or scenario.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Basics of Video Transitions:

If you have ever watched a movie and noticed between two scenes that there is a smooth interaction, then you should have some idea on what a transition is. The basics of understanding cinematography or videography comes from the transition between each take or scene. When the videographer organizes the scenes, he or she has a verity of options on which type of transition to use. Some examples would be:
  1. Dissolve- This transition, smoothly shifts each scene to the next by showing a slight merge of motion between the two.
  2. Flip over- The flip over transition takes an image of a scene and flips it to the next.
  3. Push- The push shows a scene that pushes the other out of the way.
These are just some of the basic forms of transitions. Keep in mind that there are many types of transitions, depending on the program or type of film you are using, rather digital or analogue. The magic of film is not knowing that it's only sequences of still shots that are simultaneously moving. This magic gives you the feeling that what you are seeing is actually moving. That feeling requires effects to enhance the experience. Once you solve the mystery its fun to play with it and see where it goes.   

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Keeping the art of Ballet alive:

When introducing dance forms and watching dance studios open and close. The art of ballet has to be mentioned. Ballet is an interesting and relaxing form of entertainment. Unlike most upbeat dance routines, ballet uses a form of elegant tiptoeing, upper body movements, and bouncing as the music plays. Although some people do not understand the importance of training the toes and balancing the body, ballet still draws a lot of attention in most formal states. Originating in the Italian Renaissance (Wikipedia 2015), ballet is an art form taken seriously and requires active participation. The art combines articulating moves that require balance and emphatic motion. The art is often performed to classical tunes, but many modern age choreographers are utilizing new ways to revolutionize the art. The academics of ballet can enhance the mind by using numbers to stay in rhythm and in tune with the steps. When referring to the language of ballet it is recommended to study the history and the evolution of the art. Participation by anyone whether male or female can not only enhance the art but can draw others to want to learn more about this still useful dancing art form.  

For references and to learn more about the art of ballet visit your nearest resource or education department.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What is a Disclaimer and why is it used:

In media there are guidelines and responsibilities that can distract or eliminate the actual mission of a station or media outlet. This happens through verbal  or visual content. Visual and verbal content or dialogue, sometimes invokes people to believe that these are the views of the station or media outlet. When this occurs, you often will hear a disclaimer at the beginning of a show or program contracted with a station or media outlet. Disclaimers help with legal issues and other things involving mutual agreements between three parties. To sum up the matter; a disclaimer takes on agreements between: the personality, the listener, and the outlet. The viewer can agree to watch or listen, the personality delivers the content, and the outlet is the venue for all to benefit.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Jammin Joe and his Lucky Jump Shot

When Jammin Joe was in high school, it was his dream to make it to the big leagues. After all, he only had one good move. No body really respected Joe's game on the court. The critics often said he was just tall and was very stiff on the floor with no athleticism. No matter what Jammin Joe kept his cool even when cut from a few teams before the Jam Hawks picked him up. He did one move throughout his whole career and it was never pretty. Everybody knew Joe had an ugly shot and had no handles. How could a guy like this even get to the professional level of play. No matter what Jammin Joe did, his wife Teresa was at every game. She cooked for the team and loved Joe's ugly shot. Whenever Joe shot the ball she would yell, "That's my Jam!" Some how the Jam Hawks made it to the 8ba title game and Joe was placed in the starting line-up because Marty, who played center, was out for the season. Joe didn't get the ball the whole game. The coach specifically told the team not to pass it to him. Joe did grab a few rebounds and had a few blocks even though none of his teammates gave him a chance to shoot. It was only eight seconds left on the clock and Joe looked in the crowd and saw his wife with her head down because the team was down by one. Everyone was afraid of losing because the city needed a championship. The city needed a championship so bad that the community all chipped in to pay the players and coaches good salaries. It was twelve seconds left on the clock and Gaffney inbounded the ball to Johnny Love. Johnny Love dribbled the ball and shook the socks off of his defender. When it looked like he was going to shoot the ball he passed it to Jammin Joe. The crowd was so afraid and silent that you could hear a pin drop in the building. When Jammin Joe did his one patented shot the voice of his wife was the only voice heard, "That's my Jam!" the ball bounced off of the back board, hit the rim, bounced up in the air, and went swish through the net. Jammin Joe had did it. He had hit the most important shot in the team's history. The stadium exploded with cheer and celebration. Was it luck or did Jammin Joe rise to the occasion, when not only his city, but his team needed him the most? For that one moment in life, because of his lucky jump shot Joe made everyone a believer.
The interview with Method 8 Sports:
Stewart Cot: So Johnny, what made you pass the ball to Joe?
Johnny Love: Well, we were practicing all week and I knew they wouldn't expect it.
Stewart Cot: Was there a reason that the coach didn't want Joe to get the ball?
Johnny Love: Well, Joe has an orthodox game and the coach just didn't believe he could score, but sometimes as a point guard you just have to feel out your teammates and see what happens.
Stewart Cot: Well congratulations Johnny, I'm Stewart Cot here in the city of hope. Was it luck or was it pure skill? Back to you Danny.

Danny Pippen: Joe all season it's been rough. Everyone knows that your stats do not add up to this win. How does it feel?
Jammin Joe: Well it feels good you know. I didn't expect to be in the position to win the game but Johnny had faith in me.
Danny Pippen: Joe tell us how you felt about the coach strategically not wanting to get you the ball?
Jammin Joe: I took it and sucked it up, but I'm a believer and this shot was given to me so not only he would believe but the fans as well.
Danny Pippen: Congratulations and kiss your beautiful wife for me...As you heard it from Jammin Joe was it luck or belief here in the city of hope?