Saturday, November 27, 2021


 I need to have the correct attitude.

I need to let the real holiday spirit in my heart.

The spirit of joy, peace, family and love.

Yes, there are things that I don’t know.

Yes, there are things that I don’t have, but the good lord has blessed me with great children.

We don’t have much, but they keep smiling and encouraging me. My children.

They’re like little angels sent from heaven.

I know that only the true God could do this.

I have some family coming over, I plan to put my political views and other conflicting opinions aside because I don’t know what next year will bring. I may be ignorant of some things, but I know that in the end the only way for us to get through the storm is to stick together. 

I lost my job and I honestly don’t know what’s coming at me next. I never thought that I would be selling lemonade in the winter time with my kids to pay the light bill, but I guess God has a different plan for our lives.

I’m learning something in these hard times. I’m learning the true meaning of Christmas and why the story about the child born in a manger is so unique.

Hard times have a way of bringing people together, the father of my children whom “I,” Alicia, married, came and apologized to me last night. One minute we’re talking about getting a divorce and just like that we’re working together to have a great holiday season. God must have heard my prayers. He has given me the greatest gift of all: A Christmas that my family and I will never forget.


Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The 8 Ball Q&A Holiday Wonders

Q. What’s the most terrible habit?

A. Making assumptions.

Q. Can I save the world?

A. No.

Q. What’s the saddest part about life?

A. When people try to figure out or try to assume the amount of money that someone has in the bank.

Q. What is a proper way to live?

A. Understanding what you can and cannot do.

Q. What is real?

A. The fact that everyone has troubles.

Q. Why should I celebrate Holidays?

A. Holidays help you find time to spend with others, holidays help you understand the needs of others.

Q. What makes a person successful?


1. When they realize that most things in life are temporary.

2. When they enjoy each moment that life has to offer.

3. When they battle through the bad times, and rejoice when they make it out alive.

Q. What is good?

A. It’s the ability to recognize it when you see it and be able to focus on it once your mind has been opened up to other things.

Q. What is evil?

A. How you perceive the world around you.

Q. Why can’t people accept the truth?

A. Because it hurts.

Q. What is the most misunderstood moment that takes place in someone’s life?

A. When someone witnesses a person sacrifice something that they’re too afraid to sacrifice.

Q. What must we all accept?

A. That nothing is certain but death.

Q. What happens when you die?

A. Just like all energy, you go back to the source.

Q. Is there a God?

A. Yes, because energy can only be generated or nothing would move. God is the generator.

Q. Does life exist on other planets?

A. Yes, but we can’t see other life because our eyes are only made to see certain colors of the sun.

Q. What’s the hardest thing to accept about life?

A.The fact that everyone is striving for comfort, security, and stability, we all just try to obtain these things differently so overall it’s our choices.

Q. What happens when you go broke?

A. You start over.

Q. What is true wisdom?

A. Falling down and getting back up.

Q. Are some people born evil?

A. Not really, it’s our brains that give us a conscience, evil becomes present when someone becomes obsessed with a fantasy that someone else has. The truth is that without an abundance of knowledge we slowly return to our carnal nature and some animals are carnivores while others may be herbivores.

Q. Why should people celebrate Christmas?

A. Because it’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year why not join in!

Q. What should I hold dear too?

A. The fact that there will always be poor people and if we forget or have never been hungry, then our comprehension of what poor is may be flawed.

Q. Are we all the same?

A. If we were, you wouldn’t have asked that question. Now spend the holidays the way that “you” like to spend them. The world is a ball of wonders with stars in the sky, why not explore.

Happy Holidays, and may the good Lord’s grace follow you into the New Year, whether you believe in divine strength and purpose or not.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Drugs & Crack

“Hey little Timmy, did you ever wonder what elements make up fire or how fire is created? …Little Timmy, what do you see?” Asked the gatekeeper.

“Drug babies…



Filthy drug addicts, imposters, con-artist, prostitutes, evil, crime, killing, manipulation, greed, envy, strife, sexual immorality, and blood sucking vultures,” Little Timmy replied.

“This is what you hate, is that right Timmy? These demons have driven you mad, haven’t they little Timmy? They’ve taken everything that you love…” the gatekeeper confirmed.

“Gabriel, let little Timmy loose so he can take back what God promised him, sit back and watch as justice is served,” the gatekeeper explained.

