Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Awakening

Standing sixty-six feet above ground stood a lion with his nose off. In the distance was a Pharaoh and the wrath of God. Isis, the supreme Goddess conquered the underworld and was reborn determined to save her crying children. She was displeased at their living conditions and was driven to take them to the upper kingdom, the higher realms, beyond the sky. She saved them from the wrath of night and gave them eternal light. Witnessing their torment had displeased the Goddess for they had been blinded by false teachings. The state of the church had failed and when the sun rose and shined on the lion with his nose missing and the pyramid’s decaying peak, the Goddess was freed to heal the earth with her angels. She started by teaching her children the truth in their dreams, the next morning when they awoke the sky had fallen and they became enlightened with her knowledge of truth by breathing in the fog. Noticing that the tree was in the shape of a triangle, she and her children began to exchange gifts and when the sun rose the morning after it began to rain gold in the shape of candy canes. The new land where her children were born overcrowded so they spread out  and repopulated the earth. The day of peace could not be undone, her strength was too powerful. The Goddess of life had walked the earth and her children spoke and taught with truth. Their language spoke things into existence. They rebuilt their home, the awakening was a new dynasty. The Goddess of life was so powerful that her truth on earth could not be undone. She bowed to no one because her power came from the God of truth. Fascinated by her aura, the flowers began to grow and the land became rich. Her symbol looked like the rays of the sun and when the people saw it they kneeled and worshiped. New life, new word, and a new world had been born. It was a new day.

The Awakening 

The Halloween Massacre

BEWARE, this is a scary story. WARNING, ⛔️ read with CAUTION ⚠️  

On a cold October day, you could literally hear the wind blowing through the colorful fall trees. The smell of funk and garbage floated into the nostrils of little children trick or treating as they passed by the Crosby’s house. It was a well known tradition in Scamsville on Halloween, but no one dared to enter or trespass on the property. The old dirty gray chipped paint in itself was a haunting attraction. Dr. Crosby who was known for being a mad scientist had literally lost his mind. Inside of his house stood an entire room of pestilence and disease. Death literally filled the broken scientist house. Everything this scary man touched, he dissected, studied, and killed. No one dared step on his property because everyone hauntingly noticed the bloody no trespassing sign that hung on a dead tree in his front yard. The man had a license to kill and falling victim to a truth or dare, Janet and her friend Ann would have a Halloween that they would never forget. Ike dared them to pay Dr. Crosby a visit.

It was too late to renege on the dare, so there stood Janet and Ann trembling on Dr. Crosby’s front porch knocking. In what felt like a paranormal atmosphere, they could literally hear his rusty front entrance gate creaking with no one touching it.

When it appeared as though no one would answer the door, Janet and Ann couldn’t help but notice all of the old dirty surgical antiques off in the far corner of the porch. Ike watched from across the street.

“Knock harder!” He said, standing only about thirty feet away from the front porch.

Ann then banged on the old heavy wooden door that blew out small particles of dust as she knocked. Only an unlocked door would make such a hollow sound, so Janet, falling victim to peer pressure, turned the doorknob and the door opened. Ike saw them enter. 

As soon as they entered, the draft of dirty air filled their lungs. The threads of silky spider webs slipped across their young skin. Creepy and spooky, were the only words that could define such a toxic place. The front entrance was huge, astonished at their discovery, Ann could feel something crawling down her neck. Janet could too. It had to be small parasites slowly eating away at their teenage flesh.

“Maybe we should leave now. The dare is complete,” Janet said, but Ann was just too curious.

