Monday, November 15, 2021

Drugs & Crack

“Hey little Timmy, did you ever wonder what elements make up fire or how fire is created? …Little Timmy, what do you see?” Asked the gatekeeper.

“Drug babies…



Filthy drug addicts, imposters, con-artist, prostitutes, evil, crime, killing, manipulation, greed, envy, strife, sexual immorality, and blood sucking vultures,” Little Timmy replied.

“This is what you hate, is that right Timmy? These demons have driven you mad, haven’t they little Timmy? They’ve taken everything that you love…” the gatekeeper confirmed.

“Gabriel, let little Timmy loose so he can take back what God promised him, sit back and watch as justice is served,” the gatekeeper explained.

Little Timmy’s hunger drove him wild. He ripped out and roasted the guts of everything that God hated, he set the world on fire and unleashed the beast. The fire was so hot that little Timmy used the flames to cook the food that fed the righteous hungry children. Everyone else burned and little Timmy refused to open up the gate as the beast fed off of their souls. 

“Do you feel better now Little Timmy?” The Gatekeeper asked handing his job over to him, “Now you know how fire is made.”

The new world was better, a new beginning. Timmy saw his dream come true Christmas morning when his whole family returned from their drug and crack infested graves.

Timmy healed the world and sealed it with a colorful rainbow that only God could create.

God keeps his promises.

Timmy spread his wings and flew away with his new eternal friends and family.

The End.

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