Little Timmy’s hunger drove him wild. He ripped out and roasted the guts of everything that God hated, he set the world on fire and unleashed the beast. The fire was so hot that little Timmy used the flames to cook the food that fed the righteous hungry children. Everyone else burned and little Timmy refused to open up the gate as the beast fed off of their souls. 

“Do you feel better now Little Timmy?” The Gatekeeper asked handing his job over to him, “Now you know how fire is made.”

The new world was better, a new beginning. Timmy saw his dream come true Christmas morning when his whole family returned from their drug and crack infested graves.

Timmy healed the world and sealed it with a colorful rainbow that only God could create.

God keeps his promises.

Timmy spread his wings and flew away with his new eternal friends and family.

The End.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Another Day

Well, another holiday has passed, and the sun came up as usual this morning. So far everything seems good, not the same as yesterday though, but I’m good. Same body, same world, another day.

Happy Veterans Day

 Hey, it looks like a bomb just blew, what the hell happened to the land of the free, home of the brave? This place is a mess, godless, greedy, with little spirit left. Well, I guess I’ll sit down and wait for God to tell me what to do next. 

I’m going to sit here and wait for that little voice in my head to tell me what to do next. In God I trust.

Happy Veterans Day.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Today’s lesson is not about color, it’s not about race, it’s about something deeper. 

I woke up this morning with the ability to take my own life, why would I?

It’s because of the fear of corruption. 

Brethren, we cannot confuse corruption with political experiences, we can’t confuse it with our own experiences, but what corruption is can be explained, at least from my perspective:

Corruption is operating under the guidance of self influence, it operates without the spirit of God and it doesn’t matter what color a person is. It’s a virus that spreads with no soul or spiritual influence but to be self inflicted by one’s own self interest and obsessions. It’s a cancer that spreads and a wheel that keeps turning on a flat tire. 



I’ve been reborn into a better world. Ha ha! I didn’t kill myself slowly, corruption did. Corruption pulled the trigger.

Sunday, November 7, 2021


 Running through the woods I had to flee to save myself, the liberals were converting just about everybody, but I refused to be converted. Hiding behind a tree I noticed inflation and a trail of dead babies, these were their rituals. Drunk and perverted people hanging from hotel balconies with no hopes for tomorrow. What a sad situation I’d found myself in. There was no paperwork anywhere just beer bottles, tattoo needles, vaping pipes, drug syringes, and weed residue. What a waste. I stood up in a tree with my bow and arrow and awaited for my tribe to come looking for me. The liberals had stolen everything and they even spoke their own languages. Looking through my bow and arrow scope I could see more liberals coming in the distance. I didn’t know I had so many enemies. How did one poor soul become so important, I thought they were my friends, but they were looking for more converts. They’d converted just about 70 percent of the population. I turned my attention to the hang glider caught in the tree. This was my escape. I took a firm grip and flew to safety. 

I started a new life with new people who had the same mindset as me. I was free. A new beginning. My very own exodus. 

Saturday, November 6, 2021

What is Art?

In elementary school, before every art lesson, my art teacher would say put on your thinking caps. She would tell this to all of her students. I guess for a person to truly be creative they have to be free to think. Complete liberation in their own mind. God gives us all gifts, why be tied down in a contract? Why be a slave to an industry and be just a number? All of my life I’ve seen things come to an end but in art, my thoughts, and the world that I make for others to see, this world can make the people that I love live forever. An artist should be free. Creation is all around us, doubt turns us into monsters to overcome and to prove someone wrong. I’ve come to learn that nothing is free in life, but to paint a picture of a free, oppressed, abused and left for dead outcast is priceless. The picture in itself gives the observer the ability to think and believe that it can be done. So what is Art? Think about it, spread your wings and fly. It’s freedom.


Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Famous Jerry

 “Jerry, you were awesome last night,” Rita said, noticing something bothering her best friend.

“You alright? What’s on your mind? We got another big show coming up. You should be happy, you’re at the top of your career,” she explained.

Jerry grabbed his things and proceeded to turn off the rehearsal room lights.

“I’m missing something Rita,” he replied.

“What could you be missing? You have everything. Do you know how many lives you’ve touched at this point? You’re Famous Jerry.”

A hidden, secretive kind of love left Jerry in a trance. A trance that led him to walk away from show business and marry a seamstress. The family life consumed the well known star, his phone soon stopped ringing and he never did a show again. 

He walked away.

The End.