The huge dimly lit room was flushed with expensive animal furs and dusty old expensive furniture. The exquisite designs couldn’t help but appeal to anyone’s taste. Old red cotton curtains laced with silk designs blocked the four o’clock sunlight from entering. One hour into trick or treating, watching kids walk the streets filled with fall leaves, Ike heard screams coming from the house. He dashed across the street as parents pulled their children to safety. Ike then bursted through the front door, only to see a puddle of blood dripping onto the floor from the nearby kitchen that Janet and Ann had entered. He was too scared to go further, the truth was that Ike was afraid of science. Turning around to leave, he noticed the door was closed behind him. The funk of dead people surrounded him. Ghost of some sort. Ghost that were alive. Dr. Crosby must have opened some gateway into life and death. Ike began to scream as the flesh eating human cadavers began to chip away at his chunky legs. It was like he couldn’t move. Thump, his head hit the ground, out of the corner of his still living eye that was drawing light from an opened curtain, he noticed Janet and Ann’s corpses hanging in the far kitchen. It was the end for Ike, for his fear of science lead him to be consumed by it. As his soul reached the other side, Dr. Crosby welcomed him into his paradise filled with everyone who entered his enchanted haunted house on Halloween. Noticing that he had just entered into another realm of a scientific hell, the massacre that lead Ike to his death also led him into another hospital run by Dr. Crosby.

Hearing the evil laugh of a mad scientist, anyone who dared trespass into Dr, Crosby’s haunted house had literally signed up to be massacred. They’d sold their soul to be his slave on the other side.   

The Halloween Massacre.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Heart of a Champion

To lose is to win… but why?

The preacher wants to preach…

The mayor wants to run the city…

The police want to serve and protect…

The governor wants to govern…

The teacher wants to teach…

The doctor wants to heal…

The artist wants to express…

And the leader wants to lead…

The most amazing part about each of these professions is that there is no success without the heart of a champion.

Each person goes on every day never knowing when their number is up… each person strives to find hope in something so they too can carry on…each person needs something to believe in, to want to achieve the impossible.

This is their business, no matter what, this is the profession that they chose. This is the profession that they must get up every day and do. This is what they live and think about.

The soldier must serve, and the baby must cry, but the heart of a champion keeps beating, never to give up. He or she may lose a thousand times, but in the end, from a child until maturity, they keep getting back up, only to breed and bear witnesses to more champions.

The key is to never give up. A champion only falls down to keep rising.

To lose is to win 🏆 

Thursday, October 28, 2021

👻 Scary & Dysfunctional on Halloween

They took the proper route, got married on Halloween, had kids, only to find themselves stuck in a dysfunctional scary world.

Terry had twelve children out of wedlock and tried to kill himself after a back child support notice.

Gina has three baby fathers.

Devin owes Ricky money, Ricky then ended up getting hemmed up by the cops for using Devin’s counterfeit dollars.

Jessie is a single father, his wife divorced him, now he’s running for mayor of the city. She’s been complaining about not voting.

There’s a rumor floating around town that the church leaders have been sleeping together.

Sissy paid half of her water bill and spent her child support check on some new shoes. She feels she deserves something after graduating from college.

Ray’s kids got caught throwing rocks on the freeway.

Ryan would rather watch porn than get a girlfriend, but who can blame him, seeing his living conditions. The environment just isn’t safe, nobody knows whom is sleeping with whom.

Fred opened up a business now everybody hates him and tries to figure out how he is paying the bills.

Teresa’s car got repossessed and her husband lives across town with her sister who is on welfare. Don’t ask me how that happened because the car is in his name. 

Ted is racist but he has no choice but to go work for the people that he hates.

Jerry has been playing the lottery for years but has no source of income besides his small pension.

Tina has a rich husband and got her feelings hurt after his friends called her his trophy wife, so she sleeps with her neighbor from time to time.

Ronald is a veteran who can’t find a house because the rich people keep flipping them and he has no money for a down payment.

Samir is an illegal immigrant working in the kitchen at a local restaurant and wants more attention on what’s coming across the border. He feels that if he becomes a citizen he can make a difference. He talks about it quite a bit to his co-workers in his native language.

Lou sees all these climate activist living in well heated homes and driving in gas guzzling cars yet they nearly killed him for farting while filling up his gas tank.

Sam has no clue who his congressman is but he’s always trying to get people to vote.

Trina just donated to a nonprofit that seems to be making a profit because they have a better means of living than she and their donors do.

