Saturday, November 6, 2021

What is Art?

In elementary school, before every art lesson, my art teacher would say put on your thinking caps. She would tell this to all of her students. I guess for a person to truly be creative they have to be free to think. Complete liberation in their own mind. God gives us all gifts, why be tied down in a contract? Why be a slave to an industry and be just a number? All of my life I’ve seen things come to an end but in art, my thoughts, and the world that I make for others to see, this world can make the people that I love live forever. An artist should be free. Creation is all around us, doubt turns us into monsters to overcome and to prove someone wrong. I’ve come to learn that nothing is free in life, but to paint a picture of a free, oppressed, abused and left for dead outcast is priceless. The picture in itself gives the observer the ability to think and believe that it can be done. So what is Art? Think about it, spread your wings and fly. It’s freedom.


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