Sunday, November 7, 2021


 Running through the woods I had to flee to save myself, the liberals were converting just about everybody, but I refused to be converted. Hiding behind a tree I noticed inflation and a trail of dead babies, these were their rituals. Drunk and perverted people hanging from hotel balconies with no hopes for tomorrow. What a sad situation I’d found myself in. There was no paperwork anywhere just beer bottles, tattoo needles, vaping pipes, drug syringes, and weed residue. What a waste. I stood up in a tree with my bow and arrow and awaited for my tribe to come looking for me. The liberals had stolen everything and they even spoke their own languages. Looking through my bow and arrow scope I could see more liberals coming in the distance. I didn’t know I had so many enemies. How did one poor soul become so important, I thought they were my friends, but they were looking for more converts. They’d converted just about 70 percent of the population. I turned my attention to the hang glider caught in the tree. This was my escape. I took a firm grip and flew to safety. 

I started a new life with new people who had the same mindset as me. I was free. A new beginning. My very own exodus. 

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