The gang down the street keeps selling drugs but complains about the road conditions and bad children in their neighborhood.

Donald just got shot on set in a non-violence gun movie.

The pastor next door just preached to his congregation about turning the other cheek yet has been heavily investing his time betting on fights.

I just got word that the President says he has the answer to fix what’s scary and dysfunctional right around Halloween. 

“His exact words were ‘WE’ will own the future!” The most scariest part about his Halloween speech is the future is expensive so I guess “WE” will be paying a huge price tag to own it.

Another dysfunctional thing about this scary message is the simple fact that everybody dies in the future, even me.

👻 what a scary world. Frightening. I’m stopped at a light and notice a sticker on someone’s car reading Jesus is coming soon 🔜 . The car then turns down a one way street.

“Trick or Treat”

It’s time to Pay Up!

The theater is like a crumb, it falls to the floor for mice to eat. Money is like a wall with no windows, you can’t get through unless you pay to have a door installed. What is free?

Is it doing something you love, hoping for a paycheck or a thank you?

Is it playing in a play and not being paid?

Hey preacher, I can barely pay for my funeral, how can I pay for your church?

Hey director, I can barely pay for college and you expect me to be on stage.

What is free?

What is rich?

Am I wrong for not asking for what’s due?

Am I the devil for demanding what’s owed to me? 

I know you have the money because you’re paying for your car and your mortgage. You’re riding around town in wonders of the world type vehicles.

Don’t give me that sour look, you should be happy to pay me back, I gave you a loan with no interest.

It’s time to Pay Up!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Gym

I see two kids playing basketball on the street with a milk crate…

I see a woman swimming in the ocean…

I see a man running with his dog in the park…

I hear my phone ring, it’s my mom, she wants to cook chicken and noodles but I’d rather taste competition instead. 

I call a gym to get the thrill of a workout session but they have walls up and people screening calls. They also offer a membership fee to play, swim, sweat, and run in circles. I put down the phone, take my clothes off, and decide to go live in the jungle. 

I’m an animal.

Hear me roar 🦁 🐯 

The Gym

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Scary Inclination

They look like normal people. They follow good people around watching everything they do and testing them. When you’re asleep they report to the evil one. This is how they populate and try to takeover the world. Their vibes can literally drain the life out of you. They never sleep so beware because when they’re flesh is resting, their soul is nesting in the presence of the beast. They prey off of the innocent and may seem psychologically imbalanced but the truth is they’re actually not. They’re selfish and will do anything to obtain power, it’s their animal instinct to feed off of the weak. When they obtain power, be very careful because they tend to leave a trail of dead bodies along with hurt and neglected people. Some of them are even educated and sitting in elite positions. The most scary part about this story is how they can trap you when you’re alone. Preying on your thoughts to the point in which their voice will try to convince you to commit suicide. This scary story may sound fiction but it can actually prove that there are forces in this world that cannot be explained until witnessed. Forces of evil that people hide from. Heart throbbing paranoia entrapping the minds and hearts of pure thinkers. Leaving innocent babies at their grave and victims burned to feed the beast. They follow you and watch your every move, asking questions to get answers to spread and tarnish any fabric of innocence. Beware, stay on guard, stay close to the light. Stay away from their dwelling places, laced with all kinds of drugs and narcotics. The dark seekers come out at night and plot during the day, for they feed off of innocent blood and they prey off of your dark thoughts. They have a tendency to convince you that you’re just like them. Beware.

A Scary Inclination 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Comedian

 I wanted to make people laugh, so me, my mom, my sister, and my dad drove all the way to New York City for a show. I’ve always enjoyed a good joke so I was eager to see what it felt like. I prepared for weeks, this was what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to drink, I just wanted to rehearse and tell a good joke so I could make some people laugh. This was my idea of a good time. I then got on stage only to notice that I had the wrong material for the right crowd. They moved me to the full room in which no one really had been into political jokes so I bombed, but the good thing was that I got a taste of show business. I got to try it out and got a few laughs from the joke delivered by me and the MC who intervened, “Yo dog, you ready to sit down?” This is what he asked after he sat and literally watched me make a fool out of myself.

