Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The 8 Ball Q&A Holiday Wonders

Q. What’s the most terrible habit?

A. Making assumptions.

Q. Can I save the world?

A. No.

Q. What’s the saddest part about life?

A. When people try to figure out or try to assume the amount of money that someone has in the bank.

Q. What is a proper way to live?

A. Understanding what you can and cannot do.

Q. What is real?

A. The fact that everyone has troubles.

Q. Why should I celebrate Holidays?

A. Holidays help you find time to spend with others, holidays help you understand the needs of others.

Q. What makes a person successful?


1. When they realize that most things in life are temporary.

2. When they enjoy each moment that life has to offer.

3. When they battle through the bad times, and rejoice when they make it out alive.

Q. What is good?

A. It’s the ability to recognize it when you see it and be able to focus on it once your mind has been opened up to other things.

Q. What is evil?

A. How you perceive the world around you.

Q. Why can’t people accept the truth?

A. Because it hurts.

Q. What is the most misunderstood moment that takes place in someone’s life?

A. When someone witnesses a person sacrifice something that they’re too afraid to sacrifice.

Q. What must we all accept?

A. That nothing is certain but death.

Q. What happens when you die?

A. Just like all energy, you go back to the source.

Q. Is there a God?

A. Yes, because energy can only be generated or nothing would move. God is the generator.

Q. Does life exist on other planets?

A. Yes, but we can’t see other life because our eyes are only made to see certain colors of the sun.

Q. What’s the hardest thing to accept about life?

A.The fact that everyone is striving for comfort, security, and stability, we all just try to obtain these things differently so overall it’s our choices.

Q. What happens when you go broke?

A. You start over.

Q. What is true wisdom?

A. Falling down and getting back up.

Q. Are some people born evil?

A. Not really, it’s our brains that give us a conscience, evil becomes present when someone becomes obsessed with a fantasy that someone else has. The truth is that without an abundance of knowledge we slowly return to our carnal nature and some animals are carnivores while others may be herbivores.

Q. Why should people celebrate Christmas?

A. Because it’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year why not join in!

Q. What should I hold dear too?

A. The fact that there will always be poor people and if we forget or have never been hungry, then our comprehension of what poor is may be flawed.

Q. Are we all the same?

A. If we were, you wouldn’t have asked that question. Now spend the holidays the way that “you” like to spend them. The world is a ball of wonders with stars in the sky, why not explore.

Happy Holidays, and may the good Lord’s grace follow you into the New Year, whether you believe in divine strength and purpose or not.

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