Holding the microphone tightly, I replied , “Hell nah, I ain’t done with them yet. I at least got to get one laugh.” 

The crowd loved that punch line, so I took those little laughs and got the hell out of town. My vision of a huge crowd in some sold out stadium left me to see what the comedy club hopping life was really like and it wasn’t easy.

Once the show was over, the ride home was pretty quiet. I knew my little sister wanted to make fun of me but she stayed quiet. My first time just didn’t go as planned. What a sad first time ever on stage, but I sucked it up and tried again. My second gig was in my hometown, but I was well prepared and me and the audience had a ball. The crowd feedback was awesome. Each show taught me something about being on stage seeing that it was on my bucket list of things to try before I hit my thirties. What I learned the most was that some people can take a good joke and some people can’t. Another thing I learned was that while you’re up there alone spilling out your therapy, whether people laugh or not, you’re never alone on stage, it literally feels like a magical force is telling you what to say. The best punchline usually comes when the person who enjoys seeing you get it off your chest and deliver the honest truth about a very sad situation throws a laughing fit. Comedy 🎭 is just that, you take a bad situation and you turn it into a good joke. The liberation and ability to say what a lot of people are afraid to is spell-bounding but actually helps people realize that life really is a comedy that isn’t funny until you put a comedian in the room to turn it into a joke. Who dare try is the funniest part of all.

The Comedian. 

Monday, October 18, 2021

General Powell

 “What do we do now General?” Arthur asked.

General Powell gently placed his hand on the soldier’s shoulder, “Son, I’m off duty, call me Powell, and remember, the wars that are the hardest to win are the ones we face everyday, the key to winning is to carry-on. Carry-on son, and let history remind you to make better decisions. Carry-on!”

General Powell

Sunday, October 17, 2021


When you’re sad, READ.

When you don’t feel smart enough, READ.

When you need to escape, pass the time and meditate, READ.

Let reading fill the void in your life.

It creates miracles for how far you can expand your imagination, knowledge and creativity.


Saturday, October 16, 2021

The Black Hole 🕳

Look towards the hills from whence cometh your strength, all your help cometh from the lord. I am a jealous God so I’m taking it back. Everything belongs to me…every thought…every crumb from your dinner plate…every genius providing knowledge and food for thought. Ever whore corrupting my prophet’s hearts and minds lifting their untamed snakes.

I gave you the rainbow as my promise and you defiled it, now you must pay, for you have not seen suffering until you’ve met the creator…I alone provide, for if the blind cannot see they can feel? From the feminine males to the masculine women who fail to make sense of the fact that each of their kind equals things out. They too can make the right choice. Cannot a feminine male not be satisfied by a masculine woman. Cannot a mixture of both prove that I am trying to equal things out and make it fair as you request from I am that I am. Be mindful of what you request from me, for I am a just God that hears your prayers but your tainted hearts have made you stubborn; therefore, I must speak through a mediator.  They can only see through me. For if the woman cannot give birth, do I still not find a way to provide life? When there is no balance do I not even the scale? Have I not answered the call of the tormented and defiled slaves? End the confusion now. Take your feeble eyes and comprehend what real mercy is, for my winds are as strong as the wings of my Angels that make them blow. Look up at the night sky, for I gave you the stars to fathom my power, you’re just a man and a woman, so take notice of my new wrath that you now comprehend as black, complete darkness, sucking in all light. Figure how such fire can create soot, for it burns.

Only I am that I am can direct it past your ordained space orbiting around the earth.

My new wrath is far from the flood…

My new wrath is far from burning…

My new wrath is…

The Black Hole 🕳 

Welcome to my kingdom of internal dark thoughts. When I open my wings that span from one end of the universe to the other, you will be my crowning achievement as a creation that blasphemed me while I am that I am fly across another megalopolis with your galaxy in a marble across my neck.

The Black Hole 🕳 

Benita’s Fur Coat

Benita begged her husband for an expensive fur coat, she had to have one, but when he said no, because he couldn’t afford it, all hell broke loose. Benita went crazy and she and her husband argued for days. Benita wanted this particular coat very bad and would do anything to get it. Pleading her case with her husband, who stood his ground, she found out that she had a secret admirer. Once her secret admirer found out her deepest desires, he went out of his way to provide her with the expensive fur coat that she wanted. Forever grateful, Benita decided to file for divorce because her husband couldn’t buy her the fur coat that she so deeply wanted. After her divorce was complete, she fell into a deep relationship with her secret admirer who later became less attracted to her after a few dates. Sadly, Benita found herself alone in a room with her fur coat while also trying to figure out how to manage her depleted savings. The coat that she had so much desired left her alone at a crossroad. Distraught, and filled with regret while sitting in a small hotel room with the TV loud behind her, she turned around and noticed her former husband on the local news. The reporter went on to describe how he had saved his neighbor’s child from a house fire. In deep despair and heartache, Benita soon became homeless with only her fur coat to keep her warm. She even tried to sell it but no one would buy it. Her troubles never ended after she accepted the fur coat as a gift, for she had ate from the cookie jar until there were no more cookies left to eat.

The End.

Benita’s Fur Coat  

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

A New Day

Rise with the sun.

Be thankful for another day.

Think positive and don’t be discouraged.

It’s a new day, you get another chance to try again.

A new day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Art of Deception

Today’s lesson is learning how the eyes and ears can be fooled.

Is an egg still an egg when it’s baked in a cake?

Is a song still a good song without the instruments?

Listen to the words, are you being brainwashed into your natural carnal nature?

Watch a film, what do you see?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? 

Are you color blinded or did you just speak to someone with a lack of respect because you knew you could get away with it?

Is a cross really a cross or is it a religious symbol that looks similar to an Egyptian Ankh?

Dig deeper, will you eventually find lava or more space?

Reach in and focus closely on what you may be missing if not critically understood, unlock a world of truth only to find a lie.

What are you being programmed to believe? Take your time and awake from your sleep.

Why would someone deprive you of knowledge, are they hiding something, or do they enjoy controlling you?

The art of deception is like a magic trick that blinds you in broad daylight.

Those you hurt and harm could be talking to you while you’re sleeping so why assume that oppression last for ever?

Listen to the child screaming at night, listen…if constantly left alone this child must learn how to survive, if not taken seriously, he or she could become a murderer with no conscience. 

Is this why the child yearns for love but chooses to hate?

Will those who steal ever get caught?

Will those in prison ever be set free? 

If you tell the truth how will you be treated?

If you obtain knowledge will you not also become a teacher?

Take a second to look closely at the picture…

Take a second to listen to the words…

It’s just feelings, is it really real?

Are you alone?

Did you just accuse the one you love of hurting you?

The artist, singer, photographer, and writer is only sharing with you a feeling. Teaching you a lesson.

He or she may be trying to wake you up… or keep you asleep.

Is life a gift or a curse?

Follow the Art…and you may find truth in what you’re looking for.

If you don’t, someone may claim credit for the masterpiece hidden in plain sight, and run off with the gold only to sell the beauty in which you created with your bare hands.

The Art of Deception 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Pink Slip

 The process was simple, I’d lost my job. After over 20 years they let me go. 

The Pink Slip

Friday, October 8, 2021

Rotten Apples

A rotten apple spreads, it stinks, and it’s rotten to the core.

Henry was a righteous man, he was just, but after a while he snapped and vowed to eliminate every rotten apple from his tree.

Everyone around him had become so lazy and stupid that Henry just couldn’t take it anymore.

Enlightened and obsessed with the woke crowd he went in the back yard and set every rotten apple on fire. He then built a gate around his new garden and allowed no one to enter ever again. His garden was purified, spotless, but most of all perfect.

Rotten Apples